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This is a new thread with a basic plot: rumors are spreading around that an ill force arises in the ruins of Mordor. King Elessar eventually heard about it, and called a council to take place in Rivendell to discuss what to do about this power and who to trust. Only those who are asked to come show up.

Rules: You mustn't assume what another character will do, so wait for a reply from the character's creator. No god modes, all the normal stuff. Also, you can either create a character, or play one who already exists. I myself am doing one of each.

Name: Althea (called Lightfoot)
Race: Gondorian men
Homeland: Gondor
Gender: Female, but appearance and voice lead many to think she's male
Age: unknown, looks to be in thirties
Physical Appearence: Dressed as a Ranger of Gondor. His hair is a light brown, eyes are grey
Skills: Anything in the Ranger field
Special Items/Weapons: Bow and arrows, a small horn on his belt, along with a short sword
Backround/History: unknown

Name: Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry for short)
Race: Hobbit
Homaland: Shire
Gender: Male
Age: in thirties
Physical Appearance: Messy red hair, mischevious blue eyes, maroon vest, white shirt, greenish pants
Skills: Fighting, smoking his pipe, drinking large amounts of ale at a time
Special Items/Weapons: His pipe, a sword
Backround/History: well-known

Lightfoot rode in on a bay horse, then dismounted, looking around. 'Finally, Rivendell,' she thought to herself with a smile. 'Glad I got called to this council.' She proceeded into the heart of Rivendell, the hood of her cloak drawn up, looking very masculine, she always mistaken as male.
Merry was looking around with a sigh. 'I wish Pippen was here,' he thought sadly. Then, he spotted a tall Ranger, of Gondor, then smirked. He ran off, following the Ranger.

Lightfoot felt something hit the back of her head. Looking on the ground behind her, she saw an apple. She growled, hand on the hilt of her sword. Merry snickered, starting to step forth. Immediately, Lightfoot pounced on him, starting to give him a beating. Merry shrieked and squirmed, but couldn't esacpe her grip.
"Help!" he helplessly called out. "Someone, please help!!!"
Just a couple of questions.
Since when was Merrys background and history unknown? You should probably write 'well known'. And is Lightfoot male of female?
Hm that's a good point Amarie. And Lightfoot is female, her appearance and voice lead many to assume she's male though.
Then it should say "Gender: female, but her appearance and voice lead many to assume she's male."
If the bio says the character is a male, then the character is a male.
Thank you Amarie! That was just a simple mistake =.= i don't catch onto these things fast
Hmmm...sounds fun.
Thank you thank you Rue! It would be quite fun to have you aboard. I hope that there is time for you to do it!
You know what? I think I can make time now, since I'm finnaly caught up at home,oh,and sorry for leaving Pirates Of The Carribean mabey I'll come back later.
Okay, that works! And don't worry about the pirate thread, it doesn't get much posting as it is, and so, yeah, it's no problem. That will be super to have you join this!
I'm going to stay Rue if thats alright,so... do I still need to post a profile?.
Hm....yeah, it might be best for you to do so. You could always shorten it up though. It's your choice. Most of us know you by now anyway Wink Smilie
(Just in case)
Name-Rue Auburn
Appearence-Long red hair,green eyes,fair skin,high cheek bones,sligthtly pointed ears
Weapons-Sword called Holy Wolf, throwing knives,daggers,bow'n arrows,quarter staff
Clothing-dressed in all grey and black elven garb,(filthy from traveling)
Merry struggled under Lightfoot's grip.
"Please, please, lemme go! I didn't mean to hit you! I was trying to hit a bird, honest!"
"Indeed," Lightfoot growled, "and the sky's green!"
She gave him a good smack on the face. Merry whimpered before shouting, on the top of his lungs, "HELP!!!!!"
Rue stepped from behind a tree,"Well this is an odd predicament",She eyed the two carefully before taking a step forward,and chuckled to herself.
Merry looked to Rue gleefully, "Oh thank goodness! Get this Ranger off me!"
Lightfoot looked up and smiled an inward smile to herself, standing up, while pinching Merry's earlobe, "Greetings Rue. This little runt threw an apple at m-"
"It was a mistake! Honest!"
"He claims it to be a mistake, but a coincidental mistake it is in that case. Since when do mistakes strike the exact backside of your head? This little one should be punished!"
Lightfoot gave a twist on Merry's earlobe, and he winced some, looking up at Lightfoot.
"Oh, come now,let the poor lad go",she walked over to Lightfoot,"Then give him ten seconds to run...",She whispered,"It's alot more fun that way".
Lightfoot chuckled, letting go of Merry's ear.
"Scram you, you have ten seconds. And don't think I won't conut 'em!"
Merry looked at Lightfoot and merely laughed.
"I don't think you won't count, I know you won't count. You wouldn't dare hurt Meriadoc Branybuck anymore than you have!"
Lightfoot sighed, closing her eyes painfully, then imediately went down on her right knee wincing some.
"Meriadoc, son of Saradoc, I ask for your forgiveness. Had I known it was you, you would be pampered right now."
Merry looked Lightfoot over and smirked, "Well, I guess it will be okay. Alright, you have my forgiveness."
He bopped the apple off Lightfoot's forehead and skipped off, taking out another apple.
"What are you doing here?" Rue asked looking away from the strange lad,"It's the last place I would expect to see you".
Congrats on 500 Rue!

