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How about this well know tv game show as an idea for a new game.

The first person gives the answer...

The second gives the question....


The answer........Treebeard

The question.....Who is the Ent keeper of Fangorn Forest

If this dies a death, then so be it. It was just an idea Wink Smilie
If Middle Earth is too small an area for questions and answers would it be better to play it with a wider subject? Any input or suggestions?? (I'm no good at this sort of thing, but want to make sure it's done correct) Please Mr Moderator Smilie

Q ... Who is Grondmaster to say no to this game? Happy Elf Smilie

A ... Fredegar (Fatty) Bolger
ME is definatly big enough but it could become Arda
here i go

answer: the first of the elves to draw blood from another elf
???? could it be one of the Elves from the Kinslaying at Alqualondë
hey, this game really sounds good, I'd like to play... but I have to say I can't think of the question to this answer... (that sounds weird...)
I think Rivendellelf1977 has the right answer, but it should have been put into the form of a question, such as:
Who were the kinslayers at Alqualond’ Question Smilie

New Answer: Rhosgobel
Question: What is the name of Radaghasts house Question Smilie

Answer: Silmaril

Q: what is the name of the gems forged by feanor in which he captured some of the light of laurelin and telperion?

something like that? it's a complicated question, but that's meee... sorry. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Yes, that is a fine question Ithil, now you only have to provide a new answer, so that we can figure out a question that compliments it. Happy Elf Smilie
let's see...

A: Nurnen
Q: What is the name of the inland sea, located in the south-eastern quadrant of Mordor?

A: 'Th’oden King, Th’oden King! Farewell! As a father you were to me, for a little while. Farewell!'
Q: What does Merry cry out when Theoden dies?

(this is a confident guess as I'm too busy to look it up for sure -but who else could possibly say it?!)

A: Snaga
Q: What is a lesser name for orcs?

A: Ringil
Q- What was Fingolfin's sword with which he injured Morgoth before his death?

A- Aldarion
Q - Who was the sometimes husband of Erendis, when he wasn't off sailing to Middle-earth for years on end. Their daughter succeeded him as Ruler of the Numenorions after he served his stint in that inherited job.

A - Myrtle Burrows
wow this is pointless! i like it!

Q:who was the daughter of Milo Burrows?

A: Balbo Baggins (no typo)
Q: Who is my, Mungo Baggins (grand-father to Bilbo Baggins), father?

A: Lebennin
Too hard?
Q: what is a region in south Gondor beginig with the letter L?

Q: What is a port city of Gondor at the mouth of the Anduin?

A: Asfaloth
Q: What was the name of Glorfindel's horse?

A: Rath Dinen
Q: What is the name of the Main Street of the Hallows of Minas Tirith?

A: Leod
Q: What horse trainer was killed by Felar’f and was also the father of Eorl?

A: Sky-blue with a silver tassel.
Q: What was the colour and ornament of Thorin's hood?

A: Landroval & Meneldor
the eagles that carried Fordo and Sam from Mt. Doom

a cluster of stars now called the Pleiades.
Q: What are the Remmirath, which translates to the Netted Stars in Westron?

A: Beechbone.
what was one of the Ents that "perished" at Isengaurd

Q: What is another name for the sword that killed Turin Turambar? (I finally found this spelling in The Lays of Beleriand.)

A: Dwimorberg
Q: What is the mountain (also known as the haunted mountain) that is associated with the Paths of the Dead?

A: Halbarad
Q: Who was the leader of the Dunedain on their ride to Rohan bringing Arwen's banner and their blades to Aragorn's service.

A: Iorlas
Hint: We only heard about him after Pippin revealed he was four foot tall and twenty-nine years old.
Q: Who is the Uncle of Bergil?

A: Uruloki
Q: Which of the three Dragon types breathed fire, but could not fly? (If you need a hint Glaurung was one of these.)

A: N’min
Q: What is the name given to the Eldar by the Edain

A: Ohtar

Q: Who brought the Shards of Narsil back to Arnor after the disaster of the Battle of Gladden Fields?

A: The valley where the Rohirrim held their great muster before heading off to Gondor during the War of the Ring.
Q: What is Dunharrow?

-I'm not sure about this one because Dunharrow is not really a valley, and I couldn't find a name to the valley when I looked it up.. if I'm wrong, feel free to let me know.

A: Woses
Q: The name that the Rohirrim give for the secretive people known in Elvish as the Druedain?

A: Mellyrn
wot is the elvish plural for Mallorn?

A:A title for Morwen of Lossarnach (if thiers more than one let me no)
Q: Which Rohirrim Queen answered to to the names of "Mama, Mother, Mater, Mom, and more pointedly, Steelsheen"?

A: Old Man Willow
who theatended to squezze a hobbit in half and was cruly cut from his leading role in the film for it? Cat Smilie

Emu, no wait Eru
Q: Who is "the one" who created the Ainur whose music created Arda?

A: Telperion & Laurelin
Q: what were the names of the two great trees of Valinor?

A: Dol Amroth
Where did Prince Imrahil live in the end of the 3rd century?

Shards of Narsil
Q: What did they reforge for Aragorn, that he named Anduril- The Flame of the West?

A: Beregond
Q: Who was the father of the boy who guided Pippin through Minas Tirith?

A: Old Man Willow

[edited by ithil to correct the question, I don't want to formulate a new one - too lazy]
Q: What is the name of aged tree on the bank of the Withywindle that ensnared Merry and Pipin in the cracks of his trunk?

A: Mablung & Damrod
This is kinda outa turn, but the anal-retentive perfectionist in me had to say something:

A: Beregond

Ithil: What was the name of the boy who guided Pippin through Minas Tirith?

Ithil, You are thinking of Bergil, Beregond's son.

oh, I'm so sorry, I really must have been far off... a similar thing happend to me in the If you had..... - thread... dunno what's the matter with me... I'll change the question so it's right...
Q: What were the names of the two Rangers of Ithilien, who were set by Faramir to guard Frodo and Sam?

A: Ithil-stone
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