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Thread: The Party Tree

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Today the 3rd of April is GailH and Crystal Caves birthdays


Today the 4th of April is Laurelome's birthday


On the 8th of April it was Cloveress' birthday

Today the 11th of April is Ebisme's birthday


Today the 12th of April is Gnampie's birthday


Today the 13th of April is Ladyoflegolas' birthday.


Birthday mega post!

April 14 - was the 19th birthday of Irima-Arwen, congrats also to OldRoryBrandybuck 

April 17- Lemaly orangeflower's 26th birthday!

April 19 - Halica turned 17!

April 22 - EvithianEhtmire sports 20 candles on her cake!

April 23 - Gildor inglorion is now 24-years-old! 

April 25 - Urulooke's 20th birthday!

April 26 - Vilyon, also 20! Congrats!

May 02 - was Carcharoth's big day!


Today, May 05 is Leo's 24th birthday! and...


It's my 30th birthday!!!!   

I have already recieved a call from LA86, isn't that nice? Big Smile Smilie 

Also, my awesome mother-in-law is 50! So we'll first have a mini-celebration at home, and then we are going to the in-laws later (they lives like 4 minutes away) and have a nice family gathering with too much food and cakes and yummies. The hobbits would really approve. 

Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family

Shaking the dust of this thread (Rho, come baaaaaack!) to let us all know that it is REDNELL'S BIRTHDAY!!! Pary Smilie 

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, hun! *big hugs*

Happy birthday, Rednell! I hope you have a wonderful day. 

Thanks, Amarie and Eldorian! I had a most perfect birthday. Smile Smilie

Happy Birthday Rednell, hope you had a special day and all the best for the next year.

This is such a friendly people are so nice to each do I record my birthday date..?

Ha, Ha...i am so transparent...I just need to get in on the love....haha...

I am pulling this poor forgotten thread back into the light to celebrate the birthday of the man we all love and admire:

Today, January 3rd would have been JRR Tolkien's 120th birthday!

Thank you for sharing your enormous creativity with the world. 

I came online yesterday to wish the Professor but I couldn't find a thread to post in (this one had completely escaped my mind) so here I am again, raising a toast to the man and the wonders he created. He is one of the best gifts of my lifeSmile Smilie

I agree!  Happy Belated Bday Master Tolkien!  I thank Eru that i've had and have the whole of MiddleEarth to wander all these years.  Visiting those wondrous Lands have taken me from some of the bleakest moments of my life and knowing the heavy burdens of the Noldor have helped lighten some of mine!   

Today is the birthday of our darling Leelee


Congrats dear friend   hope you will have a wonderful day with your family and friends

Hugs and kisses across the sea

Hey Leelee! Happy Birthday!

What are you doing today? Anything special?surprise frown

I am learning how to juggle and would juggle for you if I could! cheekyBut have a good time anyway!


Today is the birthday of our great friend, Prince  of Poems, Oerath Windsoul. Happy Birthday. frowncheeky

Have a great day, my friend.




The Little Elf


We love you!!!!



Our dear Rafael ( my father actually ) Was 70 2 days ago  3rd of March Smile Smilie HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Happy BirthdaySmile Smilie

today is actually the birthday of my grandmother. Wink Smilie

If the list in the first post of this thread is correct and if it hasn't changed today is the birthday of our dear Rho! Happy birthday! Have a great day!

(by the way, the 19th of March was my own birthday. So now I'm finally 14, wow!!!)

Happy Birthday to Rho and of course to you 2 days ago Arwen frownsurpriseHope you had a wonderful birthday Smile Smilie Lots of hugs to both of you from me back in Norway

Thank you dear Mellon. Lots of hugs back from the Netherlands. Smile Smilie

Congratulations everyone!!! you should already know that you are older but wiser

Happy birthday dear Amarie Smile Smilie Have a great day!

Happy Birthday Amarie 

Awwww! Thanks guys! 

Had a lovely day with my family.  Smile Smilie

Next year I'll be 33 and an adult!! 

Hello Amarie!! Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great one! Smile Smilie

So, last friday was the birthday of Indis. Happy birthday dear. Smile Smilie

Today is the birthday of Leelee. I think I can wish you a happy birthday on behalf of all the members. I hope you'll have a great day.

Oh my god I share a birthday with lord aragorn, whom I revere. I cannot believe this, my life is complete.

The 13th of November it was the birthday of our dear Prince of Poems.
I hope you had a wonderful day dear Otto.
Well talk about a stroll down memory lane . such a pain in my chest. My beloved Grondy, the reason I ever came here And Am, the best of the best. Otto my brother, Arwen my baby sister. What a time.
Kinda late....but thank you!
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