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Well im waitin fer quite a few films The Punisher fer one...Plastic yer with me on this one. Plus King Arthur looks very good then there is The chronicles of Riddick , Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow amd of course Son Of Chucky should be good.
Oh aye Spidey 2
Im looking forward to seeing Chronicles of Riddick too, I did enjoy Pitch Black alot but who knows with sequels, not many films get good sequels....then there's prequels....LOTR is a good trilogy all round, Star Wars for me is lacklustre (apologies if youre a fan but thats just my opinion) and Star Trek is boldly starting to bore
You know what willl be brilliant? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is being re-made and guess who's gonna be Willy Wonka?
JOHNNY DEPP!!!! In Love Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
LOTR is an all around good trilogy, yes, i agree i still think that the books were better.
I'm with you Dar, Punisher, Hellboy and of course, SPidey 2, all must see movies. Oh and Man-Thing, man that's gonna be a good thing.
Here are my faves and I think that they are all great, I have put them in order favorite.

1) Gone with the Wind
2) LOTR (Trilogy)
3) GodFather (only 1&2, 3 made no sense to me at all)
4) GoodFellas
5)As Good as it Gets
6) Jerry MacGuire (I love the kid)
7) Casablanca
8) From Here to Eternity (I love Frank Sinatra)
9) Last of the Mohicans

That is all that I can think of now. You can see that my movie tastes go all over the place.

I've just watched Hellboy, not brilliant but definatley worth watching for the marvellites.
What is it with holywood being so rubbish that they keep remaking films. Williw Wonka is one of the only musicals I like and they are remaking it. For ****'s sake you remade Get crater it sucked, you remade Texas chainsaw massacre it sucked. When are they going to learn don't fix whats not broke. What next the Maltese falcon, the film is perfect so lets remake it's old nobody will mind, we'll bring up to date add a funky sound track and some eye candy for the women. Holy wood is full of nothing but production whores.
What is it with holywood being so rubbish that they keep remaking films.

I agree with you 100% on this Ross! Hollywood is re-making way too many classic films, and it’s a travesty! The vast majority of all the re-makes are terrible, and there is absolutely no need to do it in the first place!

That’s how Hollywood is though, there is hardly anything original these days, everything has been done a million times already, and it’s the biggest copycat industry in the entire World!

I do have to admit that I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what they do with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, just because I’m interested to see what Tim Burton does with it, I normally like most of his stuff. Although I will agree with you that the original is a true classic, and there is really no need to go there.
Elf Smilie
Well if they make Willy Wonka as a straight story and not as a musical, then it might stand a chance, but they will be very phoolish if they go for another musical, for the original is a classic.
Well, if it's Tim burton then I don't mind at all.
And Quentin Tarantino wants to do the next James Bond film, not sure about that, whilst I love Taratino's films I dont think his style would work on a Bond film unless it stars Uma Thurman as the next Bond girl waving a sword about? Smile Smilie
Anyone seen the poker-movie, Rounders?

With Ed Norton, Matt Damon & John Malkovich. Excellent film - Loved it!

Cool Smilie

Well if they make Willy Wonka as a straight story and not as a musical, then it might stand a chance, but they will be very phoolish if they go for another musical, for the original is a classic.

From what I've read on this, they are not planning to go the musical route. Tim Burton has said that he always felt the original story was sort of scary, and that he felt the original film version of C & the C.F. made the story too light, and happy go lucky.

With Tim Burton at the helm of this one, I'm expecting a much darker, non-musical version. For those of you that may not know this yet, Johnny Depp will be playing the part of Willy Wonka.
Elf Smilie
Well if it's not a musical then and it's Tim Burton, it may be quite good as his stuff is usual dark and sinister. Beetlejuice was on last night. Excellent film.
I watched Cabaret the other day. Very good.
I’ve been really surprised to see that no one has been talking about Spiderman 2 here? I’m not going to give anything away, but I saw the movie on it’s opening day here in the U.S., and I was completely blown away!

