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Ala nodded, it made sense now.
"So when are we meeting? Are the halflings coming with us then?"
Rue walked into the garden after a moment and unhesitintly climbed into a tree,watching the activity around her, exiting as it was...,she fell asleep in a matter of moments.

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Yeah Rue, definately. But, it's better than the threads being too overwhelming, you know?

Lightfoot looked up in a tree and saw Rue asleep. She chuckled, looking around.
"Yes, some of the Halflings will be joining us, if they even come."
Rue stirred at the sound of Lightfoots voice and sleepily slid down out of the tree,almost falling over when her feet touched the ground,she looked up and smiled."Well I don't suppose there is anything to do while we wait,and I don't feel like getting drunk just now,so,by any chance have you word of when the others arrive?" She leaned back against the tree waiting.
Lightfoot shrugged a bit, looking down to Rue.
"Well, getting drunk seemed to be the only option, maybe one drink won't's those hobbits we have to watch out for."
She laughed a bit, looking around.
Hello everyone! Just posting a friendly (so i hope) reminder--I would not like this thread to die, even if we all are at a loss ofr words!

King Elessar watched the stars quietly.
"Five more days..." he whispered.
Rue nodded sleepily and stood up,"Would either of you care to spar to pass the time? It looks as if it will be a while and if I know you, Lightfoot, like I think I do you aren't much better at sitting still than I".
Lightfoot knitted her brows for a moment, debating this in her mind. In the end, she decided to go with it.
"Of course! I hate sitting still!"
"Are you familiar with sword dances?" Asked Rue pulling out her sword and walking into an open space.

If Not:
One person draws a large circle in the dirt which in basicly the battle field,competaters place thier swords in the center and move to the outer edge. The person who drew the circle calls dance and the players run to thier weapons and start thrashing each other,You play until yield or death.

(Person drawing circle does not compete)
Lightfoot smirked to herself; this one seemed somewhat easy.
"Yes, I am familiar with sword dances. I usually am in one at least once a week."
She stepped forward, standing in the circle.
Rue smiled gleefully and set her sword in the center,"Ah, do you ever hire onto a Tanzeer? I haven't commited myself yet", She backed up to the outer edge,"We play to yield,obviously. We just need someone to call the Dance."
Almost 700 Rue! Woot!

Lightfoot nodded, sticking her sword into the ground.
"Maybe a servant will some by, that would be more enjoyable, I think."
She smiled widely behind the hood of her cloak.
Rue nodded in agreement and shed her cloak along with her pack, belts ,scabbard and anything else forbiddon from the circle. "The things honor demands from a Sword- Dancer", She sighed,"I'm itching to grab the hilt,What say one of us calls Dance to get it going?"

Yay!!! 700!!!
"No I'll call it." said Zephrah as she steped from the shadows. I might not be the best with a swoard, but I know how to call a dance. "Well then it looks like you are both ready, DANCE!"
Lightfoot reluctantly slipped off her quiver and bow, then her cloak, her sword scabbard, a couple of daggers, and a short sword. She stood still, waiting for Rue to execute the first move.
Rue ran to the center and grabbed her sword,choosing a northern tactic she brought it in close to her body and stepped back.If Lightfoot made the right move,Rue would have her.

Oh, I wanted to let you guys know,a friend from school has joined us,she just hasn't posted yet,but anyway her user name is Hooded Rider (My nick for her - 'Hoody') and she seemed fairly interested.
Okay, it'll be great to have her with us!

Lightfoot smiled, seeing into Rue's plan. She reached an arm forward and grabbed the hilt of her sword, then pulled it out of her ground. She furrowed her brows slightly, hanging back. She didn't want to make the first move, but she knew she had to. She onlyl had a moment to think...
Rue smiled and took a step to the left bringing her arm in closer. Seeing that Lightfoot was hesitant about making her move,Rue quickly took advantage and clashed her sword with that of her opponents and took a step forward.
Lightfoot blinked slightly, then stepped forward, putting her bodyweight into her arm, giving a suprisingly hard push. She blinked some, not enjoying this as much as usual, then sighed slightly.
Rue smiled at Lightfoots expression and moved further to the left,she brought her sword down and locked it with the others hilt.Taking a step forward she pushed it down and began to drive it into the soil.

