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I did finally find the chain named in my 'Feanor and Gems' covered paperback of The Silmarillion (pg 49 and 303). And 'anga' means 'iron' so there you have it. In addition, the collar they placed around Morgath's neck was iron, as it was fashioned from his iron crown sans the two gems that taken by E’nw’.

I figure all our quizzes are open book, but would rather we refrained from using Google, Foster, or the 'Encl. of Arda' until no one can come up with an answer after a day or two.

By the way, the title of the thread is LOTR Quiz, which should preclude questions from The Silmarillion, but I shan't quibble. Orc Grinning Smilie

So far I haven't come up with and elf with the same name as one of the two trees, but the trees did go by many names.

The composition is, in fact, in LT1, not the Silm; I gave the answer and a link to WikiTolkien in the thread where I asked for said composition. It's an alloy, of which anga is one of the six components, but I'm not vicious; I was only looking for the alloy itself, tilkal an anagram of the first letters of its materials ("a" is for anga. Wink Smilie)
Righty-O. Now that all of that chain business is cleared up howzabout I toss out a good old fashioned & easy LOTR based question to freshen this up a bit.

How many nights passed between the evening of the attack at weathertop and Frodo's awakening at Rivendel?
So you're not gonna tell me the elf (who's in the Trilogy) with the same name as one of the Two Trees? Or is bringing the silver and golden trees into the mix out of bounds again? I can live with that, I reckon. I'll say five in response to your question, Mungo, even though I don't really recall and refuse to look up answers. ;-p
My humble apologies. I didn't mean to tread on your question Morambar. I had actually forgotten about it as it was on the previous page (oops), but I don't think that the trees are mentioned by name in the LOTR books (please correct me if I'm wrong). Also, I can't think of a elf in LOTR whose name is either Telperion or Laurelin? Maybe I'm just fuzzy in the head today.

And, as an aside, your answer to my time question is a little off. At the end of 5 days the group was just getting out of a wide shallow valley that they went into after leaving weathertop and they had a long ways to go yet.
The number 15 comes to mind, though that may be just getting to Rivendell and then we'd need to add on what, maybe three that he was out to lunch, for a total of 18. But I didn't bother to look these up so I'm probably off by a day or two, and he did asks for nights didn't he.
My bad; it's been a while since I read the Trilogy, and I probaby need to again. I was thinking in terms of how big a rush Aragorn was in to get them there; "it couldn't have taken TOO long." Oh, well.

No biggy on the question; you're quite right, at least so far as I recall, in that the Two Trees are not mentioned, at least as such, in the Trilogy. But while there was no Elda whose proper name was Telperion, there WAS one who shared Telperions name. That's as good a hint as you could want. ;-p
Good guess Grondy! 18 is the appropriate number of nights. Seems you have luck as well as vast intellect.
What was it that they couldn't do when Sam said, 'But we can't ..... not without wings.' Question Smilie
Hint: Frodo no longer possessed his Mithril coat.
Running now in fear and a blind dark (Sam had put away the phial again thank goodness). Sam caught my arm. ’Don’t run that way Mr. Frodo, there is a sheer drop. Follow me.’ He led the way down the road, a swift bend took us out of sight of the tower. We cowered back against the rock. Stopping for the moment to calm our racing breath and hearts. The cliffs around us echoed the yet unanswered shrieks of the terror. We didn’t pause for long. The road swung eastwards again and we were once more exposed.

’This won’t do Sam. We need to get off the road. If we were real orcs we would be running towards the tower, not away from it. The first enemy of any type that we meet will know us for sure.’

’But we can’t, sir, not without wings.’

Is that good enough? for a question..let me think a sec. Who gets bumped in the head with someone's bow or sword handle (can't remember which now) while preparing to journey to Helm's Deep? Easy one right?
I don't remember this from the book, but were we to fire-up our DVD players we might find Gimli in this rediculous situation in PJ's LotR: The Two Towers. Does anyone remember this with or without looking?
Serching Smilie Is that only in the extended edition? I watched it (the non-extended DVD Shaking Head Smilie as my pockets are too empty to purchase new vids) twice (not that I'm complaining as it's a ripping good flick) and didn't see anyone get konked in the noggin. In fact this may just be an excellent excuse to go watch it again.. Look Around Smilie
I have no memory of this event, but just for the sake of being contrary, I'll say Meriadoc Brandybuck.
I'll put another question up, hope no one minds...

What was the colour of Legolas's knife
I don't remember it being in the book and as I was watching LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring last night, I quit for the night after Frodo said he'd take the Ring to Mordor, so I don't remember Legolas yet pulling a knife. Maybe tonight I'll watch the rest of the film.
In the Tomb of Balin in Moria, Legolas gets his knifes out, and i believe that they are Yellow and Gold, Yellow for the handle and Gold part of the blade, i dont think that he gets them out any other time in the FOTR???
In LOTR the book, the colour is stated.
They were ordered to leave their weapons at the door by the Doorward of Th’oden. "Then Legolass gave into his hand his silver-hafted knife, his quiver, and his bow."

