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Being with Pippin when he got his task lighting the Beacons, because it would be a heroic moment, instead of a scary one!

1. Staying in the Shire with Bilbo and other hobbits.


2. Staying in Rivendell with Elrond and other Elves.

Where and why?

Staying in Rivendell with Elrond and other Elves. I think the food might be a little better and the stories much better.

Note: According to Tolkien, Gandalf and Pippin watched the beacons on the mountain tops light up as they rode Shadowfax towards Minas Tirith. So Pippin lighting the beacon was another figment of PJ's imagination; though it worked well to heighten the sense of anticipation in the movie.

1) With Frodo and Glorfindel at the Ford of Bruinen.
2) With the rest of the Fellowship as they chased after the Black Riders who were after Frodo and Glorfindel.
I was about to clear that up myself, Grondmaster. It works nicely in the movies, but in the books Denethor ordered the beacons to be lit. The fact that he did'nt in the movie changes his appearance a bit (or a lot)...

I chose to be with Frodo and Glorfindel. Although it's much more scary to be chased by Nazgul than to watch them, observing Frodo struggle and not be able to do anything would kill me.

1. Walking in the forest of Doriath, you hear a faint singing in the distance....


2. Walking in the forest of Lothlorien, you hear a faint sound of a trickling stream...

Where and Why?
I'd choose walking in the forest of Lothlorien, where I hear a faint sound of a trickling stream...

Lothlorien is the most beautiful place imaginable! And it'd be nice and quiet, with the stream trickling and the birds tweeting, and just nature-y sounds happening everywhere... aw...

1. Being under the rule of Sauron...
2. Being under the rule or Saruman...

Which and Why?
How about neither...because they're both big dummy heads! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

1) Wandering around the Old Forest with Merry, Pippin, Sam and Frodo


2) Wandering through the Dead Marshes with Frodo, Sam and Gollum...

Where and why?
Soooo Old Forest 'cos a) trees, b) Bombadil, and c) Dagorlad is my absolute least favorite part of the Trilogy. Flashing back a bit, Glorfindel and Frodo, 'cos I couldn't resist a chance to meet Glorfindel and establish once and for all he really is the same Glorfindel (and besides, he could tell everything I'm dying to know about Gondolin, my favorite place in Middle-Earth,) and as for the two forests, well, who could resist Luthien? Moving on...

At the first blossoming of the Two Trees (you get seven hours) or with Earendil when he arrives at Tol Eressea and goes to plead his case before the Valar?
With the Valar when E’rendil comes marching in... i think it'd be hilarious to see all Valar gazing at him with open mouths, safe of course Ulmo, who'd be chuckling, and Mandos, who'd just be nodding his head and write it down in his notebook.

Under Morgoth's throne with Beren or in a Dol Guldur dungeon with Thrain ?
Definetely Dol Guldur. Places in Middle Earth, that are not exactly described by Tolkien always fascinate me. And to think that it was Sauron's all along, right on Galadriel's doorstep...(I hope Gandalf would come quickly enough to save me)

1. Travelling in the Misty Mountains with some Hobbits, after the War of the Ring, trying to find Gollum's hiding place, his little island in that dark pool.


2. Attempting to recolonize Moria, after the War of the Ring, with a bunch of sturdy Dwarves, taking care of the last of the Orcs that lingered there.

Where and why
Now thats a tough one allright!! Hmmm...let me see now... I wouldnt mind a little adventure in the Misty Mountains with a couple of fun hobbits, and i cant say no to crushing orcs with a bunch of me best pals, the sons of Durin!! But ill chose.... Moria.

1.Runing with Frodo and Sam through Shelobs tunnels


2. With Beren and Luthien breaking into Angband to steal Morgoths Silmarill.

Where and why?
definitely the second one, I'm terribly afraid of spiders... Super Scared Smilie and sneaking through angband with beren and luthien is certainly very exciting.

1. at the field of cormallen celebrating the victory over sauron


2. scouring the shire together with the hobbitses

where and why??
1. Celebrating the victory over Sauron, who wouldnt ? It must have been a very special feeling to finally win over the bad source.

! 1.Beeing with Telchar (the great dwarf ) when he made Narsil for Elendil or

2. Beeing with the elfes when they remaid it as Anduril for Ellesar
Where and Why ?
Very nice, Mellon Smile Smilie

I choose being with Telchar, in the Blue Mountains, in the deeps of the First Age, while he forges Narsil. Maybe i coud get a peek on his other works...Angrist and the Dragon-helm of Dor-lomin.
It would be more exciting being there, much earlier than the reforging of Narsil into Anduril (a deed worthy of seeing too).

