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Yoko Ono - Olive Oyle
Olive Oyle - Ellery Queen
Ellery Queen - Nana - the Darling's au pair dog in Peter Pan
Nana - Aaron Eckhart actor
Aaron Eckhart - Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas the Tank Engine - Evangeline
Evangeline - Edgar Allan Poe
Elizabeth Windsor - Queen
Reginald Van Gleason (III) one of comedian Jackie Gleason's menagerie of characters.
Natalie Wood
Donald Pleasance -- actor
Elbereth-Haley Joel Osment
Tarrant - 'The Cheesey. (AKA Me)
The Cheesey - you
You - Ungoliant
Ungoliant-Tommy Lee Jones
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker - Rooney, wayne
Wayne Rooney? - Yeller, old
Rick Astley (Moron)
Rick Astley-Yul brynner
(lol, what's this obsession with Rick Astley Cheesey?)
Ever heard of a rickroll. and thats my third rick astley joke, so it really doesn't make it a obsession
Yul brynner- Ray Charles

Yes, but that is also three more than any other member.... so it could be considered an obsession Very Big Grin Smilie
Ray Charles - Sid Vicious

Thought I'd continue the musical theme - though obviously quite a differtent style. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Super Dez
Super Dez-Ziggy Stardust
Teh Awesome (ME!)
Awesome - Elton John
Elton John-Nicholas Cage
Nicolas Cage-Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson - Nelson, Horatio
Horatio - Orren Mixer
Oren Mixer - Ranulph Fiennes - explorer
Ranulph Fiennes-Shaun White
Shaun White - Exterminator(Kentucky Derby winner 1922)
Exterminator - Richard the Lion Heart
Richard the Lion Heart-Tom the Cat (From TV series Tom & Jerry)
Tom the Cat - Tom Sawyer
Ram - Manwe.

Guys, these both are very similar characters. Perfect with no dint in their profile.
Undomiel, I'm not sure you understand. You should have said something like Tom Sawyer - Ram, and left Manwe out, since you should come up with only one character or person at a time, their first names or names beginning with the last letter of the one the person before wrote.
Ram - Mandela
Mandela - Adam Ant
Adam Ant - Thingol
Thingol - Lawrence D.H
Lawrence - Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen Degeneres-Socrates

I don't have to be specific.
Steven-Nicolas Cage
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