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Lightfoot smiled, laughing a bit.
"Good to have you aboard, M'lady Zephrah. Come come now, we'd best get these apples into the kitchen."
She ducked down into a doorway, walking into a kitchen, still carrying the apple basket for her.
the kitchen was bustling with activity, and no sooner had the apples ben placed on he table then the were picked up by another elf. Zephrah approched Tathar one of the servents in the kitchen, "It would apear that you have everything under controle here. we have some Guests arriving, i have ben asked to assist the lady." Zephrah signaled to Lightfoot. "She has asked me for some assistence, so if you don't mind i wil be with her."

Tathar smiled at Zephrah, "Sure you can go! Just stay out of truble!"

Zephrah turned back to Lightfoot, "Are you hungry?"
Rue had followed them silently as she carried her basket of apples,listening to the conversation.After setting it down she waited outside for further instruction.Humming to herself she played with a throwing knife.
Name: Arambar
Race:Men from far East
Homeland:land higher from Karpathians mountains
Gender: male
Age: nearly three dozen
Weapone: unknow,but peoples says that he have long , strange sword with astonishing ornaments
Appearance: strange men, he was born on sunstand, when sky was dark and moon was young,when was so quite and imperturbable as in the outside of the world
"Again this dream! Again this strange land, this strange men" Go to the Kings land!" What Kings land? We have no king! Where I must go? Where?"
"In the far west you will find your destiny, in the far west you will find king-men who will change your inside world he will change your past and your future..."-white men with white beard had disappear, Arambar woke up.
"This old fellow will never live me!!!!Ok, I'll go, I'll go to this far west place! Let God save me!!
Lightfoot shook her head once, stepping outside quickly. She swiftly made her way to a high point, looking out over the land. Her eyes scanned the surrounding area.
"Arambar..." she muttererd to herself. "When do you come?"
She sighed a bit, sitting, then started smoking her pipe.
ohhh, I'm gonna join. I finally have a free day! Gonna go find a name and then I'll post, I'm gonna do a new character, some how I don't think another Cal is needed quite yet. :P
Lol Arwen, looking forward to it! And welcome back, for however long you'll be staying! Pary Smilie Pixie Smilie
Rue put her knife away and grabbed her bag,Lightfoot seemed preoccupied with something at the momment,walking over she put a hand on her shoulder,"What's troubling you?" She asked as she waved smoke away.

Welcome new peoples and welcome back Arwen.
Zephrah quickelly grabbed a sac of the wall in the kitchen, and filled it with food. Then rushed out of the room. The others were a bit ahead ot her but she cought up quickelly. and followed along behind the two girls listening to what they were saying, but not wanting to intrude.
Lightfoot raised both brows, shifting her gaze to Rue.
"No, just thinking.."
She looked back out over the landscape silent for a moment. Not wanting to lose company, she thought of something at the spur of the moment.
"Nice here huh?"
Zephrah smiled, "That's what people allways said when they had just arived, how beautifull everything was," she thought. But Zephrah was tired of it! she wanted new scenery, new smells, and everything!
"Yes, it is wonderful though,I could never stay in one place too long,but here doesn't seem to count." She laughed inwardly,it sounded odd to say the words.
Lightfoot seemed to sense Zephrah's thoughts.
"Travelling does do some good, yes, but what could be nicer than staying at home?"
She got quiet near the end of her statement, then fell silent once more, smoking a bit more from her pipe.
"Yes it can be nice but I long for adventure! Rivendell has become all to comfortable, and it is verry boring here. Why absolutely nothing has happened for manny years. Well nothing that Rue wasen't here for!" Zephrah laughed, and rembered how Rue never could understand being a servent! not to mention everything that had happened, when Rue had last visited Rivendell.
"That was a long time ago,very long...Have you been in touch with anyone since? I've been away for so long,haven't spoken to anyone at all." She sighed,"I'm sure you have your reasons,but I'll never understand your thoughts of servitude or formality,To me it just doesn't make sense"
Lightfoot sighed a bit, lowering her pipe some to speak, mostly to Rue.
"One never understands all things, especially immediately. One must sit, and think about it. One must realize not everything can go perfectly.."
She lifted her pipe again, staring off to the horizon.

