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Khalil Gibran - Nelly

Nelly : Yavannah
Yavannah - Henry Ford
Henry Ford: Dominic Monaghan I Love You Smilie
Dominic Monaghan - Nori

Nori : Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen - Nick Cave

(rapidly running out of N's again!)
Nick Cave - Elvis Presley

(Ha, guess a name which starts with y Tongue Smilie )
Elvis Presley - Yogi Bear

Elk Grinning Smilie
Damn it Tongue Smilie Wink Smilie

Yogi Bear - Rafael Van der Vaart
Rafael Van der Vaart - Tojo
Tojo - Obelix (comic character from the serie's "Asterix and Obelix")

Obelix - Xena
Xena - Anne Geddes
Anne Geddes - Son of Sam. (there's a switch, eh?)
Son of Sam - Martin Luther King

Marin Luther King -- Gil Galad
Gil Galad - David Beckham
David Beckham - Mark Knopfler
Mark Knopfler - Robert Jordan
Robert Jordan - Nina Simone

(had that one before, sorry folks, but I have definitely run out of N's!!!)
Nina Simone - Eric Bana
Eric Bana - Anakin
Anakin - Nick Carter (this in no way infers that I like him)
Nick Carter - Randy Quaid
Randy Quaid (whoever that may be) - Douglas Adams Orc Grinning Smilie
Douglas Adams - Saruman
Saruman - N.E.R.D (its a band, but i couldn't think of anyone else)
N.E.R.D: Darius I

Anakin - Nick Carter (this in no way infers that I like him)

Haha. That only makes us think that you like him. You do, you do, you do! I didn't even think that you did until I read that.
I'll take the I for an I. Elk Grinning Smilie

Darius I : Ike (without Tina Turner)

Ike : Elmo (Grover's neighbor) Wiggle Smilie
Elmo (I love Sesame street) - Offenbach
Offenbach-Hercule Poirot.
Hercule Poirot Animated Wink Smilie - Tommy Cooper
Tommy Cooper : Randy Lubas
Randy Lubas - Superman
Superman-Nena Cherry.(remember the song "Buffalo Stance", anyone?)
I do! Nice song!

Nena Cherry - Yam-yam (it's a female crocodile from a children's story, the best I could do Tongue Smilie )
Yam-yam-Murray Wiggle.
Murray Wiggle-Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood - Dumbo Tongue Smilie
Dumbo : Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone-Elvis Presley.
Elvis Presley : Yoda
Yoda - Aramis
Aramis - Saruman
Saruman- Nathaniel Hawthorne Read Smilie
Nathaniel Hawthorne - Evenstar

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie
Evenstar - Romulus
Romulus - Samual Adams
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