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isis blushed and stopped to embrace losse. "you're so sweet!", she whispered and kissed him.
Cloveress smiled as the newlyweds kissed. "Wait'll isis sees her new dress, she'll love it!" she thought. "As for gentlemen," she narrowed her green eyes, "I'm sure to find out sooner or later." She suddenly remembered that she needed to go home for something, so she nodded, smiled, twinkled, curtseyed her "excuse me"s to the party and headed toward the parking lot to get her car.
Heading to the car thats not right thought turgon but he let it go. "Can everone now replace their shoes and head on to the reception. We may have to wait a few hundred years for the cars to be created and arrive but we could walk its about a mile down the road."
Cloveress slammed her car door and reached around for her keys. "Where are-?" She put a hand to her head and groaned. "Oh no. I've just had too much alcohol. Now if I can just find my keys, I'll lock up and catch a bus..." She looked under the seats and almost banged her head on the wheel coming up. And all the time the key dangled from the keyhole on the car door...
"if you dont mind i could drive you home. The buses are never on time around here anyway." Said turgon saguki i suppose you dont mind taking the guest to the reception while i drive this fine (but slightly drunk) lady home."
Lily sighed as she fished the automatic door-lock from her purse, pushed the button, and grinned as the flashing lights of her dream car, the 69 lime green Mustang, brought a smile to her face, as she remembered the heck she went through to get it. With no kids a home, and currently no husband, Lily had to spend her time doing something, and she had saved and saved, until she could get her ultimate ride; it made her feel like a teenager again. She smiled in spite of herself once more, opened the door and slid behind the wheel. Cranking the engine, which purred like a kitten, Lily shifted into drive and drove out of the parking lot of the church, towards the reception and her son's, no, her son and her daughter-in-law's house.
"Oh okay," Cloveress suddenly felt wide awake. Hmm strange, she thought to herself, people seem to clear my head of alcohol. But what is he doing here? I thought they all headed to the reception place. She pulled the key from the car door and handed it to Turgon. "So that's where it was!" She grinned. "You should drive, even though I feel quite fine right now. I'll just tell you the way."
Being the gentleman that turgon woz he drove cloveress home. When he got there "If u want i can wait outside." Thinking that with the amount she had drunk even though she thinks shes fine she might very well be sick.
hmmm... this guy's not exactly the romantic type, thought Cloveress, but then drunk women are hardly the subject of romance. But out loud she only said, "Yes, thanks, you can wait here. I won't be long." She rushed into the elevator and got off at the eleventh floor. She opened the door to her apartment. It was neat and tidy, but she didn't even stop to smile at it. She grabbed her special wedding present for Isis and Elessar and was about to leave. Then it occured to her that she might want to change her clothes (she was quite a mess by now). So she changed into a deep forest green semi-formal suit. "Now I feel better. Oh yes, one more thing to do... " she drank some of that herbal brew she left in the kitchen. "Now that's even better!" The alcohol was wearing off. "Oh I don't want to keep a gentleman waiting, now do I?" She hurried downstairs.
Sagukim was sso he drunk he passed out and he woke up in the trunk of a moving car.He heard Turgeons voice."What the-"he was about to say when he heard cloveress's voice.'Aha hes trying to hide me so he can make moves on her.Ill start pounding so Cloveress will hear me' he thought and he pounded away
Now that Cloveress was not drunk anymore (that herbal remedy worked wonders!) she felt safe to chat a little with Turgon, although she didn't quite feel safe enough to resume the driving. Her senses were sharpened, of course. Men always alarmed her somewhat, and though she didn't show it, she was always tense and alert in their presence. And that's when she thought she felt something pounding in the back of her car. "Oh that's probably just the tired engine," she thought and didn't pay it any more attention.
As they went out of the door, horses and an open carraige was already prepared to take them to the reception (curtesy of Saguki) and he taken Isis's hand and helped her up into the back of the carraige and swiftly went round and got in the other side, Losse slightly waved his hand to the people who lagged behind taking pictures and sat down, then said to the driver, 'to our new house please and smiled at Isis holding her hand.
Turgon now slightly board after his wait got out and streched his legs. When cloveress returned he said "My god you look great" and being the gentlemen that he was ran round and opened the door for her, he than got in the other side to go to the reception. After about a minute. He heard a thud near the back of the car but by cloveress reation he thought that it might be a normal occurance in this car.
Cloveress was enjoying herself quite much. And apparently so was Turgon, because he accidentally drove past the Isis and Elessar's new house. "Hey, Turgon," she nudged him gently, "I think you've just passed our destination."
Turgon slamming the brakes on and swinging the back end round perfectly (but tried to ignor the thud from the back), smiled and said "oh yeah shall we go in and say hi first" he then continued to drive back to Elessar's and isis's house.
Cloveress climbed out of the car not without a bit of relief. Isis and Elessar were waiting for them inside. She went to the trunk to take the wedding present, and found a figure huddled in the back seat. "Hey! Who are you?"
Hearing a most peculiar screech, Losse rushed to the window and peeked out (nosily) to see what all the commotion was about and seeing that it was Turgon, he sighed saying 'Oh flip, what's does he want now? ooh theres Cloveress, well at least shes keeping him under control Smile Smilie' Going to the bottom of the stairs, he shouted up to Isis, 'Turgon and Cloveress is here, be prepared for something to go wierd okay!' and went outside to meet them and said to Turgon, 'what are you doing here?' then to Cloveress 'Great to see you but why are you here?'
"Don't look so disappointed we came," the Cloveress said, smiling. "I only came to give you a nice little wedding gift, which I'm sure you've been missing." She handed the wrapped box to him.

