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Niniel - Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler-Rog
Rog - Greta Garbo
Greta Garbo - Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom - Mickey Rooney
Albert Einstein
Neil Armstrong - One giant trip
George W. Bush
Ronaldo, Christiano

AKA; The Traitor
Olivia Newton John
Nathan Hale
Smaug the Magnificent
Theo Van Gogh
Howard Hughes
Sarah Bernhardt
Jamal Williams
Stan Freberg comedian
Nicolas Sparks.
Teddy Roosevelt
Tommy Cooper
Rod Woodson
Newman, Paul
Larry King He can't live with women and he can't live without them: currently with wife number eight.
Larry King-Grondmaster
Romulus one-half of Rome's twin founders in its traditional foundation myth.
Shania Twain
Nestor, one of the oldest of Greeks. Took part in the Trojan War and later made an appearance in Odyssey.
Rhubarb inherited a baseball team. Thought himself human, but was only a cat. Cat Smiling Smilie
Lan from The Wheel of Time series.
Louis Armstrong
George Orwell
Lance Henrikson - actor
Nero, Roman emperor
Omar Khayy’m Persian poet
Michael Collins - astronaut
Samwise Gamgee
Elvis Presley

Yavanna Kementari
Indiana Jones
Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie - Edgar Allen Poe  - another author

Edgar Allan PoE-Elizabeth Taylor

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