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Thread: What is your favourite place on Middle-earth?

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It may sound strange, but as an Elf the place I want to live is Khazad-Dûm (well, in the early third age, before the Balrog woke up)! I imagine it busy at some places, and very cosy at others, with fires burning and beautiful stone carvings, delicious MEAT, and beautiful Dwarven songs. As an Elf I would probably not be really accepted, but I would just sing my songs and the Dwarves would like me Smile Smilie

I agree Indals!  I imagine it would have been an amazing place.

Certain Elves of the Noldor would have been honored there as they helped build it....

Oh well, in the early third age that was thousands of years ago, and the Dwarves may seem a little forgetful when it's about Elves helping them Wink Smilie
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