PS: It contains a complete sewing kit with two hundred and seventy-five different kinds of thread, one hundred and ninety-two kinds of hems and emboidery patterns, twenty varieties of needles, eight pairs of scissors, and comes with a gift package of a selected combination of beads, buttons, zippers etc.
"Wow what a boring gift" yawned Turgon. "I took a wrong turn and ended up here" he continued.
'why thank you, Cloveress, very thoughtful, not opening it though, it got to be for the couple to open it' turning to Turgon, 'It seems that you taken the turn accidently on purpose, when clearly Cloveress planned to come here to give us this gift??!! Anyway, is there anything else that needs to be done before we go to the reception?'

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Cloveress snorted at Turgon. "Wrong turn indeed! He almost crashed into your garbage can! But seeing as you've now got your gift, I'll be leaving." She glanced indifferently at the yawning Turgon. "And I had better drive this time, have you any idea where your brother lives?"

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Turgon Laughed "even i dont know where i live most of the time i was just planning on getting really drunk at chrashing at someones house or garden (or ditch)." but dont we have a reception to go to anyway.
Cloveress caught Turgon's arm and mockingly tried to steady him. "Are you sure you're alright, drunken lord?" She bid adieu to Elessar and pulled Turgon out. She got in the driver's seat and looked at the bemused man she stuffed into the passenger seat. "Where do you live?"
Well I think that wqeve spent too much time on this part of the story, sooo......

Bowing slightly to Cloveress, he went back inside and called her to see if Isis had gotten ready for the Reception and patiently awaited her reply.................
"sorry it took me so long, dear... I had to find new shoes... oh, and this dress is just marvellous, it looks wonderful. thanks so much, darling! by the way, have you got any idea where I put my handbag? the yellow one?", isis cried from some room on the first floor. then she could be heard running down the stairs and suddenly she stood before him wearing a most beautiful green dress and an extraordinarily extraordinary pair of earrings, smiling sweetly at him.

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Saguki jumped out of the trunk and ran up to the new house.He grabbed Turgeon by the collar and said,"Listen you,I know what youre up to and its not gonna work.Oh and Losse this is for you."He handed him a package with a glowing stone in it.
Staring up into her eyes, he smiled back and got lost (for the third time) in her eyes, and taking her by the hand, he said 'wow' that was really all her could say, then he remembered Cloveress helped him and then said 'I knew Cloveress would help me find the one that you would adore, we did great, but I never imagined you to look so amazing in it!!!' Thinking to himself he said 'where IS that handbag?' then to Isis he said 'shouldnt you have the flowers instead, it's still our wedding day?' At that moment Saguki came rushing through their house giving Losse and Isis the gift, opening it his blue eyes shon as the glowing stone shot out at them, 'its beautiful, um is my irritating brother still here?' Orc Smiling Smilie

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Cloveress rolled her eyes at Losse's reaction to his wife's appearance. Really, you'd think Elessar'd never seen a girl in a dress before. But then, few could've been as pretty as Isis at that moment. Cloveress saw the hanbbag on the coatrack and pointed at it. "The handbag's there, on the coatrack." She turned to the door. "I'll see you at the reception."
isis blushed, beaming all over her face, when suddenly Saguki ran over to Turgon and grabbed him. with a bit of a silly look she watched him, then, looking at the gift, she smiled again, "thanks a lot, Saguki, how lovely!"
seeing Cloveress pointing towards them she followed her hand and saw her handbag. "oh! there you are!", she muttered. "thank you for finding it, cloveress... I seem to be a little scatterbrained today... anyway, see you later!" then, turning to see the two guys making a fuss, she added,"oh, by the way, would you mind taking one of those quarrellers with you so as to keep them from killing each other? that would be sweet... we'll care about the other one."
"Yes, of course. I'll take the less violent one." She inclined her head at Turgon and glared at Saguki to make him back off. "Come on, you half asleep lump of pudding!" She pulled Turgon away and left the newlyweds to deal with Saguki.
"thank you so much for all your help! you're a real friend!", isis said smiling at Cloveress thankfully. then, looking at Losse, she smirked, "now, Saguki's yours to care for!"
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Turgon Suddenly being brought back from a daze he had been in for a little while and laughed "Oh Saguki, I guess it was you making that loud thud but just out of interest how did you get in there coz it wasnt me. Are you sure you didnt fall asleep in the boot and it closed on you. I mean you are a bit of an idiot."