Merry looked around, then jumped up with a yelp, seeing the Ranger who had hurt him before so close by! His eyes widened, pulse quickened...
"I know,and I intend to try and see eye to eye, and until I do I will respect anothers beliefs". She looked back hearing someone other than her friends,"Is that little runt still around?".
Lightfoot sighed, still remaining unmoving.
"More than likely...ah, just let him be. I was too rough on him as it is already."
She sighed, letting out a long line of smoke.

Merry strode forth.
"And she's right, she was too rough on me! Way too roguh on a member of the Fellowship of the Ring, hmm?"
He pressed Lightfoot on, and she seemed to sag a bit, as if the weight was tossed onto her shoulders.
Rue looked up,"You'de better watch it before I loose it completly, one more time and you won't even remember the Fellowship when I'm done with you." She glanced over to Lightfoot,wondering what she thought,"She might have gone easy on you but I certianly wont".
Lightfoot blew out another long wisp of smoke, not moving her gaze.
"I hurt my arm a couplr of days ago; had I not, Merry would've been in for a nice, long lashing."
She licked her lips a bit, putting her pipe back to her lips.

Merry laughed innocently.
"Glad that arm got hurt, for my hide. And isn't Strider your cousin? Him and I are good friends."
Merry smirked, hitting his enemy with their weakness.
"Would it hurt your pride if I did it for you?" Asked Rue eyeing the little pest.Three things she could hardly stand were bowing,formalities,and mocking. She knew and liked Zephrah enough to respect her,but this runt was going too far."How can you keep letting it slide?" She asked Lightfoot.
Merry skipped off...merrily.

Lightfoot finally turned a bit, turning to look at Rue.
"When one has faced many hardships in life, one lets things slide when they're not se important. And Merry is being his own worst emeny, if he keeps pushing others away. What can you do about it?"
She shrugged, turning again.
"Absolutly nothing,it's just hard to let anything slide after all my past hardships,we all have them, I know,some just want to change them,I have... I'd hate to see a lad ruin himself like that",She glanced to Lightfoot, "You're good at letting things slide,let this be practice for me." Lightfoot was older than her(no offense ment) and alot more mature,life experience does that sometimes,and Rue knew to listen to her.
"Let him be. What is the big deal? You both have ben hurt worse. He's just Bored! something I can understand. Hobits tend to get bored a lot faster then either men or elves!" Zephrah laughed she felt sorry for the little halfling!
Lol no offence taken Rue Smile Smilie

Lightfoot merely nodded.
"Wisdom comes with age, Rue, and wisdom comes with experience, learning...nothing works out perfect for anyone."
She sighed a bit, glancing about some.
Rue laughed at Zephrah's comment but couldn't show pity,emotions wern't her strong point,as Zephrah knew. She looked to Lightfoot,"When do we join this little get together?"
Lightfoot blew out a long wisp of smoke, as if she didn't hear Rue. When Rue was aboubt to repeat herself, Lightfoot spoke up.
"We have to wait until the others whom were called upon show up here."
She lifted her pipe once more.
Rue got up,"Then in the mean time I'm going to wander aimlessly,alright?" She lifted her bag onto her shoulder and walked into the bussel of people. She had a coin or two left in her pouch and considered buying some new forest garb,her own clothes were filthy and torn by now.
Turning to Lightfoot Zephrah asked. "Nin Brenil (My Lady) is there anything I may do to assist you?"
Arambar went up the hill.It was eightieth hill that he had climbed during the week of traveling.He already went over the Karpathians mountains and now, he begen to coming nearer to the great river.
" Fast river ,- thought Arambar,- very fast , but I think this river was biggest and fastest in the past..."
He stayd imperturbable , like old ststue from the past: strong, handsome and majestic .
His grey eyes strided over the time and space, his mind penetrated through the soul of earth, through the oun soul...
" This land is close to me . It is strange fealing, but it seems to me that I have been hear. That I already been on this land..."
He went on,through the land, that people calls " wild land", and river- Celduin-Running river.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Arambar went pass nearly two hundred miles when he went in the dense forest. It was old forest, maybe it was the oldest forest on this part of the earth.
He was tired , he was dreadfuly tired , so he made an leafbad and fell asleep...
I finally found a name and came up with a profile..sorry it took so long Adreia.
Name: Alat’ri’l N’lat’ri
Race: half-elven, female
Age: unknown, looks about 19-20ish
Weapons: two shortswords and various daggers hidden on her person.
Description: wavy reddish-brown hair that falls to her lower back, usually tied back. 5'7"ish. Is dressed in dark greens and greys. She is very limber and can move very quickly when she wants to. can't think of anything else...oh, history is unknown.

