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hey we need more bad guys. I'm carrying the evil by myself and its getting heavy. My back ain't what it use to be. So come on people join the darkside Deal Smilie Deal Smilie Deal Smilie Deal Smilie
you know you want to.
Delandra looks at Aul’ kindly.
"Are you sure you would like to join us?"
The forces of men never stood a chance the mighty Runark swooped through them like a great dragon of doom.
"let us feast upon there bodies Arene bring it forth now."
And then the earth rumbled and out of it came a mighty Balrog and swallowed whole the army of men.
Runark stood over the ruins" now i have a base of power and next middle earth will be mine.l people are sure gettin into this!! I'm so glad!! I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while...I'll try to continue the story later....Buh-Bye!!
loriene88!!!!! wowsies! I thought you were, dead or somethin. Welcome back!!
Ok, where are we?
Mariesthrill turns towards the company of friends, Legolas at her side. She smiled at them all. "We are reaching the end of the Paths of the Dead. Aragorn will soon address the accursed men of this land. Come, we must be ready to leave," She smiled again as she and Legolas returned to Gimli's side where they started or finished a conversation. As the group came upon the End of the Path, Aragorn came to the front of the group and spoke to the Dead and claimed that now was the time in which they would make up for what they had done years ago and help them. After what seemed like hours, the group gathered there things and prepared to leave, the Men of the Paths behind them. Mariesthrill came to the back of the group and found Rawien, Glorfindel, and the rest. "Are you ready to leave?" she asked.

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Mariesthrill smiled and turned to Aule. "Ah. There you are, my friend. I was beginning to wonder when you would arrive. We are about to head off. Are you ready?" she asked.
Delandra laughed as she looked at Mariesthrill.
"Wow, it will be good to get out of this hell-hole, won't it? See green instead of brown dirt. Yuck. And," she paused. "Sunlight..." She sighed.
Glorfindel raised an eyebrow then took her shoulders and shook her. Delandra's dark cheeks glowed with embarrassment.
"I'm sorry, I just love the sun. I can't wait to see it again. Woohoo, lets go!"
Mariesthrill smiled and nodded. "I know how you feel. There's just something about the sunlight....It makes me feel....whole..." she paused and was silent for a moment,"Oh, dear. I'm sorry....I got lost in my thoughts. Anyway, we must be off now. Everyone is ready, it seems. Let's go," she said as she turned away and grasped Legolas's arm as she mounted Salinae. The gate opened. Sunlight poured in...The Last of the Fellowship rode on....
Glorfindel laughed with Rawien.
"A wash? I think we need about 5,000 washes! We are filthy!" He sighed. "But seeing the sun again is worth getting dirty and fighting a Nazgul."
Mariesthrill who had heard them, turned and smiled from the back of her horse. She laughed a little to herself as the band of friends continued with their conversations. She turned and faced forward. They would soon be at the River. They could soon cross and join the battle they knew would be on the other side. They prayed that they would not be too late. She wondered how her young Hobbit friends, Pippin and Merry were doing. And she hoped they'd be all right where ever life tool them until they were together again. She sighed remembering all the events of this Quest since it began... .Oh well. There's no turning back now....I've got to stay strong. For them...for us....for Middle-Earth....she thought. As the sunlight danced upon her face she closed her eyes and dreamed of home...
Mariesthrill looks up and nods as she catches up to everyone else in the group. She waves bye to Aule and wishes him good travels. Soon the group would cross the River and join their comrads at the other end. But what they didn't know, was that the battle had begun and they might be too late...
Aul’ sees that the people are strange indeed and starts marching back home to Aman with Nahar.....bye bye!!
Wasn't Nahar Orom’'s horse?
Yes indeed it was Peredhil...nice to see a guy who has his eyes open! but not quite open enough:

Name: Aul’
Race: Ainur
Division: Valar(Aratar)
Horse: My fellow Vala Orom’ let me borrow his steed Nahar.
Title: The Smith
Skills: Crafts and machine.
Weapons: A mighty axe made from the same material as the silmarills, a sledgehammer made out of solid gold, a great catapult loaded with explosive devices.
Description: Read the Sil.
Spouse: Yavanna Kementar’
Background: Spawned from the thoughts of Eru, immortal, descended into Arda before it’s creation, built the foundations of Arda, created the dwarves which Eru gave life, learned the noldor all that they know in craftmanship and alot more

Well well if it isn’t to late for me to join the game I choose the good side....if there is one
So do not despair my fellow companions Aul’ is on your side.

