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Thread: What is your favourite place on Middle-earth?

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Northern Ithilien, and most of all Henneth Ann’n. I'm surprised I'm the first to chime in there!

(The leaves of the beeches breathe
The sparkling air of day's awakening.
The birches spread the buds of leaves
For the small singing birds to linger there.
In Ithilien, land of the tuneful waterfalls
Wandering-together heals my beloved.)


*runs away cackling as all the Quenya folks scream in agony*
I just love that little poem. did you copy it from somewhere or did you make it up. Elf Smilie
I'd have 2 say the Treegarth of Isengard. "From Deeping-coomb they rode to Isengard, and saw how the Ents had busied themselves. All the stone circle had been thrown down and removed, and the land within was made into a garden filled with orchards and trees, and a stream ran through it; but in the midst of all there was a lake of clear water, and out of it the Tower of Orthanc rose still, tall and impregnable, and its black rock was mirrored in the pool." - The Return of the King, Book Vi, Chapter VI...
I'd have to say the grey havens but that is not in ME so I would probably go with the sea elves somewhere hidden and powerful and peaceful, obviously at the shores of the ocean, where there is a forest, and everything is nice kinda like lothlorien! if not I would live in lorien or rivendell

"it is in sickness when they are reminded that they are only human"
Irima-Arwen posted on 18/8/2003 at 01:15 under Characters:
Smile Smilie What is your favorite place in middle-earth. My favorite place in middle-earth is Rivendell. Big Smile Smilie
I would have to say Lorien!Smile Smilie It just sounds so lovely there. I would just about live anywhere in ME though.
I would say Tirion from Aman or Gondolin, if we refer strictly to Middle-earth.
The Mines of Moria!!!

Fantastic place for a theme park and make lots of money.

And frequent visits to Gondor.
Had it not been sunk, i'd have to say the Isle of Numenor (Westernesse), or else because in pnp rpg games i have always played Elves as characters, it'd either be Eol's Realm or the Halls of Menegroth (Nargothrond)

and then when i'd finally been corrupted(became interesting!) - i would like to see what the pits of Angband were really like, and similarly Angmar, Barad-dur, Dol Guldor, and finally settle for Cirith Ungol (Minas Morgul) as my realm, love the Witch-King what a badass! In fact anti-heroes and villains are generally more interesting as characters, than those squeeky clean hero-types., and therefore appeal to my warped sensibilties... Good and Evil Smilie

Very Evil Smilie
Amending my last post, I'd have to say I'd love to see Khazad-d’m, though Tirion, Gondolin, Menegroth, Lothl’rien, and Imladris would be higher on my list.
Gondolin, Minas Tirith, Lothlorien, Hobbition!!!
Randallin, please make up your mind. MY favourite place would be The SHire, because I really wnat to meet Pippin, and see if it really was his sister Pearl who was Lalia's assistant? (Guys, if you're confused, please read THe Letters of J.R.R.TOlkien)
I am now amending my answer to: the willow-meads of Tasarinan, a.k.a. Nan-Tathren.

"Lovely to heart's enchantment is that land, Tuor, as you shall find, if ever your feet go upon the southward roads down Sirion. There is the cure of all sea-longing, save for those whom Doom will not release. There Ulmo is but the servant of Yavanna, and the earth has brought to life a wealth of fair things that is beyond the thought of hearts in the hard hills of the North. In that land Narog joins Sirion, and they haste no more, but flow broad and quiet through living meads; and all about the shining river are flaglilies like a blossoming forest, and the grass is filled with flowers, like gems, like bells, like flames of red and gold, like a waste of many-coloured stars in a firmament of green. Yet fairest of all are the willows of Nan-tathren, pale green, or silver in the wind, and the rustle of their innumerable leaves is a spell of music: day and night would flicker by uncounted, while still I stood knee-deep in grass and listened. There I was enchanted, and forgot the Sea in my heart. There I wandered, naming new flowers, or lay adream amid the singing of the birds, and the humming of bees and flies...."
-Voronw’ Aranwion, describing the wonders of Tasarinan (Unfinished Tales)

"In the willow-meads of Tasarinan I walked in the Spring. Ah! the sight and the smell of the Spring in Nan-tasarion! And I said that was good." -Treebeard, describing his ventures in Beleriand

