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Moderator Smilie Only one name allowed per person. If you pick a new one then quit using the old one. Moderator Smilie
Greetings Friends, It is I Loriene88 I have a new name now and I will be posting all my replies under this name. Till next we meet, Mariesthrill
You go Marie! Did O Mighty and Kingly Taz say you can have two names? I promised him that I would PM him after all the RPGs were done.
Hey Y'all! It's me again, Loriene88. Just here to confirm the above stated comment. I finally got a new registration and am under the new name: Mariesthrill. Bye All! play
Weapon:Athemen[sword], one Elven knife, a bow and arrows of Lorien
Description:Long blonde hair, fair face, blue eyes, keen senses, deadly aim

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Right then!

Name: Erestor Arnatuil’
Race: Half Noldorin, half human, but immortal. Brought up in Numenor. Place of birth unknown.
Horse: Why would I want a horse? I've got two perfectly good feet.
Skills: Extremely acrobatic; reflected in his fighting style.
Weapons: Two curved short swords very unusual in Numenor, HK45 sub machine gun (not really).
Description: Tall, dark hair, eyes of varying subyle hues, mainly blue. Dressed completely in black, wears no armour.
Background: Adopted by Numenor’an parents as a baby, but strangely retained a Noldorin name. Reclusive throughout most of his life, only shows his true spirit in combat.
NameBig Smile Smilieelandra
Skills:Flexible, good with swords and knives, expert at karate and has a couple of good moves Wink Smilie
Weapons:Thrydia(sword), Condra(knife), bow and Arrow of Imladris
Description:Tall, long black hair, big black eyes, long sprinters legs, long arms, pointed ears{DUH!}

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Great. Thanks Guys and Gals! I take it all of you are on the 'Good-Side?' Well, now all we need is 2 more good guys/girls and 5 more bad guys/girls! Can't wait to see the turn out!!

Peace Love and Tranquility!!
Come on, we need more people.
Okay, we are half way there!! All we need is some bad guy/girls. And if i failed to realize which 'side' you were on, i apologize. But, as i said before I take it that you are all good guys/girls? Anyway, just 5 more bad guys/girls and we'll be set. Fingers crossed for luck of the players!!!

If you would rather we just start playing we can, we can deal/make-up/recruit bad people later!!! Very Big Grin Smilie
I'm in!
Name: Ladyoflegolas, uhhh, I mean Eglaviel!Smile Smilie
Horse:Stormy, a beautiful grey!
Other notes: Eglaviel appears in times of great need, usually when the mist has fallen and she seems to float , not walk. She seems almost as if she is transparent. In other times though, she can seem as real as onyone else
as she is an excellent archer and swordsmen. She is sister to Legolas, so I guess that makes her title Princess or Lady!
Name: Arenel Avanthar (Princess of Shadows). Her name used to be Arenel Andun’ (Princess of the Sunset) she changed it when she turned evil.
Race: Lorien Elf
Age: 2967
Gender: Female
Horse: Shadowfax
Dateils: She used to be a good elf. She loved her husband and friends, a powerful spell was cast on them and turned them against her. The pain was so great that turned her into a Dark creature. She is fearless and dangerous to anyone that will not serve her. She is seeking reverge over those who turned her friends and life against her.
Weapons: One silver sword, Hadhafang. Given to her by her father Enelen (Elf Of Rivendell). One Elven Bow Of Lorien with poisoned Golden Arrows, Andun’ (sunset). Given to her by her grandmother Galadriel. Arenal Avanther bears Nenya The Ring Of Adamant, which she stole when she left Lothlorien.

Here now you have an evil queen, how's that?????? Wink Smilie Wink Smilie

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You want some a bad guy okay.

