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Thread: How did you get your user name?

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We seem to keep sending plot bunnies at each other, don't we Rhaps? Writers guild, yes.

When I see your nick, Rhapsody, I think of music. Nice, vibrant, living music. Smile Smilie
Go here and we talk further... sorry guys.. Smile Smilie I blame the plot bunnies!!!!

Mmm yeah I have the same association with that name Amarie: fun, music, creativity, writing...
In Quenya (the first language of the elves, preceeding Sindarin), i means "the" and aran means "king", therefore... i aran = the king
hey guys my name is devided in two parts, the first one, arwen, came form my friends. they started calling me so after the movie came out because i used to go horse back riding and i have very long brown wavy hair.... they say when im riding i look just like her.... i hoped to look like her the rest of the time too tho :P the second part came from a gift i got for xmas the year the fellowship of the rig came out. My mom bought online Nenya, the ring of Galadriel, which I have wore ever since even when i sleep. that is where my name come from Arwen The Ring Bearer.
My Late boyfriend gave me this nick cause when i'm happy my eyes are brown and when they refelct in the sun they are golden like a tigers
When I see your nick, Rhapsody, I think of music. Nice, vibrant, living music.

Aye, that's exactly what the band Rhapsody brings.

To stay on topic : my nickname is a typo, which i began to use as an alternate nickname, and finally as a first nickname.
Well I got my name from my best friend's theme song,"Dung on the Green grass". That's what we sing when we past the school's Soccer field with a very funny (but humiliating for others) experience when we were playing "Imagination" he was playing "Franz Josef" in Quiditch game against Viktor Krum(?) and me having tea party with "Peregrin Took" in Shire. Then suddenly he got this imagination with the scene "catching the golden snitch" and slipped on a very wetty yucky dung of what so ever and while during my tour around the house of Mr.Peregrin Took he bumped me and so my lucky paper(test paper)fell in the ground and stepped on it. My friend is a Harry Potter fan and I am Lord of The Rings fan, but we never fight about it (except when it comes to philsophy, actually we have a debate on it!) So that thing that happened told us that H.P.Movie and
L.O.T.R. movie is fighting each other to gain a "talk about" and audience. I got my name also in the book...
I got my user name from my character in Rolemaster. My name woud be Manica if he han't died fighting pirates. He died one round after Halica killed the rest of the pirates.
How nice to see so many names.
My name,Etharion, is the name of my ex character in AD&D 3 edition. He was a elf mage, and he was just getting powerfull!!
But then, alas, he was torn to pieaces by a great black dragon. Dang.
And so he ended. But he was my first character, and my favourite one, and so i shall never forget his name or past.
Why didn't I think of these kinds of things when I joined? If I could change/ make a new name it'd be Dizy: a nickname my dad gave me. (Only one z because dizzy is when you spin around a lot. Dizy is a noun)
I like your nick Halica, it's pretty and fun to say!
Wow I didn't realize so many people actually had places they got their names. lol. I've made a couple of Elvish sounding names and this is just the one i chose to use.
I like your nick name Halica, it's pretty and fun to say!

Thanks your's is nise to.
Does any one know where my user name is from...

Of course I do. Just wanting to see if anyone knows.

Hint: It is from tolkien's writings.
His writings or his languages? I don't remember the character, but I can guess one element of that name. Mine, well, the most important thing in the world to me (and anyone, if they only knew it) is Love, and always has been. I'm probably the only non-chick that's been planning their wedding since age three. And in September, I'll be a thirty-one year old virgin (you really wanted to know that, right?) The reaction I get from women ranges from polite pity to horrified disgusts; I don't know why. I'm not unattractive, I can be charming, I'm frequently witty, bright, and, of course, modest (I prefer a self deprecating humor so I can zing others occasionally without it appearing mean, but I'm not nearly as bad with either as I was in HS.) Hence the name; I think I Sindarin scholars can translate it. I'd bet my Silmarillion, which I think is a hardbound first edition, that Caudimordax can. Edit: never mind. Thank you, Google (and guess to which fanatic filled site it sent me?) I only read that one once; I guess I should hit again. It has the advantage of being short, and is quite good.

Oh, and I was born on Friday the thirteenth (no joke; explains a lot.) For those interested, it was Friday the year the hurricane took out our transformer in August, my grandfather died, and I got skipped past the fourth grade (thus ruining my life,) the year I graduated HS, and the year I reelected a President (that could be a no-no, but I say anybody that wants to work out is looking for trouble,) and the last year I was in my twenties (sigh, guess it's time to grow up.) The vagueries of the Paschal cycle makes this next to impossible to predict; the fact 2000 was a leap year (even though it shouldn't have been, but I digress; again,) doesn't help.
You just described me, except i am 18. and i haven't been planning my wedding.

self deprecating humor
is?...I don't know, but i still might use it.
dont know where u got ur name Caudimordax but i got mine from my aim s/n witch is mirkwoodelf1977 like rivendellelf1977. cuz i wanted to live in mikwood but there is no mirkwood in the places to live place.

(if that made any sense at all)
I bought my username on eBay.
You can buy usernames on ebay?...
How much did you pay for it?
Did it tell you the user name you were paying for when you bought it?
That is just strange.
I've probably said this before but as people rarely read back through threads I'll say it again....

My user name is simply the initial of my full name. I started using it (or rather some friends did) because they couldn't be bothered to type my full name online. I accepted it because I prefer it to the popular shortform of my name. Do you feel enlightened?

Good to hear that at least one username actually has a reasoning behind it. Way to go.

That is just strange.

Why is it strange ? You can buy snow on eBay, how's that ?
Does any one know where my user name is from...