Lightfoot stood up straight once more, brushing herself off.
"King Elessar called me to here. He's also on his way. There's something..." she lowered her voice, "going on out East. He's to organize some of us to go out East and try and stop it. We'll summon an army of course. That's all I know."

Rue looked at her puzzled,"Would anyone mind if an uninvited someone were to join this little get together? I'm quite interested in this matter,but of course if it is not seen fit I will be on my way." She looked away for a momment,observing the landscape she had not seen in years.
Lightfoot smiled inward again, scanning the area.
"I'll bring it up with the King when he arrives, as I do not see any trouble with it. Aha, here he be now!"
King Elessar rode in, alone, dressed once more as a Ranger. Seeing Lightfoot, he embraced her.
"Good to see you again Althea," he said.
"Good to see you too Elessar," Lightfoot replied, embarassed by the use of her name. "Is it alright if Rue stays for the council?"
King Elessar released Lightfoot, then turned and looked Rue over for a moment before smiling, "Of course she may stay! I'd be honored to have you herre, M'lady Rue."
Rue smiled curtly and extended her dirt plastered hand,"Well met Sir." She said embarrassed by her filthy appearence,looking at him curiously and waiting for him to extend his own hand,"And of course,thank you for letting me join you all.But... if you don't mind my asking,why are you so quick to trust?" She looked up for a reasponse,"I mean with all this happening,shouldn't you be a bit more tense with those you don't know?" She looked back to the landscape for a momment before facing the two again.
King Elessar looked down at Rue after shaking her hand.
"I am different than most nowadays," he quietly answered. "If I look into your eyes, I see honesty, trust, loyalty, and honor. There is no need to fret. Eyes do not lie."
Lightfoot beamed, concealed by her hood.
"It's very comforting to know you judge differently than others,and it's good to know you trust me...but some are better at concealing the truth than others,in my position the only reason I have to trust you is that you know Lightfoot,if not for that we wouldn't be speaking right now." She hadn't looked away from the landscape until now.She sighed,"Other wise I am at your service".
King Elessar nodded solemnly once, then looking at Lightfoot while he spoke to Rue.
"Indeed, I've known Althea all her life. I know not why she wishes herself to be a Ranger. She's always been so...masculine. I do not understand. And Rue. There are more reasons to trust me than there seems. Who else kept the secret of the One Ring whence travelling to Mordor itself, where it seems I shall go once more?"
He blinked a bit, signaling an unseen signal (to the untrained eye) to Lightfoot, and together they wandered off.
Rue forced a smile "I choose to trust on my own terms", she then walked back to where she had left her bag,gathering her things she started off.Her eyes kept wandering to the wonderful view,she often found herself starring at it as she walked,catching herself now and then before she ran into anything.
Hey this loks cool! I'd love to join! Would i be ok if I used my character from Division? I like her she is just like me! Cool Smilie
Nice!!! I will join but not now!!! Wait for me!!!!!!
Wellcome to PT Raensul! And Zephrah, of course you can join! Use whomever you please to! Smile Smilie
Welcome peoples!
Name: Zephrah
Age: 3420, but to humans she appears 20.
Gender: F
Race: Tervarwaith Eleth (Silvian Elf)
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weapons: The dagger Vishrow. Zephrah keeps the dager ont the wall in her room.
Appearence: She is dressed a s a tipical servent, but something about her appears different, although no one can identify exactly what. She has serven Brenon (Lord) Elrond for manny years.
Merry looked around. Soon, he saw someone dressed as a servant. He snickered and sneaked up behind Zephrah, then threw an apple at her head.
"Gotcha!" he shouted, and ran off, laughing like a maniac.
Rue looked behind her and saw that odd little lad again,still pegging others for his own fun.She walked back to the Zephrah, picking an apple up she handed it to her,"You want to peg him or should I ?"
"You can Nin Brenil (my lady). It would not be proper for me to get involved. But thank you." Zephrah picked up a basket she had set down, when the apple hit her. The basket was heavy for it was filed with juicy red aples. Zephrah began to walk down the path leading to the kitchen.
"Zephrah...? Is that you?" Rue had just relized who she'd been talking to,she dropped the apple forgetting the lad,and followed after.
zephrah turned around startled! "Yes It is I. But I am afraid I do not reckognize you? Geheno anim nin brenil! (Forgive me my lady!)" Zephrah bowed.
Lightfoot stepped out in the path in front of Zephrah, towering over her.
"Good day, miss," she boomed in her deep voice. "Where are you off to in such a hurry?"
Lightfoot smiled as she saw Rue coming closer.

