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Grondmaster posted on 4/4/2002 at 05:01
Allyssa posted this suggestion for a poll candidate, but as the format won't work as such, I thought it would make a good topic to be mulled over here. Cool Smilie
If the Silmarillion were to be made into a film, (and I hear a radical rumor to that effect) which actor would make the best:
1) Feanor?
2) Celebrimbor?
3) Thingol?
4) Tuor?
5) Turin?
6) Young Galadriel?
7) Morgoth?
8) Ungoliant?
9) Huan?
10) Beren?
11) Finrod?

Yeah, this could be fun! Did anyone else hear the rumour that PJ and Co. are actually going to do it in the year 2006 or something? Somehow, I dont think it will be blockbuster material - no hobbits!rrNow, my ideas:rrFeanor: I dont know the actors name, but he played the ghost in 'Frenchman's Farm'. I immediately thought he would be a great FeanorrrCelebrimbor: No idea.rrThingol: David Bowie, or better yet, Hugo WeavingrrTuor: Mel Gibson orrrTurin: Mel GibsonrrYoung Galadriel: Cate Blanchet, using a slightly different acting style or Liv Tyler in a blonde wig, maybe Nicole KidmanrrMorgoth: Prince or Micheal Jackson.rrUngoliant: computer animatedrrHuan: any well trained alsatian / irish wolfhound cross or computer animationrrBeren: Sean Bean? Viggo Mortensen? with different makeup and wardrobe of course. Or Hugh Grant?rrFinrod: Orlando Bloom! given that he makes such a good elf and looks great in a blonde wig.rrHOw about Earendil, Turgon, Idril, Eol, Nienor, Elrond, Elros, Celeborn, Glorfindel, Melian, Maglor, Maeglin, Maehdros?
AHEM!!!! Huan- Rambo is the only candidate I'm afraid, and I will hear no arguments.
But what does Rambo have to say about it. Is he willing to endure lengthy daily make-up sessions, sitting under hot lights for hours on end, and can he stomach only cafeteria style food; all just to ensure that the foul film villains get their final comeuppance? Can he stay awake long enough to fulfill his contract? Does he have a union card? And most importantly can he act and will he work cheap? Wink Smilie
Can I play Beren??? I mean, he does get Luthien right... and She's bound to be played by some amazingly beautiful actress right......

Hey.. I can dream can't I!
Rambo comes very cheap, and he's a great actor, manages to pull off the old "dog who hasn't eaten in a month" act every time he meets anyone.

And are you prepared to have your hand bitten off Gimli? Wink Smilie
uh...... depends on who Luthien is.......
Whoa there! sir dwarf, one can not serve two masters, er mistresses at once. You made your choice to champion Galadriel, now that she's packed it over the sea, your going to dump her memory for that cradle robbing Luthien? I ask you sir, where is the honor in that? :P Big Smile Smilie
Well if you want to get technical, Luthien was dead long before me!!!

er um... and besides.. I went with Galadriel if you remember .... well, lego.. but its all the same place... so there! I have an eternity to convince her that there is more to me than just good looks.. Wink Smilie

[Edited on 7/4/2002 by gimli_axe_wielder]
I would advice PJ not to make a film of the whole Silmarillion, but to focus on a single story. The story of Turin Turambar as told in "Unfinished Tales" (with "patches" taken from the Silm version to make it complete) is so dramatic that it could do an excellent movie in itself!
I agree Eryan. The Silmarillion would make a better series of movies, rather than just one movie.
Gee, don't you think Peter is capable of rendering a 6000 year history down to three hours and still make it interesting? Me neither. No one could do it. Young Christopher used a whole book and he couldn't do it, possibly because he couldn't tell tales in the manner of his father, who would have filled ten books with his fleshed out version. That is the version from which to develop the screenplays, not the barebones outline of The Silmarilliom. Wink Smilie
I think that just some episodes should be done as a film.
? someone think N. Kidman should be Galadriel????:P
I think what would be of infinite badassness is if they did a movie on the story of Turin. It is a story of such irony that it puts Oedipus Rex to shame. Or even on all the stories of the house of hador, it would be amasing. they could call it The House of Hador (Galador, Hurin, Huor, Turin, Tuor, Earendil, and Morwen, Laileth, Neinor) BADASS what actor would be good for these characters?
Some of the best movies have so much irony in them!
Look at "Death in Venice" for instance!
Thanks for the welcome-this is probably the nicest forum I,ve been in. Anyway, I had heard rumors that Jackson was thinking of making a movie about The Silmarillion. Are these true? If it's true wouldn't he have to make about 5 to 10 movies Wink Smilie L.
Awww, thanks Allyssa! Missed you guys too!

But I've been around, just couldn't get this account to work properly.

How old is that little boy from the 'Sixth Sense' now? 18? 19? Then he should play young Earendil. Or young Elrond, whatever, but he ought to get a part!

