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Delandra looked at Erestor.
"My father was not well known, but his death,"she paused."was well known. It was a big deal, a Nazgul coming in and killing him. His name was Hangand. My mother was Lanigliel. I do not know if you have heard of them in Numenor, only you could answer that, my Lord."
Erestor sighed.
'I might have known, if things had worked out differently. I spent the first 240 years of my life training with a sword, hoping to sail across the sea to fight evil. You know, the stuff of legend. I wanted to be a hero, like those I had read about. I don't know why I never got to go, probably because my mother was an Elf. I never really had a chance to know your father, being cut off from Middle Earth for so long. All these years I've felt like a failure, That's why I becae a mercenary I guess.'
He stopped talking abruptly, and hung his head.
Delandra looked at Rawien.
"Vailiantly...yes..." Her voice faded. She cleared her throat and looked at Erestor.
"You are not a failure and i will tolerate no such thing!" She said with surprising anger." No one here is a failure met him?"She asked softly.
'Yes, only once, just after I left Numenor, and just a few days before he died, I believe. I was travelling, looking for work, tired and hungry. He directed me to Imladris and gave me enough food to get me there; he never told me where he was going, He seemed to be in a hurry though. He was a good man, you must be very proud of him.'
Delandra sighed.
"Proud. Yes, i was proud. Thankyou, you would know. He was never nice to strangers. I wonder what made him be different with you."
'Well, he said my story interested him and sounded a lot like his own past. He seemed, for the brief period that I knew him, that he was hiding something. He didn't talk about his family, but was always eager to learn more about my background.'
Delandra was now curious.
she reminded herself.
"Your background?"
Eglaviel had been listeneing quietly to all this and spoke up
"I too, met your father, only our circumstance of meeting was a little different," she added with a quiet chuckle.
And so Runark left the abode of Arenel and returned to his army.
"So did all go wll" aked Doag
"Yes it did and we have a gift from her dark lady which help my plans come to fruitatrion hahaha. Now we march to Helms Deep and do what our brethen could not and then this king of men shall fall at my feet"
Delandra looked at Eglaviel.
"Well, what were the circumstances?"
Glorfindel looked at Delandra and Eglaviel.
"Del...are you sure you want to keep talking about your dead father?" Glorfindel stopped. He grabbed Delandras' arm and held her back. A screech filled the tunnel as they heard hooves...
Delandra looked back and then closed her eyes. She had heard those screams before. Memory came flooding back. She tried to stop it, but it came anyway.

Delandra looked at her father. She was told to look after him, so he doesnt meet any strangers. He was sick, and he was on the mend.
"Delandra, my daughter, go and get me some water, for my throat aches and my mouth is dry." He said to her.
"Alright father, if you say so." Delandra got up swiftly and went to the door. "Father, dont move, i will be right back." She opened the door and let herself out quietly.
She walked into the kitchen of some sort in which they had in their humble home. She heard a bird call, and looked out the window.
"Come here, Nihalami! We are in need of your service!" Delandra sighed and answered back in their language. "Gomklino, Nihalamis father is sick and on the mend. She needs to give him this water." Nihalami was her name in their bird language, and they only understand what she is saying if she talks in the third person.
The bird squaked and looked hurt. He turned around and was about to fly off when Delandra stopped him.
"No Gom! Please, dont be hurt. I-Nihalamis will help you. What do you ned?" She asked kindly, almost forgetting about her father.
"Come outside, Nihalami. There are more of us." He flew away. She had no choice but to follow him. She ran outside.
"Yes?" She looked at all the birds gathered in her front yard. "What can Nihalami do for all of you?"
"You can teach our children how to fly." Said one of them. "I cannot teach them, for i am too old. Please help us." She looked at the baby birds. They looked so cute.
"Oh...alright. But not now." She heard a screech come from the other side of the house. She looked at it. "Father!" She ran inside, Gomklino followed her to see whats wrong. Delandra heard the screech again, louder this time. It was coming from inside the house, she realized, in her fathers room. "Father!!" She burst through the door and saw a dark figure cloathed in black bent over her father, a knife in his claw like hand. She gasped in horror, and looked on helplessly. All the techniques she once knew were forgotten, all her training lost. The figure pulled back his hand and with a screech, plunged the knife into his heart, and that was all she knew.