That's the best I could do.
The description of the weapons the Fellowship take with them after leaving Rivendell, states Legolas has a White knife.

Someone take a turn now......
What was the length of the elven rope that Sam carried into Mordor Question Smilie
Approx 30 ells?
That's what I remember, so its Maydmarion's turn.
What was too much for poor old Bill?
Bill Ferny? But you are probably refering to the Watcher in the Water, whose domain was located in the pond/lake outside the western entrance to Moria.
I thought Bill made it through, actually, that he wandered back to Bree after Moria and they picked him up on their way ack to Scour the Shire? Though how he dodged the Watcher is anybodys guess. As I recall, what was too much was Sam being torn between Bill and Frodo.
Frod felt something seize him by the ankle, and he fell with a cry. Bill the pony gave a wild neigh of fear, and turned tail and dashed away along the lakeside into the darkness. Sam leaped after him, and then hearing Frodo's cry he ran back again, weeping and cursing. The others swung round and saw the waters of the lake seething, as if a host of snakes were swimming up from the southern end. .....

..... Sam, clinging to Frodo's arm, collapsed on a step in the black darkness. 'Poor old Bill!' he said in a choking voice. 'Poor old Bill! Wolves and snakes! But the snakes were too much for him. I had to choose, Mr. Frodo. I had to come with you.'

Who was looking for what when the following quote was made: "I will go and ask the herb-master; he knows all the old names." Question Smilie
Aragorn was seeking Athelas to heal Faramir, Eowyn and Merry.
Yup, and it was Ioreth who made the statement.

Your turn Morambar.
Oops, I forgot about that part. This one's always tricky for me because I find myself thinking "oh, that's good... wait, TRILOGY, not Silmarillion." OK, here goes nuthin':

For whom was Thorin Oakenshields sword forged?

Or, if (and ONLY if) that's not explicitly stated in The Hobbit (I can't remember) then WHERE was it forged?
I've done a little bit of reading and no-one seems to know who Orcrist was forged for- there is a mention of Ecthelion?

Unless someone out there knows for definite Read Smilie
As it was the mate of Glamdring, which was made by the Elves of Gondolin for the Wars of Beleriand, we could assume Orcrist was also. Though there is no evidence either way.
Can you give the answer Morambar - thanks
I believe Ecthelion was it's original bearer, but I'm embarrassed to admit I can't recall WHERE I read that (it's NOT in The Hobbit though, sorry, so "WHERE?" becomes the sought for answer, and gives Grondy the honor.) I do recall reading something to that effect at EoA which annoyingly won't load right now) but that wasn't the first place I saw it, I just can't tell you what that place was. The best I can do at the moment is refer to Wikipedia:

Orcrist at Wikipedia

They claim Tolkien never explicitly stated it was Ecthelions sword, but, by a fine reasoning of process of elimination, conclude that it probably was. See, this is why I never like to post in this thread: I always muck up things terribly. :8) I'm willing to accept the answer I sought, my beloved Ecthelion, and cede the next question to Mellon.
My offline version of the Encyclopedia of Arda has only that Orcrist was forged in Gondolin, but does not say who by, for whom, or who carried it other than near the end of the Fourth Age when it was carried and buried with Thorin Oakenshield. The online version is inaccessible and my attempts to update my offline version were to no avail.

Go ahead and give us another question Maydmarion. Happy Elf Smilie
What character in Harry Potter is mentioned in Middle Earth?
i know that this is wrong as im not that into HP, but i did hear about a Bill?? and there was a Bill Ferny in LOTR Orc Grinning Smilie

my proper answer would be Gandalf as wizards are in HP right??
Nope sorry Loss
Woops.....I may have put this in the wrong thread as it wasn't mentioned in LOTR - sorry - it has something to do with Bildo.... but in Middle Earth not LOTR Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie so sorry...
you see thats why i didnt know what the answer was Tongue Smilie, ill say Smaug, as dragons are in HP arent they??? or mithril???
No sorry wrong answer Loss
it seems that its only me attempting answers here, um how about good ole Tom Bombadil, its got to be him???
I remember noticing it when I read HP, but I can't now remember the name.
Which HP book, I've read the first two.
All the Harry Potter books and films..... Wink Smilie
Ok - the answer is Dumbeldors - imaginary insects in a poem by Bilbo - Errantry Wink Smilie
whoooooosh, straight over my head, post another question if you wish Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yes, that was where it was, now that you point it out. Have a pretty bauble Maydmarion, for stumping us. Happy Elf Smilie
What were the names of Haldir's brothers Question Smilie
R’mil and Orophin

Where did Durin I behold the reflection of Durin's Crown Question Smilie
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