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i can't believe that NK is leading and PT is down Shaking Head Smilie so please Vote for PT...Our Planet... Teacher Smilie
I can't believe I stayed away from The Silmarillion or The LOTR or any other Tolkien for that matter for a period of two months.

Rest assured,Thinker. The PT is the top ranking of all the Tolkien sites now. Hooray.
I can't believe I have not been posting around for so long. Well Lads and Lasses: :the preach is back" Smile Smilie
Well met
I can't believe you do not start a sentence with "I can't believe" in this thread Undomiel. Wink Smilie
I can't believe that people are taking so long to post nowadays!
I can't believe I'm back!
I can't believe your back
I can't beleive I just wrote a rubbish paragraph of this guy dying as a journal entry, [as a lead up to more journal entries]
I can't believe yu have not posted an entry so far in the elven guild, Ammornil.
I can't believe it neither, Undomiel Smile Smilie
I can't believe it that you are out of town without your copy of Tolkien's books, Ammornil.
I can't believe how tired I am these days! Sad Smilie
I can't believe how much lack of energy (or brains) you have when you are sick and still go to track practice
I can't beleive the fact the KDI goes mad after a few months without grondy (and the same time I arrived)
Orc Going Huh Smilie
I can't believe we sold our old purple car....

Cheesey, the KDI hasn't been this fun for a long time! Gimli - take care of yourself! Thorin - I'm glad you're back!
I can't believe we were letting this thread die!
I can't believe I'm finally on holidays!!!!
I can't believe that I saw 4000 people online earlier!
I can't believe I'm seeing this thread again! Orc Grinning Smilie
I can't believe Fornad saw 4000 people online; I've never seen more than 800.
I've seen a few thousand a few times actually.

I can't believe its not butter. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
I cant believe i enjoyed reading all 10 pages of this thread
I can't believe Sian is back..
I can't believe my car ran out of gas the other day..
I can't believe that I aint seen Sian in a while.
I cant believe i finally saw New Moon(after half a year) and loved it
I can't believe that I've started this thread up again!
I can't believe you did so and so few are back!
I can't believe how Epic the new Manchester United Home and Away kits are.

I can't believe that I turned in my Calculus homework in green ink, and got it returned, graded in matching green ink.
I can't believe i went to watch Inception and almost fell asleep midway.
I can't believe this thread finally has the red letter next to it.
I can't believe so much rain can fall during the summer!
I can't believe that I am going to be a grandmother! Jumping Flame Smilie
Hooray for Nell's progeny. Happy Elf Smilie

I can't believe summer is pushing half over and this week is finally getting the temperature up into the 80s ’F.
I can't believe I can not keep my eyes open after 9 hours of good sleep and a tee-sup of instant coffee.

(And I can't believe so many believe that Ugluk can read... Shocked Smilie And to smeone... Shocked Smilie The LOTR especially Shocked Smilie ! **Too shocked to press the Save post Button**)
I can't believe that school starts in two weeks. D: Also, band camp is starting this week, and the temps are in the 100's. Yay band camp!
I can't believe i topped my Econometrics paper for this semester.Have i turned mad?
I can't believe that the local elves have a training camp in my backyard.
I can't believe it is taking so long authorizing production of The Hobbit movies.
I can't believe Grondy can't believe it is taking so long. Smile Smilie
I can't believe i finally saw Eclipse and loved it.especially Jasper.
I can't believe that I bought another Border Collie puppy! Sometimes, I am just a bit too impulsive. Puppy Smilie
One would think that a job, new grandchild on the way, house and one lovely border collie would be enough, wouldn't one? Juggling Smilie
Seumas, a very lovely blue merle border collie, will be arriving in 31 hours. I don't know if I am more excited or more apprehensive. Jumping Flame Smilie Shaking Head Smilie
I can't believe Rednell desires to subject herself to another round of Dog Smilie obedience classes. Animated Wink Smilie
I can't believe I went to college today in green shirt and bright pink pants and did not get laughed at.
I can't believe I am back!!
I can't believe that there are 1286 people online yet I am very alone in the chat room :-( Where are you thousand??
i cant believe i may be one of the youngest members of this forum!!!! :O
14 Wiggle Smilie
I can't believe the number 14 is represented by a smiling, hip-waving weird yellow thing!
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