Merry laughed. He escaped! He looked down at the three, then threw a shower of apples at them, disappearing once more after that.

Loghtfoot growled.
"When I see that little runt, he'll wish he never threw apples! Ever!"
"Rue?" She didn't expect the girl to remember her,She was covered in filth and her hair had become longer than thier last encounter."In the clearing?" She rolled her eyes as the girl bowed,Mabey that would remind her.
Zephrah let a little chuckle escape. "You! yes I rember you!" How have you ben?"
Then realizing she had just ben asked a question, she turned Geheno anim! (Excuse me!)"
Rue walked up to Lightfoot,"Friends seem to be appearing left and right today". She smiled and put a hand on Zephreah's shoulder,"Not much better than you last saw me,Zephrah,do you know Lightfoot?"
"No Nin brenil, (My lady) I do not believe I have ever met her. Then turning to Lightfoot, "Ai na vedui, mellon! (Hail to you, friend!) as she greeted her Zephrah bowed. glancing sideways at Rue, to see if her feelings were still the same.
Rue rolled her eyes once more,Zephrah still believed in formalities such as bowing."Here,let me help you with those",She said taking the apples from her."She is another good friend of mine,Lightfoot."
Zephrah reliesed her grip on the basket grateull for the help! Inwardly she laughed, Rue was the same as ever! Zephrah wondered if Rue would ever undersd why she was a servant? then she dismised the thought. "Why are you here?"
"I haven't been getting along with Rumil lately and felt I needed to get away then something else came up". She walked to Lightfoot and said in a low voice,"Let her come,she can be trusted".
Lightfoot nodded, listening to Rue's whisper. Then she turned to Zephrah and bowed lowly.
"Ai na vedui, Nin Brenil! (Hail to you, "My Lady!)" she exclaimed deeply. "Mae govannen, Zaphrah (Welcome Zephrah.). Boe ammen i dulu lin (We need your support.)"
Lightfoot stood up again, pulling back the hood of her cloak; her hair longer and shaggier, eyes sharper. She smiled down to Zephrah.
Zephrah smoled respectfully, and laughed, "I am a servent of Brenon (Lord) Elrond, what suport could you posibly need from me?" She lowered her eyes, to the ground, and laughed again.
Lightfoot bent down to be level with her eyes.
"You are not your occupation. You are yourself. Do not underestimate yourself. Anyway, Lord Elrond is indeed a noble man to serve under."
Lightfoot smiled and stood up, striding quickly down a path.
Zephrah quicklu picked up her apple filed basket, and followed Lightfoot. "Nin Brenil? You have yet to tell me what it is that you wish of me?"Zephrah called out after her, as she strugled with the heavy load.
Lightfoot abruptly stopped, then reached to Zephrah and grabbed the apples, continuing along again.
"An ill power arises in the East. King Elessar is here, on behalf of a Council he organized. We need a couple more people to come. Are you willing to?"
Lightfoot glanced to her, eyes blank.
zephrahs eyes widend in amazement, why had she not herd of this? The king.....King Elessar? Here? "The" Zephrah was barely able to get the wourdds out! "and yes of course I shall go! If I can be of any help!"
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