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Thread: What is your favourite place on Middle-earth?

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I dear love Imladris and Lothlorien, the grandeur and all that, but I am an Elf with a slightly different bent. I am by nature a person who loves to have long periods of time alone with crafts or writing or creating gifts for others, but I also love to cook and bring lovely things to the table to delight my family. I love to hold the children in my arms, read to them, watch quietly friends and other guests as they eat and drink and enjoy themselves. So naturally I transfer my feelings to my Elven existance and I am stuck between my love of the Shire, the quiet beauty and order and normality of it, and my love of the exquisite and intelligent and high craftsmanshipe of Elven places.So I will pick Imladris but I will visit , if I may the Shire and seek out any folk who are not fixated on just filling their dear little faces with too many suppers or drinking or pipe smoking. Perhaps someone interested in flowers and a little Elven lore. Smile Smilie

I've always been deeply interested in Mirkwood (the forest), even the name fascinates me. It's surely a dark place, but I still love it. Smile Smilie - There I would just wander and battle against any foe that might cross paths with me.

And if it would be for Beleriand, in the days of old, I would've loved to reside in King Turgon's halls

I can only imagine how magnificent Gondolin really was.

Beorns Hall, the Carrock, and the surrounding realm that Beorn and his descendants  ruled over.

The second place I should most like to be at for extended periods of time is the Grey Havens. I would wrap my mantle tightly about me on a coolish windy day, pick a perfect spot high up and just sit and watch the mysterious deep water and look across the horizon and dream my dreams in my heart.

When or if we ever get the Grey Havens as a location here on PT I will move there right away. I can't imagine living a place where I can't see the ocean, I work for a company who design ships... I BELONG in the Grey Havens. 

In the Elder Days Cuivienen

In the First Age Nargothrond or later Gondolin

In the Second Age Dargolad to see the Last Alliance

In the Third Age Minas Ithil before its downfall and renaming as Minas Morgul

In the Fourth Age Minas Tirith

Well, you know, I love Rivendell,,,,I loved the way in the movie, Rivendell was in a kind of permanent Autumn..(do you say "fall" in the US ? ) reflect the fact that theElves are in decline in Middle Earth....and i love the ethereal feel of Lothlorien...(wasn't Cate Blanchett awesome ?...)...but , you know, my favourite place has to be Hobbiton....I though this was the brilliantly realised "set" in the know there is a moment , when the little hobbit children are running across he grass...and the camera kind of tracks behind them,,,,,& the chokes me up every time...

some people have that although the Shire is very has an appeal right across the world...and you , when you watch this...don't you just feel, this was the way life was meant to be... ?

I am all choked up now, so I have to,,,,

yes dear Am you DO belong at theGrey Havens. I cannot remember correctly perhaps, but when I lookeup those on the council, did I see you as a fellow Canadian and even better a beloved Neufie?  What  a gorgeous gorgeous province and to have anything to do with brings a tear to my eye.

We have three lakes here and they are awesome, but me, I am an ocean loving girl. Whenever I get the chance to be in Vancouver or Victoria I abandon all going to fine places in favour of walking the beaches when the winds are high and the rain is pouring down. It soothes my soul.

Please Taz, if you are not doing anything other than the million things you are doing for us, could you please please please give us the Grey Havens. I will give you all my mithril and not blink an Elven eye.

I don't understand why all of you would want to spend an entire lifetime at one place..however beautiful and peaceful it is.

Wouldn't you want to sleep under the open skies and hunt to eat and chance upon strange people and stranger adventures?Rivendell and all these places you all mention are so lovely but I'm sure they would get monotonous after a while.

So I still stick to being a Ranger.Oh,the possiblities of a winding road disappearing into nowhereSmile Smilie are a true Ranger....."The Road goes Ever on and on....."

I would love to visit the Shire. I would go to Bilbos place. And have some tea ( maybe he would be kind enough to put on a pot of coffee for a westerner). Maybe Gandalf would come over if he was in the area. Then we would go for a hike. To Rivendell next. Camp out under the stars. The road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the road has gone and I must follow if I can. Pursing it with eager feet until it joins some other way and whither then? I can not say. Yes it would be a lot of fun.