Turgon then turned to cloveress and said "shall we go then," on the way to the car he turned back and shouted "see you at the reception."
(Murmuring under his breath) 'yes We get Saguki, poor Cloveress but she sems to be taking a shine to him anyways, we might be related anyway, Isis and her seem like sisters'. Turning to Saguki, Losse said, 'what were you doing in the back, well im glads your here' and to Isis,' Shall we....'
off we go!
The Cloveress snorted at her companion and started the car. "You're gonna be a pretty sight at the reception. Ladies will be swooning when they see you." She kept her eyes on the road as she said this, but that was partly because she had no desire to see the messed up state of Turgon's clothes and his languid expression. "here." She took out a comb from her pocket and tossed it to him. "Refresh yourself."
Waving them off, Loss remembered that the Horse Driver had been watching the hole thing and reassured him that if he doesnt speak a word of it to anyone, a fat big tip will be in his hand at the end Bad! Smilie the horse man replyed 'of course ill keep it quiet as long as you dont go back on your word ' and winked at him. Then helping Isis into the carriage and getting in himself said to the driver, 'To The West Malvern Manor please'
"Thanks" said turgon looking a tad shabby at the moment. He combed his hair with what must of been a very magical brush because all his clothes looked as good as new; and some how it had even managed to give him a shave.
"No problem." She kept her eyes on the road. "And we're here." She stopped the engine and looked at her companion. "hmmm.. you look respectable enough. Allons-y."
Tungon got out of the car, shut his door ran round to cloveresses side; and being the new found gentleman that he is opened the door for her. "My lady."
Cloveress got out of the car and took Turgon's proffered hand. As they walked to the door, she looked at him and smiled. "You're hungry." She let go of his arm. "I know you can't stand walking slow when the delicacies are so near. Go on!"
Turgon although ravished now and in need of food kept hold of cloveresses hand until he got to the door when he headed straight to the buffet at once. To which he forced himself to the front of the line. "Hey get out of my way"
Cloveress slinked over to a party of friends she knew and chatted a bit with them. It was feeling like the old days again, really.
After about 5 miniutes everyone heard the sound of hoves (possibly spealt wrong) coming down the drive and all went silent.
Getting out of the carraige Loss helped Isis dpown and walked into the hall, and in the dark hall all that were seen were dark shadows (as the lights are off) and they stepped through to see if anyone was there.....
Cloveress was, at that moment, giggling at a very funny joke one of her old schoolfriends had told her. Her face was red, and she lost her dignity for a moment as she felt her head slop onto the table, fortunately not on a plate or a cup. But she tried very hard to stifle the laughter between herself and her friends as the newlyweds came in.
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nothing much apart from Turgon has gone abit loopy for Cloveress and he looks very messy and a litle bit tipsy!!

Walking in with Isis (where are you Ithil, this thread is dying!!) and smiled as everyone cheered and and let poppers pop and people coming over to them, they walked in a little bit more and somone tapped on his shoulder in all the commotion...........

heres an opportunity to spice it up abit???
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Cloveress took another sip of green tea as she watched the people milling around the spacious room. Then her blonde friend nudged her and pointed out Losse, sighing with regret that he was married. "Oh come on, Alendis. You've known him for ages and swore you despised him..." Cloveress tried to tease her back to her senses. But Alendis put down her wine glass and left the table. Cloveress shrugged, "Oh well, there's one friend I won't be seeing again for a few months... She lives abroad now, did you know? ... Would you pass me the teapot please? These teacups are so tiny I feel inclined to drink right from the pot, seeing as nobody else seems interested in the tea... What's that? Oh don't worry about Alendis, she'll get better the moment she sees another handsome guy... I'd know, me and Isis had great fun with her in school...Oh and these marigolds look absolutely fantastic, yes...yes...oh and for burns too!" And so she chatted on with her remaining friends, just like the old days.
He turned around and there... the person who tapped his shoulder was...................

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Turgon's jaw dropped, with half a sandwhich in his mouth, he spat it out onto his plate
"Dad, I, we, we thought you were dead, mum told us."
To which turgon showing a large burst of emotion broke down into tears of joy.
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