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I was looking through the roleplay section and i saw that the more popular storys were set in an inn of some sort, then i thought hey why not a wedding story that people can take up the roles that are ina wedding for example; the bride and groom, father of the bride or the reverand.
I have a good knowledge of weddings, as most of my family work at weddings; making wedding cakes and photographs (profesional) so i came up with a list of roles that you all could take a part in:

Groom - Elessar Lossehelin
Bride - Ithil
Reverand - Miruvor
Mother/Father of the bride - Eruwen (mother) and ???
Mother/Father of the Groom - Icefangs (mother) and ???
Grandparents maybe? - Elen (grandmother) and ???
Bridemaids (how many depends on the bride Orc Grinning Smilie ) - wife of best man who is ???
Pageboys (optional) ???
Bestman - Iesseus reyndous
Maid of Honour - Cloveress
Ushers - Etharion (there can be more)
Ringbearer/Evil Twin - Turgon Linwelin
(A new character) The Organ Player - Elrose

If you can think of anymore, could you put it in, but these are the main parts.
If you name your part before anyone, then the part is yours and say who you are!
I dont know how well this going to go but i think that its a good idea
Im making my part up so its not real!! Orc Grinning Smilie
hope ya like it

Name: Elessar Lossehelin
Age: 23
Part: Groom
Height: 6ft 1 inch
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Deep Blue
Bride: unknown Orc Going Huh Smilie

i wanna be the bride! :P
k mayb not...

name: Elrose
you can call me mistro
postition: oraganist/person who objects to wedding when the priest asks if any one does ("come on! how can you marry that?
age: ageless :P
dressed in annoyingly bright colors
I'm too shy to apply for bride...especially when the groom is supposed to be blonde...sorry, but people nowadays always put "blonde" and "gorgeous" and "dumb" together.

Name: Cloveress
Position: Maid of Honour
Appearance: Green eyes, dark hair, dressed in a light green gown.
I'll join Smile Smilie

Appearance:Red eyes,All black clothes
Personality:Always does dumb things and jokes around.
Hair:Long white hair with red streaks
Name: Miruvor
Age: 53
Part: Reverand
Height: 185 cm
Hair Colour: gray
Eye colour: brown
well 2 outa 3 ent bad (by that i mean blonde and gorgeous coz i did think of this thread so im not dumb haha) i am honoured that you are my best man Sakugi, i need a bride im so very very lonely!!! A random person maybe, Ithil for instance haha
The reverand, the best man and the maid of honour had finally arrived. Even the annoyingly objective person in bright colours had arrived. Guests were milling in the grand hall, and some (including Cloveress) were gazing hungrily at the huge wedding cake, fiddling with their fine suits and gowns, or just yawning. Cloveress stepped lightly to the groom. "Elessar, exactly when is your bride coming? She's already two hours late."
(i'll be the bride Wink Smilie
*starts to play organ*
"Elessar!!"shouted Saguki as he ran through the doors and jumped into Elessars arms.He got down and said,"How ya been man?"
Cloveress sniffed prissily at Saguki's entrance. All that hugging, their suits would be all wrinkled, ugh. She adjusted the flowers in her hair and rearranged the large number of bracelets she was wearing. Then she looked at Elessar pointedly, annoyed about the interruption, and also slightly annoyed that neither of the two men paid her much attention.
'Im fine man, im abit better now that you are here!! thanx i needed it. You know what im quite upset that she is late have you seen her, my heart is beginning to sink to my feet, but at least i have 3 people who can give me support although the organ man is playing the funeral song, that doesnt help' slowly he sat down in a chair and smelled the orchids set beside him.
Meanwhilst, Reverand Miruvor witnessed the warm exchanges between the groom and bestman, and chuckled a bit about the lack of attention the maid of honour was apparently experiencing.

