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With the Beornings in the wild forest, for I don't like the loneliness or coldness of the tundra.

In the bowels of Khazad-d’m with Balin


in the Halls of Menegroth with Thingol?
Hmmm I think Khazad-D’m, because it was said to be the greatest of all Dwarven cities. Of course if I'm there with Balin then I only get 5 years to enjoy it....

In a sack, waiting for the Trolls to eat you?


in a web-cocoon, waiting for the Mirkwood Spiders to eat you?
I think I might have a better chance of getting away from the trolls so I'll say with them. The spiders are too fast and too many.

Fangorn with Treebeard or Lothlorien?

Where and Why?
Fangorn with Treebeard. Atleast I won't have to walk all the way.

Battle of Helm's Deep or Battle of Pelennor Field.
Battle of Helm's Deep so I could see the Elves when they march up to the gate in all their glory. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Up the tree with Bilbo in Mirkwood looking at the black moths/flutterbys


On the sunny hilltop with Sam, Frodo, Merry, and Pippin in the middle of the Old Forest?

Where and Why?
In the Old Forest. It may be a bit "queer", but (except for Old Man Willow) it doesn't seem to be foreboding and malevolent, and it's not so far from home (assuming that "home" = "The Shire") But to me (as to the Hobbits) Mirkwood is totally foreign, it might as well be on the other side of the world, and it's so dark and evil.

In Gondolin learning from the Elves?
In Khazad-D’m learning from the Dwarves?
In Gondolin learning from the Elves; I don't think I'd like spending 25 hours a day living away from sunlight and wind.

With Golum, Rrodo, and Sam climbing the Straight Stair?


With the Fellowship climbing the Redhorn Pass?

Where and Why?
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