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Thread: How did you get your user name?

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Kiss Smilie thankies so much prog
brought me back to days when i used to copy green towers
prang and airbrush.. phewww
now if only i'd seen those sketches i wouldn't have given up
mine wer better Tongue Smilie

okies.. the thread is how did u...
well, tuesday real name
i started with this internet/chat thing only last week of may
and 'twas a tuesday sos i gave myself a week to see if i liked it
hence `tiltuesday
w/c incidentally a 90's band too

now its like tuesdayeveryday Shaking Head Smilie

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Sorry, Tommy, I just had to tease you.
Shocked Smilie Wow! Plastic already has nearly 2300 posts! How in Middle-Earth am I ever to catch up with that? Super Wow Smilie Animated Wink Smilie

Ok, ok, I'm just bored and didn't know what to post. Tongue Smilie
I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring...

Galdhril means "the light of the stars on the trees", and I chose it because I like the concept.
Galadhril, nice name. Welcome to the Forum. Smile Smilie
What a beautiful name, Galadhril. I shall echo Grondmaster's welcome. Enjoy TolkienFan discussion and chat. The chat can be found under News in the Board Index, then in the folder Chat. Big Smile Smilie

Grondy says: In the above folder, look for Taz's posting on 7/7/2002 at 00:13 for the temporary link to our chat room. Someday it may get reincorporated onto our home page. Smile Smilie

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Great to meet you Galadhril! Very Cool Smilie name.
Hey there Galadhril! Welcome to pt (or tolkienfan if you like)!

Oh, and by the way: nice name! *do I hear an echo here?* Very Big Grin Smilie
Hi there, Galadhril. Nice to have you around. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
I personally love this thread. I was wondering about everyone's names. There are some really cool ones and the reasons behind are even better.

I was searching the web for anything tolkien, and found a site that generated Tolkien names when you but in your real name, so ... I typed in mine and this is what the computer picked for me. I thought it was cute. So here I am.

Our son's name has an interesting story. When my husband was younger, he had some poems and short stories published under R.L. Drake. (nothing major, just some mag, but still cool.) When Robbie was born he came up with names for the initials. So Robbie has 2 middle names. I was not fond of Robert (too common) but I loved the middle names. We debated what to call him for the longest time and Robbie just stuck.
Robert Lance Drake. I thought that was cool. Kind of Medieval sounding.
Robert Lance Drake...that is a nice name...I like it Cool Smilie...I ended up with my middle name (marie) because my grandparents decided that they were going to call me that whether it was my real name or not...haha...
At least it is a nice name. I have sometimes used my real name as a nick because it is so unusual, and I love the meaning. It is Kateri, and it means princess. I am not catholic, so I do not know how all of it works, but I was told by a nun and a priest that she is one of the Blessed and there is talk of cannonizing her. Angel Smilie Not that I am very angelic. lol
Quite some time ago, I did the Elvish translation of my real name and it came out as Helkadaewen, which was as bad as my real one. So I decided to stick to the nick I have been using for everything for the last couple of years. Big Laugh Smilie
Well I like your nick Rednell

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I cannot remember what it was, but I remember thinking at the time what a cool real name you have Rednell. It was really nice, I do remember that.
*blushes* Gee, thanks Valedhelgwath. Big Smile Smilie
*curious* What is your real name then, Rednell?
I know what her real name is, and it is beautiful. lol
Have you ever seen an episode Taz?
Can't say I have, no Sad Smilie
Our names look similar Rednell.. in elvish I meanSmile Smilie Your name is Helkadaewen, and mine is Helkadolwen...kinda similar Elf Winking Smilie

[Edited on 27/9/2002 by Valedhelgwath]
Come on Rednell, tell us love! Tongue Smilie
I know a secret and Tommy doesn't Nah Nah Na Na Lol. Sorry Tommy I just had to do that. lol
Aaaah! Knew you'd do that! Winking Smilie

I must have known it someway back. I must have! Hmm. Gonna check my old mails.
I know Mellie! I would do the same for you of course. Big Laugh Smilie

Still haven't found it though. Very Sad Smilie

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That is beautiful, Amarie. You have chosen well, for it suits you. Big Smile Smilie
And still Rednell refuses to tell me her real name. First name? P-p-please? Orc Smiling Smilie

Love your nick too Amarie! Sounds very pretty...
Well, I like your nick Amarie. It is very pretty. I had no idea who it was until you reminded my of Finrod. I had just assumed that it was an Elvish word. I was wrong yet again.
Amari’ was Finrods beloved who stayed in Valinor when he left. That is all I know about her. She is only mentioned once and has no stories connected to her, which made me feel I could turn her into me without changing how she was in the books. The meaning is unclear but has something to do with m’re=good. It also makes me think about Aman = blessed, free from evil.

