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very hard choice, but I'd say weathertop. I love snow, but not when Saruman's cursing you from afar. And besides, I like to be able to face my foes head on face to face, even if they are Nazgul!

With Feanor in the Hall of Mandos, listening to him speak of his deeds
With Miriel as she sleeps forever in the gardens of Lorien, feeling peace and quiet and eternity around you
Where and why?
with Miriel as she sleeps, because as you said there would be peace all around you. also you would never have to worry about the troubles of the modern world

With Sam and Frodo as they cast the Ring into Mt. Doom
With Merry and Pippin as they create a diversion for Sam and Frodo
Where and Why?
With Merry and Pippin, they didn't have so much pressure. It freaks me out to think of what I would have done if I was in Frodo's place.

With Aragorn as he gets crowned
With Eowyn and Faramir as they get married?
second... a wedding!!!! no, wait, a middle-earth-style wedding! who wouldn't want to know how that works??

having a look at telperion and laurelin
searching for entwives
where and why?
The Trees for sure!! Needless to explain why..

In Aman
in Numenor?
Númenor because you would be around so many noble would be very well protected...

Minas Anor
Minas Ithil
Where and Why?
Minas Ithil because the name sounds better.

With the Silmaril in the deep chasm of the Earth
With the Silmaril in the deep ocean?

where and why!
first... sounds cool... yea, take me there.
N’menor because you would be around so many noble would be very well protected...
did you notice the end of numenor? Wink Smilie

with thorin captured in mirkwood
with azog in moria

where and why?
I would choose neither, but oh well, fine *flips coin* then thorin...

With Eru
With Manwe?
with manwe... eru's too great, I'd feel horrible... manwe is ok, he's cool..


where and why?
Rhosgobel cause his "owner" seems to be more... how to say... kind or neutral than Saruman, moreover, Rhosgobel is situated near Mirkwood, so there's a chance to escape to the forest, to meet elves there... if something happens. There always should be an extra plan!

with Glaurung or with Smaug? but why?
with glaurung, want to see turin. furthermore he has got the more exciting life and is much more of a really bad guy. I mean, poor smaug has to worry around with dwarves and a hobbit steals his treasure. must be a bit demotivating...

with merry in buckland
with pippin in tuckborough (is that the name of his home?)
where and why?
definately pip in tookbrough.. cos how many family's live in brandy hall... in times of no deodarant, thats gota be a smell place.. plus pip is so sweet...

with sauramon in isenguard or
a big nasty spider in mirkwood
Orc Smiling Smilie
saruman, definitely. I'm afraid of spiders... *brrrrr*

with orcs in the misty mountains
with the nazgul at minas ithil
where and why?
in Misty mts. There it would be easier to get rid of a bad company.

In the Old Forest of Buckland
in Fangorn?

old forest!!!! that's definitely the coolest forest you could imagine. btw, I'd like to have tom bombadil as my companion.... Smile Smilie

where and why?
I'd rather choose Rhun cause it was in alliance with Gondor e.g. with "good guys" as Harad was in alliance with Sauron and its "bad guys"... but we know not much about Rhun, dont' we?!

In the Misty Mountains or in the heart of the Lonely Mountain?
Where and why?
Misty Mountains cuz they're closer to Rivendell and Lorien, which are the two most beautiful places in ME at the time (in my opinion). And Moria was cool too.

On an Ealge's back
On a Nazgul's winged steed?

Very Evil Smilie second. just because... Very Evil Smilie

with gandalf on his way to minas tirith
with tuor on his way to gondolin
where and why?
With Tuor. I'd have shown the poor thing where to go Orc Grinning Smilie

In Neldoreth
in Brethil?

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Neldoreth...dont really have a preference though...

Legolas and Gimli in Fangorn Forest
Legolas and Gimli in the Glittering Caves
Where and Why?
Fangorn!!! I love trees! And Treebeard was really cool...

With Nessa dancing on the lawns of Eldamar
With Vana relaxing in her gardens of pretty flowers?

where and why/
With Nessa dancing on the lawns of Eldamar , simply because I love to dance and I also hope its a warm summer day...
With Gandalf in Minas Tirith when he reads about the Ring
with King Theoden in Theodreds funeral ?
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I'd rather be with Gandalf at the Minas Tirith Library than at Theodred's funeral because that funeral would have been too sad and I would have felt left out, because although I would have known many there, no one would have known me. And I would have enjoyed snooping around while Gandalf did his investigation.

In Mirkwood with Aragorn hunting Gollum
On the way to Imladris with Boromir
Where and Why Question Smilie
On the way to Imladris with Boromir, because it's such a great destination and besides this, i could hardly wait to take part at Elrond's council, where I would find out so many interesting things.

with Beren and Luthien, facing Morgoth
in the war of the ring, facing Sauron and his army

Where and why?
with beren and Luthien, because I don't like big wars. They remind me too much of the WWs. Not a pretty sight, no matter how glorious it sounds.

At Tom and Goldberry's wedding
At Galadriel and Celeborn's parting?
where and why?
Tom and Goldberry's Wedding. I wouldn't be able to bear watching Galadriel and Celeborn leaving middle earth. I could barely do it during the movie! many tears were shed!

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Hanging out with Farmer Giles of Ham
Hanging out with Farmer Maggot
Where and why?
I would prefer hanging out with Farmer Maggot in the Marish, having his big dogs warning and protecting us while we were sitting gossipping and sipping to his homebrewed beer.

