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Alright. What is the translation of the battle cry that Hurin yelled when he stood alone at the very end of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad? "Aule Entuluva" (I think)
It was "Aur’ entuluva!", which means "Day shall come again!" But then I had to look it up.
Ah, you cheated I , but you are right. Your turn.
What was traditionally sent to Rohan to indicate that Gondor needed its aid?
A red arrow.
Kerrect again, Turin's turn.
Who was the most sure-footed of the hobbits when they crossed the Silverlode? (They were walking on a rope at the time)
Well, I'll guess Merry seeing as how Pippin was considered a clutz after dropping the stone down the well in Moria, but I'm probably wrong.
Nope. Try again. 33%
No. Once more?
Well then, that only leaves Frodo and Pippin, so I'll say Pippin because he's younger and less cautious.
Yes, good job.
Who said, 'He will not wake again,' said __________. 'Battle is vain.'
Yes Turin, your turn again.
Who first named Bilbo an elf-friend?
The Elvenking on their way back home?
Who slew the Petty-Dwarf, Khim?

Oops! Orc Sad Smilie Wrong book, instead try:

Which esquire of Isildur survived the Battle of Gladden Fields and brought the shards of Narsil back to Arnor?
Correct, so again it is Turin's turn. Happy Elf Smilie
How long did Gil-galad and Elendil stop in Rivendell to prepare for war before crossing over the Misty Mountains?
According to The Silmarillion they stayed in Rivendell (Imladris) 'for a while'. According to Appendix B to LotR, three years from when they left their base towards Rivendell until they crossed the Misty Mountains after leaving Rivendell. I don't know how long it took them to reach Rivendell, or it took them to reach the mountain pass from Rivendell. However, I'd guess about six months total marching time what with logistics and all, so that would leave about 2.5 years for rest, recuperation, and resupply prior to leaving Rivendell. Of course you may have found a more definitive answer some place else, or mayhaps I simply read it wrong. Orc Grinning Smilie
Well, I didn't look in my book for the answer, but I remembered three years and that was what I was looking for. On consideration of your answer, however, I will accept it and say nice work.
How many meals a day were the norm for hobbits, assuming they weren't out adventuring with the bigger folk of Middle-earth?
No, the answer can be found early in the Prologue to LotR under 'Concerning Hobbits'.
Thanks for the hint, but as I am very far from my copies of the books I'll have to give it another guess: 6.
Yes, six is the correct answer. Turin's turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Who was the leader of the orc raid that captured two young hobbits?
Well, it wasn't Lurtz.

Was it Grishn’k from Mordor, he who killed Boromir, or Ugl’k from Isengard?

I'll go with Ugl’k.
Correct. Wait, I think it was the Isengarders who killed Boromir. I'm pretty sure Ugluk brags about that when he's trying to get the others to follow him. Although they had to be pansies and do it with arrows....
I'm not sure which of the many Orcs that shot arrows into Boromir could claim credit for killing him. Grishn’kh was the leader of those Orcs from Mordor and Ugl’ck was the leader of those from Isengard. The Isengarders had overall leadership as they cowed the others into heading there rather than back to Moria or even Mordor.

Why did they send Boromir down to the sea in an elvish boat rather than simply burying him under the turf or building a cairn for him.
They sent him down to the sea, so no one could defile his body. There were no suitable stones for a cairn and they had no tools for digging.
Correct Turin, digging in dirt with ones sword or axe is a surefire method to dull its cutting edge.

So it is now Turin's turn. Happy Elf Smilie
After they sent Boromir down the river, Aragorn sang a verse of a song, then Legolas sang one, and Aragorn sang another. What reason did Gimli give for not continuing the song, and who affirmed his choice?
I seem to remember Gimli not wanting to sing of the East Wind as it was an ill wind blowing out of the enemy's territory or something. Was it Aragorn who affirmed his choice not to sing?

Of course it was probably because all three knew Gimli couldn't carry a tune any better than a zebra could. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You are correct on all three accounts.
Where did Merry jokingly think Farmer Maggot might have found Frodo, Sam, and Pippin when he questioned him at the entrance to the Bucklebury Ferry?
Digging for mushrooms on his land?
That was a good guess, but it's wrong; try again. Happy Elf Smilie

If you want to look it up, it's on the last page of 'A Shortcut to Mushrooms' in FotR.
I admit, I did have to look it up. In his duck-pond is the answer.

How does Sam "know something about ropes and about knots"?
He had a nunckle what owned a rope-works?
How long was the rope Frodo and Sam used to get them down from the cliffs of the Emyn Muil?
thirty ells?
Keerect again Turin, you get the honor of asking the next.
Who was the first one to tell Gandalf of Gollum's escape from the wood-elves?
Legolas reported that to the Council, but I don't remember if Elrond or Aragorn or even Radagast or Gwaihir told him earlier.
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