"If the bride doesn't arrive soon", Miruvor thought by himself, "at least we'll have a replacement. Apparently the Bride's a bit too busy with killing Bill for the moment."
Saguki saw the maid of honor and he bent down and kissed her hand.He saw her blush a little and he said,"So my lady what is your name.It must be a beautiful name to go with that beautiful face of yours."
Name: Adelaida (retired general)
Part: Grandmother of the bride
Age: says she's 21 although the groom's grandfather says she was celebrating her colonelcy when he was 10, but that is blatant lie!
Height: 5ft 2 inches (and a bit less in width)
Hair Colour: dark chestnut
Eye colour: green

*enters and says*:
"It's all right guys, the bride is ready! She only has to wash her hair,have her manicure and make-up done, and then if she calms down a bit and stops kicking everyone and shouting "Let me go to Africa", they'll manage to put that dress on her and drive her here. Just a couple of minutes!
Maybe we'll begin the party?"
*takes a glass of brandy and drinks it at one draught*
Cloveress felt her prissy air vanish immediately as this gallant young man looked into her eyes. She averted her gaze and saw Reverand Miruvor winking at her. Only then did she find that she was had been standing there tongue-tied. "Oh, er, sorry, I'm Cloveress. What's, what's your name?"
"well i hope she wants me to go to Africa as well coz we are going there for our honeymoon, anyway, so you are the legendary Granny of my bride to be (although i dont know who she is yet?) ive heard many great things about you my grandmother in-law to be" and gave her a huge hug and a peck on the cheek. he then turned back to his chair and looked over at the best man flirting with the maid of honour, looking in puzzlement and muttered, "hang on hes married, you sly dog!! good job his wife isnt here, coz shez one of the bridesmaids!! hehe"
*hey... have I been kinda asked to be the bride? Wink Smilie well, what a big part... but as noone else seems to want to do it and I don't want to let the poor husband down... I'll be the bride*
name: isis - no comments, I'm tired
part: bride
age: something younger than her granny, but don't ask for a woman's age...
looks: dark hair, grey eyes, not too tall

suddenly a rather excited voice from behind the door shouts:
"ok, I'm ready... so sorry... but now bill's killed, and we can get started... could the organist please play the right song?"
As the Rev witnessed the Bride's rather nervous entry in the chapel, he strolled up to the maid of honour and said to her : "OK, the bride has arrived, but where is the bride's father? Who is supposed to give her away?"

After this, he walked up to the best man and said to him : "My son, could you please stop distracting the maid of honour? I'm only planning on doing one wedding today. And by the way : have you noticed that your fly is open?"
The mother of the bride stood up with an air of indifference, slightly sticking her nose in the air. She had the name, ’Lady Kennedy,’ and the groom was to provide the money that the aging aristocratic family had been lacking recently. Her straight, silver hair was cut into a precise bob. Not one hair was out of place. The neckline of her violet, satin dress plunged down to reveal an ample chest. The jewels on her fingers and chest sparkled, matching the flare in her deep violet eyes, which stood out even more due to the fact that her skin had a deep, olive tone.

She raised her eyebrow as she heard her daughter about to enter. She was annoyed once again with her daughter’s lack of refinement. Where did she get it from?, she thought to herself. Must be from her father's side of the family.
Cloveress quickly turned away from Saguki. "Yuck, married men flirting with chaste young women in front of their wives' faces!" she thought disgustedly, wearing an expression close to Lady Kennedy's. She noticed the Rev standing behind her asking for the bride's father. "Oh, he's always obliged to be late. It's where Isis gets her lack of punctuality from." The bride had just entered. "Isis, you're finally here!"She embraced her. "There were rumours that you were going to play runaway bride to Africa again."
I have taken the liberty of showing who is who at the beginning of the thread, ill do so everytime a new character has entered themselves into this blessed event!!
"daddy's having some drinks somewhere, I guess. better make sure you still got your sacramental wine...", isis said to the reverand, noticing just then that he was already occupied with other problems. turning to the maid of honour she said, "that's what I intended to do... granny wouldn't let me go. *grummle* don't worry, I'll stay now..." she looked a bit pale and obviously tried to seem cool and calm. "where are my bridemaids??? no wedding without a bridemaid... oh lord... mum's here. why is she here? do you think she already saw me? can I still turn round and fly? she makes me so nervous... ok, got to remember my yoga exercises..."
Saguki walked over to Elessar and whispered in his ear,"Ohhh man she is smokin yaaayaaa!!"He walked back to the maid of honor and flirted with her more."So you looking for a manly speciman to be with."
Name: Etharion
Age: 20
Part: usher
Height: 184cm
Hair Colour: brown
Eye colour: brown

