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oh I applaud your resurrecting an old thread. It adds interest and fun to our forum.
I will try to get it.
As for my contribution, I just viewed a movie made back in 1975, for the first time. It stars Anne Bancroft and Jack Lemmon and is called the Prisoner of Second Street. It is hilarious and terribly sad and has you either shrieking or trying to hide your tears.They are totally brilliant.
Shine is a brilliant film.
Shine is a brilliant film.

I thought Shane was more enlightening, in that it was another case, where just like Frodo, the hero saves the day so the local folk so they can get on with their mundane lives; and then rather than reaping the rewards for his accomplishment, he moves on to new territory.
Apocalypto also is excellent. i like it very much. Absolutly brilliant.
I saw a film today called The Field with Richard Harris and Sean Bean. Takes place in Ireland and is about a man who wants to buy the field his family has rented for generations but has competition from and American developer. A very tragic story but very good.
Sounds good , have you ever seen Rob Roy ?
I watched Troy again yesterday. Brilliant absolutly the combat featuring achilles against hector, and with the cool background music. Reminds me of the first age of empires...
Rob Roy is excellent. I have always loved Liam Neeson as an actor and especially liked his portayal of Oscar Schindler is Schindler's List and as Qui-Gon Gin in Star Wars:The Phantom Menace. Everything he does is brilliant, in my opinion.

A very good film we saw over the weekend was Curse of the Golden Flower. If you don't mind subtitles, this one is worth seeing. First of all, the colors of the background and set were amazing and a feast for the eye. It was made by the director of Hero. It is set in 8th century China, during the Tang dynasty, and is an intriguing tale of betrayal and deceit. It builds up to this huge climax involving an army of ten-thousand confronting an equally impressive army, both right inside the Forbidden City and both from the court of the Emperor. Full of plot twists and surprises, with a good dose of martial arts and ninjas thrown in for good measure.
The best martial arts film i like is Ong Bak with Tony Jaa. I watched hero its a good film. All under Heaven
Mellon, I have seen Rob Roy but didn't care for it as much as Braveheart, personally. I do love Liam Neeson but for some reason have a dislike for Jessica Lange. I like films that take place in centuries gone by tho. Are there others that you and Laurelindhe can recommend?
Not finding anything on my 500 channels of TV last night, I watched again Ridley Scott's, the Director's Cut of Blade Runner in letterbox mode via VHS.
The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition
The Two Towers: Extended Edition
Return of the King: Extended Edition
Nothing will ever take LOTR off its top spot in my mind.

The Black Pearl
Dead Man's Chest
I really want May 25th to hurry up and get here.

Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensibility
An Ideal Husband
Jane Austen was a genius and any movie done off of her books or off the ideas of her books our amazing!!!

So they did a HORRIBLE job following the book...the actual movie...removed from the book...was good.

hmmmmm...will have to think on this some more.
Mellon, I have seen Rob Roy but didn't care for it as much as Braveheart, personally. I do love Liam Neeson but for some reason have a dislike for Jessica Lange. I like films that take place in centuries gone by tho. Are there others that you and Laurelindhe can recommend?

My thoughts as well about Rob Roy Smile Smilie Braveheart to me was much better , but I like them both..Liam Neeson is one of my favourite actors. Have you ever seen the Mists of Avalon or Tristan ? (made by Kevin Reynolds/Robin Hood and Ridley Scott / The Gladiator) A romantic story about Tristan and Isolde ...I like the shilvery and courage ..and some of the scenery are beautiful..And the locactions are well picked I thinkSmile Smilie Good hunting
I loved all LOTR movies (o.c) and all POTC movies (DUH) but I aslo liked Kingdome of heaven, I thought it was very enlightining, and I was amazed at the story, and all that stuff
The very interesting thing about Kingdom of Heaven is that the Knights Templar are portrayed as bloodthirsty fugitives, where the Teutonic Knights are portrayed as true heroes, defenders of good. I wonder if there is any historical evidence to support this particular viewpoint, every (key word) fact that I've heard of either is positive, though I daresay there is enough legend and infamy wrapped up in the histories of both, especially the Templars, to sink a ship! Anyway, that movie did kind of take a fresh look at the events of that time. I love historically-based fiction, "period peices".

Sian, I am so sorry I didn't reply when you asked for other movie recommendations back in April. I am kind of slow. Smile Smilie

My recommendations are:

Pay It Forward (It is set in modern times, but the story is compelling and very human. A tear-jerker.)
The Shipping News (Also modern times, but easily Kevin Spacey's best role, imho)

I will get back to you, Sian, with more as I think of 'em, and I'll try to think of some that are set long ago...
Orlando Bloom's sudden transitition in Kingdom of Heaven from a boorish peasant into a highly skilled knight, commander & strategist, was hilarious.
The Teutonic Knights were portrayed as the villains in Eisenstein's Alexander Nevsky.
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