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isis felt the rev definitely left too much time for people to object to the wedding. wasn't it time to go on with the ceremony? she got a bit wound up again and slowly had the feeling she could do with a psychiatrist. she half replied to Cloveress' smile noticing that her expression also was kinda strained. understandable.
Cloveress noted Isis' discomfort and spoke out. "Well, I guess nobody has any objections." She shot a piercing "what-in-the-world-are-you-two-doing?" glance at Turgon and Saguki who were standing at the altar and muttering to each other. "So why don't we go on to the ring part?" She put on her best smile while facing the audience but her eyes were venomous when they settled on the two men at the altar. She turned around to face them. "Stop acting like idiots! Isis and Elessar are waiting to get married!" she hissed at them.
uh cloveress i dont have a wife that is why i wuz flirtin with you and so wuz turgeon.
Saguki smiled at Elessar and assured him."Dont worry mate this is going fine and at the after party who knows i might find my lover."
oh, ok. why didn't you say so earlier when Elessar said you had a wife who was one of the bridesmaids? Oh well, everyone just forget about Saguki's "wife". But anyways, I get it, you're single. OMG! Now I have to choose between you and Turgon??? Orc Sad Smilie nvm...I've got it worked out...

Cloveress held out the rings to Elessar and Isis and waited for Turgon to resume.
whispering quietly he said to Cloveress 'i mumbled it under my breath how did you hear it? haha, turgon aint the type of guy you want to get serious with, his evil, wierd guy, and turning to Turgon he spoke soflt but harshly 'get on with it, it stirring things between my frends, yes MY FRENDS, show some respect and marry us already.
Cloveress held up the rings and winked at Elessar. "I'm such a great psycologist people think I'm psychic. But I've yet to figure out the characters of your best man and your evil twin, as you put it."
"sorry about the delay im just biteing my lip to make sure that i dont hit the bestman" said turgon in a threatening way.

he smiled at isis and said "im sorry for any extra stress i might have put you under"

turgon gave his own brother elessar quite a harsh stare and turned to him and said "what do u mean weird and im trying to go good or at least better then i was. Im at the wedding arent I, and not only that but im giving the cremoney; also I think cloveress likes the idea of an adventure.

(ive also been a bit busy with physics and stuff but im bak for a little while)

"i guess thats a no to any objections, but i dont think the bestman likes the idea of anyone else being happy."

"ok then how about we get on with the wedding cloveress may i have the rings" he said with a rare apologetic look on his face.

"And saguki i think u should take some of the advise you gave to others eariler and sit down a shut up." he said now glaring right into the eyes of saguki. he then whispered to him "lets not cause anymore difficulties for the bride and groom and we will sought this out later."
Cloveress held out the rings again and bit down a laugh. Turgon was glaring at Elessar and Elessar was, well, obviously glaring back at him. And they looked the same! But she tugged at Elessar's sleeve in a warning fashion and lowered her voice "Uh, Losse, y'know, I don't think it's a good idea for you to beat your brother up as you usually do...or was it the other way around? Gah I could never tell you two apart when you got into fights, but back to what I was saying...Do you want to get married or not? Please don't spill oil over an already seething flame..."
(taking the rings from cloveress who seems to be doing best at stopping this wedding from turing into a brawl) he turns to the bride and groom and says "do u have your vows prepared".
(hellooo, hope you all had a nice week, I've been busy at school, sorry, but, hey, it's Christmas tomorrow!!!!! Orc Grinning Smilie )
by now isis was about to faint. at least her husband in spe should get out of the church without any serious wounds. but then she was glad to see the wedding seemed to be going on.
whispering gently he said to Turgon 'sorry ole chum, the tension is killing me, im sorry' saying that he turned to each person standing by him.

Telepathically he said to Cloveress 'im not a brut that goes around hurting any ole person, hes the evil twin and im being called the one who beats people up haha ull get to know me better after this is over, hey arent you coming over to Me and Isis's house when we get back from the honeymoon? well we can really get to know eacother, well you are my gorgeous girl's best friend!! haha'.

