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Hi everyone got a new game:
This should be a fairly easy one.

Rules: Ask a question to which you can find the answers in the Lord Of The Rings Books 1-6 only. You could try and make it tricky if you like, but if no-one guesses it within 24 hours you must be able to provide the answer, by chapeter, paragraph and then text. Try Starting off easy getting progressivly harder.

I'll start

Name the three main characters who were laid in the houses of healing...?
Faramir, Eowyn, and *drumroll* Merry...if its Pippin ill laugh
You forgot to pose your question.... Big Smile Smilie
o ya....i do that alot....sry

start easy....
wot does "snaga" mean (roughly) and who was called this (ull no wot i mean...)
Snaga as used by the Uruk-hai meant "slave" and was the name they called their small foot soldier Orcs, whom they considered were socially below themselves. Snagas can be found in Grishn’kh's band crossing Rohan (TTT, III, 3) and in Shagrat's guard in Cirith Ungol (RotK, VI, 2).

What are the names of Farmer Maggot's dogs Question Smilie
Grip and Fang...was there one more? i dont think so but if there is, forgive me for posting a question.
wot does "sharku" mean and who was called that? (u'll no wot i mean....)
no i did not mean to post that the first time...
old man - saruman was called so... by the orcs?

where did the hobbits live before coming to the shire?
on the shores of Anduin,I think.

Who created Narsil?
Telchar of Nogrod

What color was Turin's sword Question Smilie

Oops, wrong book.

What color did Glamdring turn in the presence of Orcs Question Smilie
blue?? mayb...
Probably ...
alright, start easy,
how tall r hobbit, drawfs, and elves? (say Hobbits: 80 feet
Drawfs: 70 feet Elves 100000 feet)
(say Hobbits: 80 feet Drawfs: 70 feet Elves 100000 feet)

Elrose,do you really want me to say so??? Wink Smilie
Not exactly,but it all looks like this to my mind:
Hobbits:2-4 feet,Dwarves:4-5 feet,Elves:about 6 feet.

Where was Frodo when he felt a struggle between the Eye and the Voice?
Frodo was on the high seat on Amon Hen.

Whom has Frodo tried to stab in the foot? See if you can think of two (one unsuccessful stabbing, one successful).
He failed trying to stab the Witch-King, while he succeeded in stabbin a stone troll in moria.

What's the name of the orc that almost pierced Frodo in Moria ?

edit=> I just realised we don't really know his name, so here's another one :

What name did the hobbits give the annoying bugs in a swamp near bree ?
Something like 'Neeker-breekers' but I'm unsure of the spelling.

Which hobbit came up with that name for those midges from that marsh Question Smilie
Sam. cuz they went neeker breeeker or something

which hobbit has the best hearing? out of the fellowship hobbits... (i closed my tags Wink Smilie
(i closed my tags Wink Smilie
Good for you Elrose. Today I found and fixed many old posts where I was the miscreant. Naughty Grondy!

I don't remember the answer, anyone else?
I think the answer might be found in Elrose's quiz in the History of Middle Earth thread.
i think you are right
Merry perhaps ?
I think it was Frodo. He had the best eyesight, maybe he had the best hearing to?
Okay, there's two hobbits left so I've got a 50/50 chance of getting this right. I'd look it up, but I have no idea where to find this little snippet.

Is it Pippin?
Okay, I'll make a second guess: Sam?
Sweet. I'm still not sure which of the hobbits it was.. I'm gonna assume it's Sam.

Here's an easy question for anyone to answer:
How do Sam and Frodo manage to evade capture within the land of Mordor?
They picked up armor from Cirith Ungol and disguised themselves, travelled part way with orc bands on their way to the Morannon, and then proceeded by stealth.

