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Don't forget to make an award for:

Deal Smilie 'The Bestest Award Giver'

which for still another month goes to:

.............wait for it

.............wait for it

.............goes to Jumping Flame Smilie Miss Cloveress Jumping Flame Smilie
Aawwww.... Ain't that a flatterin' honour t'bestow 'pon an 'umble young maid?

Thankee kindly, mistah Grondsir, I'm truuly ovahjoyed, that I am...
You truly deserve it ClevergirlJumping Flame Smilie I believe It takes deep thoughts and a lot of consideration with humour to make up these awardsSmile Smilie You go girlSmile Smilie
I disagree with this last award, considering all rewards I have received so far are of highly dubious merit. Veto!
It took her a while to realize that I was the Galadriel of PT, just give her some time. There is still hope. Wink Smilie
You have received most of the awards well enough, Vir. I should think that you already have quite a hoard of them in your little cabinet by now. Be content. See, Amarie is quite positive! You should adjust your attitude, Vir.

Oh, and I've just realized that Vir's nickname can also be short for Viridian, which is my favourite color!

Oh, and I've just realized that Vir's nickname can also be short for Viridian, which is my favourite color!
I always thought Vir stood for Virulent, Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie but I suppose in a pinch it could be Virtuous. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
May Awards

Most Intriguing: Galin (always surprising everyone with your great knowledge, yet never quite goofy enough to let everyone really know you)
Most virulent: Virumor (thank you Grondy, the original award was most "vicious", but this way is better)
Lover of Pies: Grondy (I have a shrewd suspicion that you lov'em!)
Best cook: Mellon (can't be a good mother without learning how to bake, fry, and roast!)
Official Jigglydowallah: Etharion (it means "jester" in faerie...)
Best corrospondent: Elessar Lossehelin
Marrer or PT: hmmmm... who has a Grondish tongue?
Happy-go-lucky Guy/Gal of the month: Etharion/Lemaly Orangeflower
Giver of Graces: Leelee
Cool Aunt PT: Amarie
Official Jurranetemass: Lord of All (it means "big and hefty" in faerie...)
Most Tedious: Durin
Torrent-like: Vee (come and go like the wreaking tempests, eh?)
Hag -fingers: Saruman (guest appearance from Isengard)
Galahad of PT: (nah.... not ready for this award yet...)

Alright. Admittedly, fewer people got awards this time, but those who did deserved them fully.Enjoy people!
this is most odd! my green lady you are for online at same time as myself!
hi! Waving Hello Smilie
May I ask what is meant by 'Big and Hefty'??? Big and Hefty in knowledge of Tolkien? (very true!) or big and hefty in external parameters?
LoA: If the Belt fits, wear it! Elk Grinning Smilie
Most Virile?

Why, thankee.
I seem to have satisfied two of the most hard-to-please members on PT: LoA and Virumor. I should be congratulated.

Here comes the Faery!
Praise her with great praise!

LoA: Big and Hefty refers to both the external and internal.
Vir: Virulent, not Virile. But keep it up and you might get Viridian.
And Greetings Arath! I must've logged off yesterday when you posted., for my visit was a rather brief one... But it is nice to know that we were on at the same time... for once!
I hope my next award is equally as creditable.
Best cook: Mellon (can't be a good mother without learning how to bake, fry, and roast!)

Gee, best cook Smile Smilie What ever did you that idea Clover ?? I do like cooking though , specially in the weekends when my time isn't that stressful..THANKSSmile Smilie
i must admit, this thread is quite good for a laugh....and i had hoped Vee and Gilly's sacrificing days were over but apparently not so i'm claiming nose goes on being the next sacrifice. and a belated ty to L for mentioning me in her speech.
Yeah, but it's so true at the same time...

