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Come back into the chatroom.
I just missed you but I am back. Big Smile Smilie
Yea, we finally got to talk Nell.
Rednell and I are in there now, come talk people! Big Smile Smilie
It was nice to see you in chat last night/this morning 42. (around 2am my time) I hope you will be around more often again.
Apologies to Prog and Melly for my sudden disappearance yesterday, ISP disconnected me and I couldn't get back on. ****ing Freeserve...
NP Plastic, I kinda figured something like that happened. It has happened to me before. But something always happens when you and I chat. One of us always disappears. Perhaps we are not meant to chat. lol Tongue Smilie Prog and I had a nice chat, until I started disappearing, and he had to go to work.

Btw, I loved the website you told me to check out. Very interesting. Would loved to discuss it with you sometime
How about now Melly? I've got about an hour and a half to waste.
ok, I will be there in a sec. Plastic
Anyone in now? I could come in and chat now you know, if anyboby would like me to. Orc Grinning Smilie
Celebrian: I'm so sorry! I was only just chatting to you, and then my computer went bananas and I had to restart all over again, which took me ages, and when I finally got back online you had just signed off. Very Sad Smilie

Got a question: if you're already in chat, how can you change your nick? I somehow got logged in as tom1 now, how can I change it back to tom? Any help would be welcome! Thanks! Orc Going Huh Smilie

[Edited on 1/11/2002 by TomBombadillo]
No need to anymore, Amarie just told me. Juggling Smilie
Seems all you have to do is type: /nick "yournick" (without the " " and the nick you want of course). Thanks Amarie! Big Smile Smilie
I can't get into the chatroom Sad Smilie

Will try again sometime soon.
Awww. Would have liked to talk to you, chika... Very Sad Smilie

Anyway, I'm coming in soon... I think... Cool Smilie
Ok to everyone in chat now, I was in there too, I know, and I left rather abruptly, but in fact my computer did sth really weird and I got disconnected and now I can't log in again. So Angry Smilie I'm terribly, terribly sorry, and I'll keep on trying to log in, but I'm not sure if it will work. Sorry again... Sad Smilie
42, it was really nice chatting with you on Saturday, or was it Sunday. Nice to see you are back for a bit. Come around more often. We miss you here at PT.
Taz: last night you asked if I would like to play a game on Yahoo with you and I did but I didn't have time to tell you because you went to sleep. Sorry. I'll try to be in chat tonight so someone please come in because I've been the only there all day (besides Barliman and Taz sleeping)

[Edited on 23/11/2002 by Samwisegamgee]
I would come in now if I had the time, but I just wanted a quick look at the forum before I left again. So I guess I'll see you folks again next weekend. Cheers! Waving Hello Smilie
Well, since I am home again, I will be back in chat again. Tommie, I hope to see you next weekend.
Ok, I just noticied that we have 12 members on line, Go into chat. it should be interesting if all of us are there. I would love to meet some of you and and talk to the others that I have not chatted with in a while. I am there now for a bit.

Hey Grondy,

Sorry 'bout the other night. You got disconnected just as I was saying I was late leaving for work.

It was an very interesting discussion about William Morris and hopefully we can pick it up again sometime.
No problem Prog, I often get disconnected while chatting, because I forget which window I'm working in while surfing. William Morris was a cool 19th century cat, being a fantasy writer, typographer, and graphic designer of some renown. Cool Elf Smilie
Waving Hello Smilie

Boo! I'm back! Big Smile Smilie Back into chatting as well. Been a while since I've been in there, but good to see not much has changed. Part from the fact that it's getting nice and crowdy. Smoke Smilie
I like the chatroom!!!!!!!!! It's so fun and people are soooo nice on it. I like talking about LOTR to!! I like making short quick entries aznd such....
The chat is great...people there are nice(except Barliman:mad2Smile Smilie.It's fun 24/7 because we are all around the world and there is someone in there constantly besides we get to meet the site creators(Special thanks)!
I love the chat rooms! The people that are on there are interested in the same things I am. There is always common ground, and I get to talk about the things I like. It is so awesome! I love it.
Yeah the chat room rules! But I don't have much time now to drop in, and I won't be having any either over the next few days, so if you see me online I'm just checking the forums to stay a bit up to date, but I really can't chat then. Thanks!


Just to let all you Chat Room regulars know, my home Internet connection is down *sigh* and I can't actually forsee when I am going to be able to get it back-up again. So that means for the next couple of weeks/months there will be no Barliman or myself.