Delandra shuddered and opened her eyes. She found Glorfindel examining her closely as they hurried along. She was sweating and her eyes were filled with horror.
"Nazgul..." she whispered, and fell to the ground.

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Glorfindel was just starting to think there was something strange going on in that head of hers, when Delandra looked at him and fainted. He caught her and pulled her up. He carried her away from the approaching Nazgul.
Spinning round, Erestor drew both his swords and turned to face the Nazgul, which was galloping towards them at full speed, its horse foaming at the mouth.
'This could be my chance,' said Erestor under his breath...
Glorfindel placed an unconcious Delandra on the floor and pulled out his sword.

"Yes, Erestor. Now is your chance, our chance. Let us fight these demons together, and Win!"
As the first of the Nazgul wheeled around to engage the company, Erestor let out a battle cry, recalled from his childhood:
'Sauri raukar! Tyavir macilin!'
The nazgul screeched in reply, and charged...

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Glorfindel put out his sword and held on tightly to his bow and arrow, wondering where everyone else was, and why they were here to fight this demon alone...but no turning back now. They had to protect themselves, and Delandra, until she woke, from this force of darkness.
Delandra was walking in mist. All around her was mist. Just a lite fog surronding the landscape she couldnt see. She walked farther, wondering where she was. She looked around her. She glanced to her left then glanced to her right, then looked back quickly to her left again. She gasped and put a hand to her mouth in shock and happiness.
"Fa-fa-Father!"She sputtered. " did you-"
Her father lifted a hand and stopped her.
"My daughter. Go back. This not isnt for you...please...your brother...."

Delandra opened her eyes groggily then sat bold upright. Her head hurt and her body ached, but now was not the time to complain. She heard the awful screeching sound and say another dark figure, a Nazgul, charging both Lord Glorfindel and Lord Erestor. She took out her sword and prepared for battle.

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Glorfindel swung his sword around. He swung the tip of it into the Nazguls' steeds leg. The horse screamed in pain. He heard a rustling in the direction of Delandra. He turned and saw her standing with her sword out and her knives in reach. He turned back to the Nazgul, who was heading for Erestor.
Runark continued onward " where are the rest of the evil ones I have ned of them" he shouted into the world.
Delandra looked back at Rawien and smiled, then looked back at the Nazgul. She resheathed Thrydia and pulled out Condra, her precious knife, and threw it at the Nazguls stead.
Erestor (who wasn't in the forums yesterday, and so didn't see the Nazgul coming) ran towards the leading Nazgul and, with a clean swing of both swords, sliced through its cloak, leaving the creature itself unharmed. Shocked, he jumped back, and decapitated its horse.
Ladyoflegolas has been sick:

Eglaviel quickly shot a rapid sucsession of arrows into the foe and called to Delandra.
" I don't think now is the time to tell you about those circumstances..."
Delandra calls her knife back to comes out of the Nazguls steed and flys to her hand, where she places it back in its proper pocket.
She looks at Eglaviel and giggles.
"No. Its not."
"Mirkwood eleves permit courtship, but nothing else, you could say we got caught in the broom closet in a way of speaking, then he met your mother and I met Legolas and all that was forgotten." Eglaveil sang out as she drew her sword and charged at a Nazgul's steed and slashed it's throat.
"I don't really talk about that you understand."she adi as she wiped off her sword.
Delandra laughed dryly.
"Courtship...yea. Il never get married. Il be Delandra all my long life. It is my fate, and i have accepted it. Very much so. Love only brings pain." She sighed. "I just have to be accepted by everyone, and that is all."
Delandra laughs.
"Hope? Never heard of the word. All hope flead when my father died."
"Nonsense!" said Eglaviel as she mounted her grey steed and trotted after Raiwen. "You are never to late and fate can ALWAYS be altered you know. and there is always hope, it's just hidden sometimes."
Delandra starts to laugh but stops herself.