Caudimordax's name comes from Farmer Giles of Ham and the vulgar name for it is "Tailbiter". I'll let someone else say what it was and give it's history.
snow i could see...It would come in a refrigerated truck (or with dry ice) which would bump up the shipping costs. Actually rich people in california have actually ordered a couple truck loads for a Christmas celebration.

Another funny one...My friend bought nothing on ebay. he paid 10 cents for nothing. He actually got a certificate in the mail saying that he bought nothing on ebay.

I guess if you knew what the user name was then you didn't have to pay for it if you didn't want to.
my user name is a Quenya translation of my real name,
that is "lee" meaning a small copse or wood,
"taure" being quenya for wood, and -o being a masculine ending
I got mine from Chris Wetherell's Hobbit / Elf Name Generator.
Mine comes from a my first and now ancient character in Dungeons&Dragons. A elf mage of considerable power and influence, but still not great enough to stop him being gobbled up by a Black Dragon!! Orc Sad Smilie
I chose mine from the elwish word ; FRIEND Smile Smilie
My nick is explained on page 8. Wink Smilie Though many of the posts in the earliest pages have been flipped around, so you'll see the comments on my post first before the post itself.

My real name means war, or little woman (which was the meaning my parents had heard, but I have only seen that 'translation' once). I sometimes use Authiel (Auth=war) as a nick, but I haven't found/made a quenya/sindarin name for 'little woman' that I truly like.
I've got two reasons for taking my name.
1. my real name is monika, nickname moni. now a cousin of mine started calling me moonlight (he's weird, alright) and by now many friends are calling me mooni. and as most will know, ithil means moon, so it's only a translation of my nickname.

2. I'm a bit of a nazgul-freak and I love minas morgul, which was once minas ithil. its setting and history are great, I think... so there's another reason for taking that nickname.
simple, really. Don't you think clovers are the best-looking kind of weed?
Aw Cloveress, so you're a good-looking non-comformist, who'd just as soon ruffle the feathers of the establishment, by growing anywhere you have a mind to, rather than the pigeonhole where they want to peg you.
Just a little detail to be corrected, Grondy. I never ruffled anyone's feathers. It was the establishment who plunked their big fat butts on my slender self, ruffling my feathers (not that I have any).
By an Elvish Name Generator... by Chris Wetherell.
Does your name mean anything in Elvish, Elrohir?
My name is Marion - I like Archery soooo hence Maydmarion - but I changed it a bit using 'y' insted of 'i'. You know Robbin Hood, Maid Marian, Archery ........ Very Mad Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I got my name from one of my favourite songs by a really cool band (well I think so anyway) called Alfie
I made up my nick few years ago and Im using it still.There is no great story behind it , I just altered my real name a little and added from the woods because I like woods and spend as much time in them as I can. Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie
My name is from two of my most favorite things, *burr...* cold and *aroo...* wolves...
So, Icefangs
or Icey
or Ice
Pretty soon I'll bet its shortened to just

Once, I was even called: O' she of the frozen-teeth, by my dear friend: the master of gronds...
heh heh...

Pary Smilie My birthday was Friday, I am now 16, and nobody told me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh well... Pary Smilie

That was done in The Party Tree thread of the Forsaken Inn. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
my name is really simple its from my favourite colours gold and red Smile Smilie
My name is Sindarin for "one who sings". Apparently there was an elf from Rivendell called Lindir, but I have not (yet) found whereabouts the name occurs in Tolkien; I stumbled across it in "The New Tolkien Companion".
Apparently there was an elf from Rivendell called Lindir, but I have not (yet) found whereabouts the name occurs in Tolkien

Fellowship of the Ring, Chapter "Many Meetings" :
The chanting ceased. Frodo opened his eyes and saw that Bilbo was seated on his stool in a circle of listeners, who were smiling and applauding.
`Now we had better have it again,' said an Elf.
Bilbo got up and bowed. `I am flattered, Lindir,' he said. 'But it would be too tiring to repeat it all.'
'Not too tiring for you,' the Elves answered laughing. 'You know you are never tired of reciting your own verses. But really we cannot answer your question at one hearing!'
`What!' cried Bilbo. 'You can't tell which parts were mine, and which were the D’nadan's?'
'It is not easy for us to tell the difference between two mortals' said the Elf.
'Nonsense, Lindir,' snorted Bilbo. 'If you can't distinguish between a Man and a Hobbit, your judgement is poorer than I imagined. They're as different as peas and apples.'
'Maybe. To sheep other sheep no doubt appear different,' laughed Lindir. `Or to shepherds. But Mortals have not been our study. We have other business.'
*Wonders if Miruvor knows where his nickname comes from*
Obviously, I do know.
Sure, it's an anagram of his previous name, and he probably knows the origin of that name too. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
My user name is actually my real name!
I met a Nordean once... Well actually he was called Dean, not Nordean, but everytime he made a mistake his boss would say in a Welch accent, "Nor Dean, doun't do thaat!"
lol !

I've never met another Nordean before. I'm always getting called Nadine! As if I don't know my own name...!

My older brother picked it. His favourite cartoon when he was little was Barnaby the Bear. Barnaby had bear girlfriend called Nordean. Don't even know if it was spelt like that, but that's what I ended up with!
Mine it's simple: it stands for 'lonely lady' in Elvish.

That's because I enjoy solitude...sometimes at least Smile Smilie
Ah well, who doesn't like a bit of solitude at times? I just made the mistake of wanting to be lonely during Christmastime. My parents were very mad at me for that...
Did you enjoy that time, at least? 'Cause if you did, it would seem OK.
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