Oh,and if you flip your sword up mine will fly from my hands and land on the ground a convenient few feet away.
That works =D

Lightfoot grinned to Rue.
"Hm, not bad."
She suddenly flipped her sword up, sending Rue's sword flying out of the circle.
"You just need some more experience, Rue, like what I have."
Alas, the dance is not over until yield is called!

Rue scrambled back and retrieved her sword,"Or mabey,Del taught me more than I relized" Hence,Sword-Born,last dance of Tiger and Delilah, She smiled ruefully and locked hilts again,but this time spun her own handle,forcing Lightfoots grip to slip slightly.
Lightfoot winced slightly, feeling Rue's blade cutting into her hand. She switched hands quickly and pulled a quick trick that sent Rue's sword flying out again.
"Nice work."
Rue once again scrambled to retrieve her sword,choosing a northern tactic as before she pulled her sword in close and stepped back. Then after creating just enough distance she slashed low at Lightfoots lower leg,not bothering to see if she had made contact,she resumed her previous position before getting within range.

Have you ever read the Sandtiger series by Jenniffer Roberson? If not,I highly recommend it
I'll look into it, thanks Smile Smilie

Lightfoot winced: her lower leg got cut. She then sighed some, debating whether or not to yield. She sighed, her sword clattering to the ground.
"I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's time for me to yield."
Rue sighed and and walked out of the circle "Ah,well,in a real dance I'd have been the one to yield",Then doning her sword harness,cloak and everything else she resumed her previous tree-branch and closed her eyes.
Lightfoot managed to smile, sheathing her sword. She picked up all her belongings and set them back into place. She then felt something hard hit the back of her head. Lightfoot stumbled down a path before falling to the ground limply.

Merry smirked. He had thrown a stone at Lightfoot, aiming for her back. But, after a moment, he stopped: something was wrong. He realized his aim was off, and cursed himself for it!
Rue heard the sound of Lightfoots body hit the ground and she quickly scrambled from the tree,"What in hoolies happened?" She asked outloud then spotted the little hobbit, she sighed knowing Lightfoot wouldn't want her to go after him she knelt low and shook her friends shoulder.
Lightfoot was still for a long while. After around half on hour, she shakily lifted herself up off the ground, looking ahead of her. She growled lowly, leaping to her feet.
"That hobbit has thrown one too many things at me! He's gonna get it now..."
She strided back toward the clearing quickly, at an unmatched pace. She kept her hand on the hilt of her sword as she felt herself growing angrier by each step.
Laughing, Ala made her way back to Lightfoot's side from her wanderings in the garden, then stepped in front of her.
"Now, now, Lightfoot, I'm sure the poor Halfling didn't mean to knock you out. And there is no way you're going charging after him in the temper you're currently in. Take some deep breaths and calm down, friend, there is no need to attempt to murder him just because he knocked you out. All in all, I'm finding the incident rather amusing...oh, you're bleeding on your leg, you might want to bandage it before you go chasing after someone half your size."

Ala laughed and shook her head in amusement, still standing in Lightfoot's way.
Lightfoot looked down at Ala, plainly not amused. She grunted some, easing her grip on the hilt of her sword a bit.
"It's about time someone taught that little guy a lesson! And who could be more right for the job than me?"
Lightfoot side-stepped by Ala, then went on forward again, faster than before.
Ala rolled her eyes, then took off after Lightfoot, tackling her from behind and knocking her to the ground. She sat down on top of her and sighed in amusement.

"The Halfing may need a lesson, but apparently so do you. As soon as your temper is back under control, I'll get off you and then you may go teach him a lesson."
Lightfoot kept from laughing, trembling from hiding her laughter.
"You think your body is going to stop mine....Ala, I'm at least a head taller than the average man. I'm no shrimp, nor a wimp."
She pushed Ala off gently and hopped to her feet lightly but swiftly.
"And I'm not going to be violent. I'm just going to talk to the little guy."
She strode down the path once more, faster than last time.
Laughing, Ala stood up and brushed herself off, then hurried after Lightfoot, grinning.
"Fine, but I'm coming along, just to make sure you don't harm the poor Halfling tooo much."
Lightfoot nodded, then smirked to herself.
"I can harm him a bit then, if the occasion calls for it?"
She grinned, standing up straight; she indeed was at least a head taller than the average man, not someone you wanted to mess with on the battle field.
"Only a bit. I hope that the occasion doesn't call for it. After all, you're twice his size which I must admit put the odds rather highly in your favour, which seems rather unfair."

