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thank you very much clever
annd -> Waving Hello Smilie
WARNING get too close and you will be given a hug!
i've returned! Big Smile Smilie
How wonderful that our Arath is back, safe and well.
I felt intense emotions as I read the last couple of responses. I see there is so much depth and perspective in the hearts and minds of my fellows on this site, the air is truly rarefied.
And Loss, I thought from the first readings of some of your posts that you must be quite a romantic. A sort of Viking hero with a gigantic heart worn on the sleeve like an embroidered monagram or something.
I honestly think LOA and Vir have something sweet, well if they don't like the word, then something fragile and tender hidden in them. I pick up on it at times, I am quite positive I am not making it up.
So , well back to the awards. I wonder how our dear Cloveress even decides how to attach an award to a person. Wouldn't you have to read like a zillion posts or are you a really intuitive type?
Wouldn't you have to read like a zillion posts or are you a really intuitive type?

Nah, Clover made this deal with all the mouse manufacturers and they installed sensitivity chips in each mouse that send her our heart-mind info that is directly correlated scientifically from our palm moisture/temperature measurement data. Teacher Smilie

Or not. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Wouldn't you have to read like a zillion posts or are you a really intuitive type?

She just arbitrarily hands them out to whom she thinks it will irritate the most.
I t hink that should go on to a t-shirt Vir. Smile Smilie
I do not read a zillion posts, and I will consider making the mouse deal, and I certainly do consider the level of irritation I can achieve with each award, so to Leelee: it's intuition plus a bit of consideration. To Grondy: thanks for the suggestion. To Vir: I will have to find out ways to make more people squirm.

What actually goes on in my head is this: Think of a word, then try to think of someone. Then consider if that person's a suitable recipient. Then write it down in fairy dust. Then blow it into the computer. Then flap my wings twice and tap my nose once. Then, go on PT and be evreyone's favourite fairy again. :cheeky smile:
When would you not be everyones favorite fairy?
Is there even another fairy in PT?
You are allways our favorite fairy!
Don't change a thing Cloveress, we love In Love Smilie what you have been doing and if their shoe doesn't fit, they don't have to wear it; let'em eat cake Birthday Smilie instead. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Don't change a thing Cloveress, we love what you have been doing and if their shoe doesn't fit, they don't have to wear it; let'em eat cake instead
Listen to what the wise and great Grondmaster says Clover girl , I agree with him
We love the way you things around here Smile SmilieKeep up the good work girl
*Eats Cake* Orc Grinning Smilie
We love the way you things around here Keep up the good work girl

Speak for yourself! I know at least one person that doesn't. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Yes, but we just consider the source. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
The source has been considered. Hmmm... and as always, Vir's snide comments will go completely unnoticed.

October Awards

Best grin: Arath
Ghastliest temper: LoA
Most likely to read Eliot and go mad: Virumor
Most likely to read Keats and fall in love: Leelee
Most likely to read Tennyson and be filled with power-lust: LoA
Most likely to read Dickinson and just relax: Mellon
Most likely to read a pamphlet and yawn: Maydmarion
Most likely to read Infants and Their Ways and snort: Amarie (how's the baby?)
Most likely to read The Idiot's Guide to Fairy Hunting and cackle evilly: Virumor (though Vee comes as a close second)
Possessor of the Richest locks of Hair in PT history: Icefangs (can't argue with that snowy hide!)
Sword-slasher: Elessar Lossehelin (be valiant, m'laddo!)
Miss Prim-and-Proper: I'd have to consider this one awhile...
Mr. Hearty-and-Deep-Chested: Grondy (a true Dwarf that laughs hard and drinks even harder!)
Avid Reader: Sian o' the Green
Dressiest: Leelee

And that is all for now!
I remain your loving fairy,

Most likely to read Dickinson and just relax: Mellon

Thanks for the Award Clover Smile Smilie
You know me so wellSmile Smilie
Sword-slasher: Elessar Lossehelin (be valiant, m'laddo!)

*Begins to slash swords with his own and looks about for something else to be valiant against* Orc Smiling Smilie

Thank ye Clover,

I give to you the Most Scribe like award, what with school assignments and essays and heavy reading as well as the book theme this month, good idea Orc Smiling SmilieWiggle Smilie
It appears clover has been cured in her relapse of last months awards. Now I have the ghastliest temper and the greatest power lust of the lot. These should go nicely on the mantlepeice with the others (sorry clover I threw last months award in the bin).
I just love your description of Grondy. I realize no one agrees with me much about photos. But I should love to see each and every one of your dear faces. How jolly it would be to fit photo with personality. Alas I must imagine each of you in my mind. Probably totally wrong Smile Smilie.
I agree about the Scribe award for our tiny faerie. How she does all this and still finds time to drive her little car about and have time for all the rest of it I cannot imagine.
I shall get busy and create a mithral scroll for her and put it on the works of our hands. But I need to ponder over it carefully. For it must fit her like a glove.....a faerie glove.
I suppose dear LoA that it would be a trifle too much to hope that we all could hold h ands and dance in a happy circle to celebrate our lovely awards?. That couldn't destroy your credibility , not really.If you like we could dance around that bin, set it on fire even. But it would be such fun to just all be together and dance and sing and listen to dear Grondy laugh.
Leelee's above post got a chuckle or two from me. Big Laugh Smilie
Leelee's above post got a chuckle or two from me