Name: Runark
Details: He is Urak-Hai bred by Saurman at Isengard.
All he cares for is death.
Weapons:Big nasty sword.Big nasty Bow and arrows, Shield.
Thanks everyone. I think Peredhil is getting a little aggitated with us not having enough people. Just three more bad guys/girls!!
Luck, Love, And Happiness,
Okay, I'll start it off, finally Ps: I have decided to take it back a little further to the Paths of the Dead....
It's almost dawn. The Entrance stands before us. The Men around us are tense. Gimli is nervous. Aragorn seems confident in our road ahead. Legolas stands beside me, his hand in mine. Every now and again he squeezes it. He is showing signs of fear now. The clouds above us block the sunlight. It will be many days before we see the sun again. 'Alright everyone. It's now or never. Let's do what we came here to do,' Aragorn announces. He opens the 'gate' to the Paths of the Dead. We begin to walk in slowly. The 'gate' behind us closes. There is no going back now...
Erestor brings up the rear of the group, treading softly, picking a path through the seemingly endless marshland. His hand never leaves his sword hilt, and he spins round agitatedly, as do the others, at every sound, be it only the moaning of the wind.
Meanwhile " The battle goes not well" growls Runark.
"With Isengard gone what do we do now."
"I hunger for the flesh of men."
Where our the reinforcements they were supposed to be here days ago."
Runark steps forward and looks down on the shattered carcass of a man. He lifts it above his head and roars "I shall have my vengenace" and breaks the body over his knee.
Eglaviel walks along the paths of the dead ever so cautiosly, not liking this at all.
"Where is that blasted she-devil at."roared Runark.
"She was supposed to be here days ago."
"D**n them to the pits of mordor...if none shall come then we shall find them"
and so Runark marched off with a host of Urak hai behimd him.
Delandra sways. She looks around suspisiously. This is getting weird. She stops. Her left ear perks up. She bends her legs and jumps up and turns swiftly while kicking her legs into the air. She lands and looks around. Some of the Fellowship look at her strangly. Delandra blushes and keeps walking.
Eglaviel looked at Delandra.
"Hmmmmmmmmmmm"she thought. "I think I like her!"
Glorfindel put his hand on Delandras' shoulder. She turned around.
"Settle down, Del. You'll never get through these paths if you are so uptight. Right?" Glorfindel whispered.
Glorfindel glanced up and around.
Delandra sighs.
"Yes, you are right. Are you ever wrong, my Lord?"
Delandra looks at Glordfindel inquiringly.
Glorfindel looked down at Delandra.
"The truth? Yes."
Delandra pauses and smiles up at Glorfindel. She glances around and keeps walking.

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Eglaviel aproaches Delandra.
" Are you as nervous as I am she asks?"
Delandra looks at Eglaviel.
"I was, my Lady, but Lord Glorfindel comforted me. I don't like it here, and everything about this place makes my instincts scream out. They are saying 'Go back!'. But i know i must go on. For the Fellowship. For my father, mother, and brothers. For everyone."
Eglaviel smiled at the elf.
"I understand, I too feel things I cannot explain. I want to curl up in a hole and disapear, but of course I cannot do that." she paused and then added. "but, please, call me Eglaviel." And she smiled.
Delandra smiled back.
"Allright...Eglaviel. That is a very pretty name.Mine is Delandra. You can call me Del if you want...everyone else does. Well...everyone else DID. The only person who calls me that here is Lord Glorfindel. Nobody else here knows me very well.Oh! I am very sorry. I am talking too much!"
Delandra looked flustered.
Glorfindel came up behind the two elves.
"Yes tend to talk when you are nervous or frightened, do you not?"
Glorfindel looked at the both of them.
"Well, I am sure you did not scare Lady Eglaviel away...for she is still here, but there is no need to get nervous. Calm yourself."
And so Runark marched onward with his small force of evil.
Destroying all in their path until they came to the outr reaches of Helms Deep.
Delandra looked at Glorfindel gratefully.
"Aye, yes. You are right again. Tell me, when did you get to be so wise?"
Erestor's ears prock up at these words, and he seems to be listening intently, although he doesn't say a word.
And so Runark marched ever onward past Helms Deep and he went further into the White Mountains.
"where to you take us Runark" Doag asked.
"we go to the palace of the dark lady Arenel , high in the mountains and there she will bestow upon me the power to control all middle earth."
"now you's wait here I will travel alone from here.
For 10 days and night he walked ever through the mountains, but never once did he stopped, he just kept thinking of destroying all men and feasting on their bones.
Until..."At last I have arrived Arenel let me is I Runark,I am here to fulfil my promise."
Then a voice came from the wind "I have been waiting for you Runark come now and we shall bartter for your prize".
And with that the wind ceased and the snow vanished and before him he saw the entrance to Arenels palace before him.
As he enter he looked around him and saw prisms of pure darkness, and darkness all around him.
"Give me a blasted light" Runark said angryly
"Here is your light" and then there was a flash of light and before him stood Arenel. "it has been too long Runark, I sense you bare a heavy burden but for now come with me,your gift is narly finished but we must discuss your promise first."
and so the two walked into the shadow and vanished.
The two walked into the hall of the throne. No soul was around. The only sound that could be heard was tghe soft voice opf the lady. her face covered in the darkness of the palace. She snapped her fingers, and a light came in, the whole place came to be seen, it was all ice.

