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Take the awards as thou wilt.
May I ask what happened that D-Rob is defending himself against the CMs. Elf Confused Smilie I've been gone two months, and I'm beginning to think I missed something very interesting.
It was not very interesting really ,and the subject is closed I think Happy Elf Smilie
I listen for Vir's pulse, because I know his heart must be beating with horror at my return.

Assuming he has a heart....

Me? Boromir-like? Pah!
Ok, then in that case, I'm off to the Inn. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Believe it or not, Vir does have a heart. Don't know what it's made of though... Must be something pretty bad, since you refused to eat him.
As in that puppet body portrayed in that avatar, is a stone heart that would turn to the stuffing and fluff that it should be from just one flutter of wings

Nuff said.....
And the "Just Chatter" continues... (And I'm so sorry to be a part of it, Grondy)
Wow, i've definately been gone too long...
Congrats to Mungo on the funniest award yet!
Most Treebeard-like: Mungo (hhhooooooooooowwwwwwwaaaaarrrrrreeeeeyooooooouuuu?)

Big Smile Smilie
Why I'm glad that at least one of my awards is liked. And yes, Laurelome, you have been gone too long...Were you travelling?
Travelling the Winds!!
ah, sadly no...I did spend about two hours in the air, but I'm actually being bombarded with my first semester of college. oy, they certainly have it in for me! Deal Smilie (< Science test...)
Busy, huh? I've just been appointed editor of the non-fiction section of the Literary Magazine. Congrats to me. But yeah, it's come at a rather inoppurtune time...I've got a couple of sceince tests too. And the week after that will be for an English paper.

By the Valar, I wish I had something like Feanor's fire in me now.
Yes! Congrats to you Cloveress. May your time allowed be ample to fulfill your obligations. Happy Elf Smilie
And when we come forward to peek your awarding again; you've been there ! Ever so busy, ever so conscious,ever so fair; but always so Clo-ever Lass!! Very Big Grin Smilie Angel Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Efficiency does come with many other things. I already have sixteen of the award ready for November. Joy will be one of those things.

I pray Wednesday will be a relaxing day for me.

Night is falling again...Tomorrow it will fall with ghosts and witches...May you be one of them!
Sure, I'll meet you in a costume Pumpkin Smilie Have a nice day CloverWaving Hello Smilie
Thank you Mellon, I assure you I did have a splendid day, and an even more splendid night. I gave out ever so many candies! Little kids...really...cute.


November Awards

Most Active Newbie: Silima
Losing Sarcasm: Virumor
Greatest Leap to Strictness: Grondmaster
Weariest: Mellon (soft place to fall? Bed with soft pillows?)
Most Meticulous: Gud daedheloth (Eomer's sword dropping *scratches head*)
Artistic Advertising: Sleep
Dreamiest: Elessar Lossehelin
One who would do well to slap himself: Grondmaster (you need your full attention to tell the difference between an eagle and an Elf)
Orc Hunter: Fionwe Urion
Best Gambler: Elessar Lossehelin
Spellcheck*angel smile*: Mellon
Most benevolent: Rafael
Multifaceted character: Arwen Evenstar (calls herself "Arwen", uses a skull as DP, and decides to dress up as Little Red. Phew, but I'll be hanged...)
Best at Making up his Mind: Anilorak (so have you decided who the best villain is yet?)
Nerdiest: Valedhgwelith
Most Loyal to Tolkien: Molderan
Best at Laughing: Elrose (haven't heard that creepy cackling in quite a while now...)
Pure Perfectionist: Amarie
Loves to Question: Lord of All

The scope of these awards is rather limited. And it really shouldn't be this way, but oh well...The site has been rather...y'know.

Orc Hunter: Fionwe Urion

Thank you, Cloveress. I like the appellation.
Pure Perfectionist: Amarie

It is Amari, thank you very much.
(I couldn't resist. Wink Smilie )

Ooooh, I want more time so I can spend it here. I'm missing out on so many things... *sob* *complain*
I'm missing out on so many things

Really?! What things?! I'd like very much to know... ;-)
Woaw Cloveress Super Wow Smilie 2 Awards . THANKS . 1) Weariest - A soft place to fall...maybe I should have suggested a pillow instead of letting him fall into my arms again..and 2)Spellcheck angel smile..I try to stay happy no matter what, I don't get stupid things bother me Smile SmilieDon't worry be happyAngel Smilie
Ouch! Thanks Cloveress, I needed that. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

How do I differentiate, let me count the ways: Deal Smilie
1) Owls have feathers; Elves don't.
2) Owls have pointy ear tufts; Elves have pointy ears.
3) Owls have big eyes; only anime Elves have big eyes.
4) Owls give a hoot; Elves seldom do, only if their families or the environment is involved.
5) Owls are on the endangered species list; Elves have already become extinct from our world.
6) Et caetera, Et caetera, Et caetera.....
Hah Grondy. You do know that another way would be simply to look at the word behind "Race:", right?