Alan Rickman for Thingol!
I have absolutely no sympathy for Turin. I think that he's a loser and a fool, and deserved his unhappy ending. So I think that his appearance in future Silm movies ought to be limited to about 5 minutes, and the director should concentrate on the more exciting characters - the Valar for instance, or Melkor/Morgoth, Ungoliant (more of her would be nice - ahem Smile Smilie), dragons, balrogs, Melian, Luthien, etc. etc.

We've got enough humans in LotR, so I'm thoroughly sick & tired of them. More monsters please!

Yes, I'm very shallow. Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, big scary Monsters, WooHoo! I'm even shallower.
Hey Dangermouse, are you speaking about Turin as depicted in the Silm, or about Turin, the hero of the "Unfinished Tales?". He is not a loser, he finally succeeds in killing Glaurung, and that single deed is sufficient to make him a winner! Look how many times all his life was in ruin and yet he was striving to make a new beginning. He is perhaps the most "modern" of all Tolkien heroes. Many of us must also start again and again and again, "start at our beginnings" as in that poem of Kipling ("If..") - and that does not mean that we are losers!
The Silm Turin turned me off so much that I never bothered to read the UT version.

Yes, most of us have to start over many times, but that's real life, and challenging and exhilarating it may be for a common mortal to do so, I'd expect better luck and a bigger heart from my fictional heroes.

The problem with Turin is that he had soooo much potential, plus soo much capacity to do good (unlike Gollum, who's f***ed from the start), that I really have no pity for his self imposed misfortunes. The killing of Glaurung does *not* redeem him for the murders of Beleg & Brandir, the death of Finduilas, and the unfortunate ends of Gwindor. And he didn't even do a proper job of finishing off Glaurung prepoerly - the dragon still woke up to do one last piece of mischief by telling Niniel who she really was.

Bah. You might not agree, but I think he's a loser. His mom and sister are daft as well, only his dad redeemed the entire family.
I think I should play Luthien.
Hey Spiderlady, so you're back with both names now and can play "good cop/bad cop" as well as Luthien. Except how would Shelob's mommy play Luthien, like a fisherwomen plays a tarpon or pike, or like a cat plays a mouse? Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Hi Grondy dahlink!

Sorry for the long absence, I've gone into acting now so we movie spiders have very little time...been busy preparing for my future role as Luthien.

I wouldn't even think of torturing the real Luthien (such a sweet girl) - I've turned over a new leaf Angel Smilie , and besides, we're best friends now ever since I bit an arm off a stray Easterling and presented it to her man Beren. Luthien looked a bit green and squeamish, and Beren never used it (come to think of it), but he patted my rump with his one good arm and said, 'It's the thought that counts, dear.'
Welcome back Ungoliant! We missed you! Big Smile Smilie
Hello Ungoliant, so nice to have you back!!!
I saw from times to times that you are online and I wondered why you are not making any posts...
Alan Rickman for everybody! He is GREAT!!!!
As for Turin, the unfortunate accident with Beleg was NOT murder! The same with Gwindor - according to the UT version, he was even unaware that Finduilas turned to love him more than Gwindor.
There is an eternal question, what does it mean, to be a winner/ a loser. For me (a biologist) to "win" is to "survive" (or let survive your genes present in your kin) as long as possible. It is not necessary to succeed in everything. Of course, killing of Glaurung does not redeem any misfortunes and defeats of Turin, but, anyway, it gave him everlasting renown.
I think that his heart was big enough, his main sin was inability to communicate and cooperate harmoniously with others.
Anyway, I like him, and I simply adore his father!!!
Turin was a hapless moron, no two ways about it. Alan Rickman, great idea, very good. And I don't think that kid's that old yet, about 14/15 I think, maybe a young Turin, cos he's got a face you want to slap forever.
And for those of you who've missed Ungoliant, you should have noticed that she's also known as Dangermouse around here as well.
Yup. I'm glad to be back as my old self though. My pc acts up all the time, seems to work now but I still can't vote when I'm logged on - no boxes for me to tick. Sad Smilie But I think I'll keep the mouse for when I'm feeling b*tchy.

Oh, he's only 14 is he? Ah well...
You have to vote before you log on, else you don't get a second chance. So Taz once told someone, I think.
Aren't we all hapless morons Plastic????
Perhaps you're right Eryan, but not all of us to that extent, I mean, with his Sister!!!! YUK!!!
For me, it was never really shocking, I was much more sad because of death of Beleg, Finduilas, his aunt Aerin...
Ewwwww! The brother-sister bit was the last straw for me. It wasn't shocking, but disgusting.

