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Q: What is the name of the palantír that was kept in Minas Ithil?

A: Ringil
What word does Morgoth shout every time he makes a step? Very Evil Smilie

Q: What's the name of the ring of power that was kept by elrond?

A: old toby
Q: What is a variety of pipe-weed named after Tobold Hornblower (the first grower of leaf)?

A: Straddle
Q: What do you do on a low fence when you can't determine on which side the grass is greener; especially if is near that village, what was its name now; that's located on the south side of Bree Hill and is populated by both Men and hobbits; the latter of whom require shorter fences than their taller neighbors?

A: Gorg’n
Q: The Druedain held them as mortral enemies; "Kill *** in woods, hate orc-folk. You hate *** too. We help as we can": Chieftain of the Woses of Druadan Forest to Theoden; The return of the King; The Ride of the Rohirrim.

A: Mirrormere
Q: What is the name of the lake located in the Dimril Dale east of Moria?

A: Simbelmyn’
Q: what's the name of the flower that grew on the graves (barrows??) of the kings of rohan?

A: weathertop
Q:What was the other name of the guard tower Amon S’l ?
Q: With its help the Minas Tirith's Great Gate were destroyed during the Battle of the Pelennor?! Or what object was called after the ancient Morgoth weapon the Hammer of the Underworld?

A: Lembas
Q: what is the name of the elvish waybread?

A: Michel Delving
Q: What is the county seat of the Shire?

A: The building was located on the west side of the Hobbiton Road north of the Water. It was torn by the Chief's Men during Lotho's control of the Shire to make way for a hyperspace bypass. No, that last part belonged to another story.
Q: Where was the Mill in Hobbiton located and what happened to it?

A: Morannon
Q: what is the elvish name of the black gate?

A: Gollum
Q: What was Sm’agols other name

A: Mithrandir
Q: What strange name did Legolas suddenly cry when met Gandalf in Fangorn? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

A: Angrenost
Q: What is the Sindarin name of the 'Iron Fortress' built by the Numenarians on the southern edge of Fangorn Forest and called 'Isengard by the Rohirrim Question Smilie

A: sharku
wot is black toungue for old man?

Eored maybe?
Q: How was a troop of riders called in Riddermark?

A: The Ivy Bush
Q: What is the best darned tavern in the Shire and on Thumbs Up Smilie

A: The place where the tailings of Sam's G box were cast.
Q:Where in the Shire the vegetation was the most luxuriant in the 4th age?

A:Because he had not the skill and for him the grief was still too near

Q: Why could Legolas not translate the songs of mourning of the elves of Lothlorien?

A: Illuin
Q: What was the northern of the two lamps of the valar?

A: Faerie
Q: what's the name of the land the smith of wootton major travelled to from time to time?
I don't recall the smith's name, and I borrowed my book to my cousin, but I think at least the question is correct.

A:111 years
Q: Which anniversary was Bilbo celebrating when said his best phrase:I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve?

A: for catching some fish
Q: What was the best use of Gollum's handses Question Smilie

Q: what's another name of the river Celebrant?

A: celebrian
Q:What name did Galadriel's daughter, Elrond's wife and Arwen's mother have?
(all three of them)Ha Ha Ha Smilie

A:Go with Legolas to Fangorn
Q: What did Gimli promise to do if Legolas went with him to view the Glittering Caverns at Helm's Deep Question Smilie

A: A chain.
wot does one of the orcs in the movie have growing out of his eye?

Q: 10,000
wot does one of the orcs in the movie have growing out of his eye?

Orc Going Huh Smilie [<- thinks: me??]
what does that mean?
Big Smile Smilie

Q: What was the estimated number of troops in Saruman's army as it marched towards Helm's Deep?

A: Laurelind’renan.
What was the older name of Lorien?

A: A Cage
Q: What was the fearless lady Eowyn afraid of according to her words?

A: a boat sliding down the bank by itself
Q: What was the funeral boat that Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli put Boromir in?

A: Yrch
Oh,I meant the picture seen by Sam on the bank of Anduin when Frodo decided to go to Mordor alone and put the Ring on.But I don't mind this answer anyway for a new-comer!Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to PT
Q: What was the Sylvan Elves' name for Orc Question Smilie

A: Goldilocks
what is one of Sams daughter names?

Q: what family were the thains of the shire members of?

A:in the misty mountains
Q: Where was the Goblin's Front Porch, from which Thorin and Company's ponies were stolen Question Smilie

A: Fatty Bolger
A: who is Grondy to say no to this thread?

Q: Knife point
Q: What part of the Morgul blade was left in Frodo's wound Question Smilie

A: Springle-ring
wot was a "vigouros dance" common in the Shire?

Q:what was the name of sam's wife?

A: grey
Q:What was Gandalf's color before "death"?

A: Vanyar.
Q: What are the people of Ingw’ also known as?

A:T’na (not the fish)
Q What was the hill in the Calacirya in Aman?

A. Iluvatar.
who was the "creator" also known as Eru the One?

A: Son of Durin III
Q: In the re-encarnated lineage of Durin's folk, what title could be given to the first dwarvish king to receive a of a ring of power, Durin IV?

A: The secret fire.
Q: What is the Flame of Anor, wielded by Gandalf?

A: Yellow Face.
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