Do you see Peredhil? 2
Gosh I hate those faces!
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Those moderator smilies. *shivers* thats a sign that you did something wrong. I dont like that.
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Where were we?
O yea...
Ok, I got nothin.
While the others rested, Erestor remained standing, ever vigilant.
'Next time be careful, I almost killed you then,' said Erestor, smiling when he saw the look on Rawien's face.
Is anyone listening we need more evil people come on for crud sakes...I can only do this thing for so long we need more eivl guys and girls to addd to the whole thing so come on.
Aw...poor Darous...I would be evil, but...Im not. Wink Smilie heehee.
Delandra strolled around their resting spot, doing an inventory.
Alright... she took off her weapons belt, bow and quiver, and took out all her knives from their hiding spots. OK, my sword is in one peice, my bow is not plintered, my arrows all have heads, I have all my knives-no missing! She looked around frantically.
I hjave to find that knife!
"Lord Runark a stranger requests an audicence with you"
"Well bring him forward then" snarled Runark
A figure cloaked in rags approached Runark he was small in stature but broad of shoulders.
"What do you want" barked Runark.
"I come to offer my services to your ranks."
"And why would I want you and what could you offer a living god!!!" laughed Runark
"This" and then the figure threw his cloak away and before Runark stood the mighty....
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Mariesthrill dismounted and walked around camp. She saw the fear in some of the Men's eyes. She too felt the cold stab of fear and doubt within her own mind-set. But she knew she had to be strong and not let on how she felt. She would do her best to encourage the others so they did not fear so much. She walked over to where Legolas had sat down and she sat before him, laying her back against his chest and closed her eyes. "Do not fear, my love. We will pull through and all will be well," he whispered. She saw how he tried to comfort her and smiled to herself. "I know, Love...." she whispered in return before the ever vexing draw of sleep had taken her in and she was silent.
Sorry, dont have a computer...well, Im using a labtop, so sorry I wasnt here before. Anyway, back to the story!
Delandra looked at the long knife. Slowly, she shook her head.
"No, Rawien, but thankyou for asking. I have a bunch of little knives, and they were all in here..."she reached in her boot. "Nope, not here." She sighed, then smiled. "I will find them."
Delandra smiled back, then sighed.
"You are so nice."
Delandra smiled at Rawien.
"You are incredible, yes." She laughs and winks at a bewildered Glorfindel.
"I am chinn chinnn shueen swee the mighty Orcvan."
"A Orcvan.." pondered Runark
"What do you wish young one..." sang Runark as the sun rose over the hills"
Mariesthrill spies Delandra and notices she has a problem. "Is there anything I can do?" she asks.

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"I wish to eat the brains of a fish my lord and then have some Frisps!!!!!!"
"Frisps dear God no not the Frisps.....guards take him away now and stew his bones I would like some soup tonight...I have to watch my figure
Delandra shakes her head sadly.
"No, there is nothing you can do. I just...have to look around, I guess." She lowered her gaze to the floor of where ever they happen to be at the time(hehehe...) and starts searching for her knives.
Mariesthrill looks around as she realizes she is virtually useless as of now and goes and sits under a tree, beneath the opposite side of Rawien. She wonders what's been going on since she hasn't been on in about a month and sighs sadly as she realizes how little time there is in a day..."Oh, well," she whispers. Legolas walks beside her and sits beside her and starts up a conversation.