1. Accompanying Hobbits during their migration across the Misty Mountains, sometime in the beginning of the Third Age.
2. Departing with Eorl The Young to the aid of Gondor in 2510 TA.

Where and Why?
the first, you know so little about that time, I would like to find out more about the early hobbits that were adventurous enough to go on such journeys... btw I can't ride, so I couldn't keep up with Eorl's company... Wink Smilie

1. strolling through the misty mountains together with gollum
2. strolling through the lonely mountain together with smaug

where and why??

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the first one because a dragon such as Smaug might just decide to eat me. but if i was with Gollum, then i would have a better chance to get away. also i like riddles! Smile Smilie

In barad-dur with Sauron
In orthanc with Saruman
Where and Why?
In Orthanc with Saruman...
I'd really like to take a peek into the special chamber he prepared for the receiving of the One Ring. I've never really wanted to visit The Barad-dur. Nothing nice could come of it.

1. Walking with Strider on one of his patrols in Eriador. Stopping in the evening and exchanging tidings with other Rangers over a pipe and fire...
2. Riding with Eomer's company towards Edoras and a well deserved table, laden with fresh bread, cheese, meat and ale...

Where and why?
the first because It's Aragorn.

1) Visiting the Lonely mountain after they rebuilt it to be more beautiful than it's older glory days. With terraces and towers poking out on all sides.

2) Visiting Minas Tirith at the end of Aragorn's reign after they rebuilt it with the help of the elves and the dwarves. With beautiful stone and folliage.

Where and Why???
The first because im amazed by dwarves

1) Riding with the riders of rohan and Eomer


2)With Faramir in Ithilien in the secret cavern
Hard to say , But my answer is 2. coz I like faramir so much
(1) beeing with Isildur when he planted the one seed for the White tree in Minas Anor or

2) beeing with Aragorn on his first meeting with Gandalf


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I'd really like to be there when Gandalf met Aragorn for the first time. They would become great friends in the future, but first I'd witness young Aragorn learning from the wise wizard...

1. Flying with the Eagles to the rescue of Bilbo and the Dwarves.
2. Having a long talk with Treebeard in Wellinghall.

Where and Why
2. having a looooong talk with Treebeard, cause im interested in so many things he knows as a Ent, and cause im too frightened of heights to be with the eagles.

1.With Feanot himself, when he forged the Silmarills


2.With Yavanna as she gave life to the two great trees, Telperion and Laurelin

Where and why?!

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With Feanor, becuz everyone's always been so crazy wondering how he'd made the Silmarils....

With Tuor as he treks through Beleriand with two Elves
With Turin as he wanders about with a band of outlaws

where and why!
with turin. I like him very much and would love to accompany him.

with Glorfindel saving Frodo
with Cirdan seeing the wizards arriving

where and why?
With Glofindel. I like him and Frodo better than the wizards.

With Galadriel in Lothlorien
With Melian in Lorien (in Valinor)

where and why?
with Galadriel in Lothlorien because Galadriel is cooler. (i know, thats a horrible reason, but i couldnt think of any other reason)

Smaug's Lair
Shelob's Lair
Where and Why?
Smaug. I don't like spiders. And at least in Smaug's lair I'll have someone who I can talk to...

With Earendil sailing in the skies,
with Maglor wandering about the shores?

where and why!
With Maglor wandering about the shores because i like the water more than flying (not that i dont like the skies)

With Frodo when he got Sting from Blibo
With Sam when he got to be Mr. Frodo's gardener
Who and Why?
With Sam. I like to be close to nature. And I also like the simple peaceful life of a gardener (gosh, I must be getting old).Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

With Idril sailing to Valinor
With Luthien dying in Ossiriand?

where and why!
With Idril sailing to Valinor, because ive always wanted to see Valinor, even if there was a price to pay.

Where and Why?
Rohan. I'd rather not be close to Mordor. And also, Rohan's closer to the forests...

Merry in Fangorn
Pippin in Gondor?
Merry in Fangorn because 1 i like trees. and 2 i like merry

Where and Why?
Middle-Earth. Valinor's getting a bit boring after the first age... not so much action aithout Feanor there to mess things up.

