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Thread: How did you get your user name?

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oh... cool... even better!
Reviving this thread so newer members can post about their names too.

I've shortened my first online name to just 'Sian' which is, very simply, my real first name in Welsh. I'm an older Hobbit-lady who wanders from place to place helping in the kitchen, mending things and sewing cloaks, clothes and banners and helping with horses and ponies.
I've always liked dwarves since I first read the Hobbit and I liked Thorin. I was simply Thorin some time (or years?) back. I then changed it to Thorin Oakenshield!
Undomiel means Evenstar as you all know, of course.

It can be said to mean something which is forever right.
I suppose I just made up Fornac, never really thought about it.

And Sian, are you called Jeanne? I won't tell if you don't. Animated Wink Smilie
Fornac sounds Middle-Earth-ish, it was a good choice. You could build an ancestry and clan etc on it.

I'm a Jane, Fornac, is my translation correct?
I can imagine that Jeanne and Jane both have the same linguistic root, or that one roots from the other. The name Sian has other forms such as Siana, Siani, Sioned or Siwan, all of which are feminine.
Welsh lesson over!
Quite a few years back their was a barbie animation adaptation of The Swan Lake and the protagonists name was Odette.I just loved it.
My nickname I found while skimming through the appendix of Lord of the Rings. Anarya is the Quenya weekday named after the Sun.

Here's the rest of the week...
Six days of the week- Names/What they are named after.
Elenya/The Stars
Anarya/The Sun
Isilya/The Moon
Alduya/The Two Trees
Menelya/The Heavens
Valanya/The Valar

It's just my name Smile Smilie

I've been actually using galadhwen as a nickname in various forums (non Tolkien related) for many years but since it is supposed to be the Elvish translation of my name I thought it wouldn't be suitable here cause I registered as a Hobbit...and I pretty much feel like a Hobbit Smile Smilie

I loved so many names from LOTR that I became overwhelmed and just kept with my own name. Boring but at least the pain in my stomach subsided. Smile Smilie

I got my name from the book called the alchemist by michel scott.  I know it is not a tolkien name but i like it just the same.

Welcome to PT, Perenelle!

I seem to recall reading that book, but it was many years ago. Wasn't it something about mythology in  the USA coming to life? I think magic smelled nice in it too, though that might just be me.

Eowyn is my alter ego. I can't believe it wasn't taken already considering I just joined the forum today. Of course I'm not complaining though.

When I joined about 5 years, I had been a big fan of Gimli, and imagined that many names or versions of his were taken, so I made mine, and it just stuck. I did make one slight adjustment a while later (capitalized G). Though, I have thought of changing it before. Doubtful I could ever change it now

I think mine is fairly obvious.....I love balrogs. Easily my favorite creature in Middle Earth. The lore, the power, the brutality, so cool. Sure they're the epitome of evil, darkness, and shadows, but come can one not see the bad assery present? no

Great Winged Balrogs, or the Lesser Wingless Balrogs?

I got it from my favorite Silmarillion character (the first time I read it), Fingolfin, and the name of my favorite musician (no, it is not George Michael Smile Smilie).

Aren't parents a pain at times?

All the time my boy was waiting to fall out, I was adament his middle name was going to be Gandalf. I was only joking, but I figured if I insisted on something really bad, the wife would cave-in if I came up with something more sensible, and thus, I'd get my own way.
Thing was, I came home from work one day and she'd been in to register him. She'd took me seriously, and now the poor lad's stuck with Gandalf. He'll hate me for it one day.
Don't worry- I'm sure he will forgive you- I mean, tis an honest mistake after all Wink Smilie
Well... my name came about for several reasons. Firstly, as a returning member from *thinks* eight years ago (tis scary when I keep coming across posts I have previously made from back then...), I had the choice between returning with my old character, or creating a new one. As I no longer truly associate myself with my old-self (so to speak), I thought it would be best to simply create a new one. As much as I would love to explain a Tolkein based reason for it, there is none. It is instead simply my current role-play character (which frequently changes). I quite like the alliteration between Dorian and De-Lacey though, and thought it fit quite nicely, so... well I guess that was all the reason I felt I needed for it. After all, tis only a name Smile Smilie

I used this username on another forum for so long - from 2006 as far as I remember. The forum  is totally unrelated to Tolkien or Middle Earth, but I wanted a nickname related to it, because those names are beautiful and intriguing and I'm sure some people checked what "Indis" really means. Why I chose this one? Indis sounds nice, it's short, easy to remember, not very popular and intriguing. Since I chose it, I got used to it and I use it as a part of my e-mail adress, skype, devianart ID and some others, so I can't really change it now (and I wouldn't want too).

