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Oorenya linda tye-ceenien!

Tinwi Vinyaeldamaro

Amarië [eagle]

Ammornil [elf]

Arath [elf]

Beleg Cuthalion [elf]

Cloveress [man]

Clyryam of willowbottom [hobbit]

Curunir [elf]

Galin [elf]

Elanorraine [elf]

Estel [elf]

Eruheran TheCheesey [hobbit]

Grondmaster [dwarf]

Gwidor [elf]

Leelee [elf]

Loss [nazgul]

Manveru [elf]

Odette [man]

Oerath Windsoul [elf]

Sian [hobbit]

Morgoth the dark one [elf/ork/nazgul?]

Thinker [hobbit]

Thoarin Oakenshield [dwarf]

Turin [man]

Undomiel [elf]

Virumor [man]

Xaan [man]


May it be an evening star Shines down upon you May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true You walk a lonely road Oh how far you are from home (by J.R.R.Tolkien)
Welcome home!

Omentyelme alasse!

If you are an elf here is where you may share all that arouses in your heart.
elen silla lumen omantielvo!
Parkay, Porquay, Porkhay, Porkay...I never could get the hang of foreign languages. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I don't really belong here, I just didn't want you to feel all alone rattling around by yourself in this lofty Elven Guild Hall.
Thank You Master Dwarf!
To be honest I did not look for courtesy from a dwarf! The elven guild is open for all looking for the true things in life (friends, knowledge, other true things)! Hyvod!

elen silla lumen omantielvo (by Beleg Cuthalion)

Elen siila luumenna omentyelvo, muine hanno! I have to confess I was lost most of my hope to see one of our kin around! And yet you came! Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
Greetings from the shores of the sea!
Let not the weight of middle-earth bear down on you, for here we have a haven of joy and friendship.

Long last the elven guild! Smile Smilie
Luume anta avaanie... Long time has past since last I felt such joy in my heart!

Alassenyan! Let us sing onece again:
Hasstarenma Tyunvallya Meldera ve
lumbulla Gastaria Galand dir.
Gastaria fulminnar norienda derman
tusserda Kumballa.

Marbhesta i u er lin mastar Ethara.
Tasduviel Gastaria,
woimann nuquersta ellen maldar ostillian hen.

Inside the Mystic Hills,
Light is so beautyfull.
The light brights my eyes
And makes the Shadows leave.
The Trees always grow in Ethara.
And the starlight,
makes the power of the elves great.

(by Thassendhar)more songs here

Lennan. I will be back soon. Farewell!
Oh how beautiful. Somehow after reading your words I felt I had just awoken from a wonderful dream and found myself in a wondress flet high in one of the mystically noble and ancient trees of Lothlorien.
And when my eyes began to take all things in I saw face after exquisite face of our people smiling and waiting for me to enter into their gentle quiet conversation.
I could almost feel the breeze and hear the lay being recited.
Grondy, that is too funny, really.
A dream so real as life itself
comes to my heart in many lonely hours.
Then and there I can feel the strength
Of my brethren and sisters from the past.

It is good to know the natural way of our true life is not forgotten nor lost.
I had a glimpse in my own dream: "A fair lady walking trough my woods. Her hairs assembled under the cowl of her gray cloak. She walks but she can not see me. It looks like we are living in deferent times. And we do, for this is only a dream." I do not know why but that dream made me sad.

Is there hope left for us, here away from the undying lands?
The most popular race in PT looses rating level lately. Why do you think that is?
THEY ARE JEALOUS! that's why. elves are the most beautiful and wisest of all beings
elves are the most beautiful and wisest of all beings

...and, apparently, the most presumptuous.
Without Vee and Arwen Evenstar, I'm a lonely Nazg’l... I stalk the depths of PT ready to pounce on the vanity of elves as they stare at a mirror Orc Grinning Smilie *Leaves with a screech* Super Scared Smilie
Ha! I don't even own a mirror Big Smile Smilie!
Well elven guild how about a nazgul hunt? Big Smile Smilie
War is not the way of Elves. Even of us, the Dark ones. And they are right you know.
We shall not speak of our own qualities, but let the others deside by our deeds.
(Thouh I shall admit in my heart I share the opinion of Beleg Wink Smilie)

Nazgul, coasing no trouble, is not tot be hunted just for the hunt itself. How would you feel being chased in a dwarven guild? Paranoid Smilie

We shall stay together (us elves) for our own sake, not against the others. If war comes upon us we shall strike back, but we must not allow bloodlust to take our hearts.

Arath, you have said that for fun only, right?
Arath, you have said that for fun only, right?

Yea Big Smile Smilie
Ha! I don't even own a mirror Big Smile Smilie!

You can always borrow Galadriel's Orc Smiling Smilie.

I'm a nice Nazg’l really, though sometimes I can take delight in interupting certain Guilds Elf Winking Smilie

A Nazgul with sense of humor! Strange things to see around, wonder what the Master would have said if he had the chance to set eyes on this?! Dwarfs nice to Elves, Nazgul having fun in clear mind...

Hiisie toope i tier Eruiva
wonder what the Master would have said if he had the chance to set eyes on this?!
He would have said, 'Me Sauron. Me only have one Eye. It be at top of me tower. Me not happy with humorous Nazgul. Until pip-squeak Gollum brings me my precious ringy-thingy, Me can do nothing but wink and snort, and wink and roar, and wink and fume at distress Nazgul niceness causes me. Besides, me finger still hurts, stupid Numenorian expatriates. They almost as mean to me as stupid pointy-ears Elvesies.'
Stupid pointy-ears Elves are naming "the Master" the one who in languages of man would be "the Professor" (if one does not understand). Anyway though it saunded more orcish rather than dwarvish, it saunded more appropriate.