"Hope you don't mind the temperature, you get used to it after a couple of hurndred years."

Avathar took a little golden box.

"Everything you'll need, all the power, it is all in here. But listen now, this powers are bound to my liofe force, betray me, and you will suffer the most painful of all deaths. Now, would you like me to give you a little plus for your army? I'm sure you will know about the Balrog that was awoken in the Mines Of Moria, what you might not know, is that I have enough powers to control it. We shall communicate using this spell. *She cast a spell on him* you will be able to think about anything and I will hear it, but you will only hear what I want you to hear, so be careful. You must go now."

She walked away.......
Eglaviel laughed.
"I am not easily frightened away,"she said"and talking helps calm your nerves ,"pausing she then added. "I too can talk too much so if you and I stick together and just whisper, I'm sure we'll be fine. Oh, and Glorfindel has always been wise, but not always AS wise>"she finished with a chuckle.
"Thank you my dark lady. With this we shall rule all of middle earth together. And then man will know who is his true god when I feast upon the bones of Aragorn."
But wait when will the Balrog come? or do I search for him.
Delandra looked at Glorfindel.
"AS wise...yes...but much wiser than me. I am a scaredy cat...that is why i cant believe im doing this...but i guess its good i have friends like you two to help me, right?"
To The uruk Hai

"Don't you worry, i will take care of everything. You go and fight your battle of strength, I will fight when you will need me, and my dear friend, shall protect me."
"To become wise you must first have courage and bravery, that is what you use to get in situations where wisdom is needed,"Eglaviel replied glancing at Glorifindel knowingly. "And as for friendship, that will get you threw much more than all the wisdom in the world can."
Her eyes misted over and she whispered just loud enough for Delandra to hear."Just be careful who your friends are," and then she said no more.
Glorfindel looked from Delandra to Eglaviel.
"Yes, courage, and also honesty. If you are not honest, it will eventually come back to haunt you. No one will know if they can trust you again. But also, what has helped me through the years, friendship. It guides you. As does your heart, Del, listen to it. Do you hear it calling? Follow it as I do. If you need help, I will be right here to help you. That is what friends are here for, is it not?"
Delandra sighs. She looks up at Glorfindel.
"i do not know, my Lord, for i have not had many good friends...just my brother. I can tell him everything...but he was wounded when we found Orcs running around the forest. He was on patrol and he was shot by an orc arrow. He is on the mend. Other than that...i have had no one."
Glorfindel thought for a moment.
"Ahhh...yes. I heard about that. Did not your father die? I also heard that, but i was wondering if it were true. I would be a great burden if he had. I would understand why you are so scared of coming...leaving your brother. Wasn't your father killed by...a Nazgul?"
"A Nazgul..." of course. she could still hear the scream in the night and the cry of her father. She closed her eyes at the memory.
Glorfindel watched Delandra closely as he waited for his answer. Her eyes closed.
Her eyes opened again, filled with tears. She looked up at him. She nodded.

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"He was killed by a Nazgul, you are right. Again." She laughed shakily. "Funny thinig is, i can still hear their screams. My fathers cry of pain. I can see me rushing to help him. I see me being too late. I see my father dying..." She shuddered.
Glorfindel pulled the young elf into his arms. Yes. He had heard this story. It had been the talk when he left. And when he found out that this girl, this young elf, had been the girl all the gossip elves where talking about, he had wanted to ask if the story was true. And, of course, it was. The poor girl.
"Hey, you tried. I heard he died with sword in hand. Is this true?"
Even as Delandra finishes speaking and dries her eyes, an eerie shriek echoes out across the marshes. The company look at each other, all wide-eyed with fear, but all continue walking.
Glorfindel looked infront of him, relieved.
"You scared me there."
He took Delandra by the shoulders.
"Your father was probably a good elf. i never met him, but even though he left earth, hes still in your heart."
He turned back to Rawien.
"Would you like to join us?"
Erestor strode forward and asked Delandra,
'If you don't mind, who was your father? Would I have heard of him in Numenor?'
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