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Q. What is the Last Month according to shire calendar?

A. Party Tree
Q: What venue in all the Shire, was deemed the best place to celebrate an auspicious occasion.

A: Hasufel
Q.Who was the horse that was given to Aragorn by Eomer in their first meeting?

A. Ents
Q: "What creatures in Tolkien's Ea were called 'the Shepherds of the trees'? "

A: Miruvor
Q. What was the cordial of Imladris that Gandalf carried on the journey to destroy the Ring?

A. Loudwater
Q: "What was the Westron name of river Bruinen?"

A: Khamul
Q: Who, also known as 'the Black Easterling,' was the second in command of the Nazg’l, after the Lord of the Nazg’l, alias the Witch-king of Angmar?

A: Paladin Took
Q. Who is the father of Peregrin Took?

A. Strider
Q: "What did Hobbits call Aragorn in their journey to Rivendell after they met him in Bree?"

A: Brego of Rohan
Q. Who was the second King of Rohan?

A. Eowyn
Q: Who was the sister of ’omer and niece of Th’oden?

A: Dimrost
Q. What is the waterfall's name that mean"the Rainy stair"?

A. The Prancing Pony
Q: "The name of which waterfall, on river-stream in Beleriand, was translated in English as 'the Rainy stair'?"

A: N’niel.
I swear it was not there Wink Smilie

Q: In what inn in Bree was Frodo supposed to meat Gandalf the Grey?

A: N’niel.
Q. Who was the daughter of Hurin Thalion?

A. Barahir
Q: What was the name of Beren Erchamion's father?

A: Umbar
Q: Where, in SA 3261, did Ar-Pharaz’n land to contest the power of Sauron?

A: Flet/Talan
Q: What is the Westron/Elven name of the platforms, build by the Elves of Lorien onto the trees?

A: Elendilmir
Q: What did Elendil wear on his forehead as he roamed the sky in Vingilot?

A: Gh’n-buri-Gh’n
Q.What was the name of the wild man that led the Rohirrim through Druadan forest?

A: What was the basic fighting unit of the Rohirrim army?

Q. Who was the captain of the king Theoden's guard?

A. Otho
Q. Husband of Lobelia Sackville-Baggins

A. Arod
Q: What was the name of the Rohirrim horse that ’omer loaned to Legolas and Gimli?

A: Elladan
Q: "What was the name of the twin brother of Elrohir, Son of Elrond of Rivendell?"

A: "Tirion"
Q: What city was Gondolin built in the likeness of?

A: "Tuna" (not the fish!)
Q: The name of the hill upon which Tirion , the City of the Elves was built.

A: Biter
Q: "What was the name given to the sward Orcrist, which it was called by the orcs?"

A: Aglon
Q: What was the name of the narrow pass between the hills of Dorthonion and Himring, from Lothlann into Beleriand?

A: Thain
Q: "What did Hobbits called their 'chief' ('chieftain' Smile Smilie )?"

A: Herumor
Q: Who was the Black N’men’rean that became a great lord among the Haradrim?

A: L’tess’
Q: "In the Calendar used by the Stewards of Gondor what was the name of the fifth month of the year?"

A: Pengolodh
Q: What is the Quendi for "one who has wisdom with words"? This may not be correct, but it is the best I can come up with.

A: Chetwood
Q: "What was the name of the woods, laying on eastern side of Bree-hill?"

A: Archet

P.S.: Grondy, I meant the person Pengolodh, but what you gave is also correct.
Q: What village, located in the Chetwood, lies about about ten miles to the northeast of Bree?

A: Forest Gate
Can you give a hint please...? Do you think of one mentioned in "The Hobbit"?
Yes, it can be found in The Hobbit.

Q: "What was the entrance, which Torin's group used to enter the Old Forest of Mirkwood?"

A: Belthil
Q: What was the name of Turgon's artificial tree in Gondolin, that was fashioned as an image of silver flowered Telperion?

A: Mering Stream (River Glanhir)
Q: "What river was used for border between Gondor (East from the river) and Rohan (West from the river)?"

A: M’riel Serind’
Q: What was the name of Feanors mother ?

A: Calacirya
Q: What was the cleft in the Pel’ri through which the light of the Two Trees flowed eastwards into Eldamar.

A: Harrowdale
Q: "What was the name of the valley in Rohan, that laid south of Edoras,down to the river Snowbourn?"

A: Dunharrow
Q: Where did Gandalf recomend Theoden to lead his people to ?

A: Menelvagor
Q: What is the Sindarin name for the constellation we know as Orion the Hunter?

A: Leaflock
What is another name for Finglas?
Now Gwindor, all you have to do after having giving us the question for the old answer, is to provide a new answer, please. Elf Winking Smilie
A: Osse
Q: What was the name of the vassal of Ulmo and the spouse of Uinen?

Q: How do you misspell the name of the nontarnishable light, but strong metal only found in the Mines of Khazad-d’m?

A: D’nedain
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