Mellon wants to join you guys as wellSmile Smilie
Aha yes! See, LoA, that was a rather spiteful thing to do... Oh well, you may throw that in the bin if you wish. But that just shows that you can be awfully emotional sometimes, and because you alternate between fits of extreme turmoil and extreme peace, I'd have to conclude that you ARE tender sometimes.

Have I ever mentioned how much fun all these awards are to dish out? Hahaha!

And I had a dream about some PT members recently. I can't remember exactly which night, but dreams are all rather vague, and I don't keep a dream diary! But in the dream, I'm quite sure I saw Vir, and he looked exactly like his avatar, which is why I recognized him. He wasn't smiling, to his credit, and just snorted gruffly. Then we were in a white room and Amarie, Mellon and another PT lady (who was it? could it have been Maydmarion?) were all in 70s fashions (complete with the puffy hairstyles) and they were pouring me drinks. I instinctively KNEW it was them because it was a dream, and in dreams, you know a lot of things that aren't said. Mellon had chestnut brown hair (rather like the hair of a girl who's on the title page of my physics textbook) and giggled. Someone was saying how much they adore me.Vir had dissolved by this time, but I think he'd have liked that party. And then the dream turned to something else...

And I woke up and felt so good.

Man, I wish I could have another dream like that, and see more of you.
That does sound like a wonderful dream! I hope I have one like it sometime.

and I'll third the motion to give Clover an award of her own. A golden pen award or something..
Mmmmmm 70's clothes - if I had my way I would dress the way Madonna used to but I'm supposed to be grown up!!!!!! I've got brown (natural) curly hair (not natural) and blue eyes, fair skin and freckles (it's the Irish in me), several piercings in my ears (4 in 1 ear and 7 in the other) and er....a few tattoos - most hidden about my person except for both my wrist and and both my ankle tats (my poor mum is in despair Ha Ha Ha Smilie ). I've said before my avitar is my Amy Brown tat on my shoulder and I have a long floral down the back of my neck. People don't think I'm old enough to have 2 daughters of 21 and 22 and there was me wanting to be a Nun when I was little Big Laugh Smilie

Does this fit your image of Maydmarion (if you think of me at all! Wink Smilie )?? Oh and I used to be an Archer and a Brownie not at the same time...l..o..l....... I also believe in fairies and should have been one, maybe I'll get fairy wings tattooed on my back Big Laugh Smilie My teenage niece tells her friends she has a "strange/cool" aunt but she loves me really..........Big Smile Smilie

Clover how did you guess I don't read pamphlets Boring Smilie - its a bad habit but I hate reading them. So why do I love reading books so much - go figure???

I often wonder what you all look like?? Wiggle Smilie
Does this fit your image of Maydmarion (if you think of me at all! )??

hmm... hmm...
yes... annnd.... yes...

i deserved that one Big Smile Smilie
I often wonder what you all look like?? Wiggle Smilie

Just imagine Brad Pitt and you've got me Pixie SmilieMaking Out Smilie
What a wonderful dream Clover .. I sure would like to be at that PARTY !! I love dressing up Smile Smilieseems like we have lot to talk about.. I have dark brown and very curly hair (my own )and I do giggle a lot
I would love to meet you all Smile Smilie Maybe we could have our picures tagged along with our avatars ??
I misse you guys a lota as well I .ve been very busy these days
Hugs to all at PT Smile Smilie Yours forever in fellowship
Maybe we could have our picures tagged along with our avatars ??

if i only could get my avatar up Big Smile Smilie
if i only could get my avatar up Big Smile Smilie

I can't remember, was it Loss that helped people with their avatar's or someone else? All I remember is avatars must be 70 by 70 pixels and of the .gif (lower case only) format. There are members who will help with this: Use our search function on "avatar" to find who they are and then pick an active one and PM them to make arrangements. Amarie also was doing this before motherhood intruded on her available time.
Yes, Grondy is correct, I usually help out with avatars for members... Just use PM to contact me and I'd be glad to oblige Orc Smiling Smilie Though I cannot upload them for you, only moderators can do that... so I can only send you the images back and forth, it would make it easier though Orc Smiling Smilie
Alright Alright, I know everyone's been blaming me for not coming back in November. I'm not even going to try and insult you all with an excuse..s But I've made up for it by giving all of you Christmas gifts in addition to the December Awards!