'okay the vows, shall i go first darlin' or shall i give you the pleasure, gorgeous bride first or shall i let you go last so that people can remember yours more better haha, what do'you think? whispering to Isis to break the unbearable tension.
Cloveress was secretly thinking to herself how very confusing and inconvenient it would be if you were married to someone who had an identical evil twin...
"just go first, dear, I'm so excited...." isis looked over to him smiling sweetly.
"Go on dude say your vows before someone decides to object the marriage."whispered Psy nudging Elessar.
Turning to Isis and taking her trembling hands he said sofly, 'throughout all my life ive waited the right girl to fall in love with and I know that stealing is wrong but you've definatly stolen my heart. I swear that i will hold you when you are down, i will be with you always whether in good times or bad times, care for you when ill, protect you from whatever attempts to hurt you, i love you more than life itself, and would be willing to give up all i have to be with you for just a few precious seconds. I will never let go' and gave a slight smile and looked slightly around to see if that was alright and winked at Isis and squeezed her hand gently.
Cloveress smelled her flowers and sighed happily. Isis was pretty nervous, she noted, but that was only normal. She imagined if she had been the bride of a wedding where only two members of the groom's family had arrived and all her own relatives did nothing but drink and the reverand turns out to be your fiance's evil twin...and everything else. Cloveress shivered. Getting married was not easy.
wiping a tear from his eye turgon handed a ring to ellesar saying "place this ring on isis finger to signify the bond that you two share with eachother."
Lily wrung her hands in her lap, smiling and trying to not to sob; a loud, high pitched sob would sound too good right now. Her smile became a grin as she heard her sweet son pledge his love for this darling girl. She grinned when she saw how her other son was currently not misbehaving...

Sorry I haven't checked in a while, I've been
Taking the ring from Turgon, he taken Isis's still trembling hand, he slipped the ring (not too harshly) on to her finger and smiled at her and waited for Turgon to introduce Isis's vows. Then looked across to his mum and winked as he saw her holding back her 'sobbing' Smile Smilie
Cloveress smiled as she, too, tried to stop her sobbing. Oh how she was really starting to understand why those soppy women cried whenever a man and woman got together...
As Lily sniffled quietly, holding a hanky near her nose, she glanced around the chapel. Almost everyone had taken off their shoes, there was a mad usher running around, screaming about things she really didn't care to know of, Turgon and Saguki were both hitting on the maid of honor. What a lovely wedding picture this would make....
RaneLera- crazy drunk woman ( only appears once)
personality- too drunk to know, but most of the time very crazy but nice
appearance- unbrushed brown hair with blue streaks, and wearing a potatoe sack stolen from the allie.

Out of nowhere a mad drunk woman runs into the Chapel flailing her arms and screaming something about getting crazy with the cheese wiz! She runs around to the front and trips over something in the floor. She gets up and yells at the floor behind her as if she were scolding it for her fall, and quickly runs out of the side door.
"Oh dear!" Cloveress looked at the drunk woman. She glanced around and sighed. Just how many people were not alcoholics here? From the way Turgon and Saguki had been acting, she was quite prepared herself to ingest a certain amount of alcohol...but for the moment, she concentrated on smiling and not weeping.
"well that was unexpected" Losse said to himself shocked as that 'unusual occurance' lasted only about 3 secs. Then chuckled to himself, he needed to either laugh or break down, im sure that people would agree that he chosen the right one. Then looked at Isis waiting for her to say her vows.
having just wanted to start speaking Isis now looked round quite wildly. then she turned back to look into Elessar's eyes. a little reassured she then slowly spoke. "from the first moment I saw you I knew I only wanted to be with you, and with every moment we spend together this feeling grows stronger. every second you are near me is more valuable than any treasure in this world. I shan’t ever let anything come between us. I am ready to give anything to keep you from harm. I’ll never leave your side, whatever come."
"place this ring on Elessar finger to signify the bond that you two share with eachother." said turgon giving the ring to isis.
she now trembled even more than before, but slowly took the ring, careful not to drop it, and then took elessar's hand to place the ring on his finger, which took her considerably long because of her trembling. then she looked at the ring for a few seconds before she looked up to meet elessar's eyes, finally being all smiles.
Lily jumped up as the crazy woman dashed through. "After all this solemnity, we needed a bit of excitement," she mumbled. Lil sighed and looked back at the altar where her son was still attempting to get married. She smiled brightly at him and sat back down. As Isis said her vows, Lily's eyes teared up once more, That's such a sweet girl Losse's found, she thought and remembered the first time Losse brought her home to meet mother...
Saguki just watched as his friend had the happiest look on his face he had ever seen.
"I want to say is that love is forever. Love never fails, said Turgon. Love, true love, Losse and isis, never ends. It lasts and lasts and lasts. Love, true love, is forever. And i think this stands for everyone here that we can all hope that your love will inspire us to find love in our hearts." he then smiles and thinks "thank god this mess of a marriage had a happy ending." He then turns to both isis and losse and says "congratulations"
Everyone was starting to chatter happily now. Cloveress congratulated the couple and winked at Isis. "Throw the bouquet, Isis!"
After Cloveress had congratulated them, Losse took Isis in his arms and kissed her and held her hand tight. 'we are finally husband and wife, ill treasure you forever my darlin' Losse said to Isis in amongst the cheering and held her hand even more tightly.
Lily jumped up and and let her tears when her son kissed her new daughter-in-law. She rushed to them, and hugged and kissed Losse on his cheek, "I'm so proud of you, son," she said happily. Then she turned to Isis and grinned. "It's so nice to finally you as part of the family, dear. I hope you two don't make yourselves scarce around my house, its so lonely with your father-" she stopped and sighed. "Nevermind that dears, I just wish you the best and many long years together," Lily finally said, silver tears dotting her cheeks. She hugged Isis and her son again and stood back, looking at them together.
isis smiled at her mother in law. wasn't she lucky to have such a wonderfully nice mother in law? isis figured Lily might like her more than her own mum did, as she seemed to be off to get some drink. looking over to Cloveress she remembered there was something important for her to do. she closed her eyes and threw the bouquet, trying to aim at a certain direction wishing for some very special person to catch it...
Cloveress watched isis throw the bouquet with pleasure, but she didn't even try to catch it, as the bouquet was not aimed in her general direction. But she hoped a certain someone else might get it...
Was it by magic, it seemed that time had decided to stop for a moment, Losse looked around wondering why it was takeing so long for the bouquet to fall, it was taking ages.