Oh yes, Sprodo...just think; we might meet Gildor & the wood elves; and they wood take us to their woodland glade & feed us with apples...(if I could grow apples like that, I would call myself a gardener.....!!)...haha....oh, shall we go there together?...come on!!

My friend Alana, I will take you up on this offer! I can't wait to see the elves again, and listen to their sweetest music. I can almost hear it now. Maybe some lembas, and apples too. Yes yes, this will be a fun journey.   "You go out the door and there is no telling where it will take you".   Let us hope for a good trip!    Would you like to bring anyone along? Or shall it be the two of us?

Hey, my good friend Sprodo...let' make it the just the 2 of us....are you any good at handling wraiths , though?.....only I am a complete wimp....haha....I fear before the end we may know more of these fell things than Gildor Inglorion...."May Elbereth protect us...."

To awaken in Cuivinien and wonder at all the beauty the Valar created and to ponder the sudden awakening by Illuvator would have been wonderful.

To see the hill Tirion in all its splendor...

To visit Nargothrond in the glory of its awesome prince...

Gondolin, there are no words to describe...

Menegroth with the overwhelming beauty of Luthien and the awe of Melian...

Hollin beside the Halls of Khazadhum at the beginning of the twilight of the Elves and the wondrous things made there...

Greenwood the Great, before the Shadow of Malice turned it to Mirkwood...

The Lonely Mountain at its height before the coming of the Worm...

All of these and more would I love to visit, The Grey Havens though, I am sure its was a sight to behold, but the melancholy would break my heart.  I have often wondered how many of the Firstborn looked wistfully back before turning their faces to the setting Sun.




Please dearest Taz, i know full well you are beyond busy, but when you have a moment could you please make The Grey Havens one of the places we can go to and reside or visit. ? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?

 I would gladly clean your room do you laundry and raise your allowance with buckets of mithril coins if you would just give us this wish.

I just wanna have the Misty Mountains back.... I miss my true home.

Forgive my selfishness dear Gimli, yes please Taz of our hearts, the Misty Mountains too if you please.(and Gondor and Dale and ......pretty please.

As long as I wouldn't have to sing or write poems I'd love to live in Lorien. I love forests, I love trees, I wouldn't mind living on them Smile Smilie If I had to sing, I'd move to Bree. Shire and Rivendell seem like a nice places to visit too.

I need to add to my earlier list.....

I would love to have seen Moria in its days of glory (and light)  perhaps while a feast was going on with say Celebrimbor and Galadrial visiting.  Can you imagine!! 

In LOTR Middle-earth, I would have loved to have seen Ost-in-Edhil in Eregion at the height of its power. And Lothlorien - those flets were so inspired!

But I think Gondolin would have been my favourite place in Middle-earth. Or Alqualonde beyond the Sea.

I cannot decide for just one place. The Shire would make me feel calm and let me forget about the rest of the Middle Earth. It's a place for living with no other worries than having your meal on the table every hour! Lothlorien is maybe my favourite because of the not only contact with the nature but understanding, listening those "voices" every living being have. Furthermore, it might be great to live with the wise Elves. Then Rivendell is also a nice place, very romantic and lovely! Fangorn forest... well, as you can see I always choose a place in which we can stay in peace with the nature and looking the world with other eyes.

Your thoughts? 

Elbereth, as much as I remember a lot of places in Middle-Earth, which are inhabited with good creatures stay connected to the nature in some way.

Are you sure you'd like to live in Fangorn? I don't think it would be easy for a human being. The forest has it's own rules, and the trees and ents are enormous!

I'd love to see where Radagast lived by the way. I'm sure I'd like it, there would be a lot of animals. I imagine him as a little bit crazy, maybe a bit like Bombadil, but more serious.

