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It happened to me the other night too, Mellie. I had problems getting into the chatroom, and then I found I couldn't post either on the forum (that got me worried). I disconnected, reconnected to the site, and then found all my problems had gone away (I call this Val's ostridge method)

Nice to catch up with you at long last, Tommy. Big Smile Smilie
Sorry I wasn't very chatty though. I was messing about with another PC at the time and getting distracted with what it was doing.
Lol! I know that problem Val. Sounds quite like me, actually... Big Laugh Smilie

I'm online but I'm not coming in to chat cos I don't have much time. If you don't see me around here again this week and next week, don't worry, I'm gonna be at school. If I can find a computer with a (not too slow) Internet connection, I'll let y'all know how I'm doing. Cool Smilie
I do hope you find a computer with a good connection, Tom. It is just not the same around here without you. Man, I need something to read to keep me busy. No more Tommy Posts! Super Scared Smilie
Best of luck in school. I know you will do well. Big Smile Smilie
LOL! Thanks Red. :blush: Feel honoured now.

I have to find a computer with a decent connection otherwise I'll go mad as well! Disturbed Smilie
I'll miss you guys! Just for a while though... I'll be back soon! Very Evil Smilie
Fingers crossed and think about me! Please? Big Smile Smilie
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

We'll miss you Tommy! Don't go! sob

Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie

*whispers to Plastic*

...psst..we finally got rid of her! Yay! Animated Wink Smilie
No you haven't! Big Laugh Smilie I found time to pop in this evening, but after this I'm gonna be gone for real. Promise... Winking Smilie
Tommie, I will miss you too.

Yes I was able to access the forums, but when I did, i lost connection to the chat.
Now I can't get back in.
It is all your fault.
just kidding.

apparently i can not do both at the same time
I couldn't do that either, Mellie, but I can again now. I guess it's just that when PT is too busy, you can't get in. Someone told me that before, when it happened to me, but I don't remember now really.

Yay! Golly's chatting with me now. Big Laugh Smilie

Sad Smilie She's really gone....who will chat with me now? Boo hoooo! Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
I'll chat with you Golly and so will Nell.
Sad Smilie I will really miss Tommy too. Sad Smilie
Is she really gone, promise? Wink Smilie
Leave it to Plastic to lighten up the thread. Tongue Smilie
The chat network you connect to of which hosts our room is having a few problems at the moment, generally speaking you will never have problems due to the amount of people connected so don't think your missing out on something if you can't get in Smile Smilie

Hopefully things will be fixed soon.
Hey Taz,
We have missed you and Barli in chat lately. What's going on. When you or Milambar aren't there, we have no ops. Can't someone take over the room? I am trying to stay connected, we are having some problems with the compter. I hope everything is ok.

I will be back on as of tonight, I lost my connection for a few day's so see you all in there this evening.
Glad to hear it Taz.
I am back in front of my computer, I ended up taking a nap and just woke up. Sorry I missed you in chat.
Um...Guys....Is It Just Me Or When i click on chatroom it wont load... Paranoid Smilie

[Edited on 29/9/2002 by Rednell]
It was working when I just checked in but I couldn't afford to spend any time there yet today. Taz was the only on on line in the room. Smile Smilie

Try again later.
Ummm, I just checked and it worked for me.

Hey Grondy, you have 2 more post before you hit 2000. Wow.
Mellie, my number of posts are mostly racked up in the line of duty as I have been moderating here for well over a year now. My main job has been to read daily all new posts, to welcome new people, and to answer any questions, especially those of the newbies, that I can without cutting off conversation. Now that there is a council, this has become much easier as the wealth is shared; of course we now have the additional duty of nurturing * the website. And all that, remains fun rather than strictly being a duty. Big Smile Smilie

*I was going to use "shepherding" in place of "nurturing"; however, what we are trying to do for and with Taz, is to grow and shape the website such that it will now become the living entity that Taz foresaw when he started it three long years ago. Cool Smilie
Hey there! *waves* I'm back! Dunce Smilie

And in the chatroom. Alone. Boring Smilie Winking Smilie

Lots of changes again around here so to see. No, I'm overreacting. Too excited. Anyway, to read my adventures in full, go to the brooding club. I'll post them there tonight. Good to be back! Big Smile Smilie

Ok, heading to the brooding club.
OK. Sth weird with my computer here. If I open more than one window of explorer, the thing goes crazy. So I can't chat and read the forum at the same time. Sorry folks! Cool Smilie
I have had that problem too Tommy, but I just thought it was my computer.
The chat network you connect to of which hosts our room is having a few problems at the moment, generally speaking you will never have problems due to the amount of people connected so don't think your missing out on something if you can't get in
I still cannot get in Taz. It keeps saying it won't accept any new members from host site and won't let me register a nick. Sad Smilie

No new IRC users from Valedhelgwath@ to be admitted. Is this a personal ban or something?
No, I will have a word with one of network admins tonight. I originally had a ban on all AOL's ip addresses however I removed it two day's ago under the information of Nell that you were having problems, so, it's nothing to do with me.

What ISP are you using? and can you print me the full error.