I don't have too much in common with the character from Tolkien's books though - I'm not blonde and I'm definitely not Elvish Wink Smilie To be honest I started to pay more attention to Indis after I chose her name to be my nickname Wink Smilie

As some of you may have noticed, I have just added something onto my name....for Tolkien lovers it is somewhat self explanatory - Isil. Having to do with the moon. Many names, my favorite being Isildor, have this word in them. Isildor also wen on to own the Tower of the Moon. As you might see, I love the moon. Also, Isilya is the day of the week in Quenya that means the day of the moon. So I, therefore, added Isil to my name.

The first part - Wenlesael (pronounced - Wen-less-ae-el ) I made up myself. No meaning, just a nice elvish me at least.

My name, Rukain has actually been around a long time. It's always been my default name. My friends(well, certain friends) and I often play medieval/fantasy RP style games, normally just started like:

"Hey! We should play something. You wanna go slay a dragon?"

"Na, I think we've slain too many dragons. How about we steal a jewel?"

"Sure! I'm so-and-so."

"And I'm Rukain"

Beacause my name is very often Rukain. So, here I am! It's not very Elvish sounding, though.

Beacause my name is very often Rukain. So, here I am! It's not very Elvish sounding, though.




I don't know, I think it sounds Elvish enough. It might look more Quenya as Rucain (and sound the same of course). We have Quenya rúcina so we know words can begin with these basic sounds for example...

... it might seem even more of a Quenya name with a vowel ending, Rucaino (masculine ending) Rucaine (f), but Quenya words and names can end in -n too of course.


Remember to trill the r and it sounds pretty Elvish to me

Beacause my name is very often Rukain. So, here I am! It's not very Elvish sounding, though.

It is a great name. And it sounds Elvish to me Smile Smilie

Yawn, I don't normally fool around on these threads, but I shall say that my username is very old, and I've used it since of the day, when I started to write stories. My original artistic name, which I created to suit my old and dark self, when I practised metal singing and used to do a lot of 'skeletal' cosplay, was: Mr. Creepper Valorevil, Cutter of Dreams (PHEW!)

But then I got fascinated to write more about one of the characters of Arcadian tales: Oerath, and I thought that it would be better with a kind of surname. So, after careful thinking, I came up with Oerath Windsoul, and i liked of it so much that I immediately took it as my secret artistic name, until I started to write more seriously.

So, now I went and revealed some information about my old, old days.

But as to speak, I use Oerath here and there novadays, and if I start to play some new game, I often give this name to the character I play.

And since you've been talking about this, I am not sure does my name sound elvish. I never intended it to be that way.

Well , I believe my name is inspired in the dwarves from Moria.Using mainly Gimli as reference , afterwards it has been used on the mmo game of LOTR.


Hello, welcome on this wonderful forum. Enjoy your time here. If you have any questions, just ask. Namarie

My name of Bingo Butcher was a bit of an odd surprise, as I am a dwarf from the Glittering Caves.  Ah, but dwarfs are a bit mischievous and cantankerous, are they not?  Arr, would you care to delve into a bit of Dwarf Bingo? (it’s more of a drinking game really)  Otherwise I’ll be off to find a few Orc for my wee axe to butcher.  Did I say “wee” axe? (Yes, Bingo is a bit of a jokester too it seems) 

Me, I was reading the Silmarillion when I entered to this website. Elbereth made the stars and I love to stare at them when the sky is clear, it doesn't matter if it's winter or summer. I love to see the stars, I even wrote a short story about the stars and men lives. My masterpiece, I think.

It's one of the things I will miss here as the smoke of the city hides the sparkling cloak at night...

Amras is one of the seven sons of the best elf that ever roamed arda.Kind of arrogant too.

Russandol is Maedhros's epesse, and since he's my favorite elf (I have a major obsession for Feanor and his sons for some completely unknown reason, lol), I just had to pick it!   Also, it means "copper top," (due to 'Russa' meaning 'red-haired' in Quenya), and I have red hair, so it fits perfectly Big Smile Smilie

well I told that my name is Aryan and I am an Iranian my artistic tittle is Captain which we call it in Iran Capitan!(in persian alphabet it is كاپيتان )

... due to 'Russa' meaning 'red-haired' in Quenya), and I have red hair, so it fits perfectly

Welcome Coppertop!

And you are correct about russa meaning 'red or red-brown haired' which becomes -ros in the Sindarized form of Maedros... but if that is so, and the Quenya form of the names of Feanor's last two sons was Ambarussa due to their hair...

... well Amras... maybe you can pick another name

 I suggest Amros

well I did a 'hobbit name' test and got Menegilda Brandybuck, which I totally liked!

"For centuries Elwë remained lost until he reemerged as a respected lord and many of his people joined him in the great forested area of the Beleriand. Now known as THINGOL , he and Melian become king and queen of the Teleri who stay in Beleriand, who then become known as the Sindar."


I couldn't think of anything better.
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