Yeah Indis, you are right Fangorn is not place for humans... Maybe for a quick visit like Pippin and Merry, I would like to see the trees talking to each other and if it would be possible, to drink some drops of the Ents beverage. I only one to grow a little bit, just some centimeters... haha.

Hey! has anyone tried to imagine Middle Earth in the actual world?

I've tried it but it's very complex. I only can guess that Edoras is in North Europe because the description of the Rohirim is like viking folk but my imagination cannot reach to place the other places and people (hobbits, dwarfs, etc.)

I would tend to place Dwarves in the Himalayas mountain ranges. As for the hobbit  they'd be in the Professor's beloved English country side. 

Yeah Thorin, you are right perhaps. I think Tolkien never could imagine how the readers of his books can be so curious... haha. And where do you think is Valinor and Mordor?  

I would tend to place Mordor in the Balkans. The reason for this is that throughout history many terrible invaders like the Hun originated from there. As for Valinor I would say that it only exists in our minds. However we man now and then catch a glimpse of it the real world when we for instance come upon a place where the natural beauty cuts our breaths away and makes us forget everything...makes us like the moment as it is....


Original post made on: Monday 2nd April 2012 (01:09pm); Edited by Thorin

I love your description of Valinor. Paradise exists in our minds... Our minds make our realities so if we can imagine such place we can build it!

I have thought about the Dwarves and there are still people living in caves (Turkey, South of Spain, etc.) However they don't own majestic houses in the rock, just a humble home. That makes me think about Jordania and one of those buried temples. One of them appeared in an Indiana Jones film.; that's a beautiful work of art in the rock. And Hobbits, yeah, I agree with you, the Shire could be England and the gentle hobbits farmers and peasants living in peace. Nice country folk!

Yeah, Shire is so closely related to England in my mind, that it is almost obvious choice. And Mordor is somehow Germany during the World War II for me - not because of my personal choice - I just read somewhere long time ago that somebody (sorry, can't remember who) tried to connect the Middle-Earth's map to Europe's map (during the time Tolkien was creating LOTR) and that's what the result was. I  remembered it because they also told that Poland (where I live) was related to Rohan - which made me smile, because I love horses Smile Smilie

Mordor = Germany? oh, no. I hope Tolkien didn't imagine such thing. I know there were other times, old times with wars in Europe and in the rest of the world too. But Germany, I love it! I've been learning German for years and been there for weeks. I like it so much! Nice people, wonderful places... saucy food I don't recommend. Nope.

So you come from Poland? Another country in my notebook for being discovered in my next holidays... Oh, God too many places to visit, too little time... even for an Elf like me. Hahaha.

Mordor is somehow Germany during the World War II for me..... I  remembered it because they also told that Poland (where I live) was related to Rohan - which made me smile


These two line are contradictory as it would place Rohan to the east of Mordor. Flipping the map over too will not work ass the Shire would be out of place. Moreover Gondor would have to be the land just before Mordor!

What a mess!!! Yeah, if Germany was Mordor maybe Poland and Czec Republic would be Gondor, Lorien might be in Hungary then and the Shire, Romania???!! No, definitely not. It cannot be. It seems everything a bit crazy. Perhaps Tolkien gave a description of every folk thinking about some country features but without a real location.

I truly believe Rohan was in Nordic countries such as Danemark, Norway, Finland or Sweden. They looked like vikings. For the others I cannot really make me an idea.

Sorry dear Middle-Earthiens but I must stop this here and now. To call any country Mordor or any other unpleasant or wicked thing is to upset the people that come from there and this is political whether we agree or not. So please be careful of your words or I will lock this thread.

Ok Leelee. I'm terribly sorry if I hurt somebody's feelings. It was not my intention. The last thing I want to say about this is that Tolkien wrote books inspired in his knowledge about ancient history and his own life too and sometimes we try to bring this fantasy world into reality and it gets out of our hands. Anyway, nobody might feel insulted.  We were just wondering or supposing for fun and not acting in bad faith. My apologies.

Not to offend anyone, but this is a good illustration:

Rohan is kind of in Germany/Poland, with the White Mountains as the Alps. Gondor is around Italy, which makes sense as it was partly based on Ancient Rome.

