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From the Two Towers, chapter 10

 But Shelob was not as dragons are, no softer spot had she save only her eyes. Knobbed and pitted with corruption was her age-old hide, but ever thickened from within with layer on layer of evil growth. The blade scored it with a dreadful gash, but those hideous folds could not be pierced by any strength of men, not though Elf or Dwarf should forge the steel or the hand of Beren or of Túrin wield it.

So clearly just having an elven blade won't kill Shelob in one shot. By the way, doesn't Aragorn (and Legolas as well) have an elven blade? Also, Gandalf should qualify as someone possesing only the strength of men (which in my opinon is greater than the strength of elves or dwarves) because of this passage from part four section two: the Istari, from Unfinished Tales.

...but clad in bodies of as of {perhaps a typo on the pdf I'm using because my book is a flight of stairs away} Men, real and not feigned, but subject to the fears and pains and weariness of earth...

So he has a blade made by elves, and the earthly body and thus strength of a human, which means that he cannot pierce those hideous folds.

But he could kill her if he stabbed him in the eyes

Indeed! Go ahead and ask the next question.

Okay, what is the name of the head uruk-hai that captured merry and pippin?


Nope, he was an ork of mordor.

The head uruk hai was ugluk

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