DECEMBER AWARDS Snowman Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie

Most Intuitive: Mellon
Most Learned: Virumor (and I do not grudge you it at all)
Most Santa-like: Grondy (you make everyone's holidays happy!)
Most likely to stick to their Resolutions: Virumor (I give you the credit of discipline, but then maybe you don't believe in resolutions)
Loves to Whisper: Leelee
Loves to be Jolly rather than Joyous: Rafael
Loves to be Gleeful rather than Glad: Vee (I know you have that mischieveous spirit inside you!)
Loves the Resplendent more than the Glorious: Mellon
Fairy-friend for life: Maydmarion
Not made for Frowns: Loss (You changed your name, but I assume you're still the one I call a happy friend)
Gardener: Sian o' the Green
Both Vulpine and Cuddly: Amarie
Awake and Away: Valedgweleth (Where are you??)
Mr. Greedyguts: Gildor Inglorion (you mithril hoarder!)
Warlike: Arath (a warrior at heart that never changes!)
Yavanna's Nymphs: Sian o' the Green & Maydmarion
Most Tender-hearted: Fionwe Urion

Christmas Presents

A Dragon Pipe for Grondy
Umbridge's Bloody Quill for Virumor
Mallorn Seeds for Sian o' the Green
Fairy Powder for Loss
Olive Oil for Maydmarion
Moon Wand for Mellon
Golden Amulet for Amarie
Necromancer's Ring for Rafael
A Seashell for Icefangs
Sylvan Cloak for Val
Noldorin Circlet for Itarilde
Aromatic Incense for Vee
New Sheath for Arath
Pair of Mitts for LA86
Glitterbox for Ar-Edain37
Fireworks for Gandalf-Olorin

Have a happy new year, all!

Oh dear Clover are indeed precious to us all at PT ..
I really hope you'll have a wonderful NEW YEARS EVE Jumping Flame Smilie
I love your awards Smile Smilie Thanks for making the time and effort to think of everything only you can do...
Moon Wand Thanks ..I can't wait to use it ...
Mr. Greedyguts: Gildor Inglorion (you mithril hoarder!)

Hey! I might need it, someday.
Wonderful pipe Cloveress, I no longer need carry matches or flint and steel even; I just have to look cross-eyed at it and it automatically lights up. I wonder if Dragon pipes were invented by the Elves, we Dwarves, or the Istari? Anyway a goodly list of Christmass presents and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Have a joyfull holiday season and a safe and sane New Year. This applies to all our members and our visitors. Wiggle Smilie
Safe and Sane??? Ach, Grondy, Grondy, I thought you had a bit more Dwarf in you than to make THAT wish!!

I must assure you that I will have a most thrilling, zany 2008!

I'm glad you like my gift, Mellon. The wand works best under a combination of moonlight and starlight.

And Gildor, you really never change... heehee!
Hullo dearest friends,precious to my heart. Been away, time was like a fan speeded up. So much to do.
But I did not forget any of you.
I sat about thinking of you all and wanted to give you this and that for Christmas, but like a mother I wanted to be fair to all.
So, even though this is late , this is what I take from my fairie bag. It is invisible to anyone outside of this site, for it is made from beaten and stretched mithril, so gossamer fine and thin that one really has to be u nder a Middle-Earth sun or moon in order to see it.

Inside this bag is a little packet for each and every one- very simple, made from strands of unconditional love, tears for the sorrow any have endured,laughter that is simple and childlike and comes from the heart, and hope, long silver strands of hope that gleam and bring soothing to the eyes. If the packet is rubbed on the heart it brings joy and fresh ideas for the future.
Inside the packet each of you has several tiny scraps of fabric that have had words of magic spoken over them. The scraps of fabric are from various robes of Gandalf,Lord Aragorn,Gimli, Legolas, Lord Elrond,Master Frodo Baggins of the Shire, and the one that dearest Tolkien said was the real hero of the story, the simple everyman, dear Samwise Gamghee.

Each one had great strengths and accomplishments in their lives, each one hoped for certain th ings that actually did come true.And it is this anointing they had from Illuvatar that lingered in the very clothes they wore.

So each of you has these precious things for your very own. May you use them wisely and with great enjoyment.