The Shire
Tom Bombadil's home?
the shire, because thats where all of the Hobbits live and, after Elves, Hobbits are somewhat my favorite species in Middle-earth.

Mt. Doom
The Stairs of Cirith Ungol
Where and Why?
Mt Doom. It's a bit more impressive.

sailing the seas
abiding in the forests?
Aaaaah, it's good to be back....

I love the forests of middle Earth, they are my immediate choice Smile Smilie

1. Sitting in Rivendell, listening to tales around a great fire...all around you are Elves, walking to and fro, their flowing clothes glistening in the fire light...


2. Sitting in the Green Dragon, in the Shire, puffing a pipe, sipping some ale...Hobbits holding mugs of ale walk past you, singing cheerfully...

where and why?
wow! both of it sounds fantastic... maybe I would prefer the green dragon, that's more entertaining than the (most beautiful, though!) elven tales, I think I might like that better at some times. the elves' stories might make me too sad and melancholic...... Very Sad Smilie

in the libraries of minas tirith learning about gondor's history etc.
in the dungeons of orthanc discovering saruman's secrets

where and why?
In Orthanc, providing I have some Windlord to rescue me after I get the secrets!! It would be cool to see what a complex person like Saruman is like...

Pary Smilie and welcome back dwarflord!!!

Living in Hobbiton reading the Red Book
At Moria trying to figure out what the moonlit sign on the stone means?

Moria. it's got something mystic, terribly fascinating, that can't be found at hobbiton, lovely though it is.

in mirkwood with the wood elves
under the misty mountains with a bunch of orcs

where and why?
I think it could be interesting to spend some time with Orcs, get to know their habits. It could prove useful in the future if a bunch of orc berserkers attacked me.

1. With the Ents, in the First Age, when they stormed down the Blue Mountains, to the destruction of the dwarves...


2. With the Ents, in the Third Age, when they ulneashed their fury on Orthanc and Saruman...

Where and why?
With the Ents in the first age because I just like the First Age better.

With Elros as he dies,
with Arwen as she dies?

where and why?
with arwen, and if it's only because of the fact that it is in the forth age and you know about... well, nothing about it...

at the counil of elrond
at a meeting of the white counsil

where and why??
at the white council because we know too little of it

moria. I think it's very cool. Cool Smilie

helm's deep (optionally including a guided tour - I'd find that interesting)

where and why?
Helms deep in a guided tour that would indeed been very interesting !!!
In Ithilien
or Rohan ?

Where and why ?
Mirkwood. Not so explored. Besides Dul-Guldur's near somewhere.Very intriguing...
Ered Gorgoroth
Cirith Ungol?

8 and counting...

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Well, tough choice, let's say Cirith Ungol. But I definetely would'nt go alone. I know too much about that place. My companion would have to be at least a sturdy dwarfSmile Smilie

1. You're walking with some Hobbits towards Buckleberry Ferry, your destination: a party at one of the inns of Buckland....


2. You're in Orthanc, before Saruman was have access to his books, volumes and notes. Once in a while you get a chance to speak with him...
Where and why?
It has to be with the Hobbits for a party - I'm just a party animal Big Laugh Smilie

Being carried by Gwaihir over the lands of Middle Earth


Riding with Treebeard through Fangorn Forest

Where and why?

I'd choose to sit on Gwaihir's back, listen to the wind and have a bird's-eye view of ME..
A perfect dream!
A journey around Mordor
a journey within Mirkwood?

Note from Vee - 9 and counting....

Not much to see in both places now, is there? Mordor's probably all ruined and Mirkwood's mostly uninhabited. But I'd choose Mirkwood. Elves are cooler than Orcs...

Sitting under a mallorn tree and reading some book from Galadriel's library (if she has one)
practising swordfighting in the walled city with Aragorn as a teacher...

Where and why!!
I'd love to practise my sword skills with Aragorn, especially because I have none...As a dwarf I preffer my Axe Smile Smilie ?But you nevr know when some sword skills might come in handy.

1. Floating down the Great River on a self-made boat. Once in a while some arrows splash around you, they come from the eastern shore...


2. While walking in the Misty Mountains you hear some hideaous Orc cries behind you. You and your company stand at bay and await your foes...

where and why?
second... when I'm being attacked I want to have the possibility to run away, not be stuck in a boat... oh, don't know... the way you're describing it, both sounds kinda beautiful...

with the fellowship at snowy caradhras
with strider and the hobbits at weathertop

where and why?
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