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No Sam. As of yet, no one is planning on making Silmarillion, The Movie, this thread was just a hypothetical question to get us talking about it. There are probably three or four movies that could be made from the book. Smile Smilie
Aaaaaah yes, Right on! Silmarillion... a worthy story to become a full featured film added to the rest of the Tolkien films!
Starring Boring as Hurin Smile Smilie
Grondmaster as finrod felagund
Plastic As Melkor
Tom as luthien
Ungoliant as......... errr... herself

etc etc
Big Laugh Smilie
Yay! I get to be in the movie! Big Smile Smilie

But I don't wanna be me! I wanna be Luthien! waaaaaaaaa....... Very Sad Smilie
Shoulda thought harder when you picked your nick then shouldn't you? Wink Smilie
I want to be Idril! ...all I need is a body double and lots of makeup and special effects..... Big Laugh Smilie
OooOo, Idril's cool too! Good choice Ally! But I've always pictured you as Melian though...

You're right P, I'll stick to my 8-legged self. That way I can be assured of a proper meal early on. And I get to whup Morgoth's arse. Smoke Smilie
Good move Golly, go see yourself in action at the pictures in 8-legged freaks, I reckon it might be right up your street.
Big Smile Smilie Woohoo! I'm famous! Cool Smilie
*does a quick google* From some movie site or another :

The residents of a rural mining town discover that an unfortunate chemical spill has caused hundreds of little spiders to mutate overnight to the size of SUVs. It's then up to mining engineer Chris McCormack and Sheriff Sam Parker to mobilize an eclectic group of townspeople, including the sheriff's young son Mike, her daughter Ashley and paranoid radio announcer Harlan, into battle against the bloodthirsty eight-legged beasts.

Bloodthirsty? Bleedin' speciests! And I bet that I die in the end, don't I....
*goes off in a sulk*
Oh yeah, and how....
Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Making a movie based on "The Silmarillion" would probably be harder for Jackson, it is so much different than "LOTR" (storywise etc...) But I would love to see the tale of Beren and Luthien come to life in the screen with PJ's touch. Wouldn't that be something? L. Smoke Smilie
Welcome, Lucien, to our forum. Smile Smilie

Yes, the Tale of Beren and Luthien would really be the best movie to make from The Silmarillion. To make Turin's Story' would require at least six hours to cover the whole epic and it might need to push nine hours for justice to be served.
Welcome to the PT forum Lucien. I, too, would like to see Of Beren and Luthien made into a film. I would go with my pockets full of tissue.
More than likely rumour and wishful thinking.
Maybe they should leave The Silmarillion alone. It should stay in our dreams and imaginations. I just think it's a great book, and a well written one for that matter. Smoke Smilie
Hello Lucien.

Yes, I quite agree, The Sil is a work of genius.

I would like to see The Fall of Gondolin made into a movie. Plenty of scope for expansion and subplots, romance between Tuor and Idril with Maeglin throwing in a "crazed love triangle" angle, and most poingantly, for me, the dispair of Tugon. The collapsing tower would be a really effective scene.
I do not think that The Sillmarillion should be made into a movie as a whole, rather, I think that Peter Jackson should do various parts of the book, such as the tale of Beren and Luthien, or the Fall of Gondolin. By the way, Lucien, is your name Elvish, or is it derived from Luthien?
Silmarillion, the movie: Just a rumour?

check this out

Could it be...? Or is it yet another fake?

Update: The pictures came from an RPG site originally. Which one is as yet unknown.

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ROFLMAO!!!!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Do you think that I’m being a little silly?
Big Laugh Smilie
Worthy of Post of the Week
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Do you think that I’m being a little silly?
"The mere thought, ... "hadn't even begun to speculate," ... "about the merest possibility of crossing my mind" - Douglas Adams
I think you are the casting directors' casting director. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I would pay $10 to see that movie, especially if they play it straight. Cool Elf Smilie
I think that Cathy Bates or Dolly Parton may be a better choice for Maeglin!
But you yourself choose Jennifer Lopez to play Elwe!!!!
Anyway, I'd go to see that film mainly to see Robin Williams as Beren and Woody Allen as Hurin! Wink Smilie
Lets just hope that he doesn't make a version of the Silmarillion. However its pointless to even list the characters as having seen his last movie they will probable all be either animatronic or computer aminated.
So we could have.
Melkor- W. Warrick (the guy who played wicket and Willow)
Feanor- Jabba the Hutt
Thingol- Boba Fett

Oh poo, I have just been asaying the cast of Return of the Jedi.