Would you enjoy milk and honey in Beorns house or do you rather prefer

Humming and singing with Tom B?

Where and Why?
Humming and singing with Tom b coz I love to sing and I think some of the words in his songs are happy songs ! Happy Elf Smilie

With Frodo as he was about to throw the ring into the flames ?
With Gandalf looking for information about the Ring in Minas Tirith ?

Where and Why
With Gandalf in Minas Tirith, because he only was going to bring sufficient Great Eagles to rescue Frodo and Sam; not knowing I would be there too, there wouldn't be one for me.

With Aragorn and the hobbits as they arrived at Weathertop.
With the captive Frodo and Sam as Faramir's company attacked the Southrons.

Where and why?
With Faramir! I know, I'm a coward. I couldn't face all those Ringwraiths with only the hobbits as company! I'm no great fighter.

With Theoden riding to Gondor's aid
With Denethor sitting and mourning in his dreary halls?

Where and why?
With Theoden riding to Gondor's aid, because it would be exciting riding with them and gloomy Denethor would put anyone off their food and lead to an early grave.

With Barrel riding Bilbo and his Dwarven cargo.


At the Elven King's woodland feast just prior to capturing Thorin Oakenshield and his Dwarves.
With Barrel riding Bilbo and his Dwarven cargo. Because I'd have gotten pretty mad at the injustice of the later accusations against Thorin, and wouldn't have held my tongue. I'd have been in trouble after that.

With Legolas and Gimli in Fangorn after the war
With Gimli and Legolas in the Glittering Caves after the war

Where and Why?
With Gimli and Legolas in the Glittering Caves after the war 'cause i'm a dwarf.Elk Grinning Smilie

With aragorn in minas tirith
With Frodo on the ship bearing him to valinor

where and why
With Aragorn in Minas Tirith living the life of a scholar because I'm not ready for Valinor just yet.

With Elrond in Rivendell or

Galadriel and Celeborn in Lorien
In Lorien, because I long to see the gold-leaved trees...

On the Cliffs of the Eagle King's aery, with bilbo, Gandalf and the crew,
in Fangorn Forest, with Treebeard, trying his Entdraughts?
I'd prefer to be In Fangorn Forest with Treebeard, a sip or two of that draught would help as I define myself as not having a weight problem but being much to short.

With Frodo in Shelob's net
with Gandalf captured by Saruman in Isengard.

Where and why?
in shelob's net, because a big spider you can physically fight, a mortal man couldn't beat a wizard, not even myself

the barrow downs
the paths of the dead
i would like to say the paths of the dead seeing as its now devoid of any spirits, but im gonna go for barrow-downs, the chance to meet (aka be rescused by) Ben-adar is too good an opertunity to miss!

going over caradhras or going through moria
going over caradhras because snow rocks!

To be Frodo Baggins on the quest to destroy the ring (more fame and glory for destroying the ring)


To be Samwise Gamgee on the quest to destroy the ring (doesn't have to bear the burden of the ring, nearly as long.
Sam, for exactly the reason you mentioned.

In the forests of Doriath
In the forests of Lothl’rien

Where and why?
In the forests of Doriath because the elves were much younger then and things were much greener, brighter, and happier, except at the very end.

Where and why?

At the Battle of Greenfields in 1147 SR


At the Battle of Bywater in 1419 SR
The Battle of Bywater because I would have loved to see Pippin and Merry come back home with a courage and bravery they did not have before they were a part of the fellowship. They did not hesitate with the decision to fight for their family, friends, and land. I thought the battle was very heroic.

Where and Why?

In Rivendell studying and learning from the elves?

Riding horses over the plains of Rohan?
that is a hard choice. Can i read books with the elves at Rivendell and go riding horses over the plains of Rohan? Certainly, Gandalf has a way to make it all work out nicely. Can I be in two places at once? I just don't know I can't decide. I wanna do both, and that is all there is to it.

Would the next person like to be visiting a Dwarf from Glittering Caves that is an old friend or yours?


Being surrounded by orcs on your travels?
I would pick the first one, because a visit from a dwarf usually leads to goblin filled andventures anyways and I'd rather have a dwarf with me for that

in a hole on bagshot row, or the guardhouse of minas tirith?
Bagshot Row, definitely. I love gardening, so I'd fit right in with Sam and the Gaffer. And I also love parties and feasting and celebrations, so I'm definitely a Hobbit at heart.

IF YOU WERE AN ORC... Barad-Dur -or- Minas Morgul
Where and why?
As an Orc, probably in Barad-d’r, because the Eye probably wouldn't bother with the likes of me, yet at Minas Morgul those 'filthy Shriekers' (Nazg’l) were always on the lookout for shirkers, trying to get out of work.

At a feast with the Wood Elves of Mirkwood,


Listening to the tales of yore in Rivendell?

Where and why?

In Rivendell listening...! I'm not much of a party person but love a story Smile Smilie

The Prancing Pony or the Green Dragon?

Where and Why?
The Green Dragon, it seems like more of a "local watering hole" where all the regulars hang out, while the Prancing Pony would tend to have more strangers and out-of-towners because of its location near the crossroads.

In the wild forest with the Beornings?
In the wild tundra of the north with the Lossoth?

Where and Why?
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