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I can't believe that i don't know what bumped means after the name of a thread!! Shocked Smilie
I can't believe that all of us here share such an amazing common interest, yet we're all so different. Go, induviduality!
I can't believe that Thorin doesn't know that when a thread has 'bumped' written after the title-it means that that thread will stay at the top of that forum won't get pushed down as new threads are added...however, I think only the mods can bump a thread.
I can't believe i'm so dumb in many areas. (but i'll get used to it:elfgiggrinSmile Smilie
I can't believe I don't know what an :elfgiggrin: is. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I Can't Believe you don't know what :elfgiggrin: is, when we all know that it's an all smiley elf that likes to play in concerts..... elf-gig-grin........ awaits for the boos from the (I must admit) poorly constructed joke Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I can't believe you don't know that an elfgiggrin is an elf who is grinning and driving a gig.
I can't believe it's already Sunday again
I cant believe that Tommy Aldridge is coming to my home town Orc Grinning Smilie
I can't believe i've never heard of tonny aldridge.....
I can't believe that I don't either
I can't believe I don't know t his person, where have I been then?
I can't believe I missed Josh Groban and Wicked. Sad Smilie
I can't believe what a beautiful day it is
i cant believe what i cant believe could be something so unbelieveble that i couldnt believe it!
(i cant believe that i wrote that and now as i read it... i dont get it! Smile Smilie )
I can't believe that this sort of thing descrobed by arath happens very often to people.
i cant believe that my game creating computer is running again!!
(if only i had more time i would create a mmorpg for pt Big Smile Smilie)
i cant believe how time flies past! namarie namarie! i mustt be off again!
I can't believe I ate three large pieces of Kalamata olive bread, toasted. I think I cannot move.Smile Smilie
I cannot believe Leelee made me that beautiful hobbithome..(Thanks again Leelee)
I cant believe nobody knew that tommy Aldridge is one of the greatest rock drummers ever
I can't believe we get the two hour finale to 'Heroes' tonight.
I can't believe that Dreamz stabbed Yau-Man in the back like that on the Survivor:Fiji season finale last night, going back on his deal that if Yau gave him the truck, he'd give Yau immunity if they made it to the final four, yet Dreamz still expected the jury to hand him a million dollars! I can't believe that people can be such snakes if a carrot is dangled in front of their face! It sure makes for "good" t.v., though...
I can't believe how much I enjoy Heroes... Grondy, do you know when or if it comes out on DVD in the UK???
I can't believe I miss-read the 'Heroes' schedule; so we only had one hour last night with the finale episode scheduled for Monday, the 21st on NBC and repeating Friday, the 25th on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Grondy, do you know when or if it comes out on DVD in the UK???

Sorry, but no I don't; though it probably will someday. We get all the good BBC programs on DVD, so I assume ours will be made available to you on the eastern side of the pond as they should make a bundle out of those sales.
I can't beleive I went on a two-night campout and came away with only two mosquito bites!
Mosquitos are much like cats, you see, in that they are invariably and inexplicably drawn to anyone allergic enough to them to matter...
Yes, skeeters are quite discerning, they know who has been naughty and nice and who just has good tastes. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I can't believe I wrote the above.
I can't believe it smells like popcorn...yet nothing like that exists in my house at the moment.
I can't believe that my internet subscription ends this month and i probably won't be renewing it which means that....
Ah shucks Thorin, we will miss you when you leave our neighborhood. Please come and see us whenever you can arrange it.

I cab't believe those darbed Bs keep gettibg pressed whebever I beed ab N.
I can't believe that you make such funny jokes Grondy
I can't believe that i haven't yet told grondy and mellon that they both have awesome avatars.
I can't believe an article I recently read that talked about the possibility of people inhabiting Pluto.
I can't believe I just read all four pages of this thread.

I can't believe PT doesn't have an e-store yet where you can buy those Grondy & Vir bobble-head dolls mentioned on page 1, LOL!!!
I can't believe I've never been to Irland ( I love everything about that Country )
I can't believe I visited Ireland for a whole half-hour in the spring of 1972. We were told not to get off the plane, but I got off long enough to touch the tarmac at Shannon Airport . The countryside seen from the air was very green.
I can't believe they didn't stay long enough to let you visit a Real Irish Pub!! What nerve...

I can't believe I've never been to Europe.
I can't believe that I live on the West Coast and I have never seen the Grand Canyon.
I can't believe I'm not travelling out of the country this year....
I can't believe my cousin is about to have triple-citizenship.
I can't believe I actually envy someone who has legal passports from three different countries.
I can't believe that my current passport just disappeared into thin air after my last overseas trip... (I know I didn't leave it in London because they let me back into the country when I came home!)
I can't believe that I now need a passport to cross the border between Canada and the U.S.
I can't believe it had got up to 84’F (38’C) today. Next week it will probably turn cold and wet again until the Fourth of July.
I can't believe... my avatar won't load.

sleep the sylvan elf
john greystoke
I can't believe that I forget to close the tiny gap in my curtains everynight... Every morning there's a strip of bright light right in my eyes... I love winter, it's more dark and it's not so hot, plus I don't get the bright light in my eyes, usually there are lots of clouds about to hide the yellow face Orc Smiling Smilie
I can't believe I posted something in the 'footie' thread and that I'm actually interested in something sports related!
I can't believe I'm actually enjoying the very green spring we're having..

Thorin, you'll be missed here.
I can't believe in a Middle-Earth without our Thorin. This is dreadful.
I cant believe that i dared to write a juornal entry again Smile Smilie
(WHAT!!! Did my eyes cheat me!!! where is thorin going?? what is happening!!??)
I think Thorin's school is out for the Summer and he doesn't have access to a computer at home. This is pure assumption of course, but that often happens at this time of the year.

I can't believe no one came up with the above before me, or did they?
I can't believe I have the same problem with my window coverings as Loss and I can't believe that I prefer the winter and the dark and the cloud to the merciless face of the bronze sun.
I cant believe thorin wont be here.... Sad Smilie
I cant believe that i too prefer the winter... ( its the mosquitos Big Smile Smilie)
I can't believe there's too many threads about I can't Believe,
I can't believe that they think there's life on Venus,
I can't believe that in Newcastle there was 183mm of rain yesterday,
I can't believe I read four pages of threads,
I can't believe that the Earth is so small,
I can't believe that by now, Eldamar overcrowded,
I can't believe that the Milky way is colliding with the Andromeda,
I can't believe that the Milky Way is going towards Perseus at the speed of light,
I can't believe that in some regions the universe had halted expansion in some regions because there is so much galaxies,
I can't believe that a star that is 5,000 times larger than the sun turn into Black Holes,
I can't believe that Quasi-Stellar Radio Sources are so far away,
I can't believe that I'm writing this.
I cant believe what i just read... I think you had the most "i cant believe"s in a single thread Big Smile Smilie
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