I went into this one thinking that the two best super hero movies I had seen so far were Spiderman, and X2, well there is no doubt in my mind now that Spiderman 2 is easily the best super hero movie ever made to this point! If you even liked the first one a little bit, go see this one if you haven’t already because it totally blows the first one away!

4 and a half stars out of 5 on this one from me! Super Wow Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Spiderman 2 really wasn't very good.
Spiderman 2 really wasn't very good.

I agree
I liked Spiderman2 too. I thought it would be lousy, but it wasn't! Smile Smilie
I saw two really good movies over the past week that I had originally planned on seeing in the theater when they came out, but then didn’t get around to it. Anyway, one was called A Mighty Wind, which was hilarious, and an instant must get for my DVD collection.

The other movie was Road To Perdition, which I watched for the first time yesterday. All I can say is wow, that is one excellent film, and different from what I had initially expected. Just a really great powerful film!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I have been meaning to see Road to Perdition. One movie I really liked was 25th Hour.
Certainly one of the best I have seen in a while.
Smoke Smilie
I watched 'In America', not too long ago and love'd it!
What a touching film it was, without over-played emotions or drama and an even better screenplay. I wish they made more movies like it.

Spiderman 2 really wasn't very good.

I personally found it more enertaining then the first Smile Smilie I was afraid they were going to drag-out Peter and Mary Jane's romance but that didn't happen, and if it had I don't think as many people would've enjoyed it.
The other movie was Road To Perdition, which I watched for the first time yesterday. All I can say is wow, that is one excellent film, and different from what I had initially expected. Just a really great powerful film!

wow! I didn't think I was going to find anyone else that like'd it (outside of my family, anyways)! One of the better films of it's year, sadly it didn't get much recognition. Elf Smilie
Saw a great movie over the past weekend that I had never heard of before called Lone Star! Two Thumbs way up on this one from me, one of the heaviest, deepest, multi-layered films I've seen in a long time!

Also saw another movie (a romantic comedy) this past weekend called 40 Days and 40 Nights. I wouldn’t say that it’s brilliant, but it was very funny, and worth the watch!
Elf Smilie
Forrest Gump made me cry. If you want to know what love is, watch this one. I'm sure most have watched it. But try to feel it
Butterfly Effect is the only one coming to my head at the moment... I really enjoyed it! Great idea!
The most recent brilliant film I saw was "Hero" which had amazing cinematography, but besides that...let's see: smoke, fight club, time bandits, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and all the pink panther movies.
Just remembered... I also liked Road To Perdition! I'm not such a big fan of Tom Hanks (yeah, I know, he's a great actor, but he's not the only one who can play drama!), yet I enjoyed very much his performance in this movie.

I also recalled another brilliant movie I love, though I have last time seen it a few years ago: In The Name Of The Father (with Daniel-Day Lewis). Great movie, great acting!
When somebody sees Sky Captain and the World Tomorrow, please post a review so I can know whether to waste my money or not. I looks very comic book, but does it have a story that holds together amongst all the special graphic effects? I know it was shot using blue or green screens for almost every scene.
Well, I'll tell you what movies I'm seeing this holidays. YES, IT'S THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!! This is the last day at school, and the teacher in Computers is letting us do what we want! Well, I'm seeing Thunderbirds, (Really, it's just to accompany my brother, which is quite sad, seeing as he's sixteen). And of course who could miss Garfield: The Movie. Trust Village Skycity Cinemas to release all the good films in the holidays, label them as 'blockbusters,' and charge extra for them. Knowing that parents will send their kiddies to the movies IN THE HOLIDAYS, when they aren't all going to school. But who cares! It's okay to waste money every ten weeks!
I don't have a favorite film because i enjoy films from all types of genres but here is a list to give you an idea: Swimming Pool, Amelie, Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Three Amigos, Secretary, Chocolat. As you can see i prefer art house and foreign films. However, I do like some mainstream, otherwise i would not be on this website.
Amelie is a wonderful, feel-good film! I love it as well, Fox.
i love amelie, that is a brilliant film
i do also think that "With a Friend Like Harry" is a brilliant film too
has anyone seen it?
its all in french, andhas english subtitles, but i love that movie, so strange, but wonderful
ta ta for now
have a nice day
HUNTING FOR THE RED OCTOBER!!!!! (it's about a submarine)
The Royal Tenenbaums.
There can't be a brilliant films thread without "Showgirls" in it!!

