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Will do Arwy!!! And have fun in Mexico!!!!!!!! *hugglez*
iii Muchas gracias!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie It should be loads of fun..I get a limo and chauffeur, at least while in Mexico City...I think that daddy didn't get us one for Mazatlan, oh well. *hugglez back*
Aierlin squirmed through the crowded kitchens. She couldn't seem to find Zephra here either. Just as she was about to give up she turned and ran into someone...
Rue fell back as she colided with the other girl,"Oh! I'm dreadfully sorry, are you alright?" She got to her feet and took a step back to make sure herself,"This is what I get for thinking and walking at the same time."
Lightfoot found Merry smoking a pipe on a rooftop. She looked up at him and laughed.
"Master Meriadoc, what a sight you are! Be careful, or some elf will use you for target practice!"
Merry grunted lightly, dumping his pipe's ashes over the edge. They landed on Lightfoot's head. She grumbled and went away, looking for King Elessar.
Rue apologized once more and walked further into the city, having found spare coin in her pack, she was now bent on purchasing a new sword harness. New dancing equiptment was always handy,especially if wagers were to be made.
Lightfoot reached a hand up and brushed the ashes off her head, walking into the city. She glanced around, grumbling. She was a head taller than even the tallest elves! She wrapped her cloak around her tighter, lost in her own thoughts, when she almost bumped into Rue. Lightfoot stopped before she did, luckily.
"My apologies Rue....I'm not myself today..."
She sighed lightly, hanging her head.
Rue laughed, "You need aqivi, then you'll really know what it's like not to be yourself". She paid for her new harness and a bottle of oil, "Now if you don't mind, I'm off to dance,no doubt there are other Sword-dancers around here and I could use the coin."
Lightfoot slid someting into Rue's hand.
"Drinks aren't for me...and you may find that useful in your search."
Lightfoot disappeared into the crowd, even with her extreme height. She smiled to herself as she retreated...she had given Rue a bag of gold coins, with a sapphire thrown in. She found a place to stay, far enough to not be found, and stared up at the sky, laying on her back without her cloak on!
Rue smiled to Lightfoots back and departed into the crowd,She was grateful for the coin pouch,but she hadn't sparred in ages. Even if she didn't gain coin, Tiger had taught her to stay loose as much as possible and that ment dancing. She drew a circle in the dirt and unshethed her sword,then,began challenging opponents until a crowd was formed. 'The more bets the better', she thought as her first opponent entered the circle.
Lightfoot sat up and stood slowly, groaning. She reached to her back and felt a wet spot on the shirt, wet with blood. Her face was slightly pale and she looked at the ground. Below was a knife on it's side.
"How did that get there..."
Lightfoot shrugged to herself and put her cloak back on, walking to the gathering crowd. She watched the other people, a hand clutching her back.
Rue gripped her sword awkwardly as another opponent fell dead,just inside the circle. She then, gathered the wagering money and stalked off, a little errand in mind. "Cursed Death-Dances", she muttered under her breath as she walked down the street.