Thanks Clover......... aaaaand we are back in the studio, you are here with me, Loss and I have with me a guest to talk about......... stuff...
To me Cloveress is one part faerie, one part elf, one part psychologist, one part humourist, one part iron, one part butterfly flying higher than high, one part artist.
And it is these things that come together in her mind to bring forth the awards. I could not do it, no not for any amount of money.
So .......thankyou very much.
I think that ALL the participants of Planet-Tolkien are the winners of the MOST INTELLIGENT, FUNNY, THOUGHTFUL, INTERESTING, ACIDIC WIT AND GENTLE SOUL awards, each in their own way.
If that were to happen Leelee, then we wouldn't have the awards, it would be the same each month... But nice that you gave us all awards Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Leelee: Most sharp to notice good Elf Winking Smilie
Clover: Is "Accidental Queen" still up for you??? You havn't dropped buckets of paint over anyone lately???
Nah, but she is dripping age-old drinks in partygoers eyes! She's still got it going ;P
No paint this time, but ale in cyberspace and water in real life. I "accidentally" hosed my friends down while helping another friend clean his pool...
it was so much fun I had to bite my lip to stop laughing.

Ah, leelee's gracious praise again! I am never flattered enough, it seems. But being a faery, ark! We are rarely satisfied with anything, for filling our vanity is like feeding a bottomless pit. Do it at your own peril. I say, Leelee, keep on hallowing my name and I might start pestering you soon...
Oh it is not the least bit flattery, I assure you. It is what I believe, after carefully reading your posts.
And the rest of you, well to me, to this elf at least you are a beautiful bouquet,a gorgeous fragrance. Even when you are not feeling your best or always getting along, still there is something about each and everyone of you that , if you were not h ere, would make my heart sad.
indeed, PT is like an ideal family that is constantly with you. Everyone is always kind, and always caring, and always talks about things you like (namely Tolkien). I love how no one ever gets into serious fights or arguments here, like real families. But then, we do have small-scale hostilities, which only make us seem human, I guess. Anyways, I have never before felt so tuned into PT as I do now.
Maybe for next month you could make a list Clover of who would be which part of the family... Grumpy Uncle, The Crazy Aunt, Annoying Cousins etc Orc Grinning Smilie
Note that I fully distantiate myself from this "family" talk.

And I wonder if that was an English word.
Like it or not dearest Vir, you ARE definitely family. Loved, looked up to. It is your doom Smile Smilie
And I wonder if that was an English word.
Well Great Uncle Vir, my five inch thick dictionary only lists distantial as an obsolete adverb after the word distant.

Be that as it may, distantiate in this case would be the act of increasing the distance between oneself and an idea that hasn't met one's approval. I think it is a good word, which the lexicographers probably think is redundant, because "to increase the distance from" probably meets the definition of another English word like to separate.
I would definitely consider doing that for the June Awards, Loss! I have everyone all secure in some sort of family hierarchy in my mind... Heeheeheee... Vir is an integral part of the PT family! Don't even try to change that fact, Vir! And FYI, distantiate would be better as simply "distance", as in, "Vir distanced himself from the other members of PT."

THAT's a word!

Cheerio, fellas!
our Cloveress is not only agile and beautiful, she is tres and I mean tres intelligent.
I am starting to think our Vir would never win in any serious argument with this little Faerie.
"Do you know how the Faeries first came into being? They were girls once, taken by the dark powers, tortured and mutilated. A ruined and terrible form of life. Now... perfected. My fighting Batgirl-hai!"

- Saruman.
Oh vir that is not a nice thing to say at all!!
but since you brought it up... What power could even capture a girl!!?
Usually the girls do the capturing!! ( Big Smile Smilie if you take my meaning..)

and to that what loss said there= I wanna be a annoying cousin!!!
Usually the girls do the capturing!!

Only lionesses do. And that is why the lion is the King of Animals.
You mean you have never seen a female hunter before???( by female i mean=== human)
That is strange...
You should come to this block of ice near russia!
Big Smile Smilie

Hello everyone, and welcome to the monthly Planet Tolkien awards ceremony. We are gathered in this hall today/night, to celebrate the achievements of some very, very special people in our planet community. As follows,

Planet-Tolkien Family Tree

Ultimate father: Grep
Grep's wife #1: Elanorraine
Grep's wife #2: Amarie
Amarie's brother: Valedgwelith

Grep's sons by Elanorraine: Grondmaster, Gandalf-olorin, Rafael
Grep's son by Amarie: Virumor and Vee (they always seemed to get along fine)
Gandalf-olorin's sons: Thorin and Morambar
Rafael's children: Mellon, Maydmarion, Turambar

Vee's son:Lord of All
Thorin's children: Elessar Lossehelin, Meneldur Elentirmo, Icefangs, Etharion
Morambar's children: Arath, Lemaly Orangeflower, LA_86, Arwen Evenstar
Mellon's children: Laurindhe ilmarin, Fionwe Urion, (several years younger) Celebrian
Maydmarion's children: Laurelome, Sian o'/the green, Leelee

And let's just stop at the third generation, or else it's going to get unbearably messy. I was never good at explaining family relationships anyways....