Cloveress: Congrats on getting runner up in the short story comp!!! Smile Smilie
Thanx Elessar.

Cloveress squinted to see who might catch the bouquet. "Funny", she thought to herself, "where did it land?"
Saguki was no where to be found when he came oput of of nowhere and jumped into Elessars arms,"Ya man youre finally married !"
oooh, come on!! someone got to catch that bouquet!!! I don't want it to end up lying on the floor...
Saguki looked at the bouquet falling and he hoped Cloveress would catch it and maybe just maybe..................

man every rp it seems like me and cloveress are hookin up and its weird and funny lol
Cloveress couldn't explain how the bouquet ended up crashing down on her head when she saw it sailing in the other direction with her very eyes. "Must be a change of wind..." she muttered as she plucked a leaf from her hair and smiled at everyone in the hall. "It must be a great stroke of luck for me." She inhaled the flowers' scent deeply. "Wow," she thought, "Now I know why Isis and Elessar both had that look on their faces at the altar. It was because of these flowers between them!"

And yes, Iess, we do make quite a nice couple, don't we?
"hey Saguki dont get any ideas shes to good for you and you know it" said turgon to him. He then looked at cloveress and thought how beautiful she looks and how the bouquet really suited her. He went up to her smiled and said "I dont think i introduced myself very well earlier. Im turgon."
Cloveress held out her hand and smiled at Turgon. "Hello, Turgon. Nice to meet you." She winked at Elessar, who was standing behind him. The music started, and immediately the guests began to chatter, eat and some even started dancing. Cloveress smiled again at Turgon, made a slight curtsey in Saguki's direction, and moved to where the fancy buffet was. The wonderful aromas had been pricking her all evening.
wait a cotton picking minute!!!! this church is the reception my word and no confetti!!!!! at least lets get to the proper reception therez too much alchohol in this church hahahaha
well we are out of the sacramental wine now and the buffet is full of bread so i think some people have got a bit mixed up with communion altar(is it er, or ar, i never know).

Turgon took cloveresses hand and said "shall we go on then" while steering her towards the door.
Cloveress blinked owlishly at the identical brothers. "Yes, I do thnk I must've had about fifty glasses more than I ought to have." She closed her eyes for a moment, just to try to remember things, and then cleared her mind and said sharply, "It does not mean, however, that I am clueless enough for you people to try and take advantage of me." But she still allowed herself to be led out by the brothers, with isis smirking beside.
Turgon turned to cloveress and said caringly(is this a real word and is it spelt right) "Im a gentleman and i am hurt by the implication that i might try to take advantage of you plus it seems to me like you can handle your drink very well. I would say dont trust that saguki though." He then turned to smile a saguki who had been behind them the whole time.
isis took losse's arm as they went out. she was wondering whom of the two fellows cloveress would marry. after all she had caught the bouquet. kinda.
"Ahh... young love," Lily said softly, watching as her sons escorted the two young ladies out the door. "It seems as though we might have another wedding yet," she whispered to the flowers she was standing beside, while her eyes lighted on Turgon and Cloveress. "Well, it seems as though its time to go home," she said and headed towards the door.
hmmm people are thinking that it's all over, Losse tapped Turgon on the shoulder and asked him 'can you tell everyone to leave the church and escort yourselves to the reception as planned and oh yes do please tell everyone to put on thier shoes now! Smile Smilie', (add a joke like 'because youve drank all the wine here, we all need to go somewhere else to get more alchohol something like that ok? Orc Grinning Smilie ) and continued to escort Isis through the doorsso that they may get ready for the reception, turning and whispering to Isis 'as a little wedding gift i had Cloveress help me pick out a beautiful evening dress for you to wear for the reception it's at my house, so let's get going Orc Smiling Smilie'
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