Can i join in? And whats a pageboy??
*Granny Adelaida stands a little way away and looks at everything happening*
"Ah, arrived at last!! She's always late, that thoughtless girl! I always told them - she will get discipline in the army, but those from her mother's side of the family always said "No,no, the girl must be refined!"
And what do we have, I ask you?? She doesn't even notice her dress sits crookedly on her!
And my stupid son doesn't care even now! Where is he, I wonder? I always said - he will get discipline in the army, but that boring woman, my mother-in-law, what did she say? "No,no, the boy will be an artist!"
And what do we have, I ask you?? He's DRINKING, again drinking somewhere!!!When he has to give away his daughter!!!
And,Isis, my girl,Where are the bridesmaids you ask? Don't you remember what you were doing yesterday on your hen-party? I was surprised you woke up today! Don't drink alcohol anymore!"
*she says and drinks another draught of brandy*
"And that guy, the groom, I see him for the first time and it seems to me he isn't disciplined at all! He must serve in the army. I'll think about that!"
Elessar looked up to Saguki and answered " yeah she is fine looking man, but nothing compared to my beauty of light" as he peered through the blurred glass at the bride waiting for her dad to stop being some crazy drunk who has no name!!! "do u no where my mum and dad is i have no family on my side? or sister or even a granny?" but i cant believe im getting married in a few minutes or longer, ill never forget the day we met i was at my 5th year of Army service and......"
Cloveress glanced at the best man in front of her and cleared her throat, as ladylike and primly as she could. He was rather striking, and very manly, she could tell, but the way he was looking at her made her nervous. She was not used to being flirted with. So she said airily, "I'm off to get another drink. Wish you luck in Africa, guys!" and practically ran over to the tables where granny was with the drinks, putting as much distance in between them as possible. "Alcohol, why not?"
Name: Turgon loss’helin
Age: 23
Part: Evil Twin Brother of the Groom and ring bearer
Height: 6ft 1 inch
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eyes: Deep Blue
A Dramactic Entrance Caused by elessar's evil twin turgon

Turgon Bursts through the side entrance of the church spreading dust and knocking over the reverand as he enters.
Sorry im late but i was looting Moria "How u doing, I cant believe i missed the Stag night. but i had to ride all the way being chased by the balrog" while he is brushing the smoke off his tuxs.
"well itz about time evil twin brother, i needed those rings so you can give them to my best man so he can give them to me!!!" sighing as he finished, and walking over to the reverand he helped him up slowly asking if she was ok. "i really hope that she wont take any more time waiting, well at least i have one member of my family with me, not a good one but at least one"
Saguki walked over to introduce himself to Turgeon."Nice to meet ya mate.Im Saguki Masukagi.And you are?"said Saguki holding out his hand.
isis was testing if she could kill her mum and granny by looking furiously at them. just when she had almost succeeded turgon burst in. she confusedly looked at him. "I didn't know there were two of them... hey, elessar didn't tell me anything about his family at all...", she thought.
then she looked around quickly. "daddy", she muttered desperately. "I should have left my family at home, too. it's just embarrassing..."
Cloveress drank her fifth glass of champagne, ignoring a glare from the granny. She surveyed the evil twin with critical eyes. He seemed in quite a mess. Urrgh, look at that dusty suit. Itwas even worse than the best man, who had been walking around with his fly open...
"im turgon" wheezed turgon as he shoke his hand(squeezing very tightly).
as he turned he caught the glance that cloveress had been giving him, he gave her a tiny smile while watching her refill her keg of champagne, wondering whether she had brought her own glass, or that he to could get one like it
On hearing the moans from the bride's family, he slyly escaped from amonst the crowds of people who he had never seen before and asked Elrose to start playing the wedding song to get the ceremony to start and prevent Turgon from taking advantage of Cloveress in her drunken stage of the day (it could be the last drunken stage?) he walked back to his place in which his bride will be walking to and stood waiting for everyone to stop the drinking and take a seat, he seemed to be sweating in the heat of the atmosphere.
Cloveress smiled and handed a glass of wine to Turgon. Isis was staring at her, so she decided to drink no more. It would look terrible if the maid of honour wobbled. She dutifully took a seat by the bride's family and made a resolution to avoid the groom's lot. They all looked a bit soppy.
feeling kinda glad that her maid of honour had left the champagne to the other guests, isis took a deep breath and then turned round to get a glass for herself. drinking had been a kinda tradition in this family for generations, maybe that was the only thing they all had in common.
Saguki walked over to the beverage table.He couldnt find what he was looking for and he walked over to Elessar and asked,"Hey where is the bloody rum!?"
The reverand, disgusted by the bacchanal the guests had started even though the wedding had not even begun, finally decided to refuse to wed the couple, considering the moral unsoundness both they and their families had been brandishing.

