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Val could you do me a favour and send me an email with the complete log your getting from mIRC including all the error postBodys. Also if you could download MSN and install it you can connect to my chat and we can try and talk through the problem when you and I are both online and see if we can get it sorted. My MSN name is (I don't use it as an email address only for my MSN username).
Ok basically all freeserve address have been banned, you can get around it using that robot autohurt however the services are not upto-date with it yet. To get this sorted you need to get MSN or ICQ and talk to either me or Milambar as soon as you get online. If you come online today then my MSN is - Buzz me as soon as you do and we will get this sorted.

In fact better yet as soon as come online if you don't already have it download MSN messanger and add Milambar to your list, his email is "" use that to add him to your friends list. He will sort all this out for you as he is an admin for the network.

[Edited on 6/10/2002 by Taz]
I have really missed you Mellie. Sad Smilie
Hurry back. Big Smile Smilie
Congrats on th 400 milestone. Pary Smilie
Me too. Sad Smilie Could we have it back please Taz? The Writer's Guild was hoping to use it for the biography project. Smile Smilie We dont need Barliman if he is still not up to scratch.
good, it really did disappear...I thought I was going blind or nuts or something Big Laugh Smilie
Yeah me too. I've only had 1 visit to the chatroom so far and was worried everyone had put it in a secret location due to that! So Paranoid!
Cirdan, we would never do that! Very Big Grin Smilie Super Scared Smilie
I arsume the Chat Room has just been temporarily displaced and will return shortly. Smile Smilie
Sorry folks, for the moment until us council folk can fix the room properly, please use the following link.

Cheers Rednell..... right you're going on the list............ Deal Smilie Big Smile Smilie
So the council has been chosen then eh? Big Smile Smilie
I think the council is never "finished" as such. New members may be added at any time. Big Smile Smilie The final say is Taz's though. Cool Smilie
Good. Big Smile Smilie

I'm in the chat now. On my own. Boring Smilie
Last 3 times I logged into the chat it was empty. Sad Smilie
I think everyone has forgotten about it... Very Sad Smilie
Rolling Eyes Smilie
Tommi, sorry if I seemed to snub you in the chat room. While you were lost, I had to attend to an urgent matter for my son -- I simply HAD to watch the end of The Little Mermaid with him, or he would be permanently devastated.

I posted a quick "bbl -be back later" but you weren't able to see it evidently. Sorry I missed you. Angel Smilie
Funny enough, the last time I was in the chatroom (Saturday), it was the busiest I have seen it - six people (although that figure does include myself and Barliman).
Val, check your e-mail.
Val, I am sorry that you have been having so many problems with chat. A friend of mine showed up unexpectedly today and did not leave until after 2am. This is 2 nights in a row she has done this. I will try to be in chat and or on the forums. hopefulloy we will be able to chat. Have you tried mIRC or Pirch, or anything else yet?
I am having some difficultys connecting to the chat room. Help? Taz?
I can log on the chat from home but I can't seem to access it from work. Would it have anything to do with the ISP? Anyway, the room is empty at the moment except for Taz[a], which I arsume means he is away. Keep trying Allyssa, we may meet up, yet.
Well I'm back in Smile Smilie , but I'm not sure where Sad Smilie

It looks the same, except I'm now a @Val and the room's totally deserted... no Taz, no Barli, no Rednell, Mellie,42 or anyone. Maybe this is solitary for poor old Pariah-Val. Oh well, at least I can talk to myself now and pretend I'm sane Cool Smilie
Now that I'm back, I'm in the chat as well, but everyone seems to be avoiding me, since it is empty, part from Taz who seems to be asleep. (zzz) Animated Wink Smilie

Alyssa: no problem, I figured as much. Big Smile Smilie
I am in the chatroom. Where are you? Big Smile Smilie
Ah yes, I remember now... Soon after I posted this you must have entered the chatroom secretly so I didn't notice at first... Disturbed Smilie Big Smile Smilie And Allyssa joined us too later on. At last, some people there. But I think I'll be on my own again now, when I log in. Com'on people, where are you?!? Boring Smilie Animated Wink Smilie
In the chat room.......

where are you? Tongue Smilie
I never see anyone anymore Sad Smilie Just Taz sleeping. I even miss Barli!
Hey 42, you are online and I am in the chatroom. come on in. Big Smile Smilie
If you say so Rednell Wink Smilie
I think I might be joining you two, if I'm allowed... Animated Wink Smilie
If you really want to then Animated Wink Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie I'm there now, try to get me out! Animated Wink Smilie
Missed you guys by about 15 mins. Very Sad Smilie
Gee Val that really socks man! Still not working? Every time I go in, the thing says "this nick belongs to another user, please change nicks", but I can still chat ok.

I'm in now by the way. Boring myself to h*ll. Boring Smilie
What a shame! Very Sad Smilie

Plastic, come and chat man! Big Smile Smilie
Was I here? I had no idea...
You were, but I wasn't quick enough, cos when I had mailed you, you had disappeared already... Big Smile Smilie

I'm in there now. But you aren't and you're online! Tongue Smilie
Give us a second then. Never got any email, what address did you use?
Taz, the chat room keeps telling me it is unregistered or something. Can you make it stop? It is kind of annoying. Especially since I am not a webmaster and have no idea what it is talking about.
Sure, for the time being just make sure your using the doman (URL) and not, that will solve the problem. Later on once I have done the avatars I will integrate the chat room into the website properly Smile Smilie

Can't wait for the avatars Tongue Smilie
Guess they'll be LOTR related, right?
Sure thing Wink Smilie

Sorry for this not being chat related, but when I go to "downloads" under "general", it says sth. about I'm not allowed to access... And why is that?

'Cause I remember somebody told sth. about going to "downloads" to see TTT trailer, so...? Sad Smilie
Why don't ya come on in and chat Grondy?

(see, I asked nicely!)
Just so you know my misses left me for good this morning so I will be in the chat room all tonight as well as the weekend whilst fixing bugs with PT.

Hope to see some of you in there.
Oh also I have re-designed the chatpage, it is now integrated within the main site design and also has some other nice little extras. Still need to re-do it's colour scheme but will leave that one for when I get back home from work Smile Smilie
Just so you know my misses left me for good this morning so I will be in the chat room all tonight as well as the weekend whilst fixing bugs with PT.

Is that for real or a joke?

I am very sorry to hear that if it is not. It will be nice to chat with you, (If I am ever online when anyone else is) but... that is not a good thing. You ok?
Yes thanks Smile Smilie It's not the first time and thankfully I am now at the stage of just giving up completely on women. However me too! I will be in the chat room in roughly two hours from now when I return from work, hope to see lots of people tonight.
Sorry to hear about the breakup Taz. It is never easy. Sad Smilie

I just tried to get into the chat but I am assuming that you are working on the design since I couldn't get there. I will try again later.
Melliot, I look forward to meeting you in the chatroom. I have noticed you in the forum at the same time as me but I have never seen you in the chat. Drop in whenever you log onto the site. Big Smile Smilie
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