And I've always been a good girl. Angel Smilie
Raptor posted on 21/11/2002 at 07:47

Why did you choose the nicks you have in here?if you don't mind telling.I'll start-btw-this ideea came up to my one and only neuron when i was asked on the net if it comes from rap music.Well....NOOOOOO!!!!!!!Holy Christ,not in a million years.We hatessss rap,hip-hop and all other types of junk some peole call music.If i offended anyone with this,sorry...but this is my opinion.Raptor comes from Velociraptor(for all of ya who saw JurasPark you know what it means),wich is actually Velociraptor mongoliensis9i'm into paleonthology Big Smile Smilie ),wich was a sneeky,rather small but agile and fierce dinosaur.I picked it up in the 7th grade,and now it's me,i try to use it as much as I possibly can.I really,really like the way it sounds.
'raptor' actually kind of means predator bird(hawk,eagle type).

Stonehelm posted on 21/11/2002 at 16:55

I got my name from LOTR don'tcha know. I didn't see anyone else useing Stonehelm so I thought it was a good name to use.
Stonehelm in LOTR? God I really must read that book again! Disturbed Smilie Read Smilie
Stonehelm was Dain Ironfoot's son.
Red has a lovely name! i don't know why she's not more proud of it.

Imagine if you had a name like mine, Red! Big Laugh Smilie
I think Rednell's given name is beautiful. Happy Elf Smilie
Heh! I know too now! It's a beautiful name indeed, I must agree. Juggling Smilie
I am glad the you finally found out what Nell's real name is, Tommy. Juggling Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yeah, so am I! Juggling Smilie She finally had the mercy to tell me. Animated Wink Smilie
Nell, is pretty cool about things like that. I figured she would tell you, if you bugged her enough. I think she has an absolutely beautiful name.
How did you all come with your user names? Mines kinda obvious, but I 've seen some strange ones! Just wondering! Thanks!

Mine comes from an old ghost story my Grandma used to tell my when I was knee-high-to-a-goblin Orc Smiling Smilie She always told the best ghost stories, especialy if you woke her up during the night cause you didn't feel well...she'd make me a cup of hot lemon barley with honey desolved in it and sit up telling me scary stories and folk tales til I fell asleep. That particular ghost story was a favourite of mine, so I took my name from the ghost herself! Orc Grinning Smilie
Halo, that is a great way to get your nick, and to make such a wonderful memory with your grandmother is even more special. Why don't you add the ghost story to your Journal. I would love to read it.
Not as original as Halo_Black my nick is taken from one of the Danes from the Beowulf, a poem in Old English composed more than twelve hundred years ago. Upon this very poem Tolkien wrote a brilliant book: 'Beowulf and the Critics' somewhere in the 1930's. Heorogar is son of Halfdane and brother of Hrothgar, one of the most important characters is the epic poem.
My name means The Bearer Of Nenya, because i do believe that in a future Galadriel will give her Ring to her only Granddaughter.
Hullo, My nick has been my nick since 4th grade-
I was one of the smallest (size) in the class, so our english teacher(at school)strated calling me Littleirena.
2 years ago-(when i came back from the summer break-extended summer break-missed a month of school Big Smile Smilie ) she was the first to see me, and she called me < Littleirena, but she's not so little anymore because she's grown >('cause i grew quite a bit- and wasn't short anymore) My friends and i found that toooo long ,so we sticked with Irina. Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie
Ladyoflegolas if you sill read those posts there is a name generator at
Mine means half-elven, as you may have guessed from my signature. Smile Smilie
I think that is a cute story Littleirena. I have never really had any nick names. well, except for Kat, which is short for my real name, and only a couple of people call me that.

Well, my name is simply name-generated, at BD (
But I think it's really beautiful and I do whish it was my real name. Smile Smilie
It means Holy Cleaving Maiden. Smile Smilie
I chose my name not in honor of Morgoth, the wielder of "Grond, the Hammer of the Underworld", but for the person of Gondor who took charge of the wolf-head from the so named battering ram, subsequent to its burning after it had beaten down the gates of Minas Tirith.

In Uni I was known as "Ole" because one night I started talking with a Scandinavian accent, or at least a stereotypical one, and they tacked that moniker on me even though I'm actually 1/2 Czech, 1/4 Scot, 1/8 German, 1/8 French. Half my mother's grandparents came West over the Oregon Trial in covered wagons, while half my grandparents came West by rail at the end of the nineteenth century after traveling to the East Coast via steamer steerage.
on day in jr. high school my best buddy said "if I could choose my own name I'd want it to be Elemuel Rococco"
for some reason I thought that was a great name. I don't see that fellow any more (i moved a long way from home), but I've used his made up name to apply for credit cards (when I wanted the free t-shirt), and all kinds of things. So I stole it, but I use it because it reminds me of of one of my favorite friends.
Ladyoflegolas if you sill read those posts there is a name generator at

Thanx! I've been there lots of times, I love it! In fact, I use my elf name in a RPG thread! It's Eglaviel!

What's Rednell's real name???? Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Hey Val, maybe this thread should be in the Pony anyway?
And now it is Smile Smilie
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