Ala slowed her horse as she entered Rivendell. A message had kept reappearing in her dreams and enough was enough. She had decided to check it out, just in case. She'd arrived at the meeting place, now she just had to find the right people. Come on Lightfoot, she sighed mentally. Where are you?!
It's fine Arwen, and nice post Raensul!

Lightfoot glanced down from her current place to the meeting place, where she heard an all-too familiar voice in her head. Lightfoot stood and bounded lightly down to the area, coming up on Ala from behind. She lowerd her pipe and grinned.
"Mae govannen, Ala."
Lightfoot grinned from behind her cloak, eye glittering mischeviously.
"Glad to see you again. Did you see Arambar pass by, any chance?"
Rue had been wandering the shops and had finnaly found some fitting garmets.She now wore a black tunic along with grey leggings and a scarf pulling back her long hair. As she walked she caught sight of Lightfoot and another girl,smiling she turned towards them.
Lightfoot glanced to the side, just in time to see Rue coming.
"Ala, this is Rue. Rue, this is Ala. Hope you two enjoy each other's company. Meanwhile, I'm off."
She turned and walked to where she first entered Rivendell and sat down, watching the road.
Ala nodded at Rue and gave a small smile, then turned towards Lightfoot.
"In answer to your question, no I haven't seen him in quite a while sorry," she said then turned back to Rue.
"Hello, so, whereabouts are you from?"
"Hello,it's good to meet another friend of Lightfoots,oh,and everywhere really,travelings taken all my time, but you could say right here.How about you? You seem like one who travels well enough." Rue smiled and presumed walking slowly.
"It would be nice to know what is going on around here!" Zephrah thought to herself. But finding herself alone, with the other servents in the kitchen. Zephrah sat down with a barel of potatoes, and began to peal them. "If they need me then they know were to find me." Zephrah muttered to herself.
Lightfoot resorted to her spot from before, pipe out once more. She kept watching the trails, hoping for any sign of him...
Rue excused herself from the girl and walked to Lightfoot,"Excuse me,but where might the nearest bar be located?,no use waiting unless theres wine or aqivi to drink." She waited a moment and muttered to herself,"Then again,aqivi isn't very common apart from the Punja,never mind, any place with wine will do".
Being rather rude and completely ignoring Rue, Ala walked to the other side of the road and plopped down to wait for Arambar, fiddling with her hands impatiently. She was starting to get rather curious as to what Lightfoot had called them all together for.
Lightfoot nodded down a path that led to a small inn. Then she went over to Ala and sat beside her.
"What have you been up to lately?"
"Nothing much... Mainly just wandering around and seeing new places and ppl. All in all a rather useless waste of my time, but it was nice to take a break and relax. How about yourself?"
" At last! Misty mountains!What a great architector is nature! So proud and scary they stay hear...They will stay hear to the end of our era!"
Arambar went on . His future lays behind this mountains, and nobody knows what future will find him there...
Lightfoot smiled a bit, relaxing in the sun.
"Getting into numerous scraps, injured a lot, so, just about the same as ever."
She smiled and laughed some, stretching her arms behind her head.
He wandered on and on, till the sun began to sink westwards- behind the mountains. Their shadows fell across Arambar path, and he looked back then looked forward and could see before him great scenic:dark shapes of the mountains were as black as the darkness gloom, but sun on their background looks like some jewel that couldn't be made by human hands, some sky miracle, which was given to earth by heavens, that what is so.
Till midnight Arambar went to the beginning of the mountains.He found small cave and had camp there till the sunrise...
As dusk began to settle Zephrah lit a candle, and ventured out doors again. Now that her work was finished, she had some time to herself. One of her favorite places were the gardens, of Rivendell, especially at dusk! This is where she went now, just to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet that was in those gardens.
Lightfoot stood up in the dusk, then turned to Ala for a moment.
"I'm going to go take a walk, you are more than welcome to join me."
She turned and went off towards the gardens.
Ala nodded and followed Lightfoot, walking silently alongside her, observing, then spoke.
"So, what sort of mission is this that you're calling us here for?"
Lightfoot stopped, then picked up a rock and tossed it over her shoulder at the nearby Merry, scaring him away. Then she turned to Ala.
"An ill power rises in the East. King Elessar himself is even here to hold a council on what to do."
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