OK seriously, "Striptease" was better...
I don't even want to ASK what that one is about!!!
The Royal Tenenbaums.

I've got to see that! I've been meaning to for quite a while now, and still haven’t gotten around to it yet, maybe this weekend?
Elf Smilie
The Royal Tenenbaums is a great movie. Garden State is also a great movie...I'm not sure if it's out in other countries besides the U.S. yet since it's an Indy, but it's fabulous!
Eruwen, if you don't mind refreshing my memory, who's in that one again?
Zach Braff from Scrubs. He wrote, starred in, and directed it! The humor is so subtle, so wonderful.
Da- da----da-da----da-da-da----da-da---da-da-da----da-da-da-DUMDADUM!!!!!!!! I've got the theme for The Scarlet Pimpernel in my head. My alltime favourite film. It's a two showing thingy, but once I watched it in one night. You see, they break off so sudden (Duh, it was recorded from the telly, and they want you to come back tomorrow night) so you just keep watching to see what happens, and you just forget to stop it as soon as the tension's over. Cause then, once that's over, THEY'VE GOT TO RESCUE THE PRINCE!!!!! And they have this sword duel. And the Pimpernel almost loses!!!! He gets two wounds, and the bad guy... er.... GIRL.... (dressed as guy) gets none. You always think he's the best swordsman around. But HE'S NOT!!!! How can he not be? But he beats her. Cause he runs off and gets her all angry, appearing there, and NO!!! he runs off, and of course the baddie gets so angry they just run round the corner, and STAB!!!!!! And the prince is like.... nine. And he adopts the Prince. And yeah. And there's this bit where.... I just spoiled the ending. Bad Loni. I'd better shut up before I give away the ENTIRE plot!!!!
Garden State is also a great movie.

That's another one I've heard really good things about, and have been meaning to see! Plus I'm already down with Zach Braff because Scrubs is my favorite show on T.V.
Elf Smilie
Yes! Go see it because it has the same type of humor as Scrubs. I love it!
I just saw Van Helsing recently and I thought the story line was wonderful... the special effects were... not quite up to par but still better than anything I could do. One plus is David Wenham who plays Faramir was in it. I would watch the movie just to hear is one-liners!
Who did he play?
Who did he play:
David Wenham played someone named Carl in the movie, Van Helsing.
Night at the Museum!!!

Anyone else see it??
Yes, I have, it's great, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone else, but the slapping was hilarious, if you follow
I have only seen the trailer yet ..but it looks funny and Ben Stiller is a good actor
It's hilarious!
And yes. I LOVED the whole "slapping" sequence.

Although, my favorite part:
*letting air out of tire*
*close up- loud air rushing and yelling*
*zoom out- silence....tire deflating*
*close up- loud air rushing and more yelling*
*zoom out- silence....tire still deflating*
*close up- "Save yourself!!" "I'm not quitin' you!!"*

That was probably the hardest I've ever laughed in a movie theater in my life. XD

Ben Stiller plays a very good part in that movie. And then with Owen Wilson as well... its even better!
Not to pull a poor resting thread up again, but I saw a film a few weeks back that is one of the best movies I have ever seen. If you have not seen "Everything Is Illuminated" yet-do so very soon. It is brilliant and I wanted to share that with everyone here. It will make you laugh and cry and everything in between. Fantastically acted, very well written. It is based on Jonathon Saffran Foer's book of the same title. Amazing.
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