Although the ancient Egyptian pharoahs didn't think it was wrong - some of them even married their own daughters. And if you believe in Adam & Eve etc, we're all products of incest. Hmm..
But it was not done consciently! Ho2w could he know she is his sister? He never saw her before in his whole life!
Ungoliant = Dangermouse? it makes sense... Wink Smilie

This double identity thing really freaks me out Wary Smilie

How did you know Plastic?
I know everything, I thought you'd have realised that by now Animated Wink Smilie
In the old Ungoliant profile, "dangermouse" was her email nickname. Of course that info didn't get updated when she finally overcame the system and got reregistered. Big Smile Smilie
Yep, Plastic & Grondy knew it was me even before I wrote a single post! But I think it's because they're used to getting e-mails from me under that particular nick. But I also mentioned it somewhere on this board though - under one of Yummy's threads. Can't blame me for playing tricks then.
But it was not done consciently! Ho2w could he know she is his sister? He never saw her before in his whole life!

Yeah I know it wasn't a conscious act. But his life was full of one screw-up after another, that I didn't have an ounce of pity left for him when he got up to that bit. The bit about his sister just killed off any remaining interest I had in his tale, and left me thinking what a complete an utter loser he was. As a tragedy, I don't think Tolkien quite pulled it off.

but you wrote
The Silm Turin turned me off so much that I never bothered to read the UT version.

Perhaps if you actually bothered to read the UT version you would like him?
Anyway, I bet that if you could really met him you'd like him. Many humans and Elves were very fond of Turin (although some payed dearly for that weakness!).
And he was told to be very, very handsome!...

[Edited on 10/6/2002 by Eryan]
Was Turin handsome even by elvish standards? That is quite an achievement.
Yes, Allyssa, he was!
In the time that followed Turin grew high in favour with Orodreth, and well-nigh all hearts were turned to him in Nargothrond. For he was young, and only now reached his full manhood; and he was in truth the son of Morwen Eledhwen to look upon: dark-haired and pale-skinned, with grey eyes, and his face more beautiful than any other among mortal Men, in the Elder Days. His speech and bearing were that of the ancient kingdom of Doriath, and even among the Elves he might be taken for one from the great houses of the Noldor; therefore many called him Adanedhel, the Elf-Man."

AS you can see, he was called Adanedhel - "Man-Elf" - very similarly as Elladan!
Another description of young Turin:
Thingol looked on Turin in wonder, seeing suddenly before him, in the place of his fosterling a Man and a stranger, tall, dark haired, looking at him with deep eyes in a white face

And Finduilas tells Turin:
"You are kingly, even as the lords of the people of Fingolfin"

His mother, Morwen Eledhwen, also was beautiful even according to Elvish standards - she was told to be the most beautiful of all mortal women.His little sister Lalaith was also beautiful like an Elf cild. Only his sister Nienor seems to have been just handsome, and somewhat "boyish"...
Turin was handsome and unhappy - a mixture very appealing for some women!
I think that if I could have a hearty talk with a single character from Tolkien's world, I'd prefer Turin. Faramir is my favourite, but he is so perfect... I think I would feel so foolish and imperfect, a real "hapless moron" to use the expression of Plastic! And with Turin I could feel like with my twin brother!

[Edited on 10/6/2002 by Eryan]
Perhaps if you actually bothered to read the UT version you would like him?

Do you think he fared better in the UT then? If so, I'll try to find a copy. Out of interest, how many versions of the story are out there (in print)? I know there's one in Silm.
And with Turin I could feel like with my twin brother!

I'm not touching that one.... Winking Smilie
Well, he did have a bit of a thing for family orientated sports didn't he? Animated Wink Smilie
I personally have 4 different versions of the story, and he's an a**ehole in all of them.
Well, I know just two versions of the story, the Silm one and the UT one, and I like him much better in the UT version - in particular his friendliness towards "odd" types like Sador Labadal and Mim...
And Nienor his sister has a sort of personality only in the UT version. She is quite a nice girl there, tall and heroic, an Eowyn, and not the weepy wee thing from the Silm!
The UT version is incomplete alas!
I like the most the last part and the drama of the triangle Brandir - Turin - Niniel.
I'm really curious what are the remaining two versions???
As for feeling sometimes as a twin sister of Turin, I mean simply that (as everybody I suppose...) I made a complete mess of many important "battles" of my life. And, like him, I used to "to turn a new page" and to go on.

[Edited on 12/6/2002 by Eryan]
Book of Lost Tales part 2 has the first version of the tale of Turin Turambar, and the Lays of Beleriand has the lay of the children of Hurin (also incomplete) which is epic poetry.
Oh goody, I've got Lost Tales 2. Must check it again then...I always skipped the stories about humans. Just didn't find them interesting enough I guess. Elves, hounds, Maias and spiders, I like.
It's still dull though.
Oh is it? Well I'll still attempt it anyway, hopefully I can see Eryan's point.
well Golly I did not read Lost Tales version, it's the Unfinished Tales version which moved me a lot...'s ...d*mn...

Maybe I'll try again later. I can't concentrate since my head is full of football right now. Very Sad Smilie
Is there really coming a movie of Silmarillion...? I want to know if it’s true...But how they can make a movie of Sil...It’s not a whole story...It consist of many different parts and epochies...Maybe they can but it’s hard to believe.
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