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Cloveress' eyes were wide open . She tugged on her friend's sleeve. "Did I just hear Turgon calling that man dad?"
Saguki had been passed out for quite awile when he awoke and yelled at the top of his voice,"WHAT'S ALL THE BLOODY COMMOTION!!"Then he fell back down and mtioned for
Losse to come over to him..

Heyy Guys i havent been on in a while but its nice to be back.
Hey good to have you back Orc Smiling Smilie this thread hasnt been going on for a while as Ithil has dissapeared for a long while, i heard that she had computer problems but that was months ago Orc Going Huh Smilie

Turning around suddenly, Loss turned to Saguki and then to his dad, looked upon him and gave a puzzled look and went to Saguki and said 'good to have you awake now, but i would very much appreciate it if you would go to my 'father' and ask him what he wants and then ask him to leave'. Looking back at his 'father' Loss went to the head table at the end with his new bride.
Saguki nodded at Losse and went over to the man who was Losses father."Losse wants you out."said Saguki with a scowl as he flashed a dagger at the man."If you don't leave.I'll make you."
Great to be back!!Smile Smilie
And great to see you too!

Cloveress was now having tea (she decided alcohol was bad for her) with her pinky finger stuck out, and watching Saguki threaten the man who was supposed to be the groom's father. She noticed the puzzled look on Elessar's face and raised an eyebrow. "Oh well, I never." She traded glances with her best friend from high school.
"Leave NOW!" shouted Saguki as he punched the man in the stomach."So are you gonna leave now Daddy-O?"
"oh no u dont, hes not leaving until someone explains to me what the hell is going on."

Turgon, believed that his father had been killed many years ago.

"Dad where have u been."
Cloveress uneasily pulled on a shawl. It felt rather awkward to be witnessing someone else's family affair.
um i think this should be the point that someone plays the dad so que dad.
OOC is this thread still gonna go or is it supposed to die?
I guess i volunteer to be the grandfather.

Name: Aethar
Race: Dunedain
Age: 80 (which isn't old for a Dunedain btw)

Walks in wearing the usual garb of a ranger, tattered and travel worn clothes and cloak, all dripping from the rain.
OOC: Nice to see this thread going on again! I thought it had died, too!

Cloveress went over to Loss and gave him a reproachful look that said Explain this, groomie, before your wedding turns into some streetfight!
Name:Leelee of elven descent on both sides.
Hair, pale blonde
height, unfortunately only five feet four inches.
Position: scribe.

Oh dear oh dear, I was tied to the top of a tree by, well I don't know who. Was it a jest or was it so I could not record the wedding , or was it..........
Whatever the reason and whomever the blackguards I must say they need serious antiperspirant and a class in speaking without words.

But I am free, having been rescued as it were by a kindly travelling troup of elves who were on a journey to everywhere.
But look at my sparkling grey gown, two tiny smudges on it and it will irk me no end until I am home again and changed.
So........what did I miss?
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