I apologise for this and will try and work something out as soon as fate alows.
Hurry back Fluffy!! Sad Smilie
Awww. Sad Smilie Come back soon Taz. Smile Smilie
I just want to reiterate what Perwing said. We sure have had some rather "special" conversations in the chatroom. More of you should stop by sometime. I needed practice on my social skills anyway. I've been dating my books for too long now, too long.... Dead Smilie
Well, Komosot, I am glad you decided to join PT. I have really enjoyed our chats. They have been quite interesting, and I am very impressed with your knowledge of Tolkien. You are a very smart man.

Oh, and your social skills seem fine to me.


Nobody in chat... Boring Smilie I always seem to drop in at times when there's no one there. :sigh:
I am sorry I have not gotten to see you in chat. Weekends are really hard for me sometimes, but i am looking forward to seeing you soon.
Help!!!!!!!!!!!1 I wanna chat, but I can't figure outnhow to post or read anything! I'm so computer-stupid!
OK don't panic. This should be very easy. You go to the chatroom, right? (with the link on top of every page you should get there just fine)

Then you get a grey/blue window with a bar (is that what it's called? God my English socks) to type your nickname in, and a bar where you can choose a channel. If you just want to chat, pick channel Tolkien. Bilbo's study's only for PT's weekly Tolkien Course on Sunday's. (oh it says that right below, sorry!! Disturbed Smilie )

Then you click connect now! and you're in the chatroom. Once you're connected, you should be able to read everything everyone says, if no one's chatting there won't be anything of course (that happens to me all the time, saying hi to an empty chat room. lol).

If you want to say something, you can type anything you like (well almost anything you like), in the bar below the chat window. The B next to it is for bold typing, and you can pick the colour of your text as well.

That's it I guess. Funny thing is, I just tried to connect to the chat room but it didn't work. Question Smilie
God my English socks

Very Big Grin Smilie

Chats not working for me either Elf Confused Smilie
Keep trying folks, it evenutaly clears itself up
Waving Hello Smilie

Yep you see it right. It's me, TomBombadillo, on an ordinary week day. You know what? They finally invented computers here in Belgium. Very Big Grin Smilie Ok now kidding. I finally got a computer here at my weekly room, for those of you who know what I'm talking about. Maybe I'll be able to keep up with pt now. lol Tongue Smilie

Don't know if I'll be chatting more now though. Don't have much time, I have about 15 minutes left here before I have to go, but hey, I'm here right. Cool Smilie

[Edited on 17/3/2003 by TomBombadillo]
Seems to be all going now Big Smile Smilie
I can post now, but I've gotta BIGGER problem. No one one chat is chatting! Maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn! So Angry Smilie
It does happen that way at times Ladyoflegolas. Sorry we keep missing you.
Wow... It's getting busier in there. I hadn't really been into chat for a while but last night there were 14 people in there. Good to see a few of you again. I must get in there a bit more often. Smile Smilie
Yes please do Val I would like to talk to you. Big Smile Smilie
I haven't been in the chatroom much myself, but now that I am back from vacation I will be there again. It is quite full now, a little overwhelming! Big Laugh Smilie And Komosot, I see nothing wrong with your social skills either. Wink Smilie
Chat and mirc are both not working for me and its crap. I'm gonna keep trying but I don't know how long I can hold out.
Well, I hope you are back soon Darous. We have missed you. Sam I am glad you had a good time on your vacation and that you are now home. We have really missed you too.
Aww thanks Mellie! It's nice to be missed. Big Laugh Smilie I am glad to be back too. Big Smile Smilie
Thats funny I have not had that problem.
I have noticed fewer ppl have been in the chat rooms.
Anyways thats to bad you'all have had troubles and stuff.
God be with you.
Well I discovered this week that you can't chat on the computers we have in Ghent (part of a network, and I think they banned all chat programs Mad Smilie ), but anyway, I can access the forum and that should be enough. And I'm home now (it's the holidays at last!) anyway, so I hope I can drop by a bit more often.

I did manage to enter the chat room yesterday, and I met Nell (that had been a while), Mil and the love of his life and Aire. Was very nice chatting to you and I think I'll drop by again today. Waving Hello Smilie

we have really missed you around here. I am glad that you can at least access the forums from school. Wish we could chat too. Sorry I missed you yesterday. Tongue Smilie
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