I'd love to go there, just for even one day. Big Smile Smilie
Gondolin, Lothlorien, Argoland, Ithlien
I'd go for the Old Forest, just coz Bombadil is there
I'd like to go to Doriath, I guess. Because it seems like a very romantic sort of place. In fact, many of the woods seem romantic. Lothlorien certianly has that taste, and didn't Thingol and Melian meet first in a wood?
Rivendell, Lothlorien, Valinor, and Aman

Becauze the elves and Valar live there. Also Aman is "Blessed, Free from Evil" how bad could that be?
I dont know.I like both Osgiliat and Rivendel.Maibe it won't be neither of them.As someone sat -The Grey Havens.So it beSmile Smilie
Oh yes, of course the grey havens, in the movie they looked perfect. *sigh*
my favourite place would be middle earth. i would love to be anywhere there (even mordor) because i could always get to any other part of it i wanted to visit! Happy Elf Smilie
i would love to be anywhere there (even mordor) because i could always get to any other part of it i wanted to visit!

Don't be too sure about that! Imagine being stuck in Mordor and tortured by Orcs! You wouldn't get anywhere... or being in the Shire with Hobbits filling you with so much beer that you couldn't walk to the other end of your hobbithole, let alone another realm!
1. Lorien
2. Mirkwood
3. Minas Tirith
4. Moria (at its height)
5. Barad-Dur because it looks cool
hi Thingol

my favorite place Middle Earth is...the Shire. and Ithilin.
My favorite place is definetly Ithilien... Faramir went to live there after
Sauron's defeat... did he not? It was the only place that Tolkien described as
extremely beautiful after Sam and Frodo had gone off by themselves... I think
it must have ment something to him, also... No bogs or cliffs, etc. to
be uncomfortable around.
I would love to live in Lothlorien, it is so beautifully wonderful the description sounds so so great
I would simply love to live in Western Ithilien(to the west of Emyn Arnen and on the southern shores of an unpolluted river/stream or the western shores of the Anduin or both. I will like to live in an gulley with a stream in the middle ( I will also like to be one of the Dunedain of royal decent.) . I will like to live in Ithilien in the early forth age and I could make plenty of Friends and go on the road from Hyarmenpende(south of Pelagir) to Osgiliath to do some shopping sometimes and maybe go to Minas Tirith,Pelagir, Edoras and maybe even Minas Mogul(before it gets destroyed) and possibly Orthanc or even Faramir's house) Smile Smilie Smile Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Angel Smilie Wiggle Smilie Cool Smilie Cool Smilie
The forest of Fangorn and Rohan would be the places I'd want to spend the most time but also Rivendell and the Shire and places in between. Its hard to pick one or two places when I'd really like to live in them all at once!
Of all the places in ME I think I would fit in best in Bree. The peaceful folk, both large and small, concentrate on the raising of children and the food to feed them. Travellers using the Greenway brought news of the wide world, tales, and music. Ah, to have a woodshop just down from the Prancing Pony with a bit of garden at the rear; heaven.
For me first would be Lothlorien, I would be so happy there. Then after that Imladris because I am terribly interested in the preservation of things, and the beauty and peace and music and Elven folk would comfort and absorb me day and night.
Still I would like to spend some time, like Gandalf did, with the Hobbits, the dear Hobbits in the Beautiful Shire from time to time.
Oh, and I'll simply adore to ive in Gondolin or Nantathren in the first age, Numenor in the second, probably in Eldarlonde or in Alqualonde in Aman. Alqualonde has the most splendid harbour, the nicest ships, asilver stream running in the middle from Taniquetil, and only a short walk from Tirion upon Tuna and Taniquentil. But don't the Falmari Teleri will evr get tired of singing, I don't like singing. Maybe I might live in Tirion upon Tuna, home of m favourite kindred of elves, the Noldor. The home town of the most skilled o the skilled elves, full of knowledge, plenty of fountains and trees, roads of Diamonds and stairs of crystal, splendid towers and pituresque buildings. Seems just as good as Alqulonde, better for me too. And by the way, I will loove to suck up more knowledge and skill in Tirion so that I can become the next Feanor. Mahahahahahahahahaaaa!
P.S I won't start another stupid rebellion, but I want to make my very own creations. It's Alive! IT'S ALIVE!!!! Big Smile Smilie
I like Wilderland? Between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood. Nice place I think. Variably wooded but with some fields scattered here and there, rivers, dude turns himself into a bear. Not overcrowded; plenty of big talkin' eagles swoopin' around my atmosphere. Yep, just like the neighborhood where I grew up. Wonder if Beorn leaves 'is Christmas lights up all year long as well? A-hahahaha-ahhhhhhhhhh.
Although I love deep Lothlorien and would love to be there for a long w hile, for some reason my heart always calls me to the Grey Havens. I don't know, I suppose the smell and sound of the sea, knowing Cirdan the Shipwright who I greatly admire is there, just the wonder of him and that vast knowledge, deep intelligence.And looking upon each ship and the glorious elves my brothers, as each group steps aboard the lovingly crafted ship and starts slowly for the journey across into the West. The whole pagentry would be awe inspiring and something to remember and treasure forever.
Doriath is a good place, and I stick to that, because the Girldle of Melian will keep me safe, and Menegroth in all its splendour! And not to mention those nice Silvan Elves hiding in the trees, watching over you...
But in the Third Age, I do admit that the Shire looks the most peaceful and beautiful of places. It seems so joyful, like something in its heyday and not in its decline, although many things in decline then were also beautiful. Still, I think I'm a bit too young to live in those ancient sorrows. I'd need some liveliness. But of course, I'll have to carve a taller hobbit-hole than most of them...

