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Estel reared as Rawien sliced through orcs and other evil foe with her sword. Setting off into a fast gallop, the elf steered her horse through the giant mass of orcs and headed off to the white city, which seemed impossible to reach. Suddenly, an arrow whizzed out of nowhere and struck Rawien in the chest. Estel whinnied and reared again, as her rider fell from her.
Aside: *eyes widen* My thread is still here? I thought it'd been lost when changed. I couldn't find one of my old threads and I figured they'd all been lost. Wow. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, I'm Mariesthrill. But it seems that my old account no longer works. Does anyone have any input on that? Because if my old account was destroyed, that's fine, I just want to be sure so that I don't get in trouble for having more than one. I don't mean to cause trouble, I really don't! Anywho, back to the RP! End Aside.

Mariesthrill turned as she heard the song of a bow string and the soft thud of a body once on horseback behind her. Turning, she saw Delandra on the ground, an arrow lodged in her chest cavity. She grimaced, tears barely reaching her eyes. She heard her voice in her head, and couldn't just leave her friend to die on this field of terrible battle. Turning from the fight, she made her way towards Delandra. Slowing taking the arrow from her chest, she heard Delandra's soft, labored breathing. She wouldn't last another few moments. "Fear not, my friend. I will not let you die here. Not like this....not like this...." placing her hands over Delandra's chest and the wound of the arrow, she closed her eyes and began to chant. A white light burst from beneath her fingers and engulfed Delandra. The light subsided and Mariesthrill watched for a moment or so to see if her powers were strong enough to heal her friend in time.....
But it seems that my old account no longer works. Does anyone have any input on that?
Have you checked your e-mail? Taz sendt us all new passwords to re-activate our old accounts.
My info:
equipment:staff,robes(blue),long sword,backpack

If you could just fill me in whats been hapening i can tell you what im doing and so on....
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