Ala smiled and shook her head.
"Consider, for him them. Training fits the job perfectly."
She grinned, seeing the shape of Merry off in the distance. This was going to be fun. It would have been more fun against Pippen as well, but you have to make do with what you have!
"Training?! Him and the other Halfling...Pippin, together couldnt' take you down together. Somehow I don't think he is going to find your "training" at all helpful. I think a good talking to should be enough to settle this one, after all, all he did was throw a rock at you."

Ala gave a slight grimace, imagining what the poor Halfling would look like after a session of Lightfoot's "training" and groaned.
Lightfoot tapped Merry on the shoulder.
"Long time no see, eh, shorty?" she asked smoothly.
Merry laughed innocently, like a child. "Hard not to see you..."
"You better hope it stays that way, shorty. Stop throwing things at people!"
"But...but....I miss Pippen!"
"I have no sympathy for people who complain and take out their anger by throwing rocks at people's heads! You learn better when you're a wizard's pupil, not to mention a wizard's friend."
"Please, don't hurt me!"
Lightfoot only gave him a smack on his cheek, then stood and grunted, walking off.
"Well, that went over well. You actually managed not to pound him to death, congradulations."

Ala laughed, patted Lightfoot on the back, then headed in the direction of the gardens where they'd left Rue.
ooooh... can I join? or is this one dying already, hasn't been posted on in a while? I'll post my profile and an entrance, anyway, and I'll delete it if you ppls say to...

Name: Aierlin Relanlie
Race: Elf
Homeland: Rivendell
Gender: Female
Age: 150???, looks perhaps 20-ish or slightly younger, what is equivalent for Tolkien-elves?
Physical Appearence: Is perhaps 5'8" and quite slender, has short, tousled red-orange hair and blue-green eyes, is dressed in matching blue-green and coppery colors (tunic, pants,cloak & and handkerchief tying back hair varying shades of blue-green, belt and boots coppery-colored leather) and wears a crimson necklace. Does not have as much of the sorrowful wisdom and world-weariness as most of her race, as she is rather young.
Skills: good with sword, normal elf things (good sight & hearing, etc.) running (not away... just running Smile Smilie )...
Special Items/Weapons: Bow and arrows, long sword in copper-colored scabbard
Backround/History: unknown

Suddenly, a young looking elf-maiden crashed onto the path in front of them, stumbling from the side into the middle and falling over. "Whoops..." She scrambles up as she sees the approaching elves. "Uhhh... hi! Are you invited to the council? If you are, I'm supposed to tell you that it is starting soon... also, have you seen Zephra? I was told she was with some people who were coming to the council..."

Is that all right, Zephra? I mean, I'm kind of assuming I know you at least a little, since we're both from Rivendell...? But it is maybe a lot to assume... sorry, I'm not very good at this yet... entering a thread, I mean.
Please, do enter this thread! Your profile is fine, you just need to wait for Zephrah's say-so =D Welcome

Lightfoot caught the young elf maiden by the arm and helped her up.
"I haven't seen her around for a while, young missy, but she's probably in the kitchen, or somewhere in the gardens."
(OOC: Hello! that is fine if you know me i like the ideah! and welcome!)
Aierlin dusted herself off.
"Oh... all right, I'll look for her there, then... but first, are the others coming to the Council around here? Because I'm supposed to tell them too..."
Ala came back from the kitchens, snacking on a apple, rather lost in thought, and bumped into Lightfoot and some young elf maiden she hadn't seen before.
"Hello, I'm Ala. Who are you? Oh, by the way, Lightfoot, where are we meeting to discuss this mission, or will we not be leaving for a while?"
"What? Oh! Hello! My name is Aierlin Relanlie. As to the council, I was sent to tell those who are coming that they will be meeting shortly up on the porch where the Council of the Ring was held... By shortly I mean within the next few days, as there is apparently someone of importance yet to arrive... and to apologize for the wait." Aierlin takes a deep breath. "I think I got it all...
"Thank you Aierlin, your message is greatly appreciated."
Lightfoot glanced around with a sigh, thinking to herself. She shook her head a bit, then glanced around, looking for Merry.
Aierlin slipped into the kitchens to look for Zephra, figuring that the departure of a young messenger would not be noticed by people who were obviously seasoned warriors- otherwise why would they be called to this council?
Rue climbed back into the tree she had previously slept in and returned to the task of falling asleep.She hung her sword harness on a nearby branch and shed her cloak. But after a while of trying she retrieved her belongings and began to walk through the city.
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