the wilderness thats me always a different adventure sleeping under the stars in the wind I cant express how much my heart longs for it.
Me Favorite place in middle earth? Why, Give me a warm, snug, draft-free hobbit home dug snuggly into a hill, with larders bulging with provisions and a vigorous fire glowing in hearth, and I shall be abundantly happy...
Twisted One
i would obviulsy love to go to the undying lands but most of all i woulld love to die and be garunteed to be reincarnated by illuvatur at that temple place you know?
Hobbiton could live peacefully and happily with hobbits Smile Smilie
hobbiton is beautiful and nice. but i think the elvish woods/forests in middle earth are the most beautiful places. and i also think that the first in my list is lorien. let me ask you sth (all of you GREAT guys): if you had a chance, would you leave this world and go and live in middle earth??????
yup. Just give me a bow and a quiver and im off Smile Smilie
mmm should think more........i would like to live with hobbits, i like the Bree and like to listen to Bilbo's stories,poems and more..........
i would like to live with the elves and learn from them.. but if you want to survive i think you should have a suitcase with all the maps and stuff! haha
Im so familiar whit the map i can easily draw it Smile Smilie and surprisingly it's quite accurate Smile Smilie
I would live in Mirkwood or the Old Forest. I love woods and mountains, although I was born by the sea. I live in the mountains now. It is beautiful and quiet. One can still spend hours alone or take a long walk with an old friend, sharing memories or planning future. This is why recently I chose Mirkwood when I joined PlanetTolkien. And you know: now that I think, I love spending time here, so why not I could live happily also in ’PT’.
i like houses in Mellorn trees(mellyrn ).......near Lothlorien....three days are enough for me...... Big Smile Smilie.
and Minas Tirith is another place.....great food and week is enough,another week in Rohan and Ithilien is another fair place(one month is enough)........

i do feel there are lot's of places to explore in Middle earth.........! Big Smile Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Happy Elf Smilie
The Grey Havens first and foremost. It's seems peaceful and tranquil, and it's located on the sea.

My next place would be Orthanc. Ever since I saw it in the movie, I found something intriguing about it. It probably snows there in the winter.

My next place would be Elostirion. This place sounds intriguing to me as well. There's hardly anything mentioned about it.

Another place would probably be Doriath.

I can see and feel myself living in Rivindell.

Also would love to visit the shire and go into a hobbits home or two

I being a restless soul can't focus on one spot

I always want to be a Ranger so I can travel and stay wherever I wish and leave when things get boring.

I would choose to live among those admirable hobbits in the Shire.  Any one who loves mushrooms as much as they (and I) do must be wonderful to be around.  I would love the peaceful nature of the people and enjoy a lovely garden just outside my little hobbit-hole.  Having said all that, I would also want to visit Rivendell on a yearly basis to learn from the elves and hear the wisdom of Elrond.  I would also love to hear the lovely elven songs and walk through the gardens of Imladris.

I also love Rivendell, but I couldn't live there. Same thing for Gondolin. Lothlorien would also be beautiful but I don't imagine living there either. So I would have to say the Gray Havens or the Shire.


I totally agree!

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