"My Lady Eglaviel, you are right. I have never noticed it before, but when i thought my father died, i thought he had died in full. But he lives still." Her eyes were shining. "He lives inside me. I thankyou so much, my Lady, for opening my eyes, and making me see. Really see."
Eglaviel smiles and then replies.
"Now, about a beau..."
Delandra looked at Eglaviel uncertainly.
"My beau?"
Eglaveiel laughs,"you did say you had hope again did you not? You searched and then you found it, now you could find as beau was all I was thinking.."
Delandra laughed cautiously.
"I have restored my hope, but a beau? This soon? On a mission in which we will probably die?" She shudders. "I am not sure about that, but...if you insist, you can try. Just to let you know...i have given up hope on the husband and being wed thing. Its not for me."
Eglaviel coughs and scans the company for any young promising elves.
Delandra has a concerned look on her face.
"Are you alright?" She realizes what Eglaviel was looking for, and she giggles. "Really, Eglaviel, do you think you will find a beau just like that?" She snaps her fingers. "And IF you do, will I like him? Will he like me? Will he be a dark elf? Will he turn me dark? Will..." Delandra stops.
She sighs
Can I join this far into the RPG? If so then I will start my data here goes:

Name: Aul’
Race: Ainur
Division: Valar(Aratar)
Horse: My fellow Vala Orom’ let me borrow his steed Nahar.
Title: The Smith
Skills: Crafts and machine.
Weapons: A mighty axe made from the same material as the silmarills, a sledgehammer made out of solid gold, a great catapult loaded with explosive devices.
Description: Read the Sil.
Spouse: Yavanna Kementar’
Background: Spawned from the thoughts of Eru, immortal, descended into Arda before it’s creation, built the foundations of Arda, created the dwarves which Eru gave life, learned the noldor all that they know in craftmanship and alot moreWink Smilie

Well well if it isn’t to late for me to join the game I choose the good side....if there is oneBig Laugh Smilie
So do not despair my fellow companions Aul’ is on your side.

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Erestor walks up to Delandra and Eglaviel,

'what's going on here then?'
Delandra looked at Erestor.
"Now that Eglaviel has restored my hope to a certain extent, she thinks that means that i should find a beau, and right away. I have given up hope of finding a husband, but she instists. I can do nothing to stop her." Delandra giggled and then set her face solemn again. "That is what is going on." She smiled.
'I have also given up trying to find a wife,' replied Erestor, 'I never had much of a chance, being the only Elf living in Numenor...'
He trailed off, lost in thought.
Glorfindel, who had followed Erestor up to the two elven maidens, slapped him on the back.
"You'll find one, chum. Give it a little time. We just need to get out of this pit which they call the Paths of the Dead and out into the open alive, then you will find that special one, Erestor. Dont give up hope. Not just yet."
Glorfindel smiled and winked at Delandra and Eglaviel.
Eglaviel laughed and replied,"I will find you a beau, even if it takes me a week! Although I hope to have it done sooner then that, but it is true, we must got out of THIS place first."
Aul’ comes forth riding Nahar and says to everyone that: I am Aul’, a Vala sent from Manw’ to help the good people of Arda in their fight against evil..... He then joins the company of Glorfindel!
Eglaviel lookes at Aule,"How old are you?" she says with a twinkle in her eye glancing at Raiwen.
Eglaviel winks at Delandra!
T’ri: Rawien? Hm...
loriene88: WHERE ARE YOU???!?
OK, back to the story...:
Delandra looked over at Aul’.
"We welcome you. I am Delandra. I am very pleased to meet you, Aul’." She smiles.
Glorfindel smiled at Aul’.
"Welcome. I am Glorfindel, this is Lady Eglaviel," He pointed at Eglaviel, then turned his finger towards Erestor. "This is Erestor, and this, well, you already met my good friend Delandra. They are my friends, and so now you are my friend too."
They marched for seven days and seven nights ever onward to Helms Deep. "We will slaughter all who we find there and then I will take Isengard as my own." laughed Runark. "That white wizard will never strike me again." Runark ran his fingers across the scar on his face.
"We approach the Deep" roared Doag.
"Then we will attack and feast upon the bones of man"
"Arenel send it now" shouted Runark and from behing the very eart shudder and the walls of Helms Deep shook and the earh itself cracked open and from forth it there the Balrog.
"NOW THE WORLD WILL FALL AT MY KNEES" and runark led his forces into Helms Deep.
Delandra laughs and winks back.
Eglaviel then bombards Aule about his personal love life... she's not finding out much...
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