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very clevar Mungo i must say
Perhaps, but not clever enough to find a question for Grody's answer:

A: Laer c’ Beleg
Yep, as Mungo pointed out I was being a smart-alec and got hoisted upon me own pitard. Orc Grinning Smilie

A: Laer c’ Beleg

Hint: Sung by a hero who couldn't stay out of trouble, or as the dragon said, this guy lived in interesting times.
Q: What is the name of the song created by T’rin for Beren after T’rin recovers from his madness by drinking the waters of the Eithel Irvin, and before he receives the sword Anglachel from Gwindor?

A: Erebor
Correct question Mungo, except Turin's lament was for Beleg C’thalion rather than Beren. 'Laer C’ Beleg' is also the 'Song of the Great Bow'. And Mungo's answer remains:

A: Erebor
Where is Orcrist?

A: Ancalagon the Black
Q: Who was the meanest, most ferocious, greatest of the Dragons, who got himself deaded by Earendil in the Great Battle, the War of Wrath.

A: Narqueli’
Now, based on canon, do we know Ancalagon was nastier than Glaurung, or was he merely the greatest of the FLYING dragons?
Ancalagon the Black was the greatest of the flying dragons per The Silmarillion. I think compared to him Smaug was a pussy cat. Cat Smilie

I don't know if we can compare the relative strengths between Ancalagon and Glaurung. You may want to start a thread under The Silmarillion or Characters for this.

And the answer remains: A: Narqueli’
Now, based on canon, do we know Ancalagon was nastier than Glaurung, or was he merely the greatest of the FLYING dragons?

He was literally the greatest dragon ever. He was so big that he eclipsed the sun. Then again, that'd probably happen too if I'd reach the summit of Mt Everest, so I wonder what all the fuzz is about.

I would've liked to see that aerial scuffle between E’rendil and Ancalagon, though. I bet it beat Top Gun.
Q: What is the translation, in Quenya, for the month starting September 22nd (Bilbo & Frodo's Birthday) which in Sindarin is named Narbeleth?

A: The Lithedays & the Yuledays.
Q:What dates in the Middle-earth calendar belonged to no month?

A: Dramborleg
Q: What name did Tuor give his axe.

A: Tasarinan
Q: Which willow-meads did Treebeard used to walk in the spring?

A: Asfaloth.
Cripes! I've been gone HOW long and no-one has got this? Wink Smilie Fine. I'll ask the question myself:

Q: What was the name of Glorfindel's (you know the guy that met up with Aragorn & the hobbits just before the ford of Bruinen) horse?

A: Second breakfast.
Q: What are 'elevensies'?

If correct then:

A: Mathoms
Q: Where did Bilbo lend his mithril coat?

A: The Eye of Sauron.
Q: What did Frodo see in the Mirror of Galadriel and on Amon Hen?

A: L’melindi
Q: What were Nightingales called in Sindarin ? .. (i may be wrong and i have recently lost my copy of the Sil Very Sad Smilie )

A: Helcaraxe
Q: What was the name of the "Grinding Ice" that joined Middle-Earth and Aman in the far north?

A: Telperion and Laurelin
What are the names of the Two Trees of Valinor?

A: Neithan
Q: What was first of the many names T’rin used after the death of Seros, and while he was an outlaw near Amon R’dh?

A: Shadowmere
Q: In the "Song of E’rendil", in what body of water are the lamplit towers of Tirion reflected?

A: "Old Flourdumpling"
Q: Which fat Mayor was buried in chalk when the roof of the Town Hole collapsed upon him?

A: G’thwin’
Q: What was the name of Eomer's sword?

A: Tar-Ancalim’
Q: Who was the first Ruling Queen of N’menor?

A: Wiseman Gamwich
Q: Which ancestor of Sam Gamgee took his name from his hometown of Gamwich, but later relocated to Tighfield?

A: L’mion
Q: What secret name did Aredhel give to Maeglin?

A: Irensaga
Q: What was the northernmost of the three mountains that made up the east wall of the Harrowdale valley?

A: Simbelmyn’
Q: The white flowers that grew on the Rohirrim Kings' burial mounds

A: Mindon Eldali’va
Grondy, you're supposed to word it like a question. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Q: What was the name of High King Ingw’'s tower in Tirion?

A: House of the Golden Flower
I knew that; I just didn't do it.

Q: Glorfindel, was the chief of which Gondolinian noble family?

A: Book of Mazarbul
Q: What was the name of the tome of records which was kept by the Balin's colony after their return to Moria?

A: Second Age 3320
Q: When were the realms of Arnor and Gondor founded?

A: Bregalad
Q: Which "hasty" young ent was also named Quickbeam?

A: Nimbrethil
Q: From where did Cirdan and E’rendil get the timbers to build Vingilot?

A: Dingle
Q: What is another name for a wooded valley, esp. where the Entmoot was held?

A: Ranugad and Banazir
Q: What were the Hobbitish first names of Hamfast and Samwise Gamgee?

A: Mering Stream
Grondy, you give such hard questions! Orc Grinning Smilie
No, in this thread I give hard answers. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Hint: look at the Gondor/Mordor map in Ballantine's movie cover paperback edition of RotK.
Q: What was the name of the minor river that met the bordor of Eastern Rohan?

A: Five feet high and three feet broad
Q: What were the dimensions of the Lonely Mountain's secret back door to Smaug's treasure room?

A: Lumbar
Q: What is the name of the star, wrought from the dews of Telperion by Varda in preparation for the awakening of the Elves?

A: Carc
Q: Which raven was the father of Ro’c and also spoke to the Dwarves of Erebor?

A: Dimrost
Q. What is the Waterfall that was named lately as "Nen Girith" meaning "Shuddering water"?

A. Cirdan
Q: Who was the only Elf with a known beard?

A: Estel.
Q: What was Aragorn Elessar called in Imladris in his youth?

A: Sirannon
Q: What stream was dammed by the Watcher in the Water?

A: Lenw’
Q. Who was the leader of Noldor?

A. Aule
Q: Who formed the Dwarves before Eru gave them life?

A: Foreyule
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