And for your information, Ama, you might be perfectionist, but no fairy is, so you'll just have to do with my laziness, Amarie!

Oh Mellon, that poem was about a him? Hmmm... what have I been reading lately? Still, the pillow was a good suggestion, eh?
Orc Grinning Smilie Two Awards Orc Grinning Smilie

Dreamiest: Elessar Lossehelin

Dreamy, when targeted at a person, is commonly known where I am as amazingly great!!! As well as extrememly attractive!!! As in "He is so dreamy" (as school girls may say everynow and again), if you meant it in that way, then you have made my day Clover, Thank You!!! If not, then I'll just go back to my gambling addiction and drown myself in debt............

Best Gambler: Elessar Lossehelin

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Thank You Clever-Lass Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ty Cloveress, though its usually arwy not arwen.... and the skull is just my gothic personality peeking out. =P oh, and my love of pirates, that tooo. but ty, it fits so well. Great job on picking the perfect awards for Loss as well.
Most benevolent: Rafael
Good and Evil Smilie

Thank Thee, dear Lady!! And it's very good to see ya' around; Clo-ever Lass!! Angel Smilie
Oh Loss, you are sooooo dreamy. Super Wow Smilie You know how hard it is to find people with such qualities these days... I am glad I know you.

And Arwy, or is it "Awry"? Oh I just keep on pronouncing it wrong! What a mouthful! I thought nicknames were supposed to be EASY?

Aha! I see you now for what you are, Rafa (now this is a proper nickname!)! Two thirds angel one third devil! Still, compared to the rest of us, that's actually great.

And thank you for being so satisfied with all your awards this time! I am relieved I didn't get tomatoes in my eyes...
There's still time for that... *grabs tomato*
Well thank you, youve made my day, or week or even month, heck.... make it year, I don't get that often, so I won't take that as sarcasm Orc Smiling Smilie

Least tomatoe in eyes: Cloveress
Best at picking up people's spirits up: Cloveress

Elf Winking SmilieOrc Smiling SmilieElf Winking Smilie
Aha! I see you now for what you are, Rafa (now this is a proper nickname!)! Two thirds angel one third devil! Still, compared to the rest of us, that's actually great.

Ah! Ye Clever Lass! You have me pin-pointed; n' the butterflies are in me tummy! To be ernest/honest; by the way, ernesty (honesty) lasts longer, because it is least (most seldom) used; I am really a devil in disguise! Moderator Smilie But I carry no vegetables.! Angel Smilie

Gildor! NOW you pop up! Y'know, I just don't get how some people can always make it to PT JUST IN TIME for tomato-time...

And come on, Losse, of course I wasn't being sarcastic. I was just trying to put my infatuation into type, which I'm not skilled at, so it may have come out wrong...

DEVIL! I do appreciate your honesty, and please don't offer me any sinful tomatoes...
Hehe, I'm always around. I just barely post.
This one nominates Gil for the most grumpy smarta** . (and you know its true, Toy, so just admit to it.)
I'm not grumpy, Keykey. (I suggest we all start calling her that... Wiggle Smilie )
you are most certainly grumpy and don't even think about it.
There's a difference between sarcastic and grumpy.
okay, i nominate you for most sarcastic smarta**, better?
If it makes you feel better.
Oh good, thank you again *takes off hat*, ill gladly await next month Clover, oh just to help you with next months;

Old Couple: Arwy and Gil...................

Will it last............. Arwy, run away with me...............Orc Smiling SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Smiling Smilie
Last post for me, else I'll get all the awards.

Can't let that happen, can I?
Moderator Smilie You're chatting again. Moderator Smilie
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Just to make it clear, I wasn't chatting, just giving ideas of new awards Orc Smiling Smilie

Gil: What do you mean, "can't let that happen"??? Allowing the award to be given or Arwy running away with me??? Elf With a Big Grin SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Smiling Smilie
prolly both, but sure, i'll run away with you (of course we weren't chatting Grondy, we'd never do that... *Halo*)
I vote Gildy for "Most Hilarious Techno Geek"

*hugs* Just cause =P
Gil's popular, for the award business, we'll see, good peoples of Planet Tolkien, we'll see.

I'm all eyes myself Pixie Smilie
I juat wanted to say that i definatly agree with Elessar Loss’helin being the best gambler and the most dreamiest... Definatly true... Big Smile Smilie
How do you know? Are you his sweetheart, perchance?
Maybe so...but maybe just an admirer...
Uh-oh, somebody is going to look green with envy...
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