Hint: The person who draws the circle is not allowed to choose the Dance, in that particular Dance the most chosen were "Death-Dances".
Lightfoot followed after Rue like a puppy smelling steak. She kept a hand on her back, feeling very thankful for her long, wide cloak that covered her body.
"Not bad swordsmanship back there."
She kept her gaze locked on her feet, not wanting to look up.
Rue smiled and turned to make a comment but stopped as her gaze fell on Lightfoot. "What happened? You look like Hoolies." She walked over and sheathed her sword, "I missed something didn't I ?"
Lightfoot blinked and stood up straight, clearing her throat.
"Why, don't be silly. That's proposterous! I would never show anything...for protection."
She smiled under the hood of her cloak, glancing around.
Rue tried to frown but got a half smile instead, "Did you know, that you're a terrible liar? Come now, tell me, what happened?"
Lightfoot shook her head slightly with a smile.
"I always was a terrible liar...well, let's just say that someone put their knife where it didn't belong."
"Well lets get it looked at, I'm no healer", She smiled and waved a hand, prompting to move. "Oh, before I forget", She pulled out a necklet and tossed it over to Lightfoot, it was made of the sapphire she had been given along with beads of amber. "I had some time after the Dances".
Lightfoot blinked, catching the necklet quickly and looked at it. She smiled slightly, putting it in a pocket.
"A nice gift, you have my thanks...though it is out of my league. And I don't need a healer, I need to find my cousin."
just then Hoodie comesgalloping in on a gleaming black stallion.
he falls off the horse from exaustion.
"" he mutters
Lightfoot moved her hand from her back suddenly, it glistening red now. She wiped it on her cloak and ran to the Hooded Rider. She knelt down by him.
"Where are you hurt?"
Rue followed Lightfoot and stood over the man "You've ridden far I presume?", Then she knelt beside Lightfoot, "Is he here for the council? You know better than I."
"Sorry to bother you again, but... Oh, my!" Aierlin, sees the fallen figure and wounded elf. "I'll go get a healer right away!" She sprints off at an extraordinary speed. *At least all that practice being a runner is good for something,* she thought to herself.
Lightfoot glanced over her shoulder to t he servant and smiled, then turned back to the stranger. She pulled some medicine out and poured it gently into the man's mouth, careful to make sure he didn't choke. She tore off a bit of her cloak and soaked it in some cool water which she had with her, then placed it on the man's forehead. She then looked at the wounds.
Hoodie sputters then mumbles: "never again..."
"NO!!" "NEVER!!!!"
"Lightfoot, your patient seems a little off". She lent over and shook the mans shoulder,"You alright sir? " Then glancing to Lightfoot once again, "Let me give him aqivi, it's for things other than getting drunk, you know".
Hoodie sits up, eyes wide. Where am i???? Oh... Right... Im ok i swear! get back, back i say!!!
"I warn you im skilled at sword-fighting! Oh my arm, my arm!!" He looks down at the long gash down his arm streaming with blood.
"I cannot fight!"
"Am i dead?" Who are you? Why am i here? How did i get here? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE???????????????????"
"Where is my cloak? What have you done with it? It is very important that i get my cloak back!"
Rue rolled her eyes impatienly and wacked the man across the side of his head,"Get it together, you're fine, Lightfoot will heal you and all your things are here". She stood up and began checking the saddle bags of his horse.
"Where is my guitar?" Hoodie starts rambling through his pile of stuff. "ah, there it is!"
Lightfoot placed a firm hand on Hoddie's arm, gently moving it back against his body.
"Sir, you're going to be fine...just one will take your belongings, I shall see to it personally. Right now, what you need is some medicine and that aquivi stuff Rue has. Trust us, you'll be fine."
"I hope he keeps it down, aqivi's tough on the stomach." Rue retrieved a bota from her belt and walked back to the man, handing it over. "It'll be stronge at first, but after you're done retching you'll feel like yourself again". She then opened another bota and poured the liquid into the wounds, "This might sting".
Lightfoot raised both brows, watching Rue pour the liquid into the stranger's wounds. She stood up, looking down at the man.
"I wonder hwo he is...and if he's here for the council..."
She remained quiet after that, pondering something deeply.
Aierlin jogs up. "The healer's right-" she glances behind her, into empty air. "... Well, he's coming. Oh, I beg your pardons, my ladies, I did not know you were so skilled yourselves at- but of course you would be... Shall I tell him he's not needed, then?" Aierlin half-turns, poised to run again.
"No, I think he should come, the wounds are clean now, but aqivi stings terribly, see if he has anything to reduce the pain." Rue stood and latched her bota back onto her belt, "Lightfoot could use some treatment as well."
Aierlin relaxed. "Oh, of course, silly me..." She breaks off, looking at the rambling stranger. "I wonder what happened to him..."
Rue watched the girl for a moment before gathering her things,nodding to Lightfoot and glancing at the man, "You'll be alright then? I'll be back in a bit". She turned quickly, not waiting for a reply and walked off.
Lightfoot glanced up at Aierlin.
"When he has a few days of recovery, I'll interrogate him on what happened. Meanwhile, we need to find him a bed."
Lightfoot picked the man up gently in his arms and looked around, not helping but feeling awkward because of her extreme height.
"Carry his belongings...his horse is getting stabled."
"Yes, Lady Lightfoot." Aierlin gathered up the man's scattered supplies, including his guitar and followed after.
She picked the man up gently in his arms and looked around, not helping but feeling awkward because of her extreme height.

What? Who's picking up who, who's not helping, and who's too tall? That's a very confusing sentence...
"Where am I?" asked Hoodie calmly. ( for once )
"I'm here for the council and I've been attacked by savage wolves. Really, I dont know how exactly I got here. Was it Ember, my horse?"
Eva-it was Lightfoot...sorry...should've specified that, I'll correct it Smile Smilie

Lightfoot looked down at Hoodie.
"Wolves? Where did you get attacked? And...your steed brought you here. Don't worry, you'll be safe."
"I 'm not really sure WHERE I got attacked, only... nah it couldnt be, I must have been almost out of it." "the wolves were a weird shade of silvery-blue!!"
" I tried to fend them off, but they just kept coming, there must have been fifteen of them!"
"Finally I just gave up and then I woke up here!"
Lightfoot nodded some, contemplating what the man had said.
"The wolves were a silver-blue, eh? Do you know..what type of enviornment you were in?"
c'n i join? Smoke Smilie
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