I got in no problem today. But I have not been online too much this week, Matthew called one day and asked me to click a lovely little button, and it did some upgrades, and then I had to restart. That is when I lost my little PM to Taz - after clicking the upgrade button. So I just went ahead and restarted the computer, but never typed in the passed word thingy to log back on. I have just been using the laptop this week. I have really missed everyone, and hope to talk to you more either over the weekend or next week. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Hey I just realize, this was my 400th post. WhooHooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pary Smilie

[Edited on 4/10/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
Awww, I have missed you too Nell.
Okay, Taz, initially when I go in and say HI I get the following response,

Not in any channel yet, please type "/join#your_channel" first.

When I type that in I get,

You must identify to a registered nick before you can use this command from a partially banned site.

It gives various options under /msg NickServ Help, all of these including REGISTER come up with the following postBody,

You are Auto-Hurt and can use services only to identify to a registered nickname.

Most of the things I try just send me around in circles. It hasn't happened tonight but on Wednesday I got the response,
No new irc users from Valedhelgwath @ to be admitted.
I cannot remember what I had done to get that postBody, but I haven't seen it tonight.
The other night it also said something about not accepting any more users from your host (I cannot remember the exact words but they were something like that.

I'm not with AOL. I use Freeserve with a BT Hometime connection.
Been trying some more... This last time I actually got into the room. Mellie was there, Rednell ( at work), Taz (away), plus someone I didn't recognise.

Typed Hi, but got the following,

Cookie sorcery net - Sorry but as a silenced user, you may only postBody an IRC operator, type "/who O o" for a list.

I typed that and got,

Sorry but as an autohurt user you cannot use the WHO command.

I also sent private postBodys to Mellie and Rednell to see if that function was working but got no reply from either.
Bummer, somebody really must have a hate on you Val, even though it is probably just a stupid misunderstanding. Like a one someplace where there should be a naught. Stupid computers. And I suppose there is no one you can email to help you out because it is a computer to computer problem and humans can just butt out. Very Sad Smilie

Good Luck to you, I hope someone will help you rectify the situation. Smile Smilie
Boo!!! I'm back again! Dunce Smilie
And I'm in the chat room too, so if you wanna meet me come in now. I'm going to try to pop in somewhere between 5-6 pm GMT this evening too, or otherwise maybe I'll come back tomorrow.

Good to see y'all again. Cool Smilie
Whhooo!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Moments after commiserating with Shelob about chatroom problems in another thread he joined me in the room.

Whhooooo!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Val is back, and not alone.
Thanks Rednell and Taz for your support and help I Love You Smilie
Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie

Val is back in the chatroom!!!!!
Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie
Yea Val is back, too bad I missed it. I ended up sleeping most of the day after I read most of Tommy's posts and responded to them, M took the laptop back and I fell asleep for about 4 hours. Guess I will be up most of the night now.
Np Valedhelgwath, welcome back Big Smile Smilie Myself and Barliman will be returning tonight. I was disconnected from my cable supplier last night but will return shortly!
I'm with freeserve, and I've never had a problem, mind you, I'm never in the chatroom very often either....
You should actually try to log into the chatroom, Squirrel. This problem just occurred within the past 2 weeks. You may find you have come under the same ban as Val. If so, Dagaz can sort it out. Let us know.
You're right. Didn't work at all, just as well really, I got to go out now anyway.
I'm having the same problems that Val's having.
Just tried to get in again,but had to type /join #your_channel.
Had to use a different nickname though,it said mine was already being used.
Is it anything to do with AOL or what?
As it happened,no one was in the chatroom anyway.
No it's not a problem at all in fact, quite often someone else might be using the same nick as you so to get around this type /nick WHATEVER - WHATEVER being the nick you want, example:

/nick Taz

Now I am guessing the reason no one was in the chat room is cause you typed /join #your_channel literally, try:

/join #Tolkien

See you in there Smile Smilie
Now I am guessing the reason no one was in the chat room is cause you typed /join #your_channel literally.
Yep, that was my problem initially too, until Rednell came looking for me and showed me the way out Big Smile Smilie
I get so used to typing everything as exact as I can incase a syntex error causes problems, it didn't occur to me to substitute "your_channel" for "Tolkien" Dunce Smilie

Sorry, folks, I haven't got time to chat tonight (after all that effort of getting back in too)
Well, I got in to the chat room no problem today, but for some reason every few minutes I kept getting disconnected. It got a bit frustrating. When I went in after 8pm my time no one was there or at least there was not response. Guess no one wanted to talk to me. oh, well. I will try again later or tormorrow.
No one wanted to talk to you? I don't think so Mellie! Wink Smilie I often am about but busy doing stuff around PT, if you just poke me or say "Taz" my chat client will start flashing so I will know someone is about in the room.
So that's how he knows we are talking about him! Big Laugh Smilie
Yeah, good to see you back around here, 42! What kept you? Been busy, I'm sure...

I'm not coming into the chatroom, cos I don't have much time and I just wanna have a quick look around here. Probably be here for hours again, but if I'd drop into the chat room it'd take me even longer. Tongue Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie We're gonna have to start using another name then, Ally. Very Big Grin Smilie

I'm in now. So's sev. Thank God, for a moment I thought I'd be on my own again. Boring Smilie

Welcome back, Val! Orc Going Huh Smilie
The getting disconnected thing is happening to me, too, Mellie.

[Edited on 12/10/2002 by Samwisegamgee]
I will remember that Taz, and thanks, for letting us know about the flashing thing. lol I will be in and out tonight. I have the house to my self. Going to relax in PT both forums and chat, and get stuff done in the house.
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