Thorin - that's only what I remembered, and I'm sure I remembered it well. But I never said that I believe it is a good concept, I just answered the question. I'm pretty sure discussions like that, with various results exist among Tolkien readers in every part of the Europe - regardless of what we think about it, and even if Tolkien himself probably  wouldn't appreciate it.

LeeLee - was your request to stop talking about it directed to me because I wrote something about somebody somehow connecting about Germany and Mordor? I was sure nobody will feel offended, because I wrote that didn't recognize the connection myself - and I simply don't remember the source of the original concept. Maybe that's why I shouldn't put it here, mea culpa.

Anyway, if anyone was offended - I'm sorry, I certainly didn't mean it. Maybe I didn't clarify it firmly enough , but I didn't want to portray Germany as any kind of antagonist in this discussion.

Elbereth you did nothing wrong. Such a thread should have come with a warning-no comparisons. People still hurt inside from the wars they remember and so it is the gentle and kind and thoughtful thing to do to simply talk of else. But you are a very welcome member and your posts are marvellous. enough said.

Thanks for your words Leelee. I feel much better now.

Let's forget about it and begin again with the true thread.

Which place do you find more beautiful? Rivendell or Lothlorien?

I would go for Rivendell! I fell in Love with the Rivendell used in the Movie! It was exceptional and I can only dream of my furniture being carved as wonderfully as those there! Also, I love the idea  of Rivendell being like a great library where you can find knowledge and the forgotten tales and histories of Middle Earth. Imagine yourself taking a scroll and sitting down quietly in the hall of Fire or some other quiet hall lit by candles and immersing yourself completely in it! How wonderful it would be!


Both of them of course Wink Smilie No, both of them are amazing but I always liked Lothlorien more, maybe because I prefer forests to gorges with waterfalls. Both places have amazing story to tell the visitors, but Lothlorien really is an ancient land. And I'd love to see mallorns - those trees would be magnificent! 

Dear Thorin the Rivendell of the movie is charming, romantic, a place to visit and stay forever. I loved it!

However as Indis says, I would also like to see Lothlorien trees and the most funny thing, I would be really happy living in them, among the branches. I prefer Lothlorien definitely.

Loth Lorien does it for me. I would love to visit to perhaps see a vision of Elvendome as it possibly looked in the first ages. A land without death or blemish, a view out over Mirkwood from the high lookout, and ultimately a sit down with some of the oldest beings on earth perched on the royal flet, high in Galas Gallithon.

How about earlier days?

I'd chose to visit Doriath and Gondolin. Doriath - because I imagine it to be very safe place, with the atmosphere similar to Lorien (but more ancient, powerful and wild). And after reading about Girdle of Melian I'm curious how does it feel like, to be in a place where a powerful Maia lived and among first  Elvish children of Illuvatar. Gondolin would be amazing too - maybe I would have the chance to see those magnificent Eagles?


To stand atop one of those magnificent turrets, breath deeply of the cool, fresh air, have the wind blow around you, see the beautiful mountains mixing with light clouds, to perceive the marvelous plains surrounding the city. Ah, it is for me.

~Wen be one of the elder chidren of wake beside the waters of Ciuvienen...and to open your eyes..and the first thing you see are the stars of Elbereth.....aahhh..

RivendelI  or Hobbiton because both would be so peaceful

Beloved places, many.  Perhaps the most... Cerin Amroth, as experienced by Frodo when the Fellowship arrived in Lothlorien.  Magical hill out of time, where we step once and stay forever, even after we have long been gone...

Not exactly in Middle-Earth, but in Aman: when the Teleri arrived in Eldamar, "...walked in the waves upon the shore with their hair gleaming in the light beyond the hill.  Many jewels the Noldor gave them, opals and diamonds and pale crystals, which they strewed upon the shores and scattered in the pools; marvellous were the beaches of Elendë in those days."  

If I were to die and go to Heaven, this would be it.

Wonderful choices Marghana.
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