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Q: By what name did Gollum describe the Sun.

A: Mathom
what is a "house" in the shire where they keep "museaumy" things?

A: Fatty Bolger
Q: Who was the member of the "conspiracy" who remained in the Shire?

A: Daughter of Feanor.
Q: Who had Nerdanel better bring to life instead of those seven crazy things? Orc Grinning Smilie

A: Avathar
Q: What is the name of one of the dark southern lands of Aman?

A: Elurin
Q: Who was the son of Dior and Nimloth?

A: Ioreth.
Q: what was the name of one of the women who worked in the houses of healing?

A: 20
Q: How many teeth did Gollum have in his mouth?
(Unsure about this, but it seemed to ring a bell.)

A: Caragd’r
Sorry, Grondy, but in the riddle game, Gollum said he had only 6 teeth!
Correct Gandalf-O. And "Thirty was the number of teeth in Bilbo's riddle and there are "nineteen: chapters in The Hobbit. So I still haven't figured out a correct question. Oh, I know:

Q: What is the chapter number of The Silmarillion entitled "Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad"?

A: Caragd’r
What about this Grondy: What is the total number of the Rings of Power?

Q: What is the place in Amon Gwareth where Eol and Maeglin were killed?


A: Tulkas.
Who among the valar was best known for his hee-haw?

Q: Who was given the task of guiding the sun accross the sky?

A: E’l
Q: Who was the father of Maeglin?


A: Laurelin.
Q: what was the name of the golden tree of valinor?

A: biiig spiders
Q: What were Ungoliant and Shelob Question Smilie

A: Black Arrow
What was used by Bard to slay Smaug?

Gates of Summer
Q: What was the midsummer day festival in Gondolin?


A: Stoors.
Q. Who were the southernmost of the 3 strains of Hobbits?

A. Frumgar
Which Eotheod chieftain led his people from their homes near to the Gladden to their new home after the fall of Angmar?

Over which river did the Noldor build a bridge by Turin's counsel?

The Stone of Erech
Q: Where did Aragorn command that the Dead assemble and meet him?


A: Sammath Naur.
Q: The Crack of Doom is located in what chamber of Orodruin (Mt. Doom).

Whom did Pippin call Ents that have become almost like trees?

D’nedain of the South
Q: What is another name for the Gondorians?

Seriously though, wasn't Gondor where the D’nedain of the South lived, and the D’nedain of the North lived up in Arnor or something? I'll wait until I get feedback to post a new answer, cause I don't really know if I'm right on this one, and I don't know where to look it up.

What was the maiden name of Sam Gamgee's mother-in-law Question Smilie
all right I agree with gondorians and with mundburgians as well, cos I beleive not all the gondorians could be called so and probably not all the mundburgians, but all d’nedain of the south were gondorians or mundburgians for sure. Wink Smilie

TTT/ 'Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit':
D’nedain of the South, men of the line of the Lords of Westernesse...
...soldiers of Gondor, and they were Rangers of Ithilien; for they were descended from folk who lived in Ithilien at one time, before it was overrun.

Grondy, was it for Trivia from Tolkien's books thread? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Oops, once again I gave the question instead of the answer. Sorry.

Ancalagon (No, that isn't the name of Sam's mother-in-law.)
Q: What was the name of the dragon used by Morgoth in the wars of the First Age?


A: Dol Amroth.
Q: What was the chief city of Belfalas, until about TA 1981?

A: Oliphaunts
Sadly, I'm not in contact with much Tolkien, so I want to post when I know the answer to the-the question to answer...yeah...

Q: What did Sam Gamgee always say he'd wanted to see, other than elves?

A: Bill
Q: On whose namesake did Sam waste a perfectly good apple?

A: Hob Hayward
Q: What's the name of one of the shirriffs guarding the shire upon the return of the fellowship hobbits?

A: Bob & Nob.
Q: what were the names of two hobbits that worked at the Prancing Pony?

A: Anduin
Q: What's the name of the largest river in ME.


A: Glorfindel.
Q.who killed the balrog while trying to escape from gondolin ?

Q: Who is/was the father of Arwen?

A: Carc
No, the previous question should have read, "Who was the great, great, great, ... great, great-uncle of Arwen?"

Q: Who was Ro’c's daddy?

A: Malbeth the Seer
Q: Who foretold the role of Isildur's Heir in the WR?


A: The Watcher.
Q: Which inhabitant of the pond at the western entrance of Moria killed Gimli's uncle?

A: Felar’f
Q: What was the name of the horse that threw and killed Eorl's father?

A: flet
Q: What sleeping accomodation did the Elves provide for the Fellowship on their first night in Lothlorien?

A: Fingon
Q: Who was the eldest son of Fingolfin?

A: Stone of Erech
Q: Where did Aragorn command that the Dead assemble and meet him?

Elen already asked this question up the page a little ways... Big Smile Smilie

this could be a hard one, but here you go-
A: Aduial
Elen already asked this question up the page a little ways... Smile Smilie
I guess like minds flock together. Elf Winking Smilie I just opened the index and pointed to the word 'Erech'. Happy Elf Smilie

I know the question, but will wait a while to give others a chance at it.
Okay, I'm not sure about this, but I'm going to try:

Q: What is the elvish word for the time around sunset?

A: Mardil
Q: Which Ruling Steward of Gondor, besides being the first, was also called the Steadfast Question Smilie

A: Maggot's Lane
Q: What's the name given to the driveway which connects Farmer Maggot's home to the road (which the hobbits used to get to Bucklebury Ferry) going between Deephallow & the East road?

A: Enyd
Q: What is another word for "the Ents".

A: Laer c’ Beleg
Okay I have no idea about a question for the previous answer. I have looked all over the place and I just can't find what that particular phrase is for.

I do have a comment however on a previous answer & question:
"Q: Who is/was the father of Arwen?"
"No, the previous question should have read, 'Who was the great, great, great, ... great, great-uncle of Arwen?'"

I think you're both wrong (sorry grondy but I'm going to disagree with you).
Elrond is the father of Arwen. Elrose is brother to Elrond. Elrose is therefore uncle to Arwen. No?
Elrose is also great great... great grandfather to Aragorn so maybe he could also be great great... great uncle in law to Arwen.
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