Melkor- Admiral Piett
Feanor- A Ton Ton
Thingol- Genral Riekan

Doh, thiis time its Empire strike Back
I had heard rumors that Jackson was thinking of making a movie about The Silmarillion. Are these true? If it's true wouldn't he have to make about 5 to 10 movies

no he'd condense it into one movie by not actually following the book and make up a completely different story.

i haven't got a clue who could play them though. maybe Orlando Bloom could play an Elf, but i don't know which one.
Elijah Wood could make a good Elf aswell, but i really don't know

They're both terrible actors, lets face it they're only p[opular with the birds becausse you all fancy them!
Jabba the hutt as Feanor? Big Laugh Smilie This I gotta see...
Here's how I would imagine the cast list if Sil did become a film:

Melkor:Arnold Schwarzenegger (I'll be back!)
Feanor as himself
Thingol:Michael Kane
Maedhros:Chris Tucker
Fingon:Jackie Chan
Beren:Matt Damon
Luthien:Ben Affleck(They make such a nice couple!) Big Laugh Smilie
Peredhil the only one I agree with you about is Arnold Schwarzenegger!!! He would be great!
Well, I had few ideas of how to do it, is not so imposible,
Put I nead a productor Deal Smilie Lot of money, but we would became famous! Cool Smilie
I've got a better idea, lets not. Books are just that books, not movie's. Your minds eye sets the scene not some poncy, jumped up, egotistical director/producer!
My friend and i have been talking about this dream for about a year now and I just now discover this thread! Anyway, i agree, the Sil would be just way too massive to be a movie and PJ wouldn't be my first pick for director.

My favorite story is still Turin Turumbar so i'd require massive sets for Menegroth, Nargothrond, and Brethil. The special effects would include Glaurung, Glaurung, and Glaurung. Costumes and wardrobe would be cool because of the various landscapes (Menegroth would be more sombre or dark, Nargothrond would be more rocky and woodlike, and Brethil is like army camo) as well as having the Dragon-Helm of Dor-Lomin. You would need excellent actors for the roles of Thingol, Beleg, Brandir, and Turin himself because the complexities of these characters (I think) are astounding. At any rate, i still love reading the Silmarillion. Huzzah!
I don't ever want to see The Silmarillion made into a movie now. It has become way too beloved, and treasured for me (even more so than LOTR) to even remotely entertain the idea of it being subjected to New Line's, and P.J.'s chop shop, or to be used as a vehicle for a Hollywood cash cow. The proper justice could never been done, unless someone, and more importantly some studio were willing to go the distance, and really do what it would take.

I’ll settle for the few things from the Sil. that P.J. has given us in his current films (which I’m grateful for), as I think that’s probably as close as we’re going to get to seeing anything from the Sil. on the big screen.

I do agree though that maybe some chapter taken independently, like the story of Beren and Luthien could possibly work well, especially if someone were willing to give it 3 to 3 ’ hours of running time.
Elf Smilie
One of the early questions of this thread was: who would you have play the many parts for the movie?

Mandos: for the voice, all I want is the guy who does Goliath from the cartoon series "Gargoyles", the Navy commercials, and the X-box commercials (he's also done a few for BMW). His voice is regal, commanding and terrible in anger!
Manwe: either the guy above or Sean Connery
Thingol: Christopher Lambert from the "Highlander" movies
Feanor: Hugh Jackman or a younger Dolph Lundred

Those are just a few off the top of my head
That's why I'd like to do it. See if u have a vision of sth, u dont wanna someone fuck it up so- u are against the movie- if u do it it would be perfekt- JUST 4 U!!! But no metter how long it is, or complicated to do if it would be done it will be for money not for "us".
I think that a movie can't be but series oh yeah !!!

