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I cant believe it's not butter! Sigh

I can't believe the Cowboys are so bad

I cant believe you brought the Cowboys up, they're so bad.

I can't believe that there are three goblins knocking on my front door!

I can't believe he sicked the dogs on me! I only took some cabbages.

I can't believe I just met Tom Bombadil.

Oh JOY! Tha;nk you my beloved council and to the genius who told me to disable my chat. Thank you so very much. I cannot believe that I can just come on here and post! I shall make up for lost time to be sure.

That genius would be good old Virumor. Smile Smilie  

oh Vir, for ever after you will be my most beloved hero. indecision

I can't believe that I am back on this beloved site !!!

I can't believe how glad we are to have you back 

I can't believe it took you so long! indecision

I can't believe..... That I was chatting with Taz yesterday.

I can't believe you actually saw taz online!! Very Big Grin Smilie

I can't believe... I'm here posting this instead of finishing the Ode that I promised would be finished, practiced, performed, and recorded by yesterday...

I can't believe that my post at the thread: Which Element describes you. Is chosen as Post of the Week.

I can't believe that even after hundreds of Ages, we, man, the second children of Eru still can't live together in peace on this little world...

I can't believe I have such a dreadful headache!

I can't believe how little free time I've had.

I simply cannot believe that I am getting an electric guitar from a cousin today!! I have missed playing SO much.

I can't believe you're getting an electric guitar! You're so lucky.

I can't believe I have to wait another two days to get the guitar.... Sad Smilie

I can't believe some people think that LOTR is stupid. wink

I can't believe I'll be done with school on Friday.

I can't believe how strange the weather has been here...

I can't believe that Eucatastrophe is still not a real word.

I can't believe I'm going to camp for a week! ( Kinda looking forward to that Smile Smilie )

I can't believe they've made a Ice age 4...

I can't believe I am going to change my life.

I can't believe that the plan is that I have no plan at all.

I can't believe how fast time goes by.

I can't believe we as humans still live beyond our means. Some of us take far too much, some far too little. We should by now have learned better. I think JRRT wrote his books to teach us a better way. That good means to share and respect and that bad is to be greedy and proud. We are so full of conceit, we even think that we can destroy this beautiful planet. Well we can't. We will destroy our selves (and quite a few innocent species) but Earth will live on and repair and rebuild. New creature will take our place, when we are gone, creating a new balance. That's natures way and we simply don't listen. It's all in the books of Tolkien. It all makes sense. We just have to listen.

I can't believe how evil has spread before our eyes and only few realized of the huge pain it causes.

I can't believe that words can create so much beauty and pain also.

I can't believe at the very beginning I would be so fond of you PT members.

I can't believe a lot of things, but they happen anyway.

I can't believe how little I understand about the actions of some people, yet how much more I understand than they about what really matters.

I can't believe there are other people, these members of PT, that believe what I do.

I can't believe what my eyes see,these woods, the river, the sea, the sky at dusk... Masterpiece of beauty that makes me cry.

I can't believe only few ones admire the dawn, our lives are an addition of them, who knows when the last one will be?

I can't believe our temperature is going to be back over 38 this week, AGAIN!

I can't believe I have given the first step for a new life.

I can't believe that the 'Mordor Gundogs' are appearing at our local agricultural show. Thought it was a spelling mistake but no, they have a website and everything. Wonder if they are wargs.

Well Eglantine we will expect a report of these Mordor Folk! Please let us know.

I can't believe that I actually got to see Bruce Springsteen! Even with the ticket prices being 69.95€ It was still worth it Smile Smilie

I can't believe I had seen Smashing Pumpkins live just 2 hours before I landed after an almost 48 hours journey!!

I can't believe that you live in Gondamon.

I can’t believe I, Bingo Butcher of the Glittering Caves, hasn’t been able to lure a young maiden into my wee mud hole for a bit of mud-honey dwarf love.  Perhaps they don’t recognize me covered in mud?

I cannot believe it's so difficult to find a flat in this city!

I can't believe I'm a council member now. I really can't believe it.

I can't believe we won't read Oerath poems for a long time Sad Smilie

I can't believe the same as Elbereth. Oerath I already miss you!

I can't believe that everybody is so kind and sweet. I can't believe that some even call me *sweet little elf* :-)

I can't believe I started to learn how to play piano!

I can't believe that blaspheme is still an issue!

I can't believe PJ is making the Hobbit a Trilogy! I mean, three movies? I can't believe I have to wait even longer to see them all!

And I cant believe that the first film is almost here already!!!!!!!!  I broke my rule and have watched the trailers a number of times. 

I start crying everytime I hear the words,

"But why the halfling Mithradir?" Galadriel

"Because Im afraid" Gandalf

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