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Brego those words also let me cry. Lovely. And Galadriel looks very beautiful. I can't believe that I killed the reply button at youtube when I was watching The Hobbit trailers.:-)

I can't believe that all of Gandalf's mystery business with the Necromancer will be in the film!

I can't believe that I am only a half inch shorter than my dad! (my dad is 6 feet tall.)



I can't believe you used to be so much shorter than me, Wen, and now you are so much taller!

I can't believe this is my 100th post!blush

I can't believe how things change and once more they come back, no matter how old we are but they return as giving us a second chance to mend, begin, finish or just value what we did (or not) years ago.

I can't believe how exhausted I feel today.

I can't believe how one always falls back on the things he knows.

I can't believe how people come to our lives and suddenly we build new awesome links.

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