*Oi! What happened to everyone? Oh, well. I guess I haven't the room to talk since I haven't been on in forever. Anyway, hope to hear from y'all soon!*
Delandra starts searching the forest around them, looking on the ground. Glorfindel come up and starts searching too. Finally,a glint of metal caught Glorfindels' eye.
"A!" Glorfindel exclaimed as he picked up the small knife and showed it to Delandra. "Is this one of your knives?"
Delandra picked the knife from his long fingers and inspected it.
"Finally!" She gasped. "Thankyou Glorfindel! You are truly a hero!" She gave him a hug. Then she walked back to where all the rest of the group was. Looking up a tree, she put her foot on the lowest knot, then hoisted herself up, climbing the tree.
Mariethrill smiles as Delandra finds what she was looking for. She looks up at the sky and knows it is about time they got going. She stood up and got the attention of the camp. "It is time that we get going. We may be too late if you dally anymore. Come, we sail!" she called and the group stood and made ready to leave.
Delandra looked down at Mariesthrill and smiled. What a peice of work, the captain of the group was, she thought. Then she jumped from the tree and landed on her feet, only to step onto a root and become unbalanced, falling flat on her face.
"What a graceful elf you are." Glorfindel said as he helped her up.
"Ha ha, ha ha, no." She brushed herself off and started walking behind everyone else.
As though hearing Delandra's thoughts, Mariesthrill smiled inclined her head slightly. As Delandra fell from the tree, she smiled and laughed. She watched everyone board the ship and looked up at sky and saw, with despair that the sky had still not cleared. She looked down at the water and a longing formed in her eyes. She had seen in the eyes of her beloved Legolas just moments before. She recalled the warning The Lady Galadriel had sent to her, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli as they trudged through Fangorn Forest in search of Merry and Pippin and had run into the newly returned Gandalf, now the White wizard. The Sea would be the most tempting thing to the Elves of the group. They raised ancor and set sail. Eladan went up and stood at the top of the mast. He looked down as he noticed Mariesthrill watching him. "You should come up! It's great!" he called as he climbed back down. She smiled and climbed up and stood there for what seemed like hours. She hardly noticed Legolas coming up to stand beside her. She smiled at him and he stayed at her side. They could not yet see land before them and they for the moment perfectly content....
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Delandra looked up as Rawien came to stand next to her.
"What is the matter?"
Delandra smiled and turned to the sea.
"Yes, it is lovely, enchanting, isn't it?"
(Howdy All! sure has been a while huh? heh heh. Sorry about that. I've been busy with the start of school and all so I guess I should try to make room for the Net a bit more. anyway, before I go on, have you all seen the new ROTK trailor? *dies!* That was SO cool. Having read the book doesn't help as you know or think you know what parts are being shown and absolutely die waiting. NEwho, I suppose we should get on with the RPG!)

Mariesthrill and Legolas came down from the Mast of the ship, hand in hand. There were evil times ahead of them, but they tried not to think of them. Their moment of peace was short-lived however, as land was spotted not too far ahead. The cries of battle could be heard as they neared shore. Mariesthrill looked to the people aboard the ships. "Now comes the time we have dreaded since we first took part in this journey! Some of you may not come through, others will live to fight another day. But I want you to know, that no matter what happens here and now, you were an important part of this mission. We could not have made it this far without all of you and when faced with death and destruction, if you remember nothing else, remember this: You strived in the battle to save our world. And even if we were to fail, we can live on knowing that we did something to try and prevent it and did not go quietly into the night, we did not let our world perish without fighting for it, and we did not sit and watch as the others took to the hills to fight! And now! To War!" her voice rang out like a bell and the hearts of all who heard were lifted if only for that moment. To war indeed. For now was the time to test their strength. Now was the time to die for what they believed in. Now was the time to fight.

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As the ships docked, battle was seen clearly ahead of them. Mariesthrill stepped down first, drawing her sword. Behind her came Rawien, Delandra, Glorfindel and Legolas, who also draw their swords or took to their bows. Some of the horses that had been brought along whinnied with fear, but they were lovingly reassured by their masters. Estel trotted off the ship and halted in front of Rawien. "Well this is it." she told her horse. "And probably the end of it for us too." she sighed. "Come now, whatever be our fate, we shall at least fight valiantly!" and she mounted her golden mare and shouted to the rest "To war!"
And so they rode on towards the battle. Mariesthrill stopped her horse but a few yards away from battle. Leaping forward and doing a front-flip, she landed on her feet facing the Fields of the Pelannor. She ran forth, the rest following in her wake. But a few feet lay between her and battle. The cries of joy from the enemy could be heard when they'd docked, but now they cried out in anger and in fear. The black sails upon the horizon had not been who they'd hoped for and now the battle had become more fierce. Leagues of their enemy fell upon them and slaughtered their legions. Mariesthrill at the head of them all dealt death blows as if they were nothing. The others behind her fought as valiantly for they all had a common interest and a common hope. They would not let anyone take control of their land. And so, the battle raged on.
Delandra sat atop Thaliatar, her head erect as her eyes shifted to the left. She waited a moment, then spurred on the horse and charged into battle with a prayer to the Valar.
Mariesthrill did all in her power to fight her way to Minas Tirith, but she was still many fathoms away. She jumped as three Orcs came at her at once, and wielded her sword in a spin, slaying the Orcs around her. She watches the others around her, making sure that they are doing all right. She looks up in time to see Delandra ride into battle. She sighed, relieved her friend was all right. A dark feeling had been growing on her mind and she feared someone close to her was near the end, and if not, then some great evil was near. She prayed she'd not have to find out what it was....
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