Here's my question: How is this thread different from "Tolkien trivia"?
not quite different, except for the fact that this is only lotr-related and not generally tolkien, I guess. and I have to say, this was not really a lotr-related question, was it? Wink Smilie

a rather lotr-related one would be: what is the title of the last chapter in the 6th book of lotr?
The Grey Havens?
yes that is right, so Maydmarion can host the next question
I'll post a question as Marion seems a little absent.

What does the mouth of Sauron hold up in front of the host at the black gate?
I believe that was the mithril shirt worn by Frodo.
i dont get why they thought there was anychance of Frodo being caught. then Sauron would have the ring. then he wouldnt need a mouth.
Right you are Gandalf-olorin, your turn to pose a question.

I guess there is always the possibility that the ring had been found, Frodo killed, and that Sauron was just toying with them a bit before he destroyed them all. Who can understand the mind of someone so bent on destruction and domination?
Well,... Gandalf seemed to know how Sauron was thinking and the wizard always thwarted his plans.
I don't think that Gandalf necessarily knew what Sauron was thinking. Gandalf was wise, and was able to put together some bloody good guesses, but I don't think it was ever a sure thing. That's the point. They put their heads together and did their best and in the end it worked, but it could just as easily been true that Frodo had been caught and Sauron had the ring. It wouldn't be the tale that it is if Gandalf had known for sure what Sauron was up to and what was going to happen.

Anywho, howzabout a new question on this LOTR trivia thread..

What person went under the name of Dernhelm?
That would be Eowyn. One of my favorite bits, actually.

But someone else can have my question, as all the ones I like are from the Silm. :8)

Okay then, here's a LOTR quiz question:

Wherever did Bill the Pony get to?
i think it was Moria
No, I believe he ended up in Hobbiton via Bree and Moria before that. I don't know if there was a paddock at Bag End, but we can be assured Bill was kept near to Sam, unless Rosie disapproved of the competition.
I have often speculated as you have about where in Hobbiton Bill made his lodgings, and I likewise assumed that he crashed at Sam's place. The last that the book says on the subject is that the remainder of the fellowship finds Bill the Pony in Bree and that he continues on to Hobbiton with them.

Anywho, you're most right Grondy, and you can post the next question if you like Smile Smilie
In Minas Tirith, what was the other name of the Silent Street, the main street of the Hallows where the dead Kings and Stewards of Gondor were entombed.
Ooo, ooo, I know this one: Rath Dinen. I think there's a tilde over the "a" or "i." But I'm not sure, sorry. Oh, yeah, now that I can ask my own I never have one.

How did the Valar imprison Morgoth at the start of the Elder Days?
Didn't they wrap him in chains, but without the acid dripping snake that was Loki's tormenter?
Yeah, I was looking for the name of that chain, though it now occurs to me I don't think it's mentioned once in TLotR. :8)

I cede the next question to Grondy on principle.
I couldn't find the name of the chain nor its substance in The Silmarillion either, so I suggest we just call it Bob. You may have found it in one of the HOME Series?

How did L’od come to die Question Smilie
I think it may have been in LT1, which may be a no-no, though I've always felt HOME can be accepted as canon where it's internally consistent and doesn't contradict established canon. Thus we can't accept Beren as a Nolda (!!!) in LT2, but we CAN accept angainor is the chain that bound Morgoth. It's substance may be LT1, but my copy of the Silm lists it being mentioned on pp. 51 and 252 of the George, Allen and Unwin '77 hardback. I guess I was still thinking of Eomer trying to give Felarof out to some wandering strangers, but then, maybe I wasn't the only one, eh? ;-p

Was Leod thrown by a Meara?

Edit: apparently there's a WikiTolkien, which 1) confirms the substance of angainor is mentioned in LT1, 2) names both fetters and manacles as well (so evidently when Morgoths feet are hewn from beneath him it's metaphor only) and 3) confirmed my answer AFTER I gave it (you'll just have to trust me, I guess, though I don't recall anyone SAYING we can't look things up, I just don't do it; any monkey can Google.)

What name was born by both a Quenda and one of the Two Trees of Valinor?
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