Oh, and for the practical side of things, each of you has a single gold and silver foiled treat. Whatever treat taste you wish it to be it will be upon saying so before opening it. And best of all, no matter how much you eat, the same will still be left over u ntil next Christmas.
I do so treasure you all.
warlike Big Smile Smilie
thank you very much Big Smile Smilie
now theres a award that i truly like to receive Big Smile Smilie *bow*... *hug*
Thanks Leelee: Angel Smilie Your gift and your friendship is cherished, as it has been in the past, so it will continue to be during the years to come.
Cloveress and Leelee and Grond and all, thank you so much for the gifts and awards and the very special gift of your companionship and understanding. I'm a person who hugs so cyber-hugs to you everyone Smile Smilie

I so love the mallorn seeds! In my mind there's already a great tree behind my house full of birds. I've gathered fallen leaves and fashioned brooches by dipping them in molten mithril and welding pins to the back. The leaves have such strong magic abilities that even tho they are now cast mithril they retain a lovely fresh scent and when you stroke them gently the wonderful aroma has marvelous peace giving properties. These are my gifts to all and I wish for you a peaceful anad safe year and hope for you to wear your brooches in good health.

from Sian with affection.
I know it sounds silly but getting the award and the gift brought a GREAT BIG SMILE to my face Big Smile Smilie

Thank you - I'm a hugger as well (as well as a kisser Kiss Smilie ) hugs and kisses to you all.

It's nice to be thought of Big Smile Smilie so think of others today xxxxxx
And Gildor, you really never change... heehee!

Of course not, then I'd be betraying myself. :p
My teeny, tiny, heart is so touched by this affection you all bear to me. Today is no holiday, for it is only the second day of the new year, which is thus new no more, but i will remember it always as the day I felt VERY MUCH LOVED.

Thank you Leelee! I will carry the packet with me always, and nibble at the sweet treat every now and then.

And my, Sian, you know how much I love anything that comes from a mallorn!

I am also a hugging and kissing type, so HUGS and KISSES back!
Most Tender-hearted: Fionwe Urion

Aw, thank you Cloveress! Smile Smilie Sorry I'm so late in gratitude.
I must say our dear little Cloveress did well to give you that honor. I applaud and give you this little gift of mithril shaped into a heart with a likeness of the two trees etched upon it in the middle.May your gentle heart be a light to us in this glorious Middle-Earth.
Not made for Frowns: Loss

I smile at the thought Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

And I'll use the Faery Powder wisely, I know how hard it must have been to shake some out of your wings Orc Smiling Smilie
I have been thinking for months that I really should post and give thanks for all the lovely awards I've been given, even though I hardly post anything these days. (But I do check in to see what you all are doing) It's good to see that I haven't been forgotten. Thank you, Clover! Kiss Smilie

I can't believe my little baby girl EV is 5 months old tomorrow. Where did the months go? Baby Girl Smilie
Oh how wonderful to hear your 'voice'.
You are so blessed to have a little one that age. My little girl is four now and sitting by me on the bed with her tea set out and h aving a tea party with her most beloved teddy bear Jac who wears a red hoodie with a black paw mark on his tummy. Take lots of pictures give a million hugs and I love you's for the time flies by all too swiftly.
And for your darling, a mithril basket filled with sunny days and warm rainy days with books and blankies to snuggle on while reading. And there is a magic mirror to look into to see all round the world into all the other nurseries and enjoy watching what other children do at playtime.
Oh and of course loads of never dying flowers to enjoy.
Big Smile Smilie Thank you, Leelee!!!
My privilege, my honor. Smile Smilie
Most likely to read The Idiot's Guide to Fairy Hunting and cackle evilly: Virumor (though Vee comes as a close second)

I know this was posted last year sometime and I apologise for being so late in responding but....

Anyway, it reminded me that I have a delightful book called 'Pressed Fairy Book' which is exactly that.

"Angelica Cottington discovered that if she sat still with the book upon her lap, fairies (being inquisitive creatures) would come fluttering around her, and with a sure eye, a quick lunge and a firm snapping together of the book she could catch the fairies between her pages and thus preserve their appearance for posterity."

And yes, I did cackle when I read it.
I also have Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy BookISBN 1-57036-062-6. And lest anyone worries, here is a disclaimer the Publisher added at the beginning of the book:
The RSPCF (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fairies) has asked the publisher to make it clear that no fairies were injured or killed during the manufacturing of this book. The pictures in this book are psychic impressions of fairies. The RSPCF would also like to point out that, after one or two unfortunate casualties in the early stages, all the fairies presented in these pages had discovered a way of leaving their psychic imprint without suffering any physical harm themselves. In fact, the whole process became recognized as a Fairy Sporting Activity and qualified for a Gooseberry Medal at the Millennial Fairy Olympics in 1921.

The text in this beautiful 1994 padded hard cover book was written by Terry Jones and the illustrations are by Brian Froud.

Edit: I read this book again today and discovered it is not a children's book.
Now that's just taken all the fun out of it.
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