Feanor - Norton
Finfolfin- Gibson
Melian - J.Roberts
Tuor- someone handsome

The Question is who is going to play as Luthien????????????

All we hope to be this movie but may we dissapointed from the result????????
I think a "Silmarillion" movie(s) it's a great idea, though daring! I just hope that someone will have the courage to make this film. The book is great, the movie shouldn't be too far from it!
Good bye (until our next meeting)!
The book is great, the movie shouldn't be too far from it!
Unless Peter Jackson has anything to do with it.
JonnieA posted on 29/10/2003 at 21:33 under 1st Age Movies under The Return of the King under Movies:
I have for many years (long before Peter Jackson got involved) been nursing a secret (and never to be fulfilled) desire to see The Silmarillion on the big screen.
Obviously this would have to be in more than one film, and as I started thinking about it long before film-quality computer animation was possible, in my imagination these would have to be animated. The style would be based on that of Liz Danforth: clean and smooth; she formed my mental image of Middle-earth from her illustrations in various MERP modules.

Anyway, I would break the book down into 5 films as follows:

1. The Music of the Ainur to the death of Feanor.
2. Arrival of Fingolfin in Middle-earth to his death.
3. Beren and Luthien.
4. The Nirnaeth to the death of Turin.
5. the War of Wrath.

If I won the lottery today I would still be very tempted to throw a few million at such a project. Maybe I should actually buy a ticket this week....

(Sorry this is rather off-topic, but I couldn't find anywhere else to post it.)
No problem JonnieA, I moved it here with the rest of its brethern. Happy Elf Smilie
Well, JonnieA, I too have the same desire! Yet I think u left out the last part: Akallabeth and 'Of the Rings of Power...'. That should make a good movie too!

One thing, though: if they were to make movies after Silmarillion, they'd better watch it! So many people were ill-pleased with PJ's LotR ... to have someone s***w with Silm would be horrible!

Maybe, in the near future, somebody will have both the money and the passion to achieve such a tremendous thing! I, for one, hope so!

Thanks, Grondmaster, for putting me in the right place. Interesting thread!

I would like to see a lot of the Sons of Feanor - far more interesting characters than the goody-goody Fingon, Finrod et al. In true Hollywood tradition they'd have to be played by English actors, because they'd be the bad guys.
I like Alan Rickman as Celegorm...dashing about on a great big horse, trying to run down Beren...what a part to play!

Akallabeth would make a great film, you'd need someone super-creepy to play Sauron. David Guest is probably free now he's no longer married to that Minelli make-up required for the post-Downfall regenerated form scenes!
I like Alan Rickman as Celegorm...dashing about on a great big horse, trying to run down Beren...what a part to play!

hmm, Alan Rickman is very "Silmarillionish" indeed, but for me he would make a perfect Eol or maeglin rather than Celegorm. Celegorm was fair-haired!
I must admit that I always read 'Celegorm the Fair' to mean fair of face rather than having fair hair.

To be honest Alan is probably a bit old to play an elf now, he had better be a man, maybe a cameo as Haldir or perhaps Tuor when he gets older. (Sorry Alan!)
Why not Elrond? Don't you think Alan could be a perfect Elrond?
Well, I'd say Eol for Alan Rickman: he'd be just great! Yeah, the Dark Elf ...

I’d like to see it done...but if so exactly by the book! Otherwise....don’t bother making one cause I don’t want another hedonistic movie like PJ-LoTR!
Pfft, i don't want a movie because it would disappoint me anyway, me being the biggest nitpicker since Woody Nitpecker.

For instance, who would play Luthien? who would play Beren, Turin or Tuor? all ppl who wouldn't be like i imagined them or how JRRT described them (just like with LOTR). And how would Morgoth and Ungoliant and the Valar be portrayed? also not like i would have imagined them. And would the story be followed exactly true to the books ? nope.

So for my already decaying mental health it would be better to have NEVER a movie bout the Sil. And certainly not by PJ.

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Yes Virumor I did not see it that way.
Indeed there could not be a movie of the Sil as I imagine it so to quote you:
So for my already decaying mental health it would be better to have NEVER a movie bout the Sil.

Nothing would be as I had imagined it and it would disappoint me....No movie of the Sil! EVER!
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