"O tempora, o mores", the Reverand muttered whilst collecting his bible and choir boys, and left his desecrated church to its subhuman content of drunken satyrs and deviant maenads.
"i told you before we left Saguki i already prepared your rum bottles the night before i dont know who could have taken them, i think that Cloveress may have taken them i csan understand now why she had to take a seat" he whispered in confusion. On seeing the reverand leaving he quickly limped over to him and pleaded "please dont go ive been waiting for her to say yes to me for 2 years and i really want the day to go right she's too beautiful to be let down. PLEASE dont go ill escort my evil twin brother out if he's bothering you, please!!!!" s
taking his hand he waited for his response.
noticing that both reverend and groom had vanished the bride now really started to worry about the wedding. "why's it always me those things happen to?", she sobbed, sitting quite lost in a corner of the room. "maybe elessar has decided he doesn't want to marry me when he saw my relatives and already sent the reverend home..." she got another glass of champagne and, having a look through the room, took a glass of carrot juice [:p] and went over to Cloveress.
Cloveress was feeling a bit sleepy from all that drinking, but she tried to comfort the upset bride. "Now, now, Isis, I'm sorry about the bad behaviour all of us have been portraying, but you can't say that Elessar doesn't love you! He's been waiting for you forever. Remember that day when he was trying to convince your dad to consent? He had to drink five bottles of beer with your father to get him drunk enough to say yes. He didn't tell you, but I heard he spent the next day shut up in his washroom." Cloveress took Isis' hand, "You're the luckiest lady in this room right now."
After dragging the reverand (with much care) he returned to his place and wondered why isnt anything going on, the organist is playing and everyone is standing around 'this is our wedding day' he mumbled 'have they no respect?' because polainly people only came for the drinks, he had tryed to be nice but he appears to have failed with the socialism so he turned and sat at his chair next to the reverand and taken a deep breath.
isis looked at cloveress doubtfully. she was glad to hear those reassuring words, but still she was afraid she had lost elessar now.
"*sob* is that true? oh, poor elessar, he's too good for me... *sob* look at all he has done to make this day happen... *sob* and look at what the day became... *sob* he doesn't deserve that... he deserves better than me and my horrible family! maybe he became aware of that today and is off with another one now... *sob* oh, look at my makeup... I certainly look horrible now..."
Saguki saw the fake smile ion Elessars face and Elessar had been waiting for this day for a long time."Im not just gonna stand around and do nothing.."he mumbled to himself.He stood up on the alter and yelled."Hey morons!How bout you all shut up and sit down for Elessars wedding or Ill hang you me self!!!"he looked angery and everyone became silent."Thank you."he said softly.
Cloveress took advantage of this silence to drag Isis out from the little corner she was hiding in. "Come on, look at Elessar, he's not running away. This wedding will go on beautifully. I can see the guests are not very perturbed by the Rev's behavior. Really, this is all right." In reality, the guests were not all right, and Cloveress could imagine thousands of reasons for Elessar to hate his in-laws. She caught sight of Elessar looking frantically for his bride, and beckoned to him. "See? He was looking for you."
isis looked at elessar with tears of happiness in her eyes. "so he doesn't want to leave me! he's such a darling, isn't he? oh, thanks so much for everything, cloveress! I got to get my wedding veil... oh, I'm so excited..." isis embraced cloveress and then ran out towards her little dressing room.
"oh so ur gonna hang me are u suguki; i would love to see you try, sit down shut up and lets try and have a nice wedding right reverand." said turgon in a very powerful voice. "elrose start from the beggining will you" turgon sat down giving a look of pure lothing to suguki.
"Maybe you should get your ears checked Turgeon because where did you hear me say'Im gonna hang Turgeon'?"said Saguki with a look of rage on his face.
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