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I moved this thread here from the Prancing Pony to bunch it together with the rest of our games.

J. R.R.Tolkien - Nerdanel the Wise (Feanor's wife)

[Edited on 11/12/2003 by Grondmaster]
okay, thanks.
Nerdanel the Wise-Elrond
Elrond - Dior
Dior - Radagast
Radagast - Tauron
Tauron: N’m
Morgoth - Haldir
Rumil - Luthien.
Luthie n : Nicole Kidman

It can be an actor right?Wink Smilie
It can be an actor right?

But isn't Nicole Kidman an "actress"? Wink Smilie

Nicole Kidma n - N atalie Portman
It can be an actor right?
Yes, I only started using Tolkien characters to show they could also be used. Famous or infamous people and characters are legitimate.

But isn't Nicole Kidman an "actress"? Wink Smilie
Yes, but in this age of feminism and in the name of political correctness, the word "actress" is now out and they are all considered "actors".

Natalie Portmann - Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwel l - L ord_Aragorn

C'mon ppl I'm famous now!
Lord_Aragorn - Norma Jane Baker
Norma Jane Baker - Ralf Shumacher
Ralf Shumacher : Richard Harris Sad Smilie Sad Smilie
Richard Harris : Serena Williams (tho I m not a tennis fan)
Serena Williams : Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson: Nidir B’r’ 'n Ad’n’i (Nine Lords of Men)
Nidir B’r’ 'n Ad’n’i : Imhotep.

How about historical figures? Can we use those too?

Imhotep : Peter Alexevitch

He was later known as Peter the Great, Czar and Emperer of all Russia. I

[Edited on 17/12/2003 by Grondmaster]
Pyotr Alexeyevich: Helm Hammerhand
Helm Hammerhand : Donald Duck
Donald Duck : Kementari
Kementari : Iluvatar (sorry it's not very original, but I was running out of wordsWink Smilie)
Iluvatar : Ronaldinho
??Ronaldinho: Old Toby Smile Smilie
Old Toby : Yavanna
Yavanna : Amari’ Elk Grinning Smilie
Amarie : Elle McPherson :P

He's a Brazilian soccer player!

Elle McPherson : Niobe
Niob e : Elendil
Yeah, it can be an actor, director, author, poet, real or fictional.....

l Leonard Nimoy
Nimoy : York
York: Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves : Steve Reeves
Steve Reeves: Saradoc "Scattergold"

Saradoc "Scattergold - Dominic Monaghan Animated Wink Smilie

Dominic Monaghan - Napoleon Very Big Grin Smilie

Napoleon - Nora Jones Exclamation Smilie

Nora Jones: Shelob
Shelob : Billy Boyd!! I love him!!
Nors Jones- Sara Jessica Parker
I loved her in Hockus Pockus.
you got to use the person last used!! Big Smile Smilie hahahahaha!!! And no I'm not laughing at you!! I'm laughing with you!! Just kidding!!
fine then. Billy Boyd-D( darn it, out of Ideas!) Deryl hamond! Take that, meg! MUHAA, MMUUHHAAA! MMMUUU-hack,hack HACK! Hairball!
It is high time I tried careful with those hairballs, Crystle - they can really tear your throat up. Big Smile Smilie

Deryl Hamond - D...oh man, ummmmmm.....I hate 'd's!!!!! Oh- got it!!! Don Knotts!!!
Don Knotts-Saurumon
Saurumon? Who's that, a mix of Sauron and Saruman? Very Mad Smilie

N - Nelly
Nelly - Yavanna
Yavanna : Aule
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