I am still standing on my opinnion: "The best of fantasy is that one can understand and apply it the way one wants".
Hear! hear! This stupid Dwarf totally agrees with your last statement.
I do believe the one you call Master would, if asked, consider himself a Servant. Elf Winking Smilie
It all depends on the point of view. This strangly cheerfull Nazgul may have his own opinion on who his Master is. I guess you could ask, or just light a fire in the fireplace and a fetch a few candles if you want him to leave. Jumping Flame Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
You can always borrow Galadriel's

Oh we had a little argument she wont let me near her mirror nowadays Big Smile Smilie
I'll give you peace of my own mirror. Last time when I looked in, it got broken in ten peaces.
I guess you could ask, or just light a fire in the fireplace and a fetch a few candles if you want him to leave.

Poor Loss
Anyway he's the only Nazgul and funny,SO no harm for US! Amari’ Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well, I'll just put on my fluffy bunny slippers then, to not wake the eye up, he was up most of the night taking his contact lense out. He has some trouble sometimes Orc Smiling Smilie

Most CMs are silent anyway Happy Elf Smilie. Ama swoops in quietly, I have my slippers and Grondy tries his best to not drop his axe to rattle the Elves to mutiny! And now that I think about it, there are no CMs that are Elves. It's the most popular, yet none of us are. I think Val maybe... Wiggle Smilie
Discriminated again...
If a elf was a cm pt would be full of mirrors Smile Smilie
And enough light for the reflections to appear. Animated Wink Smilie

Not that any reflectoin can present the true beauty of one's soul. But they say: "Healthy spirit in a halthy body", transcripted by my own as: "The more beautiful the soul is, the more beatiful the physical form appears."

Cheers for the uncommon beauty! Good and Evil Smilie
what are CMs?
CMs = Council Members = Those who take the burden to keep this place as beautiful and organized as possible, so that the rest of us can enjoy it.
Naly’ as meldi

From far and far away again
All the smiles of friends
I will be coming just to see
But if one day my feet
Can not make another step
I will come as morning wind.

From far and far away from here
I will be singing for you all
And if one day my voice is gone
I will send a bird at dawn
To sing one final song
That all of you can hear.

From far and far away since then
I will remember all my days
Spent in joy between the threads
And faceless, but forgiving friends.
For all in my own heart will stay
No matter where and when.

I was a hobbit but apparently a little Mithril will turn you into an Elf around here (strange times!).
It is the spark of your soul, not the shadow of your figure, that counts. Welcome in Vinyaeldamar! Here you can tell or ask whatever you want to share or know.

Your last journal "Sympathetic Vibrations" made me think on things I did not looked for or at least did not wanted to concern about lately.
In my attempt to further my understanding of english as more of a spoken language when up to till now i've only read it and such i've started listening to The wheel of time audiobooks Smile Smilie I've not actually read any book in a mont or so due to my eyesight which has been getting quite bad from all the white snow and the countless hours when i've had to work outside.
Has anyone else read the wheel of time?
I've now listened nearly the whole first book and im totally fascinated by this book Smile Smilie
I have not but now that you put it on focus I will look for it.
I have had the honor of reading the entire Wheel of Time series as written to date, due to the encouragement of some of our members. We still await the final one or two volumes because Robert Jordan, the author has died leaving an only an outline with which to finish them. A replacement author has been picked and is working on them. Here is a link to our P-T discussion thread about the Wheel of Time.

And now we have another Elf has joined this Guild.
I don't dare to klick that link untill you tell me its spoiler free Smile Smilie
Here is a link to our P-T discussion thread about the Wheel of Time.

I don't dare to klick that link until you tell me its spoiler free Smile Smilie

Click the link, skip to page 4, go to the bottom, and scroll up to Virumor's post of Friday 27th April 2007 (11:23pm). This will get you past the real spoilers. The wee bit of spoilers in the one post following there, is mere speculation and should not really mean anything to you, as most of the names you have yet to encounter; so you can just skim over and ignore it. Teacher Smilie

Mainly you should know that New Spring, is really the beginning of the story, though published later than most of the rest of the series. Here the main characters meet for the first time and Robert Jordan's experience writing the earlier books enabled him to better flesh them out and give you a better understanding of what makes them tick, as it were. I found first reading New Spring, helped me to better understand the rest of the series, when they were then read in the order they were published. Read Smilie

And now this Dwarf must take his Elf-friendly axe and pick and go mine the rest of the forum to see what gems he can find. Wiggle Smilie
You should read this click here... relaxing even to think about it...

Elf Smilie And what an ELFcelent idea! I did it - it works!

Thanks Arath!
you're welcome Smile Smilie
be carefull you might get hooked on it like I now have Smile Smilie
Yeah that's relaxingBig Smile my religion people do that but i haven't done it for year....... Look Around Smilie

there are no CMs that are Elves.By Loss

That's strange.
What is your religion, Thinker Eldameldo?
"What is your religion, Thinker Eldameldo?"

The sound of these words makes the big eagle glare suspiciously down the chimney. Surely this elf wasn't trying to lead the nice little hobbit into trouble? Nah... All creatures big and small knows the Rules of this land. It's probably nothing to worry about at all.

The big bird returns to gaze over the landscape while wondering if the roof structure was designed with great eagles in mind. Chicken Smilie
oh......sorry...... Big Smile Smilie
Sorry, not on purpose. Good reminder though.
No worries, friends. No harm done at all. Wink Smilie
Generous and forgiving as only an Eagle could be!

Your humble friend is pleased and honored. Happy Elf Smilie
Either that or she'll swoop down, grab you with her tight claws and leave you on a mountain of her choice Orc Smiling Smilie
Wary Smilie Would she? Question Smilie I like mountains, but hate flying.
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