Broke-your-pencil-and-wants-to-cry: Le'ts just say it's Icey for now...
Most musical: Val
Best voice: Leelee
The One Wind Follows: Meneldur
The Ponderer: Thorin
The Claimer: Vir
The Bookworm: Mungo
The Shy One: (who's shy on this planet?)
The Beloved One: (I am tempted to say myself, but that would hardly be fair)

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, Elves and Dwarves, Eagles and Balrogs, and other disgruntled Maiar. That will be the end of our awards ceremony. A big hand for al the winners of today/night, please!

Thorin's children: Elessar Lossehelin, Meneldur Elentirmo, Icefangs, Etharion

Wha? I'm an Elf, how did I end up with a Dwarven parent? LMAO!!!!!!!!! Big Smile Smilie

So what exactly does my award mean, "The One Wind Follows"? Hey, is that because I had something gassy for lunch today? (kielbasa, sauerkraut, and onions...) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Well in any event, "Thankyou, thankyouverymuch!" I love my little award statue. It looks just like one of those trolls that turned to stone in The Hobbit.
Thank you Clover for remembering me at the PT family tree Smile Smilie What a beautiful and big family I'm part of Smile Smilie HAVE A NICE DAY ALL OF YOU
The beloved one:Cloveress Big Smile Smilie (of cource!)
Haha, Orc Grinning Smilie You said you'd consider the idea and so you did Orc Smiling Smilie What a fine family of PT-ers,

Grep's son by Amarie: Virumor and Vee

though I would never have imagined Ama creating two things so evil Orc Grinning Smilie but nonetheless...

I can't wait for the reunion Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Gotta have a food fight, water balloon fight, BBQ!!! Pool Party!!! Pary SmilieWiggle SmilieOrc Grinning Smilie Plus, all us third generation guys and gals have to push nasty ole Uncle Vir into the pool Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Clover can join us of course, she's just like my little sister Tongue Smilie
That's just all wrong. But, I gather that was the dark naiad's objective.
Your just grumpy as you don't have any offspring Orc Smiling Smilie Do not despair... there's still time Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Ooopps. there were a few typos in there... I wince at such mistakes.

Sorry Vir for not blessing you with children, but I no family image presented itself in my mind with you as a father.

And Loss, I'd love to go to the reunion, after all, the dark Naiad (I have NOTHING to do with water, by the way) cannot miss such festivities.

And Meneldur, I think that you would enjoy having the gruff old Dwarf as your sire. Yes, even an Elf would want that.
Your just grumpy as you don't have any offspring Do not despair... there's still time

I do have offspring, but since they're not worthy enough for PT, I cast them Virspawn all down into the Tartarus of Tolkeinforums.
All I can say is how much I pity the mother Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Be nice children.
I just want to say that I'm flattered to be Mellon's daughter...couldn't think of a nicer mum. Smile Smilie
And Meneldur, I think that you would enjoy having the gruff old Dwarf as your sire. Yes, even an Elf would want that.

Cloveress, well yeah I guess long as he doesn't mind the occasional practical joke with Dear Ole Dwarf-Dad as the target. Most elves are just "wise", but I'm more of a "wise guy" LOL!
Grondy, I am nice.

Meneldur, be nice. and wise.
Ohhhh, we'll be nice to "Dad"! (Right, Elessar??)

But since tomorrow is Father's Day we JUST MIGHT have to ummm "DECORATE" dad's beard with pink ribbons or something like that, if he falls asleep. Elf Winking Smilie
Oooooh of course we'll be nice to dear ole daddy... *crosses fingers behind back, then giggles like a small child with Meneldur* Orc Smiling Smilie

It's what you get when a Dwarf has children with an Elf, you get stubborn Elves Orc Grinning Smilie
I just want to say that I'm flattered to be Mellon's daughter...couldn't think of a nicer mum

It's very nice you , it's not hard being a mum to such a lovely daughter Smile Smilie
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